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Bill, Hillary and Harvey Weinstein Share the Same Unspeakable Perversion


Ronan Farrow Conducted a ten month investigation of Harvey Weinstein that revealed three rape charges and multiple sexual assaults. These unmistakable findings were reported at the New Yorker yesterday. However, in 2015, it has been revealed that Weinstein should have faced prison long ago as the Manhattan District Attorney’s let Weinstein off of the hook. In fact, Hollywood has long to the aid of this pervert as well.

 Matt Damon, Russell Crowe and NBC Attempt to Block Investigation Into Weinstein’s Nefarious Affairs

From iBankCoin.com:

Actor Matt Damon took heat over Twitter Monday evening following viral claims that he and Russell Crowe pressured a New York Times journalist into dropping a negative story on Harvey Weinstein in 2004.

On Sunday, journalist and founder of The Wrap, Sharon Waxman, penned an op-ed detailing how Damon and Crowe called her “directly” to pressure her into dropping a story about Miramax Italy’s head Fabrizio Lombardo handling “Weinstein’s women needs” during European film festivals and other events. Waxman had located a young woman in London who Weinstein paid off after an “unwanted sexual encounter.” While the woman would not violate her non-disclosure agreement, Waxman had proof of the payoff.

On Monday, actress Rose McGowan – who was featured in a bombshell NYT Exposé detailing Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse of young actresses, retweeted the story after it was picked up by vulture.com – asking “Do u realise

[sic] how deep the cover ups go?”


Why Is Hollywood In Cover-Up Mode?

Why would these actors, plus NBC coverup Weinstein’s exploits? The answer is simple as Hollywood is dirty. Dirty as in child-sex-trafficking dirty and with all the publicity, they can ill-afford any more documentation regarding their heinous affairs.

I previously interviewed former Hollywood insider, Jon Robberson, now the present producer of the Hagmann and Hagmann Report.

Jon was “invited” to leave Hollywood because he could no longer keep quiet about what he was seeing in Hollywood. Breeder babies, ritualist child sex abuse and satanic rituals were all a part of the Hollywood landscape.

This story is extremely grim and you will never see Hollywood the same again. You will also understand why Damon, Crowe and NBC are helping to minimize this in the press.


The Weinstein Allegations Are Only the Tip of the Iceberg

Harvey Weinstein was one of the most prominent defenders of filmmaker Roman Polanski.  For the younger readers, Roman Polanski liked to have sex with children. He was eventually convicted for raping a young, underaged girl. My father used to tell me, “show me who are friends are today and I will tell what your life will be like in five years”.

The handling of the Harvey Weinstein sexual harrassment allegations is merely the tip of the iceberg. Weinstein is going down for sexual harrassment and most likely sexual battery. However, he will only be convicted on lesser charges than what he is truly guilty of. He is guilty of participating in child-sex-trafficking and he did so with Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation was complicit.

To expose these connections, I have to take the reader down a parallel path. The HSBC money-laundering path  needs to be examined agin in which the Clinton Foundation, Loretta Lynch and James Comey were involved. Be patient as I review what I reported 16 months ago because it comes full circle back to Clinton and to Weinstein.

If Corrupt DA’s Feel Compelled to Convict a Public Figure, They Will Convict on the Lesser Included Charge

I had the pleasure of interviewing John Cruz multiple times. John was a Senior VP at HSBC Bank. During the course of his employment, he discovered illegal activities being sponsored by HSBC Bank on behalf of the drug cartels and by default, terrorist organizations.

The primary crime uncovered by John Cruz was money laundering derived from the profits of gun-running, drug-running and child-sex-trafficking. John tried, unsuccessfully to garner the attention of local law enforcement (ie Manhattan DA’s), DHS and the FBI. Finally, he went directly the New York Eastern Division DA and presented her with overwhelming evidence. Cruz was so thorough in his presentation, the DA felt compelled to act. However, she did not seek charges for the complicity to commit the three crimes mentioned above along with money laundering. The DA convicted on the minor charge of violating bank secrecy laws. This was the lesser included charge. Nobody could accuse this DA of covering up anything. After all, she did obtain a conviction. However, the larger perpetrators, who were guilty of far more serious crimes got away with their dirty deeds. Among the guilty were Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. And who was the DA? It was none other than future Attorney General, Loretta Lynch. And coincidentally, John Cruz revealed that future FBI Director, James Comey, at the same time, laundered money for the Clinton Foundation at HSBC Bank. Comey when he was on the Board of Directors for HSBC Bank.

Cruz also discovered that millions of Americans, unknown to themselves, have had fake stolen identity accounts opened up all around the world in order to launder money, resulting from drug transactions, in their name. That means that both you and I have our collective names associated with the most dangerous cartel members and terrorists on the planet and we don’t even know it. Wells Fargo has been convicted of the same type of fake accounts. It all has to do with money laundering from profits related to child-sex trafficking, drugs and guns.

The Clinton Foundation is tied to HSBC Bank. Weinstein is tied to Clinton as one of  her principal political donors. The Clinton Foundation is involved on the operation side of the venture and Weinstein is a participant. I presently have sources that say that Weinstein and Bill Clinton frequently traveled to Epstein’s Island. Remember, Weinstein ran in the same Roman Polanski crowd (ie the sex-with-children group). Is this why Hillary and Bill are currently only speaking through lawyers as Clinton is attempting to distance herself from husband, Bill, over this issue? Along these same lines, Hillary told CNN that she would give back the campaign donations from Weinstein and give it to charity, like that erases her crimes against humanity. Princess Hillary has been caught with her hand in the kiddie cookie jar. With the Cruz revelations (see below), Hillary can divorce Bill and she can give away Weinstein’s money, but she will not escape this crime. If Trump fires Sessions and appoints Trey Gowdy, Hillary Clinton is going to prisn for the rest of her life thanks to her former HSBC crime syndicate associates. The Deep State is trying arrange for Weinstein to be convicted on the “lesser included charge” as did Loretta Lynch did with HSBC. This would remove Clinton and the Deep State’s pedophilia from the eye of the Weinstein storm. TRUMP HAS A REAL OPPORTUNITY HERE TO ATTACK THE PEDOPHILIA OF THE DEEP STATE.

To continue down the evidence trail, we should close the loop and ask who are the perpetrators of HSBC who conspired to launder money related to child-sex-trafficking?

  1. Hillary Clinton- Failed Presidential candidate
  2. James Comey- Fired FBI Director
  3. Loretta Lynch- Former Attorney General

Government Accomplices to HSBC’s Money Laundering: Comey and Clinton

"I'm in" According to Cruz, her Clinton Foundation profited from HSBC's terrorist affiliations.

Hillary’s Clinton Foundation profited from HSBC’s terrorist affiliations, acording to Cruz.





The FBI Director, James Comey. According to Cruz, he moved money from HSBC to the Clinton Foundation when he was on the board of HSBC.

The former FBI Director, James Comey was into the corruption up to his ears. According to Cruz, Comey moved money from HSBC to the Clinton Foundation when he was on the board of HSBC.



I have previously documented how FBI director Comey served on the Board of Directors at HSBC during the time of the coverup of the criminal activities. Comey is not the only senior federal government official implicated in the crimes of HSBC either through participation or coverup. I asked Cruz about Comey and he was aware that Comey had been on the board of directors at HSBC bank and was responsible for “moving money”. We now know that moving money meant, in part, included moving money to the Clinton Foundation, which was funneled into her presidential campaign. How many felonies do yu count here? And are we surpised that Comey gave Clinton a free pass for her illegal emails? Comey should be in jail, right next to Clinton.

Cruz also stated that the Clinton emails undoubtedly deal with her involvement iwth HSBC and the connection to the Clinton Foundation. This is why Wasserman-Schultz was fired as the DNC director so that this would be kept quiet because much of this was contained in Clinton’s illegal emails. This is why Comey did not prosecute Clinton despite overwhelming evidence of multiple national security violations with regard to the 33,000 emails. This is why Comey never had the FBI examine the DNC “hacked” emails, because they would have revealed the nefarious crimes mentioned in this article. This is why the fake news “Russian narrative” was created so as to throw the dwindling number of investigative jounalists off the trail. And it is why Seth Rich had to be murdered.

The interview I conducted with Cruz on this particular topic is here.

john cruz

The above radio interview was conducted on The Common Sense Show  on 7/24/16. The interview was interrupted as I was taken off the air just as I was going to introduce John Cruz to my audience. Our health reporter at that time, Katy Whelan, was not prepped to do the interview, but admirably picked up the slack until I could get back onto the air. I was off air for four minutes. The show is broadcast on Global Star Radio Network and  it goes out over two satellites at the same time, each satellite broadcase is located on opposite ends of the country. My studio radio equipment was still operating, but I, alone was disconnected from the air. I was only able to reocnnect with Global Star Radio Network through Skype. In the hour following the Cruz interview, my studio equipment was, once again, able to connect with our satellites. 

The Weinstein Connection

Now, the reader may be asking what the Cruz, HSBC Bank has to do with Harvey Weinstein? theanswer is simple. It has to do with kids. But Weinstein will only be convicted of sexual misconduct. It is the lesser included charge and this is the pattern of the Deep State. We saw it in the HSBC/Cruz money laundering scandal and we are going to see it again. However, we cannot preclude the possibility that Weinstein will be suicided to preserve reputations of those within the Deep State.

Donald Trump needs to take a lesson from Philippines President, Duterte, and act now!

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  1. James Stamulis October 12, 2017 at 5:48 am

    This is the left who claims to hold the patent on human rights. They make me want to vomit. All they do is blame their enemies for everything they are guilty of.

  2. cali October 12, 2017 at 9:50 am

    Absolutely great reporting and reminder of the many dirty deeds I had forgotten about! You are right and I think the fact the leftist media hacks can no longer control and shape the news which is now coming full circle.
    The snowball will turn into a massive avalanche and their is nothing these hacks and their media can do about stopping it! The women coming out trying to play their moral superiority now after having assisted the Clinton and the many sexual crimes of Bill Clinton all these years make me laugh. One of them is really angry and is lashing out on twitter – Rose McGowan. There is nothing worse than a woman scorned and I wonder if the crack will widen and the best kept secret – pedophilia – will finally spill?
    thanks for bringing back some of the memories!

  3. Pine 4 Better Daze October 12, 2017 at 10:15 am

    The FBI should also investigate Jeffrey Epstein and his ties to the Clintons!…
    See: http://yournewswire.com/u-s-state-department-child-trafficking-epstein/

  4. WilliamtheResolute October 12, 2017 at 11:55 am

    I really, really want Trey Gowdy as AG, Sessions is a good man but for some reason he is afraid to go after the big fish.

  5. LW October 12, 2017 at 1:02 pm

    Birds of a feather.

  6. Ann Foyer October 12, 2017 at 1:46 pm

    Even though the wheels of justice grind slowly, they continue to grind around…………….. the House of Ahab and there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.

  7. Savannah October 12, 2017 at 7:28 pm

    Thanks, Dave, for connecting the HSBC money laundering to Clinton and Weinstein — Mr. Cruz is amazing! I first heard him on the Power Hour with Joyce Riley. This could be the thread that eventually unravels the entire Hollow-wood pedo-creep empire-sweater. I hope so. I’m praying so. Yeah, the Deepstate could most definitely suicide him. HE HAS A LOT TO TELL There’s been speculation that he might cooperate with pedophile investigations…which would mean a certain death warrant, unless that’s somehow prevented???

  8. Barbara Kelly October 12, 2017 at 8:51 pm


  9. gene October 13, 2017 at 4:00 am

    I think covering up a crime makes them an accomplice subject to punishment of law !.

  10. Hail Eris October 15, 2017 at 8:27 am

    Execute proven pedophiles and sexual predators. This is what spec ops and other trained individuals could certainly do. Refuse to fight foreign wars based on lies, drain the swamp and execute the pedophiles and totally corrupt in power. This is definition of hero. When someone awakes and starts to take rightful action against a corrupt system then you will have progress forward.

  11. Hail Eris October 15, 2017 at 8:28 am

    When the top level covers up serious crimes of those above the law, then the law is no longer the law, the rules are no longer rules and no matter what they say, a vigilante is no longer a criminal but a hero when dealing with filth.

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