//Breaking Headlines May 21, 2013
Breaking Headlines May 21, 2013

The Common Sense Show is currently investigating the following breaking news.

1. UN troops are being brought into the country in great numbers. This parallels what was reported here in December with regard to the Russians prepositioning assets to takeover Alaska.

2. Alaskan Residents are intimidated.  I have received no less than 14 reports from Alaskan citizens detailing how they watching a stand-down of American military assets in Alaska and total deferment to Russians and Chinese in Alaska. Is there anyone in Alaska who is not afraid to put their name on their first hand observations? No wonder this country is being conquered without so much as a whimper from the populace.

3. Obama has a new scandal. It seems as if his henchmen are targeting anti-global warming scientists.

4. Unnamed Intelligence and military sources are calling for another false flag event to take place on Memorial Day weekend.

5. Obama reshuffling the military leadership deck. No doubt this paranoid dictator is afraid of a long overdue military coup.

These stories and more are being investigated by The Common Sense Show. Stay tuned








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