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Breaking News From New Mexico


Hey, there is major, breaking news coming out of New Mexico. The stunning details are here. Nothing like this has ever happened here. The stunning details are here.



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  1. Katherine Hine August 12, 2018 at 11:08 am

    Certainly these shootings and other acts of public violence give every appearance of being orchestrated events. Does anyone recall the individual found to have explosives, I believe it was, in his shoe after having been allowed, without paperwork, as I recall, to board a plane? He was accompanied by a “sharp dressed man” who I believe was later found to have been a state department employee. Alex Jones reported on this frequently. Part of any “training” of potential shooters would ALSO have to include the use of serotonergic drugs, including SSRI drugs. This precipitating factor – being drugged with drugs known to be associated with homicidal (not merely suicidal) violence, seems to be continually and all too often ignored by even the independent media. Again – here is a link to Dr. Ann Blake Tracy’s website, where she provides a data base of all kinds of violence, documented by news accounts, and associated with pharmaceuticals: http://www.drugawareness.org/ Then there is Dr. Gary Kohls’ article summarizing the 2011 Harvard study done by Drs.Glenmullen and Moore, in which they rank the top 37 most violence-inducing pharmaceuticals on the market:http://duluthreader.com/articles/2012/04/05/299_many_psychoactive_drugs_are_strongly_associated. These drugs typically act like amphetamines and induce the committing of crimes while the drugged person’s brain waves show them to be sound asleep, although driving, eating, talking, and committing crimes. Americans have way more access to these drugs than do other populations for many reasons, including their growing acceptability and accessibility and the population’s willingness to consider themselves “mentally ill” if some psychiatrist says so. Psych drug prescribers are basically never held accountable for the deaths their drugs are causing, not only to the patients, but to their patients’ victims. Big Pharma strenuously protects them from liability on top of all the wining and dining. No kind of prescribing is considered off-limits anymore. Off labeling prescribing (for a condition for which the drug was not made) and the psych drugging of children is becoming commonplace – even with serotonergic drugs that carry black box warnings (from the FDA) for those under 18.

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