Natural News puts out the call to law firms for a billion dollar class action lawsuit against Twitter – here’s the winning legal strategy to end censorship tyranny

  By Mike Adams After discussions with several legal experts, we are putting out the call to law firms to initiate a billion dollar class action lawsuit against Twitter. Natural News (Twitter handle name @HealthRanger) is one of thousands of users who have been maliciously silenced by Twitter without warning, without justification and without any [...]

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Treasonous Deep State Actors Identified-Most Are Democratic Party Leaders

Peace is war-Love is hate-Up is down-Treason is patriotic-Patriotism is treason…   Introduction This is not an article designed to entertain yo  as you get daily 5 minutes of coffee and news. If one really wants to understand what is truly happening to our country, it will require some relatively deep reading, prayer which begs [...]

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Congress Is Facilitating the Destruction of America’s Culture and Economy-Record # of Border Arrests-Congress Sleeps!

Congress is aiding and abetting the invasion of America. I am not talking about illegal immigrants that have duped in coming here. We are speaking about the admission of ISIS, MS-13, Chinese nationals who are in the Chinese army and several others who mean us harm. Congress, despite having access to all the data, [...]

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Destructive Democratic Economics Are Changing Where You Should Put Your Money

This is an emergency message from the CSS. The Democrats are intent on destroying the economy.  They have created no-g0 zones economically speaking. However, as Bob Kudla points out, where there is a down market, there is a great opportunity on the flip side. This is a very important interview, please make it go [...]

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Alex Jones Is the Number One Reason Why Social Media Censorship Is Failing

  Alex Jones and Dave Hodges are saying the same thing and why you should care. There is a price to pay for telling the truth. Alex Jones has been deplatformed. Yet, in a recent interview Jones conducted, he was the number social media story. The social media took additional action, it did not [...]

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