Kamala Harris reveals herself as an anti-Christian BIGOT who hates God and anyone who recognizes the existence of God

  By JD Heyes She’s one of many who is expected to join a crowded field of Democratic presidential candidates, but in terms of distinguishing herself from the others, Sen. Kamala Harris of California hasn’t done much yet. Except to prove that she’s an anti-Christian bigot, though before all is said and done, she won’t [...]

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Lunatic left-wing twitter users are about to go to JAIL over making “terroristic threats” against Catholic school students… and it’s about damn time

By Mike Adams Finally, a prosecutor has decided to start throwing lunatic, Leftists in prison for promoting terrorism and violence against schoolchildren. “Rob Sanders, a Kenton County Prosecutor, confirmed Tuesday that there are multiple investigations into Twitter users who made terroristic threats against Covington Catholic High School,” reports The Gateway Pundit: “We’ve got multiple ongoing [...]

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EX-NSA Vance Davis Says Disclosure Is Imminent-CSS Hr 1

'' The government has sponsored 8 previous UFO investigations going back as far as 1948. What have we learned about UFO's through the course of these investigations? Almost nothing? Ex-NSA Agent joins Dave on the show to discuss the fact that disclosure is imminent. This is a fascinating interview that should be shared widely.  [...]

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Hannity Is About to Lose His Job for Reports Like This

  Why isn't this sham of an investigation finally over? What purposes did the Mueller investigation into the Russian-collusion-delusion finally reveal? What was the real purpose? These are the questions that Sean Hannity wants to know and it is eventually going to cost him his job at Fox because he is exposing the Deep [...]

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America’s Enemies Are Coming Into Clear Focus

  Back in October of 2018, I detailed how I was told by an “agency” source to refer to Trump’s UN speech as it was very telling. I discovered that Trump proclaimed the importance of American sovereignty as opposed to globalism which dominates world leaders. He said that "Americans govern America". However, his statement went [...]

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“Green New Deal” pushed by Democrats would cost 3,600 times the price of a border wall

By Lance D Johnson The up-and-coming Democratic Party has many ambitious plans for the country. First, they want a “Green New Deal” which would force the economy to run on 100 percent renewable energy. This multi-trillion-dollar plan would provide taxpayer-funded incentives for wind and solar, while shuttering American coal, oil, and steel independence. The Democrat [...]

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Soros-Backed Domestic Terrorist Groups Planning to Use Violence to Force Trump From Office

The man who would destroy America. In the period 2014-2015, the Obama administration ordered the catch and release of MS-13, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood in the midst of the last Central American immigration invasion. These multiple accounts can be accessed through the search engine provided on The Common Sense Show. Please file away [...]

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Rosenstein Is Betting On Impeachment and Risking Imprisonment

  Most know that Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is a Deep State criminal. He let Awan off with the proverbial slap on the wrist. Awan could have brought down Wasserman Schultz and possibly Hillary Clinton. Rosenstein stands at the intersection of Deep State and elected government. He knows where all the bodies are buried. [...]

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