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Insect population COLLAPSE a death warning for all humanity

  By Mike Adams Scientists are now warning that the insect population is collapsing worldwide. This is a red flag warning sign for humanity because if the insects collapse, the entire food web will implode, leading to global ecological catastrophe. If this happens, the collapse of humanity won’t be far behind. The cause of this accelerating [...]

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Judicial Watch Calls for Federal Investigation of George Soros for Funding the “Migrant” Invasion of the US

  Judicial Watch is demanding an investigation of George Soros for funding the migrant waves threatening to invade the United States.   THE ARCHIVES FOR THE COMMON SENSE SHOW ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON I-TUNES, GOOGLE PLAY AND SPOTIFY!!! The Best Food Deal in America is here! Are you prepared? Isn’t it [...]

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CIBC, A Huge Canadian Bank, Was Offline All Day, Proving Again The Dangers of a Cashless Society

by Daisy Luther The Organic Prepper Yesterday, CIBC reported a “systems issue” that prevented customers from logging in to their accounts online for the entire business day. CIBC, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, is one of the five biggest banks in Canada. Yesterday just happened to be the day that people receiving welfare, unemployment [...]

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Outrage against Nike explodes online: “Slave factories” “evil monster corporation” makes users want to “puke”

 By Mike Adams Outrage is exploding online against Nike, which signed the cop-hating, American flag-hating NFL crybaby Colin Kaepernick to a promotion deal in a desperate act of virtue signaling. The move cements Nike’s perception as an America-hating, globalist “evil monster corporation” running slave factories for profit while funneling money to the very people who don’t deserve [...]

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After lecturing the world about “appropriate behavior,” Twitter grants “verified” status to racist, bigoted NYT writer Sarah Jeong

By Vicki Batts Days after suspending Alex Jones for alleged “hate speech” and “inappropriate conduct,” Twitter hypocrites awarded racist, anti-white Sarah Jeong, with the coveted blue check mark of certification. Jeong is a writer for The New York Times and recently came under fire for her history of tweeting about how much she hates white people. But the [...]

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Breaking News From New Mexico

  Hey, there is major, breaking news coming out of New Mexico. The stunning details are here. Nothing like this has ever happened here. The stunning details are here.     The Best Food Deal in America is here! Are you prepared? Isn’t it time? Click here to begin your path that will allow you to [...]

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Greetings From the Welfare State of Chicago-Universal Basic Income Comes to the Windy City

In the ultimate socialist activity, the welfare state known as Chicago, is instituting Universal Basic Income. After it fails, Fabian socialism will be next and that's when the FEMA camps you have read about will become reality.    PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US ***Major Announcement*** Stay Tuned, [...]

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Alien contact may not be that far off; listening to radio signals may enable contact this century

 By Frances Bloomfield  How long will humanity have to wait for alien contact to occur? According to one famous theoretical physicist, not long at all. In fact, we may be hearing from aliens within this century. That was the answer given by Michio Kaku, one of the co-founders of string field theory, in his Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) [...]

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Scientists confirm that mysterious radio signals from outer space are not made by humankind

By Rhonda Johansson The universe’s brightest signals are extraterrestrial in origin, Australian scientists have confirmed. Their report, published in Monthly Notices at the Royal Astronomical Society, was able to detect three specific radio emissions which definitely came from space. Fast radio bursts (FRBs) were first recorded a decade ago. These are pulses of light that are the brightest scientists [...]

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The Pope Finally Got Something Right

  This New World Order orientated Pope says that America should have no borders. He said he would baptize Martians if they came to earth. He's even protected pedophiles within his own clergy. He has openly promoted Chrislam, the blending of Christianity and Islam. This pope has been on the wrong side of nearly [...]

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Not Kilauea but Yellowstone Could End All Life On the Planet

The danger from Kilauea is significant and potentially imminent. However, the threat from Kilauea pales in comparison to Yellowstone, the world's largest super volcano. Yellowstone has the potential to end all life on the planet, except for those fortunate enough to find sanctuary underground. As scientists continue to tell the public not to worry, the [...]

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An Ice Age Is Near According to Hyperdimensional Physics

Nikola Tesla (1857-1943) American inventor.   The premise of this paper is that there exists a science which can explain the increased seismic and volcanic activity on the planet and how it is a precursor to an impending and catastrophic ice age.  Greatest Scientist of All Time Tesla discovered the-so-called  "unified theory" principle which [...]

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