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“Green New Deal” pushed by Democrats would cost 3,600 times the price of a border wall

By Lance D Johnson The up-and-coming Democratic Party has many ambitious plans for the country. First, they want a “Green New Deal” which would force the economy to run on 100 percent renewable energy. This multi-trillion-dollar plan would provide taxpayer-funded incentives for wind and solar, while shuttering American coal, oil, and steel independence. The Democrat [...]

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Attention America: Prepare to Defend Yourselves

  Yesterday, I published a report regarding a somewhat covert group, funded by Soros, scripted by former Democratic Congressional staffers, which was preparing to unleash a jihad of mob violence in America. The prevailing belief was that these groups would be triggered by by decisive action against the Deep State on the part of President [...]

34 Reasons Why War with Russia Is Inevitable

I frequently hear the following: Russia is a Christian nation. Putin is good Christian man. Russia only wants to defend its borders. Putin  is the only obstacle between the New World Order and the people of the world. Perhaps this is true, but Putin is indeed preparing to start World War III and he has [...]

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Low “social credit rankings” in China prevent millions of “untrustworthy” citizens from traveling – how soon until the same tyranny is unleashed in the USA?

By S.D. Wells Step inside China’s “social credit laboratory” and imagine your life and liberties being controlled and severely limited exactly this way if the Democrats and Globalists, who currently control all of social media, Google, YouTube, and Apple, take complete control of the U.S. Government in 2020. Communist-controlled China has already begun their massive [...]

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Media buries the truth about illegal immigrants bringing wave of hepatitis, tuberculosis and HIV to America

  By Mike Adams An astonishing report from Judicial Watch reveals how the same deceptive media that goes insane over U.S. children who are unvaccinated simultaneously goes to extraordinary lengths to cover up the disease infestation of illegal migrants. The media is actively conspiring to bury the truth about how migrants are bringing HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis [...]

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Same Millennials who think they shouldn’t have to work for a living also believe they will be millionaires by age 45

By Vicki Batts Millennials are not exactly known for greatness; the entire generation is more commonly viewed as a bunch of whiners and entitled snowflakes who don’t want to work. Worse, many millennials seem to think that they should simply be handed higher-paid positions, rather than earning their way to the top. But in spite of [...]

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The $44 Trillion Woman Is Worried About a $5 Billion National Security Measure

  Ocasio Cortez , the Congressional elect that wants the government to own your business, take over airports and abolish ICE, can't remember what neighborhood she grew up in, and now, she cannot remember what political party she's in.  She recently advocated for free Medicare for all and bunch of other social justice programs [...]

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The Wall Will Decide the 2020 Election and Trump Just Blinked!

  The "Wall Issue" will decide the 2020 election and Trump just blinked. Gone is the government shutdown and now, $10 billion is going to support the 4 migrant waves headed our way. Trump's base is feeling betrayed by his inaction. As the Deep State tightens their noose around the country, we need to [...]

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Bombshell: Justice Dept. IG finds 19,000 texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that had been destroyed by Mueller

By JD Heye It’s become more and more clear that special counsel Robert Mueller’s “witch hunt” probe is nothing more than a political operation aimed at protecting the Deep State by undermining POTUS Donald Trump’s presidency. The latest evidence of this comes in a newly released report from the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General. [...]

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Bombshell study shows aspartame depletes neurotransmitters in the brain, makes brains vulnerable to chemical damage from food and vaccines

By Mike Adams A bombshell scientific study reveals that aspartame may be one of the most damaging vectors for the widespread “dumbing down” of humanity. Published in AJTCAM (African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines), the study is entitled, “IMPACT OF ASPARTAME CONSUMPTION ON NEUROTRANSMITTERS IN RAT BRAIN.” (Source) The study fed rats aspartame [...]

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The BBC Makes An Outrageous Accusation Regarding the Yellow Vests

  Putin, the ultimate grand chess master has his work cut out for him. In addition to the phony Russian-Collusion-Delusion creation of Robert Mueller, now Putin is contending with more and serious charges by the BBC-Here is the entire story  

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Is Chinese Technology Behind the Directed Energy Weapons Fires In No. California?

I am in possession of three different pieces of intelligence information that would indicate that the Deep State and the Chinese are partnering to bring down the country.  This information has been made available to me over the past 11 days. Only one of the sources said it was permissible to identify their agency and [...]

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