The Fight for America’s Survival Begins When the Caravans Arrive

  Before the real invasion of the United States commences, there are going to have be 5th column forces who are absolutely dedicated to establishment of LaRaza's pipe dream of a taking several states from the United States and creating their own nation. Perhaps America’s greatest domestic strength lies in taking in immigrants and assimilating [...]

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Antifa thugs crack the door on Tucker Carlson’s home as Fox News host says Left-wing extremism out of control

Antifa thugs crack the door on Tucker Carlson’s home as Fox News host says Left-wing extremism out of control 11/10/2018 / By JD Heyes Last week when he was still at the Fox News studios in Washington, D.C., preparing for his nightly program, Tucker Carlson began getting frantic text messages on his cellphone. It seemed [...]

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Paul Preston and the Beginning of Indictments and Civil War In California-Paul Preston and Dave Hodges- CSS Hr 2

  Dave's interview with Paul Preston has it all.  Dave and Paul discussed false flag events, insurrection, caravan border incursions and the various embedded forces that will be called to action by subversives when the globalists make their move on America.       The archives of The Common Sense Radio Show Are [...]

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Globalist-Serving Macron Wants to Form European Army to Oppose a Potential Russian-US Alliance

In a recent pre-recorded interview on the CSS, Steve Quayle stated: "When Russia and China invade the United States, France and Germany will be joining them!"  And just like Steve had a crystal ball, two days later, French President Macron, in effect declared war on the United States.  (Editor's Note: Steve's interview with Dave will [...]

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Chinese-Russian Alliance Poised to Launch a 7 Pronged Attack Designed to Destroy America

      Steve Quayle recently told me that he is seeing unprecedented military movement in Montana. Many are reporting the same all around the country. What we are we seeing is the mobilization for war. Russia and China are preparing to invade the United States. It is my belief that we will be embroiled [...]

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America Is Being Overrun and Infiltrated by Paramilitary Forces-Kathy Rubio-The CSS

Dave Hodges interviewed Central American expert, Kathy Rubio, recently about the happenings at the border. America is entering a new phase as we are being overrun and infiltrated by paramilitary forces. Warning, the revealed information is not for the faint of heart. Please make this go viral.     THE ARCHIVES FOR THE [...]

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The “Purge” Has Begun In California

Here is yet another example of more predictive programming. When the liberals finally take over, society will resemble the movie The Purge. Unlike the movie, the Purge will not a 12 hour holocaust played out one time a year. It will be a 24/7/365 event. Nobody will be safe. The concept was made into [...]

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Here Comes the 3rd Wave-Red Dawn Invasion Brought to You By George Soros and His Rent An Army

a A Can Steve Quayle, Paul Martin, Dave Hodges, Infowars and many others from the Independent Media all be incorrect? And if we mix in some timely predictive programming, a very clear picture is emerging. The practice of embedding deadly 5th column forces within the United States is nearing completion. Phase II of the [...]

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INSURRECTION! 2018 California Is 1861 South Carolina-Paul Preston-The CSS

  California is in an open state of insurrection against legitimate federal authority. Many within the California state government are guilty of sedition. Paul Preston joined Dave to relate the story of how 2018 California is actually 1861 South Carolina. THE ARCHIVES FOR THE COMMON SENSE SHOW ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD ON [...]

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The Blue Wave and Its Ultimate Date with KARMA

There are those that believe the proverbial "Blue Wave" of the Democratic Party is going to sweep the country and like a tsunami are going to consume the country and destroy Christians and conservatives in one fell swoop. For those that believe this fiction please allow me to inform you that I have read the [...]

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America’s Red Letter Day Is 8 Days Away

  When one gathers data, it generally falls into one of two camps, quantitative and qualitative data. In the interest of having clarity of data presented here in this article, it is very important to distinguish between qualitative and quantitative data. Quantitative data is allows for concrete and clearly discernible comparisons between possibilities or opposing viewpoints. [...]

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