California Insurrection Will Lead to “Food As a Weapon”

California is in a state of near collapse. As has been previously documented on The Common Sense Show, the forces behind the CALEXIT movement plan to murder as many people as possible in order to force California out of the Union. As California collapses, insurrection will rear its ugly head. This has been previously rehearsed [...]

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$3.5 trillion a year: America’s health care system has become one of the world’s largest money making scams

01/09/2019 / By News Editors If the U.S. health care system was a country, it would have the fifth largest GDP on the entire planet.  At this point only the United States, China, Japan and Germany have a GDP that is larger than the 3.5 trillion dollar U.S. health care market.  If that sounds obscene [...]

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Disturbing evidence suggests that WiFi radiation could increase the risk of miscarriages by almost 50%

By Tracey Watson Modern society is drunk on technology. It surrounds us everywhere we go, from the computers, tablets and laptops we use for work, to the “smart” phones we carry around and the movies we stream via WiFi. For many of us, it would be difficult to picture making it through 24 hours without [...]

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Independent research confirms that rampant glyphosate use has contributed to the increase in chronic diseases worldwide

   By Tracey Watson It’s to be expected that anything produced by the world’s most evil corporation would be distinctly harmful, and that has certainly proven true of glyphosate, the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer. Beyond Pesticides – a non-profit watchdog organization – estimates that 300 million pounds of glyphosate are dumped on [...]

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Is Ebola the Globalist Answer to the Rise of Populism in Europe and the US?

As it was in 2014, Ebola is on the loose. Central American illegal immigrant caravans are invading the US and we seem to reliving history as these two events seem to be, once again, coinciding as a threat to all of humanity, particularly to those people living in American and Europe. The Ebola Threat Is [...]

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WH Meetings with Plunge Protection Team Spells Trouble for Economy

There is a contemporary coup going on for control of the White House- It is bloodless, for the time being and it involves the take down of the economy. Again, at stake is the right for America to exist at all.  But when the White House, without Trump's participation, note the term, without Trump's [...]

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The Relationship Between Directed Energy Weapons and Your Smart Meter-Virginia Farver-CSS

  What you cannot hide is genocide. The Trilateral Commission just announced that 5G will be the backbone of "smart cities". This should send a chill up your spine. The FCC is forcing 5G upon us.  Virginia Farver joins Dave Hodges as she unveils newly discovered health effects of 5G.   

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Bombshell: Justice Dept. IG finds 19,000 texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that had been destroyed by Mueller

By JD Heye It’s become more and more clear that special counsel Robert Mueller’s “witch hunt” probe is nothing more than a political operation aimed at protecting the Deep State by undermining POTUS Donald Trump’s presidency. The latest evidence of this comes in a newly released report from the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General. [...]

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Bombshell study shows aspartame depletes neurotransmitters in the brain, makes brains vulnerable to chemical damage from food and vaccines

By Mike Adams A bombshell scientific study reveals that aspartame may be one of the most damaging vectors for the widespread “dumbing down” of humanity. Published in AJTCAM (African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines), the study is entitled, “IMPACT OF ASPARTAME CONSUMPTION ON NEUROTRANSMITTERS IN RAT BRAIN.” (Source) The study fed rats aspartame [...]

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Border Crisis Being Readied to Morph into UN-Controlled Medical Martial Law

It starts here and is coming to a city near you. With each successive wave of caravan migrants, comes an increased risk of deadly pandemic outbreaks for which Americans have no immunity.   A mysterious polio is sweeping the country. Border Patrol agents are growing increasingly concerned about the diseases, for which Americans [...]

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