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It’s time for the American people to declare our own national emergency and remove destructive Dems from power

By Mike Adams It is widely reported today that President Trump is declaring a national emergency over the continued migrant invasion of the United States of America that’s taking place via a largely unprotected southern border. In response, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) warned that a future Democrat president could declare a national emergency to [...]

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Mueller Has Replaced Clinton As America’s #1 Threat-Can FEMA Camps Be Far Behind?

. For the first time, my family is having discussions about possibly leaving the country. The topic centers around the radical proposals from the women of tyranny in the Democratic Party, namely, Elizabeth Warren (the government will own your business when I am President), Ocasio Cortez (there will be no businesses left when [...]

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Ocasio Cortez Finally Reveals Who She Really Serves

  Despite beinga first-term Congresswoman, Ocasio-Cortez is on the most frightening members of Congress. You will not believe her committee assignment. Hider your wallets, withdraw you money from the bank, Ocasio-Cortez is in town! AND NOW SHE HAS FINALLY ADMITTED WHO SHE REALLY SERVES. IT'S ALL RIGHT HERE IN THE FOLLOWING BROADCAST. 

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The Two Reasons Behind the Recent Military Activity in LA

  We have entered a phase in the war between the left and right that definitive actions are being taken. This conflict is no longer a war of words designed to win some intellectual and philosophical debate. This is becoming high stakes poker of the highest order. In the second Presidential debate between Clinton and [...]

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Washington DC, NYC and Chicago to Indict Trump on Coerced Testimony Following the End of the Mueller Probe

  Robert Mueller has produced over 2 years of a nothing burger at a cost of tens of millions of dollars to the American taxpayers. The cities of New York, Chicago and Washington DC are preparing to take up where Mueller leaves off and indict Trump, as they criminally charge him from compromised witnesses [...]

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Under new law, TWITTER could now decide whether people are allowed to own guns… techno-fascism is here

By JD Heyes  Democrats’ loathing of the Second Amendment is directly tied to the party’s loathing of individuality, freedom, and personal liberty. Why else would they spend so much time trying to figure out new and improved ways of restricting Americans’ right to keep and bear arms? The latest Democrat gun control scheme involves the [...]

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Ocasio-Cortez Finally Admits to Who She Is Serving With Her Brand of Extreme Socialism

  Ocasio Cortez , the Congressional candidate that wants the government to own your business, take over airports and abolish ICE, can't remember what neighborhood she grew up in. And now, she cannot remember what political party she's in. Ocasio Cortez stands as an excellent example that liberalism is a mental disorder and most [...]

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