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The Deep State Has Begun Their Final Approach-“The Purge” Has Arrived

The CSS has dedicated much in the way to coverage of predictive programming. Predictive programming is where the elite, for whatever reason, tells the public what is coming. The warnings are often cryptic, yet, the predictive programming events usually come to pass. One such predictive warning came from the recent TV and movie series, The [...]

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Enemies Within

Former Army Psyop, Scott Bennett, serving President Bush, stated on the CSS, that "everything is a psyop". Please note Speaker of the of House, Nancy Pelosi, in the background, wearing white. This is highly significant in contextual reference to other photos of that night  as well. This seems harmless enough until we interject some [...]

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How to prep for the worst when you’re chronically ill or disabled

By Mary Miller It may be considerably more difficult to prep for disaster scenarios if you have a chronic illness or a disability, but it isn’t impossible. Sometimes, a sharp mind can overcome the obstacles of the body. If you are skilled and knowledgeable enough, your chances of survival may even be greater than that of [...]

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The 9 Elements of Genocide Are In Place and Are Awaiting the Right False Flag

  If we take an objective look at today's America, we can clearly see that all the elements of a genocide, all nine elements, are in place and the event is simply awaiting the right catalyst. Almost everybody knows that something is terribly wrong. Even the most politically unaware person has a sense of foreboding, [...]

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FDA Issues Major Threat Against Every American

  Only Congress has the power to make law. The FDA just granted itself powers above and beyond Congress as they are now determining on their own say so, what you and your family will put into their bodies. Forced vaccinations are almost here and when that happens, and that is the biggest vulnerability [...]

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The Democratic Blueprint for the Destruction of America-Many Won’t Be Around for the Last Chapter

In 1944, Norman Thomas predicted that today’s  Democratic Party would eventually support Socialism.Thomas was a six-time Presidential candidate representing the Socialist Party.      “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism.  But under the name of Liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the  Socialist Program, until one day, America will be a Socialist nation, without [...]

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Humanity Is Fighting for the Right to Exist and There Is No Place to Run and Hide

This article will point out the advantages and disadvantages of expatriating to a less-threatening environment. However, I feel compelled to warn the reader from the beginning, that expatriating is not just about escaping the carnage that will soon be occurring in our country.  If this is all we had to worry about, becoming an ex-pat [...]

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Exposing the Democratic Party Inspired Communist Takeover of America Complete with FEMA Camps and Genocide

This flag was on display being supported by Democrats outside of Wells Fargo Arena . America is in the midst of a Soviet-Style Bolshevik Revolution.    People frequently ask me why I cite Trevor Louden's production, Enemies Within? The major reason I do is because he is correct. It it Louden's contention that [...]

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