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Soros-Backed Domestic Terrorist Groups Planning to Use Violence to Force Trump From Office

The man who would destroy America. In the period 2014-2015, the Obama administration ordered the catch and release of MS-13, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood in the midst of the last Central American immigration invasion. These multiple accounts can be accessed through the search engine provided on The Common Sense Show. Please file away [...]

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Jade Helm 16’s Dress Rehearsal for the Coming Civil War II

To many of us in the Independent Media, we  clearly understood that both Jade Helm 15 and Jade Helm 16 were anti-American, globalist-inspired, American take-down activities. We knew that the anti-American, Deep-State-inspired destruction of America, under the traitor, Obama, was behind both Jade Helm exercises. At the time, however, we did not yet understand the [...]

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The Race to Martial Law

  Under martial law, the enforcer of government imposed totalitarianism can effectively eliminate all opposition t0 any administration of revolutionary movement. Under martial law, the ruling authority can eliminate all media opposition to to autocratic rule. Additionally, under martial law, despots can remain in power, perhaps indefinitely, and they are free to seize any and [...]

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The Man Who Could Start World War III

I have been lucky enough to be in a position to have round-table type discussions with both civilian intelligence and military intelligence operatives, both past and present. Without self-indulgent bragging, I can state that I have developed a reputation for protecting sources and accurately reporting what I am led to discover. Because of that, I [...]

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All the President’s Men Are Named Benedict or Arnold

  We have fighting in the Middle East that is being ignored by the MSM. The President is silent. Israel has grabbed the military mantle of power in the Middle East and only the Independent Media is reporting any of this. The President's staff is in chaos. He is undermined by Deep State traitors at [...]

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The Real Reason for the Government Shut Down

There is a contemporary coup going on for control of the White House- It is bloodless, for the time being. Who will win? Who is involved? Trump's counter is a government shutdown. At stake is the right for America to exist at all. Here are the real reasons for the government shut-down.   [...]

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Which Side Will Declare Martial First (Part 2)?

I recently wrote an article entitled Which Side Will Declare Martial Law First? I was reacting to both what I was told by an official who has Trump's ear and circumstantial evidence coming out of the New California movement (eg Paul Preston). I was subsequently asked by someone  of significant influence to write the original [...]

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Gun Confiscation Has Begun-What Comes Next? History Speaks Will America Listen?

  The UN prescription for disarming America.before the implementation of the FEMA camps and the takeover of the United States   First Venezuela, then South Africa, then the United States. Gun confiscation is always the prelude to genocide. History speaks will America listen?   Gun control and ultimately gun confiscation has [...]

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