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Pirro Is the Latest Victim of Corporate Media Censorship! Where’s Trump?

  The Judge has been taken down. She dared to point out the hypocrisy an extreme bigotry of Representative Omar and now she's been silenced. Meanwhile, Omar continues to spew her racism from the halls of Congress with total impunity. There is no such thing as a bad Muslim, according to this highly bigoted [...]

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Google Is Becoming the Agent of Genocide and While the Alt Media Burns, Trump Fiddles

Google is desperately trying to control everything you see, think, hear and feel. Google has  very recently even been implicated in overthrowing regimes. In other words, they are becoming politically AND MILITARILY active. They have erased the last vestiges of free speech in China with their social credit system. They are "burning" the books of [...]

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The Globalist’s Doomsday Weapon Designed to Bring Down America

  There is an insidious plot to bring down America. Over the next several days, a series of articles and interviews are going to be released which will leave no doubt that there is a plot to bring down America and the main thrust of that plot is being financed in places like Humboldt County [...]

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Humboldt County Is the Epicenter of the Invasion of the United States

America has been invaded and the epicenter of this invasion is located in Humboldt County, CA. This invading army is exporting its erosion of law and order the undermining of the United States to all parts of the country. This article will continue to dig deeper into this invasion by exposing the layers of this [...]

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Will the US Be Forced to Use Its Doomsday Weapons Since It Cannot Defeat the Russians and the Chinese

  RAND just completed a set of simulated war games against Russia, China, and Russia and China and the US lost badly in every case. The Deagle projections of the US losing it military and over 80% of our population realized. Will that force the US to employ its Doomsday weapons? Here is the [...]

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Like Humboldt County, Del Rio, TX Offers the Worst In Cartel/Terrorist Violence

    If one wants drugs, blackmarket guns an children for illicit purposes, then Del Rio, TX. is your place. The only sane people who would oppose ICE's interdiction of dangerous drugs, child-sex-trafficking, terrorism, and gun running at the border are the ones who are making money in these criminal enterprises. Therefore, what should we [...]

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Humboldt County is the Home of the Chinese-Deep State-Sinoloa Takeover of Illegal Border Activities

How could we have missed connecting the dots? One might wonder if there is any proof to back up my suspicions that American children were being killed and their organs were being trafficked back to countries such as Israel and China? And the people responsible are the drug cartels and Chinese nationals with the assistance [...]

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Turn Out the Lights, the Party Is Over!

  Chinese military front group, Huawei, has its Founder Says that He's Turning Out America's Lights. The company has been at the heart of legal actions involving the Canadian, American and Chinese governments over intellectual property theft and other legal issues. The Chinese got caught stealing from American interests and now they have made [...]

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