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Health Slipping-Hillary’s 2020 Replacement-Important Change In Midterm Voting Date for Democrats

  Despite the fact that Hillary is helping these two poor Secret Service personnel up the stairs, the rumors about her failing health persist. Some die-hard Democrats are afraid that Hillary may be too frail to run for the Presidency in 2020   If Hillary is too ill to run for President in [...]

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How Teachers Committed Economic Suicide and Exposed the Failure of the Democratic Party

Who decides what went into the FAILED Common Core? Not teachers! Who determined what went into the FAILED No Child Left Behind? Not teachers! It is both ironic and interesting to note that teaching is a profession that honors good, sound research which serves to support our growing knowledge base. Yet, all teaching reforms lack the data [...]

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America’s Fate Hangs In the Balance with the Most Important Midterm Elections In US History

This midterm election is unquestionably the most important midterm election in American History. IF the Democratic Socialist Party gains control of either the House or Senate, it will spell the beginning of the end for America. Here is the story. The Best Food Deal in America is here! Are you prepared? Isn’t it [...]

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Cheech and Chong Would Have a Field Day With This

Two of the funniest actors from the 1970's, Cheech and Chong, would have a field day with this. This is better than Up in Smoke and the world's longest joint. No, this is not an endorsement of of the recreational use of marijuana. But what am I talking about is very funny and ironic and [...]

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The Liberals Have Captured the Hearts and Minds of Our Youth

I and many of my esteemed colleagues in the Independent Media work tirelessly to help preserve our existing culture, civil liberties and the overall preservation of our country. Nearly all of us in this business strongly desire to leave a country to our children  worthy of pride, respect and loyalty. Our American culture is on [...]

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Why Does Trump Enjoy Rock Star Status?

The people of Springfield, Missouri lined up for 2.5 miles to get into see President Trump. Why does Trump enjoy rock star status in the Bible Belt? Why does Trump inspire millions to support him against overwhelming odds? It is because he provides hope that people can live out their lives and be left along [...]

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Trump Warns UN to Keep Their Keep Out of US Domestic Affairs- AMERICA FIRST!!!

  The home of Agenda 21, now called Agenda 2030, is the United Nations. They are poised to take total control of our cities, beginning with Chicago and then spreading to California. In December of 2017, the Cook County Commissioners tied to bring the United Nations to Chicago to curb gang violence. However, this [...]

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Bombshell Project Veritas undercover investigation reveals how government bureaucrats are ENEMIES of the people, working from the inside to weaponize government

By JD Heyes James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, which uses undercover journalists to expose Left-wing, anti-government, anti-America corruption, has struck again. In the second of a series of videos exposing the Deep State, DoJ paralegal Allison Hrabar is seen discussing how she uses government software and computers to push her socialist agenda and to punish those [...]

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America’s new youth: They rob a convenience store after realizing clerk is suffering a heart attack

  By Vicki Batts A shocking video from a convenience store in Washington state has revealed that three young men robbed a convenience store as the cashier laid on the ground, dying of a heart attack. The disturbing footage has left concerned citizens wondering: What is wrong with kids these days? It seems as time goes [...]

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Epic rainfall from Hurricane Florence could burst dams in Virginia, warn state officials

  By JD Heyes The closer Hurricane Florence gets to shore, the more dire the predictions are regarding the Category 4 storm’s potential to cause major, long-term damage to infrastructure in its path. As of Wednesday afternoon, Florence was still several hundred miles off the coast of North and South Carolina, with forecasters saying she could [...]

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