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CBD Bombshell: Cannabis approved by the FDA for treatment of brain and spinal cord glioma cancer tumors


This is huge. The FDA just granted orphan drug designation (ODD) to Insys Therapeutics for its pharmaceutical-grade, proprietary cannabidiol (CBD) product for treating cancer tumors in humans. Although glioma tumors affect less than 200,000 Americans, this FDA approval sets a precedent for natural remedies, and could lead to a revolutionary way to legally treat many forms of cancer with natural cures. In justifying preliminary approval of utilizing CBD to treat brain and spinal cancer tumors of this kind, Insys Therapeutics provided the FDA with the scientific rationale for CBD’s benefits, including human experiences with the natural remedy, evidence discovered through in vitro studies, and preclinical animal testing.

U.S. Government recognizes scientific proof CBD heals cancer – the tide is finally turning for natural cures in the USA

The same tired argument always ensues in America when a natural remedy cures too many humans of disease and disorder – the allopathic clowns claim there’s no scientific proof (because pharma doesn’t like the competition). Now the scientific evidence is strong for the real therapeutic potential of CBD oils to treat some of the most dangerous and lethal forms of cancer, especially ones that surgery and chemotherapy have proven nearly useless against.

Certain cannabinoids work best when combined with other CBDs and THC, but the breakthrough recognition of the Insys Therapeutics’ formula is huge for the natural health community and cancer science in general. This completely dismantles the fake “scientific consensus” that only “peer reviewed” chemicals, radiation and surgery can treat cancer. After Insys provides success after success, which they most likely will, it is likely that the full-spectrum of cannabis extracts will find FDA approval, and be a viable option for the masses who want a safe and effective alternative to archaic, invasive, chemical, misery-inducing “mainstream” versions of trying to treat cancer now.

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Chemotherapy fails 97% of the time, but no oncologists ever tell their patients THAT

On thing is for sure, chemicals cause cancer, and the worst thing you can do to an acidic body is dose it with more chemicals. Science has already proven that chemical pesticides, chemical preservatives in foods, chemical sugar substitutes, and chemical-based prescription drugs cause cancer cells to proliferate. Mutated cells that are fed by chemicals multiply uncontrollably and can take over vital human organs, including the most complex one in the body – the brain.

If you could filter all of the chemicals out of everything you eat, drink, breathe in, and put on your body today, you could probably fill up a shot glass. Your filtering organs are being overwhelmed, your cells are getting choked out, and the cumulative effect of all of this is the mutation of cells that will eventually gang up and attack your good cells. So why on earth would anyone accept chemotherapy for the treatment of a cell disorder that is caused by chemicals? The name chemotherapy even uses the root word “chem” from chemical. Wake up folks.

Do you know the top 10 chemical causes of cancer cell development? Scrub your daily intake against these. Then, if you still find yourself fighting cancer, consider natural remedies that are now PROVEN by science to beat even the toughest forms of cancer, including glioma tumors.

  1. Chemical insecticides and herbicides, including GMOs and glyphosate
  2. Chemical-based pharmaceuticals and vaccines, including flu shots
  3. Bleach and ammonia in foods
  4. Chemical-based food coloring
  5. Heavy metal toxins from industries that pollute farms
  6. Chemicals from automobiles and industries in cities
  7. Radiation and nuclear chemical pollution and leakage
  8. Chemical-based artificial sweeteners
  9. Nitrates and nitrites (chemical compounds commonly used to preserve meats)
  10. Chemotherapy (including x-rays and radiation treatments)

Learn more about the toxins you are exposed to at Toxins.news.

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  1. Stan October 25, 2018 at 10:30 am

    “U.S. Government recognizes scientific proof CBD heals cancer”

    This from the plant that was banned in 1937, both Marijuana and Industrial Cannabis (?what the hey?? Industrial cannabis too??). Although I am not a proponent of getting stoned on pot it is obvious that the government had an agenda against this plant which has grown on God’s green earth forever and used by mankind for thousands of years before the government got it’s meat-hooks into it. Has the government ever got it right? Now we are finding out that CBD, which comes from all cannabis plants, industrial too, can cure some types of cancer. This is just great. It’s just ironic and not at all funny that the government has been keeping it’s foot on the neck of cancer cures for decades and throwing people into long prison terms for using this plant. What does that tell you about the government? For one thing they often don’t know what the H they are talking about and often they will mislead the people and flat out lie to them. And the ban on cannabis did include industrial hemp too. Why? You cannot get high off of industrial hemp. You could smoke a wagon load of it and not get high because it contains no (ore very little) THC which is the component of marijuana that makes you get high. However you can get a lot of high quality CBD from Industrial hemp and this is what is curing cancer. Also from Industrial hemp (or any hemp including marijuana) you can make paper (pulp and paper industry hated that), the best rope in the world, canvas, cloth for clothing and other purposes, and medicine (big pharma competition). Hemp can be grown on poor soil with few if any pesticides needed. One acre of hemp can produce as much paper as 4 acres of trees and it grows back every year and trees take up to 40 years to come back. It is obvious that the big corporations wanted hemp gone as it was major competition for their high priced products. Hemp can be easily grown almost anywhere by anyone which the corporations hated. So it appears that the banning of hemp (cannabis) was nothing short of corruption between business and politicians. Same ol same ol. Now the truth is coming out and people should be mad as H that the government and big business have been the culprits keeping this plant banned and away from the people. The truth always comes out no matter how much they try to hide it.

  2. unorthodox church October 26, 2018 at 4:20 am

    People today are on cocktails of drugs, some to treat side effects from primary treatments.
    This would tie into above story as water treatment plants can not filter this out and it dumps into watersheds, sewers etc.
    Is cbd a cure all, no that would be a snake oil and the negative skeptical average merican would not go for it.
    Utah was considering allowing cannabis treatment for ptsd for veterans.
    In nor cal humbolt county has 100k permit for 99 plants and prices have dropped most are not in compliance while the big corps gobble land.
    The fires last 2 yrears just slash and burned the premier guerilla grower cannopies and opened up thoussnds of acres in all the top pot growing counties.
    Meanwhile children r hooked on corp vape sludge and the test markets ate a success.

  3. Sky Kubby October 26, 2018 at 2:52 pm

    Yes, a step forward. We’ll take what we can get! I’ve been a part of the movement for a long time. My Dad, Steve Kubby, helped write the legislation for Prop 215 in CA. I’m trying to find any proof of this as in its not written up on the FDA website. Could you please provide something?

  4. Debbie October 28, 2018 at 12:17 pm

    I started using a CBD cream for arthritis. I am nearly 60 years old. It’s amazing! I then started buying shake, the discarded leaves from the plant when cleaning the flower bud, and make my own cream which works even better than the store bought even though it contains the THC. My mind was completely closed off five years ago to marijuana use for any reason. The more I read I found myself changing my opinions. Even if its for recreational use, it is no worse than alcohol.

    As an aside, I changed jobs about five years ago and have health coverage with Kaiser Permanente. I’ve decided to not go to the doctor unless it’s an extreme emergency. I haven’t been to a doctor since I became insured by Kaiser. I eat clean and organic including grass-fed meats, and have eliminated refined sugar, grains, dairy, and alcohol consumption. I cook from scratch and grow most of my veggies. Meat consumption at meals is not more than 4 oz. My arthritis is nearly non-existent and is controlled with the creams. I walk about five miles per day/4x week and ride my bicycle to and from work to control potential diabetes issues. I take no prescription drugs and rarely an aspirin. I’m pretty healthy other than a little overweight. To this end, I have not once used my health benefits with Kaiser; however, that hasn’t stopped them from reaching out to me via email or telephone. As a matter of fact, for the last few months I have been getting numerous calls per day from Kaiser and from different states asking me to contact them to have them help me make a health plan with them. They are only emailing me about once per month now outlining a health plan for me. I am starting to wonder if they’ll eventually come knocking on my door, maybe to have me taken away for all the vaccinations, pokes & prods and prescriptions that I’ve missed for the last few years. It’s a tad alarming.

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