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China Tells Japan to Let Its Guard Down Against a North Korean Attack


In effect, the Chinese military has told Japan to stand down and to basically not prepare for a North Korean attack upon their homeland. What is the real story behind this outrageous position?


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  1. Vietkongook December 29, 2017 at 10:08 pm

    Jap Imperial Army Unit 731 did biological and chemical experimentation on Chinese, Koreans and what not from 1935 to 1945. The Chinese have not yet forgotten these war atrocities . Asian cultures doesnt easily forget the past. With the Japs still occupying the islands of Senkaku that CHina claims it belongs to them, then you can expect a showdown in the not so distant future. 2018 will be a wild ride…. I think a world war 3 will erupt anytime if things doesnt change. We pray that this mini ice age thats looming will cool heads no matter what …. We need cooler heads and clearer minds to prevent any more conflicts to happen….

  2. tyuiu December 30, 2017 at 4:02 am

    When does Russia and Israel tie int this ? They will. I promise you they will.

  3. Reva Spencer December 30, 2017 at 5:22 am

    China has a plan of retribution for Japan due to the the savagery the Japanese visited upon the Chinese during World War II with autrocities such as The Rape of Nanking and Unit 731. The Chinese have a two word promise for the Japanese concerning the future. They say, “One day.” If I was a Japanese person with the means to leave that radioactive island, I would. As I said earlier, “China has a plan for Japan.” Paybacks are going to be hell.

  4. cynthia December 30, 2017 at 6:00 am

    There is another reason why China is alarmed at the rearmamenting of Japan: Japan is fundamentally a very militaristic country–despite public face of pacifism which was enforced until now by the US after WWII. The Japanese believe they are the one exceptional nation destined to rule the world. Sounds like a lot of countries today. China and Korea both remember the brutality of the Japanese during WWII. Defensive weapons are not just defensive–they are also necessary to ensure the success of aggression. If war breaks out on the Korean peninsula, China fears Japan will take the opportunity to let loose hell again.

  5. kathy December 30, 2017 at 8:19 am

    China is the biggest threat of any super power, plus they are savage in the way they treat their people. Political dissidents and others accused of minor crimes are thrown in jail, killed and their organs harvested on the open market, making millions for the Chinese Govt. Years ago, before the press was completely sold out to the globalists, I heard a report that organs were being harvested from prisoners and sold to the US. The organ brokers, in this particular case, were trading their wares thru Chinatown in NYC. While we are looking at Russia thanks to the fake news media, China is plotting one of the most deadly agendas ever seen in the history of the world.

  6. Marie Joy December 30, 2017 at 8:32 am

    Americans should be preparing for war. Deagel says there will be an American population reduction of 80% by 2025.

  7. Adam December 30, 2017 at 9:39 am

    If you link the scriptures in with your news you’ll get better support as you recover from the transition from secular to scriptural. The news does nothing but describe the details of the workers of iniquity and their evil activities but you can develop a correlation from the Bible to match the events. By the way, most of your source material will actually come from the books of Moses. Book of Jasher and Book of Enoch. Some Maccabees as well. Josephus also writes about the first Jewish war and there is information about the people’s behavior and the wickedness they achieved before Rome swallowed them up. You should prescribe solutions for your audience. Babylon will fall and trying to hoard food and ammo in America will not be enough. The chemtrails can easily be converted back to respiratory irritants followed by germs and virus and then what will people do with their bullets and food?

  8. Dave Snellings December 30, 2017 at 12:26 pm

    Lets parallel what Dave just said…….Why would China oppose Japan having a missile defense system, unless they were planning to attack Japan. Well…….why would the US oppose other nations (Iran, N.K,) etc having military systems to defend themselves……..and please spare me the rebuttal that Iran (who has never attacked anyone in the last 230 yrs) & others are just rogue nations who threaten decent people………such as the US. The unchallenged biggest bully on the global block, probably responsible for more crimes against humanity than Stalin, Mao, & Hitler combined…….and who has their uninvited nose in everyone else’s business around the world, stealing their resources, overthrowing their sovereign gov’ts, assassinating heads of state (Kadafi, ETC.), setting up military systems on the borders of numerous countries around the world (Russia, N.K. ETC), War gaming on their borders (Russia, Syria, Iran, N.K., ETC……just poking the bear, agitating for a fight) attacking them for imperialistic reasons ONLY, bombing them back to the stone age (Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, ETC.), killing millions of innocents (foreign & domestic) when NONE of these countries offered any threat to us other than in some cases wanting to get off the US extortion train known as the Petro Dollar, ETC., ETC., ETC.

    Any country in the world witnessing or experiencing the wrath of US military or back door mercenaries (Al Qaeda, ISEL, ISSIS, ETC) would be a fool to sit by idly and not do anything possible to protect themselves……….from us.

    As Ron Paul has aptly said on many occasions, the enemies that we now have abroad (primarily middle eastern) are totally & only blow back for our genocidal, imperialistic, unwanted, illegal, immoral interference in those various nations sovereign business!!!!

    Who are we to have the largest arsenal of WMDs in the world & then tell others they are not allowed to have any…….Just who the hell do we think we are?!!! Who put us in charge of the world?

    …………Just pointing out the hypocrisy, here.

  9. mary wallace December 30, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    China has their hands full warring with India over water on the one side, trying to keep U.S. consoled about North Korea, and an armed Japan. I do believe Japan is key to all of this.As we all know, the Japanese are brutal fighters.An armed Japan will keep all of the area on their toes. Everybody in the area knows Japan will fight and fight hard.I do not believe anybody in that area can stop them. I do believe arming Japan to the max is the way to go to AVERT WW3.China is a stab you in the back country whose economy is collapsing, North Korea is a CIA asset, South Korea looks amateur, but Japan…they’re different and the others know they’re different. I guess we’ll find out. My money’s on Japan.Yes, the now dead/jailed globalists want ww3 and all sorts of Agendas, but where are they now?Keep your eye on the ball.Most, at this time, have been “contained”.Dead/dying/imprisoned.Wait for Trump’s announcement.The reign of globalists’ terrorism is about over cause those causing it are dead as a doornail or at Gitmo.Stay tuned…

  10. Terryl Todd December 30, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    Oh God! Please leave Japan alone. They have enough challenges right now.

  11. Carol December 31, 2017 at 10:05 am

    Weirdly, the infowars post on North Korea announcing a “sneak attack”, with its thread discussion seems to have disappeared from the infowars website this morning. Did this thread just disappear before my eyes? Here is some of the last of that disappearing thread: I’ll try it here.

    I don’t believe for a minute that the threat is coming from North Korea. Not really. I believe that the threat is real however. Let Americans know how vulnerable they are with no protection from EMP, just try to find a nuclear fallout shelter in your community. Then start blasting threats from the “axis of evil” non-compliant banking nations. We do the bidding of the banks in beating these nations into compliance.

    Why can’t we invest in protection of the power grid? Why can’t we shoot missiles out of the sky? Why can’t we build fallout shelters in every community? Mr. Trump, protect your people.

    Our tax dollars and American lives are going to fight the wars to protect the interests of the banks in the “axis of evil” nations. Meanwhile we the people are left vulnerable to EMP and nuclear attack, with this vulnerability used to manipulate us into fighting these wars for the banks. How convenient for the banks

    I think most Americans are aware that our own government will either directly attack us or facilitate and attack on Americans in order to draw us into an attack on another nation. When we hear in the news, like on InfoWars, that a nation such as North Korea is threatening to attack us, I think most of us know what that means. The threat is real, but it isn’t necessarily coming from North Korea. It means we better go along with this if we know whats good for us

    We Fail to Invest in the $(2-10) Billion..on what it would take to protect the Power-Grid from an EMP/Hacking/Whatever…

    If Trump and the Republicans diverted funding to these concerns, I’d truly believe Trump was a leader for the people, and not just another deep state puppet. Invest in protection of the power grid and nuclear radiation Mr. Trump. Prove that it does “matter which puppet is on the throne”. Our leaders have left us vulnerable to these threats and easily manipulated

    It is very telling that there is no investment in power grid protection, nuclear fallout protection ect. All the better to hold the threat over our heads and manipulate the people with fear. If Trump and the Republicans diverted funding to these concerns, I’d truly believe Trump was a leader for the people, and not just another deep state puppet

    Gold standard, finished in the 19 70’s. Petrodollar dying. Isn’t there another way besides beating the war drums and pummelling other nations into submission and murdering their leaders at the bidding of the central banks? Are we facing a false flag EMP or nuclear attack on American soil in order to draw us into war? Americans, go along with the banks beating these countries into submission, or else we’re coming for you with a false flag attack. We all see it at some level.

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