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Cognitive Dissonance Will Not Save America From the Collapse of the Dollar

Cognitive Dissonance Will Not Save America From the Collapse of the Dollar


I know that most of you are probably tired of hearing about the endless predictions that the US economy is going to crash. Stock up now, buy survival gear, get your food, water, guns, gold, ammunition and medicine!  Blah, blah, blah. We have all heard it before. Right?

The Inevitable End

I recently received that dreaded call “rush to the hospital, she only has a short time left, hurry!” So, you arrive at the hospital and the person hangs on, and hangs on, but everyone knows the final outcome is inevitable. The next day arrives and the person is still with us. And then like a thief in the night, our friend finally slipped away and went to be with the Lord.

This is what the economy will soon do. I do not know if it will be next month, next year but I know we do not have five years. This economy is going to die. Why? Because the lifeblood of the economy has been withdrawn.

All currencies must be backed by something of tangible value or that currency will one day jyperinflate and will perish. Extreme social chaos will ensue, followed by martial law and perhaps even a civil war, or worse yet, world war. How do I know? Simple, read your history books, it is always the same in every country that experiences hyperinflation due to haviing an unbacked currency. Think of the dollar like gravity. Without gravity, we would all float out into space and die. Without solid backing for the dollar, the dollar will float out into space and will also die, it is called hyperinfation. The dollar is losing its gravity (ie backing )and  is dying. Soon, nobody will be accepting your dollar. for any reason.

How did things get so bad?

Blame FDR for Removing the Dollar from the Gold Standard

In the 1930’s, President Roosevelt confiscated the gold of average people. He did this so his rich friends from the Federal Reserve would have a way to survive the economic holocaust that was killing the dollar.

Roosevelt’s illegal confiscationof gold, was predicated on the principle that in times of economic crisis, gold holds its value and fiat cash does not. In the 1940’s with no gold effectively backing up the dollar,the US economy was only surviving because of ramapant military spending to support the war effort.

In 1943-44, the world’s bankers decided that US dollar (ie petrodollar) would become the world’s reserve currency and an economic giant was born. Every country, if they wanted to purchase oil for their industrialization and war-related rebuilding efforts, would have to first purchase the dollar to buy oil and this, in effect, restored backing for the dollar.

The Petrodollar Replaced the Gold Standard

The United States has debt, crushing debt, which makes the former Weimar Republic look solvent by comparison.

The present national debt as of this morning is over $21 trillion. Which means that every man, woman and child owes over $65,000!

The estimated estimated debt of unfunded mandated liabiities (eg Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc) is a whopping $240 trillion.

The estimated credit swap derivatives debt is impossible to measure but it certainly is possible to estimate. Before Lehman went broke in the 2008 economic collapse, they possessed a $600 billion dollar debt of which $400 billion was purely the credit swap derviatives debt, and that was just one bank! The most common estimate regarding this debt is a staggering $1.5 quadrillion dollar debt with an annual interest debt of over $500 trillion!

The value of money is relative (eg an average house in 1958, sixty years ago, was just under $12,000 with an average annual earnings of $5,500 per American). So, based on the relevance notion, just how much money do the various levels of government take in on an annual basis in 2018? Can they even come close to paying down the debt?

Fiscal Year 2017

Total Government Revenue
in the United States

Federal Direct Revenue $3.3 trillion
State Direct Revenue $1.6 trillion
Local Direct Revenue $1.3 trillion
Total Revenue $6.2 trillion
Total Government Revenue
in the United States
Federal, State, and Local
Fiscal Year 2018

Income Taxes$2.3 trillion Social Insurance Taxes$1.4 trillion Ad valorem Taxes$1.5 trillion Fees and Charges$0.5 trillion Business and Other Revenue$0.5 trillion Balance$0.0 trillion Total Direct Revenue$6.2 trillion Federal Deficit$0.8 trillion Gross Public Debt

Please keep in mind that the Government Accounting Office does not include the so-called unfunded liabilities of entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare. Social Security debt is cummlative and the interest compounds. I went back and counted approximately how much raw debt, irrespective of interest owed, how much Social Security debt has been added to the economy since the economic collapse of 2008,  and it is over $200 billion. This does not include the 50 states’ burden and as stated, does not account for interest. Keep in mind, that Social Security only represents one part of the “unfunded, but mandated liabilities of social welfare programs”. I know that people will object to the government’s vocabulary in describing this debt because it is viewed by many as an earned benefit. However, we have foolishly let Congress raid the funds over the years. And we are now using “borrowed money” to cover this debt. How will would that work for your family if you borrowed money to pay off your credit card debt?

Keep in mind that the figures, listed above, do not include state and local debt.

And, it doesn’t include so-called agency debt.”

It does not include the credit swap derivatives debt.

Therefore, these figures represent an unrealistic, grossly optimistic projections for fiscal year 2018.

To those who think that it is “fear mongering” to project the fall of the US economy, please tell me how many of you can sustain an ANNUAL debt to income ratio of 4 to 1? And these are the numbers of a projected economy that is somewhat rebounding.

Oh, but We Have the Petrodollar Says the Cognitive Dissonance Crowd

The cognitive dissonance crowd argues that the Petrodollar somewhat protects us from staggering debt. That was somewhat true in the 20th century.

The United States’ good economic fortune is due solely to the fact that the world must use the dollar, the Petrodollar if you will, in order to make their nation’s individual oil purchases and this provides the only source of backing for the U.S. dollar. That was then and this is now. The game is over.

Despite the economic pain associated with the enormous debt caused by the Wall Street contrived Ponzi schemes associated with the now infamous derivatives, America’s economy has proven to be very resilient. However, if the artificial global dollar demand, made possible by the Petrodollar system, were ever to crumble, our days of economic dominance would abruptly end and the resulting economic chaos would be followed by the need to impose martial law on a starving public. Again, tens of millions of Americans will die in this scenario. Further desperate and out of money, WWIII looms in the future because the real power broker over at the Federal Reserve are trying to desperately save the dollar.

The old paradigm is dead!

Today, led by the BRICS, seemingly everyone from European nations to Asian nations are ditching the dollar. And now, the continent of Africa has become the latest to ditch the dollar, subsequently,  the dollar is facing hyper inflation and extinction.. Are you ready? Are you prepped? Do you have food, water, guns,,ammo, gold, and medicine? IF not, you could soon be doomed if you are only holding cash. Ignore this story, at your own peril.

In the last week alone, Inida and China signed a gold backed trading agreement. More Euro nations have ditched the dollar and on and on it goes.

From Europe to Asia to Africa, the Petodollar is in hospice waiting to die. I believe I can point to one factor that we should all be looking for that will signa when the collapse will be upon us, and believe me it will come like a thief in the night. We live in a “just in time economy”. Your local grocery store receives 3 to 6 deliveries per day. When truckers can lo longer make a living, the deliveries will stop. How long will it take for the shortages to impact the people who did not plan? That is an easy question to answer. In Hurricane Harvey, supplies were gone on the first day. When the economy collapses, based on historical precedent, there will not be restoration to any sense of normalcy until one, or some combination of the following occurs:

  1. Civil War
  2. World War III
  3. Breakup of the US into regions that will war with each other for resources.

What this tells you is that no recovery will occur until the three factors, listed above, reach a conclusion. And what we do not know, is if the globalists will be able to impose their iwll on humanity following the collapse.

It is impossible to calculate a death curve because there are too many variables. However, that did not stop the CIA-related Deagel from projecting a US 90% loss of life in the next seven years.

 Will Cognitive Dissonance Save Us? Or, Is It time to Face Reality?

Which view prevails when we objectively examine the data?





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  1. Vietkonggook June 6, 2018 at 7:55 am

    All politicians except a very few works for the globalist international bankers. They have led us into this pit of destruction.

  2. Steve June 6, 2018 at 9:42 am

    I agree Dave. I live in Canada and it’s the same story here. Governments and people spending money they do not have. No one wants the party to stop. It is like being in a bar drinking ( in my younger years). It is happy hour and the music is good and the women are pretty. Almost time for the music to stop and the lights to come on..well.in this case as far as the economy it will be lights out soon !

  3. Loren-USA June 6, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Prior to 1913, the USA had an asset-based economy. With the formation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, our asset-based economy has since been transformed into a debt-based economy, with no way out but total collapse – as it was designed to do!

    If the economy continues as is, it will explode due to inflation. If the brakes are placed upon it via a “balanced budget amendment”, the economy will implode due to deflation. Either way spells an end game of total destruction – EXACTLY AS PLANNED BACK IN 1913!

    A “Federal Reserve Note” is a “note”, which is an IOU – a promise to pay at some point in the future. A “note” is NOT an asset, but a debt, a liability. Yet we include FRNs on the asset side of our balance sheets. Is that lunacy or what?

    By the very nature of the FRN being a “note”, it not only had no value to begin with, but a negative value. However, the Federal Reserve maintained an “illusion of value” during its beginning years when FRNs could be exchanged for gold.

    When FDR unlawfully canceled this exchange for gold, the ruse was up! People should have known! But then, the USA was in the grip of the Great Depression, so who could mount an effective resistance effort when so many were unemployed, homeless, and even starving to death?

    WWII provided an expansion of the US economy, bailing it out of the Depression, via the fiat currency of FRNs. No one then complained, when food was now back on the table and a roof again over one’s head.

    By the early 70’s, the ruse was again up, so tying the US dollar (FRNs) as “petrodollars” saved the day, kicking the can down the road, to the inevitable end-game that was planned all along.

    And so, here we are. The rest of the world has woken up to the ruse of the Federal Reserve System and all its fake fiat FRNs. And they are dumping all that debt-based currency like hot lead rocks.

    There is only one result for the US economy, which has been planned all along since 1913, and that is a complete collapse, but which will transfer ALL USA wealth to the “dark overlords”.

    Well, there is a way out, but Congress and the Courts have all been compromised and bought off, to return the USA to a Constitutional monetary system. The last President to attempt such an action was “removed from office” the old-fashioned way – assassination!

  4. Robert Dziok June 7, 2018 at 2:20 am

    Thank you for trying to get this through to Americans Dave. Over the past few years the East has been setting up trading and payment platforms that do not require use of “King Dollar” ( BRICS, CIPS, BRI, SCO, AIIB, etc.). The Eurasian Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) involves some 8 TRILLION in construction and trade with the US on the outside looking in as not involved with it’s construction and trade will not use US Dollars. Iraq wanted euros for oil payment and was destroyed. Gaddafi wanted a gold backed Dinar and NATO murdered him and destroyed Libya. As you well point out the world (East in particular) is now moving away from use of the US Dollar more rapidly. The last futile attempts to force continued use of King Dollar by war have failed with the Middle East turning more and more against it’s use.So called sanctions will be irrelevant because of non use of the US dollar and Western payment and trade platforms.

  5. Betty Wallace June 7, 2018 at 3:55 am

    The privately owned federal reserve prints the magic paper fiat. They give this magic paper to their friends at tiny to no interest. These happy friends run out and buy the best assets with paper. Now the rich 0.01% own 95% of the world’s resources and wealth. The tribe takes care of their own. The federal reserve has created all these bubbles that will pop. What do you and I get? We get High inflation throughout our lives robbing us of our wealth, a dollar devalued to 4 cents, a climate of low low wages that never keep up, and every debt scam the criminal bankers can dream up. End the criminal federal reserve. Remember God chose you from the beginning to live this remarkable time for His honor and glory forever. God bless and prepare.

  6. Mary Kate Lydon June 7, 2018 at 6:29 am

    The “gold” back the current-see today is the same as always… it is the souls of men. Gold represented the souls of men in the past… hence the expression “worth your weight in gold”. In any case, the situation is far worse than anyone can imagine. All are sold since “birth” to the state/satan and all got the mark of the beast at birth. What can you buy or sell without “your” name? What can you own without “your” name? What gets charged and sent to soul extraction centers by the millions in the “land of the free”. Yes… “your” name. Only problem is… it is NOT *your* name… the nomen belongs to the “holy father” of all persons and the “mother” of all persons… the church. Only the return of the true christ – the only begotten son of the true god/creator…. can save us… there is no other way. Property of satan… cannot overrule… satan. Property of the state cannot over rule the state. Said property has only one purpose and that is to provide the *current* that powers the state… often called “currency”.

  7. Vietkonggook June 7, 2018 at 9:09 am

    The end days of the petrodollar is not too far away. Economist Dr Jim Wille has been the expert on this very topic.


  8. rita greene June 7, 2018 at 10:13 am

    My bank id now charging me $25 for monthly printed statements.

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