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Coincidence Theorists Versus Conspiracy Theorists

There are three categories of people, the hopelessly unaware, Coincidence Theorists and Conspiracy Theorists. Don’t bother with the hopelessly unaware, they are too involved in watching Duck Dynasty, South Beach Towing and Jerry Springer. The Coincidence Theorists explain away every misdeed on the part of the government as bad luck, a coincidence or simply an accident. And of course, Conspiracy Theorists see the potential for criminal gain through collective action. Conspiracy theorists look for the intent of the people behind an event.



Instructions for Dealing with Coincidence



According to CNN, FOX, CBS, PBS, ABC, NBC and MSNBC there is no such thing as a conspiracy theory. These people believe that two bad people would never get together and plan to do something wrong. The American media has the majority of the public so brainwashed against the possibility of any conspiracy theory being true, that they reject any conspiracy out of hand. And if two or more people ever get caught doing something wrong, it is just an accident, and any one who believes otherwise, should immediately don their tin-foil hat and seek immediate therapy!

This article is written for the naive, dumbed-down sheep who I would label as the naive “Coincidence Theorists.” These people believe in the accidental theory of history. It is not likely that Coincidence Theorists will read the article by themselves, so you, the aware Conspiracy Theorists, may have to help them. Therefore, this article is also written for the awake among us so that you can use the following nine hypertext links to educate the naive that there are indeed conspiracy theories that are true and that many of these proven theories serve to threaten the well-being of every American. Simply have your asleep and unaware neighbors and/or family members click on each hypertext link and have them verify the “Conspiracy Theories” that are mentioned within this article.

The Following Paragraphs Are Written for

“Coincidence Theorists”

President Obama, with his hand caught in the cookie jar, admitted that the NSA did, indeed, spy on regular citizens emails. However, as the President put it, it was just an accident.  One can tell that the President went to Harvard as this is a brilliant response. The unaware “Duck Dynasty” crowd is not even cognizant of the fact that the event took place. The Coincidence Theorists” now have plausible deniability and can continue to live their lives without a worry for their future or the future of their children. And of course, there are the rest of us who are watching as Obama shovels one more load of dirt over America’s grave.

OK Coincidence Theorists, school is in session. Is it just an accident that Obamacare gives CPS agents the right to come into your home and take your children without probable cause or even be in possession of a warrant under the new HHS manual? If you tell the Coincidence Theorists that if your child gets a bad grade in school that CPS can come for their kids under the “education neglect” category listed in the manual, they will laugh at you. The Coincidence Theorists” will never believe this, so click on the link and help the sheep discover all the wonderful things that Obamacare has in store for our children and their parents. Is it just an accident that Obamacare really does have death panels?

Is it just an accident that Michael Hastings car blew up, or Andrew Breitbart died under very mysterious circumstances?  No elaboration is needed here. Simply click the link and let the pictures and the brief narrative do the talking. Understanding the Hastings issues is paramount to understanding that the establishment thinks nothing of murdering someone for getting to close to the truth. If your Coincidence Theorist friend has any degree of empathy, you may convince them by educating them on the Hastings’ case alone.

Was it just an accident when Ambassador Stevens was murdered despite having asked for more protection before he was killed by CIA al-Qaeda proxy troops? Was it just an accident when General Hamm and Admiral Gayoutte were arrested for attempting to disobey a direct order by launching a rescue mission in an attempt to save Ambassador Stevens? Click on the link and help your Coincidence Theorist friend discover what happens to establishment confederates when they no longer serve a purpose.

Is it just an accident that Obama is a communist who is fulfilling his communist mission to destroy America and that he has been groomed for the task since he was nine years old which will culminate in him surpassing Benedict Arnold as the country’s biggest traitor?  After clicking on the link, please ask your Coincidence Theorist friend to articulate the purpose of groups like the American Communist Party, the Weathermen Underground, ACORN, etc. By this point, my Conspiracy Theorist friends, your Coincidence Theorist family member will be experiencing cognitive dissonance. They may get a headache and need a break. But whatever you do, find a way to induce them to read the following.

Is it just an accident that Obama has at least 150,000 Russians training on our soil training to occupy this country along with FEMA and DHS? At the same time, is it just an accident that Obama has granted himself the right to seize, secretly incarcerate and even murder American citizens without a warrant under the NDAA?  Is it just an accident that Obama has granted himself the authority to take control over every resource and every person in America, with or without a declared emergency, in Executive Order 13603? Have them click on these three links and ask them if this tyrannical oppression directed at Americans by this establishment is just a coincidence or an accident? Ask your Coincidence Theorist friend to explain the meaning of the “the land of the free and the home of the brave” in a modern day context after reading this paragraph.

Of course there is much, much more that you can show them. This is only the primer of a very lengthy series. I have one further piece of advice as you educate your Coincidence Theorist and their family. I was somebody who was willing to stay on the sidelines until the forces of John McCain tried to steal my house and the houses of my 300 neighbors, without compensation, in order to serve his NWO agenda.


This entire Obama administration is an accident, an accident waiting to happen. This is the most evil, corrupt and, yet at the same time, most inept administration in American history.

Was it just an accident when the ink dried on Obama’s birth certificate and it said “born in America?” God is judging America because this establishment is the biggest “accident” to have ever been visited upon our shores. As with every accident, it is time to clean up the mess .


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  1. Molly August 25, 2013 at 9:54 am

    It appears you are conspiring against people with poor eyesight causing them to squint in order to read the very small font you have chosen for conveying your message.

  2. chris August 25, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    Well written , this and more like it needs to be pushed and put on major media outlets. unfortunately I doubt if even Fox News would air something like this

  3. j. grey August 29, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    I agree with the font size comment…must have been an “oversight.” I’ve only read a few articles by Dave and this one doesn’t seem to be his style; however, I DO know where it’s coming from and definitely feel the passion.
    Just one thing I really must comment on and that is “Duck Dynasty.” I personally do not watch the show, but do know several “coincidence theorists” who do, and they told me that the stars of the show were told to tone down their religious talk and they refused. I did not research that so it is mere hearsay, and if it IS true, then I admire them for doing what they did. I think, once again, if that is true, that it would be about the only tv show worth watching.
    One more thing, most “coincidence theorists” I know don’t explain away bad gov’t as bad luck…they actually think that the people who run this country are morons and idiots. These evil people are Anything but dumb. You don’t get a country to this point by being dumb. You have to study really hard to screw up a republic this way.
    Ok, I’m done. Really like this website and Dave’s insight is stupendous!

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