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Congress Is Facilitating the Destruction of America’s Culture and Economy-Record # of Border Arrests-Congress Sleeps!

Congress is aiding and abetting the invasion of America. I am not talking about illegal immigrants that have duped in coming here. We are speaking about the admission of ISIS, MS-13, Chinese nationals who are in the Chinese army and several others who mean us harm. Congress, despite having access to all the data, continues to do nothing. Why? Here is the story….listen and then ask them why….






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  1. chickenpatti13 March 11, 2019 at 3:40 am

    We are being deceived.Even here in Ohio,they are bussing confused,diseased,criminal,non English speaking illegal aliens in.Whopping cough,antibiotic resistant tuberculosis,lice, bed bugs,scabies,hepatitis,food poisoning in local restaurants from third world illegal immigrants preparing your food after wiping their butt and not washing hands,etc.MSM doesn’t tell you this and local officials are paid to shut up.Our government has declared war on American citizens and their precious illegals are the army,killing,raping and thieving,bring in drugs w/o consequence.Our government,including POTUS,are the perpetrators and will not stop until we make them stop.Spring is coming…..

  2. Don Fields March 11, 2019 at 8:32 am

    unfortunately this “rush” at the border is by design. As a 63 year old American I am so grieved that some are so hellbent on destroying this country. The America I grew up in is dead unfortunately. The way I see it is President Trump was sent to Washington to drain the swamp. But the problem about that is 99% plus are that swamp that reside in washington. At least from my viewpoint. Yet he has accomplished so many things in just a short time. And therein LIES the problem. Congress (both houses) are being showed up. Because they for so many years have lied and broken their promises to the American people. And Trump is actually trying to get things done. The American people.(true Americans) are getting to see first hand that their congressional leaders are a bunch of do nothings. Both parties are corrupt to the core. Interestsed only in the furtherance of themselves and their own prosperity that they gain by being political prostitutes to the highest bidder. I have heard people say we need a revolution. That should have happened 20 years ago when Clinton was not removed from office. I fear for the lives of my children and grandchildren with the future they inherit. America is being destroyed from without via illegals and inside due to a corrupt political system. Evewrywhere I look it seems insanity rules the day.
    I so appreciate the work you do Dave. I met you in Branson last September and believe from just two short converstions you are the real deal. And for that I am greatful. And hopefully I will see you in Branson this year.

  3. Barbara Hanmore March 11, 2019 at 12:51 pm

    Trump is not trying to stop the border invasion. He can station troops there. He can deploy drones there. He could stop the money going to Mexico. Why does Dave say that troops on the border are not the answer. They are the answer. And it does matter, tremendously, where the immigrants come from. To label common sense and reality as “racist bullshit” is pathetic. Dave wants a million more people here on welfare and lifelong SSI. Why? As another commentor says, we should stop all immigration for at least five years. Dave gripes that the immigrants do not assimilate but he wants more to come in to divide this country even further. Stop asking what we, the people, should do about this. We do not have the power to stop the disaster happening on the border but Donald Trump DOES. Congress does. We did all we could in electing Trump, who promised to stop immigration. Dave has no trouble pointing a finger at us but never at the guilty party, Donald Trump.

  4. Rich March 13, 2019 at 4:22 pm

    There is only one answer and if you don’t know it you certainly should. When the self appointed protectors will no longer protect, and half the population sews the seeds of their own destruction, when complaining does nothing, when voting does nothing, when the population is too cowardly and weak and or stupid to do anything, all that is left to do is watch it unfold until those with courage have been push as far as they will be pushed and all the cornered dogs come out of their corners together with the second amendment in their hands and their hair on fire.

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