//Criminal Enterprise Operations of the Police
Criminal Enterprise Operations of the Police

 After moving to the border state of Arizona, I learned quickly that it isn’t prudent to drive a car into Mexico because the Federal Police like to pull over “American-looking” tourists  and shake them down for cash (yes, Virgina, the Mexican national police force does profile). 

The practice of Mexican police harassing traveling Americans for their cash is so prevalent, most insurance companies require a special rider on one’s insurance policy before covering a car trip into Mexico.

I used to think that this abuse of traveling Americans was just a “Federal Police” problem and could never happen here. However, as I opened both of my eyes and saw the big picture, I realized that American law enforcement was doing the same thing and that the American officers were much more efficient at theft by cop than are the Mexicans. While a Mexican Federal Policeman might shakedown a tourist for $50 in cash, the American officials are more adept at stealing houses, businesses and large amounts of cash even when the cash is not connected to a crime.

What Is RICO?

The game in America is called theft by law enforcement and RICO is the name. Much of the growth of federal criminal procedures has been tied to the expanded use of RICO. RICO stands for the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act of 1970. RICO has succeeded in blurring the lines between state and federal law enforcement and in overturning the protections inherent in the due-process guarantees of the U.S. Constitution, namely due process. The Fifth Amendment states that government cannot deprive citizens of life, liberty and property without due process of law. As the Patriot Act negates the Fourth Amendment protections, RICO does the same with the Fifth Amendment due process rights.

RICO is essentially the seizure of good and assets obtained as a result of ACCUSED criminal activity. At the inception of RICO in 1990, there were only three named federal criminal acts subject RICO confiscation of assets and they were treason, piracy, and counterfeiting. Now there are literally thousands of federal laws and regulations related to RICO. The mere violation of any one of them, no matter how unintentional and harmless the transgression, can lead to years of imprisonment for the convicted person and the forfeiture of all personal assets.

Here is where the police and federal law enforcement are no better than the criminals they purport to fight. Even when an individual is not charged or found innocent, their confiscated assets are still the property of the law enforcement agency. If a person is found not guilty in court, or the charges are dropped, the person can spend years trying to recover their assets. And sometimes, they never recover their stolen property.

Gangster Cops in Meridian MS.

During a July 9 traffic stop in Meridian, Mississippi, police found $360,000 tucked away in an obscure compartment of a man’s car. Certainly the amount of money in question would get our collective attention, however, the driver was let go. And if the Meridian city government has a problem with large amounts of cash, then pass a law forbidding the carrying of cash over a certain amount. Until then, this man committed no crime.

 The cops simply stole the man’s money. The unidentified motorist may or may not get that cash back.  

Under RICO all cops can seize your property, and it’s up to you to prove that the money isn’t connected to a crime. This is an obvious violation of the Fifth Amendment which requires the government to prove in court that the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

This application of RICO is unconstitutional on its face and it is still being allowed. Why?  Because RICO money is being used by the law enforcement agencies to enrich their department as well as to host lavish department/agency parties. This is no different than what the Mafia or the Mexican Federal Police does.

Your Property Is Not Safe

For those who think that the Meridian, MS. motorist got what he deserved because nobody should be carrying that kind of cash on them, consider the Russell Caswell case which demonstrates that, under RICO statutes, one can lose everything even when they have never been suspected of a crime.

Motel owner Russell Caswell, of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, has fought with government for three years over his right to keep his own motel. Caswell has never been charged with a crime, yet he faces the loss of his business. Caswell, having successfully managed to keep his property, is the victim of guilt by association. From 1994 to 2008, police have made 15 drug busts at his motel. That come to only one drug bust per year in a motel. This is a remarkably low number. However, it is not stopping law enforcement for trying to get their hands on the motel by stating that under RICO, the motel is considered to be part of a criminal enterprise.

One does not have to be the owner of a motel or carry large amounts of cash to be a victim of the law enforcement Mafia. If you give a ride to someone who has marijuana in their possession, you can lose your car. If your teenage daughter brings drugs into your house, you could lose your house. This is no more than criminal theft committed by criminal law enforcement agencies.

Motives for RICO Enforcement

The money that law enforcement seizes, is money that goes towards the purchase of office equipment, new vehicles, larger expense accounts and the list goes on. However, agency assets are not the only destination for RICO obtained assets.  

 In a town of less than 3,000 people, in Bal Harbor, FL, police spent more than $23,000 flying out to Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. While there, the police rented out Cadillac SRX and a Lincoln Town car. Yet, other Bal Harbor police were also living it up as the department spent $7,000 holding a banquet for police chiefs and $21,000 on an “anti-drug beach bash.”

Sheriff Bill Smith in Camden County, Georgia, spent $90,000 on a Dodge Viper for the county’s Drug Awareness and Resistance Education (DARE) program. According to a sheriff’s spokesman, “the whole point of this car is to grab the kids’ attention” and by impressing kids, they would stay off of drugs. In the past two decades, Bill Smith’s department brought in over $20 million in asset forfeiture proceeds. The motive to arrest and steal assets is quite clear.

 In Romulus, MI., the police chief, Michael St. Andre, spent more than $40,000 in asset forfeiture funds on marijuana, booze, and prostitutes. In many of our communities, the ones with the badges are the prostitutes. And this is not just a case of a few bad apples spoiling the whole bunch. It would be difficult to find an agency or department that is not experiencing RICO corruption.


Is there any element of government that is not filled with corruption? Has becoming a public servant become synonymous with massive corruption? If we cannot trust the police, then who could we trust? I find it almost humorous that we are still debating whether soldiers and police would fire on American people in a time of national emergency? If they will steal us blind under these flimsy pretenses, then are there any real limits placed upon their behavior?

If we want to RICO criminal organizations, then why are we not going after the banks like HSBC and Goldman Sachs for money laundering and MERS mortgage fraud?

There is no shortage of stories related to RICO abuse. The law itself is an affront to the Constitution and all American citizens. Subsequently, all RICO laws should be abolished.

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  1. Human July 18, 2013 at 6:03 am

    My roots in this land go thousands of years deep. When the wealthy europeans came they destroyed our livelihood, killed off all the food, cheated us out of our land with cheap trinkets, made treaties that they broke then made war on the people. When the people could no longer fight, the rich bankers government murdered the people with disease and starvation.

    Now the rich bankers government has cheated you with cheap trinkets, destroyed your livelihood, poisoned your food (GMO), they have made promises they don’t keep, they steal your weapons so you can’t fight them, they spread disease among you, they have gathered 2 billions rounds of ammo and called in foreign troops to make war on you.

    If the native nations would have united we would have defeated the european at the start. You Africans, Hispanics, Orientals, Asians and Europeans, if you do not unite, the rich bankers government will murder you also.


    EDITOR’S NOTE: Truer words were never spoken and our reservations will be the FEMA Camps.

  2. Ricky Ross July 18, 2013 at 6:20 am

    People need to wake up to REALITY!

    99% of the time that a crime is committed, the police show up AFTER the crime has been committed…not much protection there! 99% of the time, if the typical citizen has an interaction with a cop, it cost that citizen money…not much service there! Fundamentally, one can not SERVE you while they simultaneously POLICE you! Police have one job, to serve and protect the corporation that employs them >>> the STATE!

    Police officers services are employed by a corporation >>> the city, county or state that pays them. Furthermore, the actual department that they work for is a corporation. Check Dun & Bradstreet . c o m. They are a credit reporting agency for corporations. You will see that your PD is a corporation! What is the main goal of any corporation? To generate revenue/profit! How do they do that? By producing or manufacturing a product! Since the PD do not Produce or manufacture anything, how is it that they generate profits/revenue? >>> Off of the backs of the citizens that have been fooled in to believing that the police are provided to them for “SERVICE and PROTECTION”. If it was the job of police to protect you, then they could be sued whenever you were harmed, because they did not protect you. Furthermore, all profits generated by police off the backs of citizens does not go back to the citizens…it goes to the police employer, the STATE!

    People need to realize that the justice system is non-existent, for the most part. It is more apt to be called the “JUST US” system and it is really set up to work against the citizens, contrary to what people have been conditioned to believe.

    Let’s take a look at a something many do not like to acknowledge >>> REALITY

    – The police officer who writes you a ticket or arrest you – works for the STATE

    – The attorney that you hire – is Licensed by the STATE

    – The prosecutor who wants to put you in jail/prison – works for the STATE

    – The Judge who oversees the court proceedings – works for the STATE

    – The jail/prison that you go to – all employees there – work for the STATE

    – The probation/parole officer that you get assigned to – works for the STATE

    – All fines and fees that are assessed to you by the court – goes to the STATE

    See, the system is set up to benefit the STATE. If there were very few arrest, it would not be good for the “JUST US” system. It would not be good for the pay, career, pensions/retirement for the employees of the STATE. It is in their best interest to create/work in a POLICE STATE…the more arresting/jailing of the citizens, the more secure their jobs are.

    Sadly, most people still believe that the employees of the STATE are here to “SERVE & PROTECT” or represent we, the people. The REALITY of it is, they are not! Occasionally, just like the random winner at a casino, a citizen may get real justice in the “JUST US” system, but in REALITY, it is rare.

    Lastly, when you have some time, do some research on a corporation named CORRECTIONS CORPORATION of AMERICA.

    They are a publicly traded company that has been in business for 30+ years now. What they do is, negotiate contracts with states to run their prisons. The contracts will state that CCA will run the prison at a cost savings for the state and that the state will save millions of dollars…and they do! But, there is a caveat in most of the contracts (all of the contracts, from what I can tell)

    CCA will run the prison so long as the occupancy rate maintains a level above 90%! (that number may vary a couple % either way from state to state) If the occupancy level drops below 90% for a specific period of time, the state will run in to contract issues that cost them penalties i.e. $$$.

    Also, it is worth mentioning that most (if not all) police, prosecutor and judges retirement/pension programs are heavily invested in CCA stock.

    With all of that said, I can not see why people admire, respect or even like the police. Whether they know it or not, clearly, they are the epitome of sheeps in wolf’s clothing and all of the POLICE STATE starts with them!

    The US has the highest per capita incarcerat­­­­­ion rate in the world – almost six times that of any Western nation and higher than any national police state. In addition, the US has the world’s largest prison population – with less than a quarter of China’s population­­ (over 1.3 Billion people), the US has almost twice as many prisoners­­­­.

    Ironically­­­­­, nowhere on Earth is a person more likely to go to prison, and stay there longer, than in the Land of the Free! Either the US is a nation of criminals or there’s something drasticall­­­­­y wrong with its criminal justice system.

    Here are several disturbing quotes from CCA…

    We are compensated for operating and managing facilities at an inmate per diem rate based upon actual or minimum guaranteed occupancy levels.

    – 2009 CCA Annual Report

    Our industry benefits from significant economies of scale, resulting in lower operating costs per inmate as occupancy rates increase.

    – CCA 2009 Annual Report

    Historically, we have been successful in substantially filling our inventory of available beds and the beds that we have constructed. Filling these available beds would provide substantial growth in revenues, cash flow, and earnings per share.

    – CCA 2010 Annual Report

    We believe we have been successful in increasing the number of residents in our care and continue to pursue a number of initiatives intended to further increase our occupancy and revenue.

    – CCA 2010 Annual Report

    Any changes with respect to drugs and controlled substances or illegal immigration could affect the number of persons arrested, convicted, and sentenced, thereby potentially reducing demand for correctional facilities to house them.

    – CCA 2010 Annual Report

    Our primary business strategy is to provide quality corrections services, offer a compelling value, and increase occupancy and revenue, while maintaining our position as the leading owner, operator, and manager of privatized correctional and detention facilities.

    – CCA 2011 Annual Report

    We believe CCA has additional growth opportunities to expand our real estate portfolio by purchasing correctional and detention facilities from state governments.

    – CCA 2012 Annual Letter to Shareholders

    CCA is earmarking $250 million for purchasing and managing government-owned corrections facilities.

    – A 2012 letter CCA sent to 48 states

    Prison facilities consist primarily of concrete and steel and don’t require the level of capital improvements as many traditional real estate properties. Therefore, prison facilities typically have economic lives much longer than many traditional real estate properties.

    – CCA 2013 Annual Letter to Shareholders



  3. Arizona July 18, 2013 at 6:24 am

    HAHAHA,americans deserve to have everything they own,TAKEN,they have supported these criminals forever,ALL the police gangs have to say is THEY HAD DRUGS,and everyone jumps down on their knees and holds their head back and their mouth open,AND THE POLICE GANGS KNOW IT,the government has been robbing america BLIND for 50 years I know of and IT AIN’T GOING TO STOP,everyone in america is BRAINWASHED,the police gangs in colorado springs,BRAG about robbing the old people when the get their SSI check,they say we need the money to fund our police,and if we have to take it,we will,SO THERE YOU HAVE IT,and OPEN ADMISSION that their robbing everyone,and the OLD PEOPLE are the easest VICTIMS,SO SCREW ALL YOU FAGOTS WHO LOVE THE POLICE GANGS,your day is coming……THIS COUNTRY IS GOING DOWN,…stupid rains surpreme,in america now and the destruction can be laided at the FEET OF THE POLICE GANGS,who keep the criminal enterprise in power,and FULLY PROTECT THEM..and YES when they come for you to take you to the FEMA DEATH CAMPS,GUESS WHO WILL BE HELPING THEM…………………………….

  4. Arizona July 18, 2013 at 6:57 am

    OVER 1,000 companies were being prosicuted,by the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT,because they had STOLEN all their employees.401-k retirement money,BUT when BUILDING 7,collasped in the world trade center,THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT,went to the bush boys,and SAID,MY OH MY,what will we do ?we just lost all our evidence on these companies who stole HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS,and the BUSH BOYS,said I GUESS YOU’LL JUST HAVE TO DROP THE CHARGES ON THEM,well all you retired people who lost your lifes earnings,when building 7 went down,tuff shit,their off the hook now,thank you justice department for nothing……..and no one ever brought it up again….35 years work and $ 480.000,gone……go back to work,maybe someone might give you a job,at wal-mart……….

  5. Charles Catagnus July 18, 2013 at 8:29 am

    I was falsely arrested by Sacramento Sheriff(false called)(ongoing gaslighting) on 9/2/10 for making and eating a sandwich in my new car of 3yrs pmts. I’m disabled and they beat me up and degraded me. I was force vaccinated afterwards. Showed up for court-called DA-“There’s no evidence and your non violent.” I’ve been homeless on the streets, no showers, for 3yrs. I’m a USAF brat and served over 1 yr. Honarable discharge.

  6. William Zabel July 18, 2013 at 12:21 pm

    This will not end until Americans make it end. One is to demand that Congress repeal the RICO statute. Two, watch the cops and videotape the use of money stolen from these RICO cases, and when caught using the money for themselves, demand that they be charged with a crime. Three, the last thing Americans should do, is take matters into their own hands. Yeah, like that last one will really happen.

  7. Shadylady1776 July 18, 2013 at 2:38 pm

    I had seven marijuana plants growing in my home and despite the fact that my husband and I were both employed. The government seized two vehicles, our son’s dirt bike, our ,savings account , our camper, all our tv’s, computers etc. I never sold any drugs to anyone I was growing the marijuana for personal use. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and after year’s of zombiefying pain meds I started using cannabis to control my pain and inflammation. The only reason the police knew about my marijuana plants was because my brother-in-law snitched in order to reduce his time served on a theft charge. When Americans turned their heads regarding Unconstitutional forfeiture laws I knew our government had been corrupted and was heading into a state of total tyranny.

  8. darren wade July 18, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    Many comments are spot on.You MUST realize your dealing with corporations in a see of commerce and learn their language (UCC, blacks law , bouvieres, etc and re-create your standing….in your true role……as a son or daughter of the creator-source. Accept that ‘office’ and bring light and transparency to all things so that conscious choices may be made without deception. No man much less any corporation (lacking soul) (needing a ‘constitution’ having no un-a-lein-able rights)may move against heir of ‘Source”. Anyone can bring a Rico action…..think about that…..anyone. Blessings….

  9. Ty July 18, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    Taking matters into our own hands is the answer, citizens arrests must start being made by citizens working together in small groups. When making arrests they must NOT take the criminals to the ” AUTHORITIES” but keep the prisoners themselves,. ( extremely humanely). During the time of their incarceration in “Grandmas’ Rain Cellar” make them learn the Constitution , read the Bible and play Christian or Patriot radio etc 24 hrs a day! Then they might be re-habilitated and be fit to join society again.

  10. Rumplestiltskin July 19, 2013 at 4:40 am

    Until Americans wake up to the fact that we have been enablers, the cops and the corrupt system will continue to rob and steal at the drop of a hat. WHY? Because they can, when we are held at the point of a gun. It is time to start taking back our rights even if the courts do not want to relinquish them. One type of actions that will get the quickest response is to take those who rob you, out behind the barn, as it were, and give them a good talking to about how lead is toxic to the human animal. If that doesn’t get their attention, then a more imposing action may be necessary.
    We don’t care who the thugs are, who want to usurp our rights, be it cops, judges, military, or the US Government. If they act like thugs, then they should be treated accordingly. Americans must realize that they are being held at gun point to stay on their knees while crawling through the cotton patch picking for the plantation owner until our hands bleed.
    Yes, we understand the a nation cannot stand divided, and if the power elite do not relinquish their hold over American Citizens, that citizenry will revolt, and under those auspices, it will not bode well for those using thuggery to get their way.
    IE: The tighter our government grips it citizenry to try and enforce compliance the more that citizenship will slip through their fingers, thus reenforcing the exponential flight away from support for that government. Yes, our government is that stupid and our Congressional leaders that compromised, as evidenced by their ineffectual actions to bring that government under control.

  11. SM July 19, 2013 at 7:22 am

    This is the “land of the coward and the home of the fee” after all so the local
    “Barney Fife” being corrupt is almost a given. Citizen arrests MUST happen,
    filing a complaint is wasting your time and your local cop knows he is
    virtually above the state and federal laws in any case.

  12. BYRON DAVIS July 19, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    hello to you DAVE, and hello to every one who is upright in heart. this is just a weekend note to remind all to be wise of heart. the book of proverbs in the HOLY BIBLE tells us:THE FEAR OF THE LORD IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM: AND THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE HOLY IS UNDERSTANDING. do any of you know what time it really is? the book of LUKE chapter 21 tells us to beware that (for as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.verse 36 of the same chapter tells us to (watch ye therefore, and pray (always) that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the son of man. who is this son man? revelation, chapter 1 verse 18, I AM HE THAT LIVETH , AND WAS (DEAD); AND BEHOLD, I AM ALIVE FOR EVERMORE, AMEN; AND HAVE THE KEYS OF HELL AND OF DEATH. and finally folks, last but not least, revelation chapter 21 verse 7 says this:HE THAT OVERCOMETH SHALL INHERIT ALL THINGS; AND I WILL BE HIS GOD; AND HE SHALL BE MY SON. THANK YOU FOR READING, AND HAVE A NICE PEACEFUL WEEKEND.

  13. Howard T. Lewis III July 19, 2013 at 5:13 pm

    It really gets to a guy when he tells four different judges about the local police moving large packages of amphetamines and cocaine and the fricking judges lack the class to respond. Can you say, “Freemasonry?” I knew you could.

  14. G. Halbert July 22, 2013 at 12:51 am

    Hi Dave,
    Great article, but I have one little comment. I think your representation of Mexican Federal Police is a little skewed. I have lived in the Mexican state of Sonora, across the border from Arizona for the past 4+ years. I travel back and forth to Phoenix on a nearly monthly basis. As a very “American-looking” gringo with blond hair and blue eyes, not to mention driving a car model that is not sold in Mexico, I have not once been pulled over, or detained at a checkpoint, by the Federal Police. The city police are another matter entirely. In the first year living in Mexico, I was pulled over on numerous occasions for what could only be shakedowns. I reluctantly gave in and paid $200 pesos each time. However, I quickly grew tired of this and stopped paying the bribes. The shakedowns stopped happening shortly afterwards.
    So, what I think should be fair to say is that, yes, shakedowns by Mexican police do occur, however, they are still subject to the rule of law in their country and if you “call their bluff” so to speak, they will let you go. Should the officer not back down, you may be required to follow him to the station, wherein you will immediately speak with a judge, and lacking any evidence against you, you will be sent on your way. Also, mentioning Article 16 (a lot like our 4th Amendment) of the Mexican Constitution will show both the officer and judge that you are aware of your rights (and this article applies to all people, not just citizens) and won’t submit to their requests for bribes.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: The authorities in Mexico are so corrupt that they routinely have cabinet position people who have been shown to be in bed with the cartels. As far as your defense of the Federales, they are as corrupt as they come. The recent mayor of Juarez had to fire almost all of the police because they were so corrupt. Some, not all, of Mexico is a nacro-terrorist mafia state just like the one the US is de-evolving into.

    The Federales do routinely shakedown tourists, usually picking on the young. I have had several acquaintances pay the hidden “Mexican tax.” Count your blessings that you have not been victimized. Also, did you know that the justice officials in Mexico routinely have to change their bodyguards to avoid being assassinated? The thinking is that if a bodyguard is on the job too long and discovered, they will be compromised. This is why we see assassinations of Mexican mayors and police chiefs as well. How do I know this? I know one of the Mexican officials who is trying to stay one step ahead of the assassins. And have you seen the murder rate? Of course a lot of the latter is due to the criminal Attorney General, Eric Holder, the mastermind of the “Fast and Furious” gun shipments sent to Mexico so the 2nd Amendment could be blamed.

    By the way, I am not blaming the Mexican people. It was our CIA that set up the Cartels, just like they did the B’s and C’s in the 1980’s in the Irancontra affair, for reasons I will reveal in a future article. Thanks for your post and continued good luck.

  15. Joe July 22, 2013 at 8:43 am

    The real solution is when the Sheeple have had enough the cops will be shot just like any ordinary thug.

    There is NO peaceful solution

  16. Hung ho Juan July 22, 2013 at 6:47 pm

    This coincides with the brutal fact that as long as “we” as liberty-minded individuals allow ourselves to become enmeshed in this culture of power politics, this kind of justice abuse will continue, as well as all sorts of doublespeak, where laws change meaning in powers hands, but also language fluctuates with the days of the week, keeping everyone on edge to what will happen next. Quit following people. Stand up, not to anyone else, but for your selfs. The miracle of life is too important to allow your value, character, self-meaning, minds, and love to be sucked away through inflation and enslavement to others. Please, RISE! I always thought people who followed “laws” constructed by a power elite, or government were shells of humans, some zombie-like creature meant to move along to the sounds of country music or some horrid lyrical rap song. Laws are only meant for this new slavish creature that masquerades as humans on this Brave New World.
    Wanna awaken into a world filled with choice and individuality? rathbonezvizionz.wordpress.com/2013/07/22/cold-shower-therapy-invigorate-your-spirit/

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