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CSS Breaking News: National IED Alert In Multiple Locations


I have been contacted by well known source and asked to issue a general warning in the interest of public safety. I know for a fact that I am not the only member of the Independent Media that is in receipt of this information. Because the following information has been turned into an active law enforcement investigation, I have been asked to be purposely vague. Further, the revealing of the identity of the person(s) making this report could endanger their lives. Subsequently, the following information is meant to serve as a general warning to the public.

As a point of reference, I have been asked to not mention the following:

  1. The individual, or individuals who were approached about selling these possible converted explosive devices to terrorists.
  2. The specific type of device(s) that were attempted to be purchased.
  3. The name of the lead law enforcement agency that is presently in charge of this very new investigation.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are presently, individuals who are attempting to purchase materials that can easily be transformed into very deadly explosive devices. The number of known devices involved in this scenario is more than 10 and the number could easily go much higher. The number of explosive devices probably goes  far higher. the devices are not intended to be used as force multipliers. Rather, each device would be used individually and if deployed in the number cities matching the number of devices, the simultaneous, or the near simultaneous detonation of these devices, in multiple cities, would have a devastating impact on the country. Just In Time deliveries could be impacted. The level of fear could paralyze this country, thus, making people afraid to go out of their homes. People would begin to avoid restaurants, sporting events, movie theaters, etc. The net effect of a “Tet Offensive” type of explosive attack, simultaneously delivered in multiple locations, would bring the American economy to its knees.

I have learned that most metropolitan police department bomb squads are equipped to detect and disarm such devices. However, the danger lies in the fact that the general public, ignorant of the threat, would approach an abandoned backpack or box or vacated car and inadvertently detonate the device. Subsequently, based on what I have been told, The Common Sense Show is issuing a common sense alert.


Do not approach any backpack.

Do not approach any box or container sitting on the ground.

Discourage others in your proximity from approaching either of these items.

Upon encountering an abandoned item, relocate to a safer area and contact local law enforcement.

boston marathon


backpack explosion

I am not comfortable issuing such a vague warning based on anonymous variables. However, I know the identities of the person(s) making the report. However, I agreed to these conditions before being told about these developments.

I know the type of device(s) involved and I know how many of these devices are potentially in play. This is a dangerous and credible threat. Therefore, this warning is being issued strictly in the interest of public safety.

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  1. Tony2Wolves September 12, 2015 at 5:32 am

    Thanks for the heads up. I have been trained to be hyper aware of my surroundings. I encourage everyone to be very aware of what is happening around them while they out in the public. Watch for abnormal behavior and things that look out of place. Keep a good field of view in public places. Look for a way out in case of trouble. Learn to read body language. If you get a bad feeling get the hell away from where you are quickly. Stay away from crowds such as sporting events or shopping areas at peak traffic times. Wake up and stay safe!

  2. wb September 12, 2015 at 6:21 am

    wow, somebody has been studying the communist methods of starting a civil war. these tactics are tried and true methods in causing a civilization to come apart. whenever you need to divide and conquer, and the population is mostly peaceful types who just want to keep things as they are. what you have to do is reduce the attack to the most basic level. what you do, especially if the nation is multi-cultural. what we have here are very smart people who have experience in subversion and bringing about the fall of governments. your best bet here is to check intelligence assets who may be talking to you, police, etc. now would be the time to be extra vigilant at borders as many times, white the fifth columnists terror cells are already here, the handlers may want to import an otherwise untraceable asset to oversea things so they go right, key examples 1993 WTC bombings and Boston Marathon. both were crude attempts by amateurs. these attacks were designed for mass casualties but the incompetent driver of van full of explosives parked at the parking garage of the WTC parked the van by the wrong support beam, an honest mistake perhaps, but had the correct support beam being taken the casualties that day would have numbered upwards of a hundred thousand. this situation was of course remedied by the most technically impressive sleight of hand in history, where today most still believe the official narrative, just as they continue to think Sandy Hook massacre actually took place. notice, in both instances the first thing you have to get rid of is the smoking gun found among the ruins, hence the quick action at both sites to demolish and remove all traces. then you intimidate or silence those with the knowledge or experience to expose such work. i am actually quite amazed that you and Alex Jones are still alive. this is all a subjective guess here but as i see it the socialist new world order regimes across the planet view their own people as beginning to stand up in enough numbers to undermine their final efforts at creating this coming, demonic society. my greatest fear is this, 9-11 simply didn’t have the desired effect as the plan was to get Americans at large to target Muslims here on a massive scale. this would have united the Arabs and Iranians into taking on jihad on a massive scale. when that failed they moved on to other things we now see being played out. what i think they will do now is go after black and hispanic neighborhoods as these populations are already more than charged up becuase of immigration and police enforcement methods. they did almost the exact same thing in Serbia prior to the outbreak of WW1. no wars start by accident or in a vacuum. finding the whodunnit in such a situation should always be examined the way you would a crime scene. who had a motive, who benefitted, etc? this was the why of the Warren Commission. the plotters played a magnificent misdirection here that no mere dupe like Oswald could have pulled off, the timing of every event screams professional assassination. the motive was to stop Kennedy from keeping the monetary elites around the planet from cashing in on profits this war would generate. while the war cost the American people billions in taxes it was small change to what the bankers made from increased terror and drug sales across the globe.Vietnam at the time grew a ton of rice and her seaports would connect the opium triangle of the interior to the connected of Europe waiting to distribute this. not only the europeans were involved but chinese elites and american elites as well. this was a massive first step to globalization. the real purpose of 9-11 was three fold, first, remove a personal thorn in the side of the Bush clan, Sadam Hussein. Hussein was stupid enough to think he could go against the american dollar in trade for his country’s oil. few understand there that a personal sleight occurred to H.W. Bush that occurred many years before that would be remembered years later. Second, an excuse to get massive American military might in order to arrange regime changes to more malleable arab leaders. the Saudis of course killed that idea when they ordered most forces out their country once they were no longer needed. Remember, almost everything is about the money. Oil prices could destroy their efforts of their destabilization of their own countries and these people have no problem starting wars to get their way. here is where it gets bad, the american forces there had one purpose, to keep key illunminati competitors out of the Persian Gulf so that only America had control of the poppy fields from Turkey to Afghanistan, something the Russians and Chinese could never stand for. the British empire showed the way to control when they drugged out the population of China in order to seat leaders more conducive to business. the whole thing boils down to this, the massive war about to start is just the largest mafia turf war ever in history. all the players come from the same table but they are now deciding who the guy at the top of the organization is going to be. the fact that billions will die is only collateral damage to the. after all, they got away with 2 world wars and all the so called limited wars thereafter on every continent. always, always , always, follow the money trail. nothing ever changes but the commodities trafficked in, oil one week, diamonds the next, land the week after that. in the final taley sheet, the only numbers that count are profits. the death of the little people means little and even their body parts can be harvested to support their mad dream of bringing Lucifer back in human form. Just what did you think the huge funding in genetics was all about? it has nothing to do with profits. it is to finally break the hurdle the fallen ones once enjoyed on this planet and whom God destroyed their hybrid creations by the Flood. i somewhat digress here but it helps to explain the next step. few understand this connection so bear with me. the entire black national movement of today, the civil rights marches of the 50s and 60s, were all controlled events brought about for one thing, divide and conquer. by giving them full voting participation, something even the civil war addressed, the illuminati now had the numbers to move to the next level. what happened to the black family afterwards was also enginnered. every experiment has test subjects and they were it. once these methods were perfectd a massive campaign of influence throufh media, the universities, and the arts, was enacted to also poison the minds of white youth. different races but the same result. the idea here was to build resentment on both sides, white taxpayers pitted against black revolutionaries, bought and paid for at the federal level. this was they key info on the Kennedy’s that Hoover had that kept him out of harm’s way all those years while at the FBI. his knowledge was something that could never see the light of day, especially in 1950s middle America. the whole communist scare issue was to make the very watered down attempt to build up the threat of world communism and to say to the american people, we have it under control. meanwhile behind the scenes the main players got wealthier and the millions of poor, deluded, patriotic fools continued to die around the globe by the tens of millions. now, quite simply, the powerful grow tired of the game as their efforts at bending the space and time barrier have been achieved in Bern, and their latest genetics experiments have paid off handsomely. the goal portrayed by the film Rosemary’s Baby has been achieved. they no longer have to pretend and their real masks can be revealed. the whole idea is simple, they believe their efforts of several thousand years will now result in the absolute enslavement of the small numbers of humans left after the great battles to rebuild and provide the slave empires they desire. what do they get for all their efforts? quite simply to be as Gods and to live for eternity. this has what it has been about since the beginning. God intervened with the flood the first time. Satan knows He will do so again and is simply trying to beat him to the punch. Lucifer has ruled this world a very long time through corrupt leaders and he simply won’t give up without taking down as many as he can. end of story.

  3. F Timmy September 12, 2015 at 7:55 am

    I know the exact date, time and location of something very bad that’s about to happen. However, because of my confidential source, I am unable to provide details. I normally don’t like to post info with no detail, or no sources – but this is just to important not to let all the concerned citizens know about. Trust me, it’s gonna change the way we all live.

  4. susan September 12, 2015 at 8:36 am

    Thank you, forewarned is forearmed, situational awareness people, be aware of your surroundings, know who is near you or behind you at all times! Lock doors, keep keys in hand ready to stab or sound the car alarm.

  5. toejam September 12, 2015 at 3:18 pm

    You won’t read about any of this in the controlled media.
    This is until the explosives go boom.

  6. empd September 12, 2015 at 7:12 pm

    Back in the days of the IRA, the fastest way to clear a pub was for someone to ask, “Does anyone belong to that wee package over there?”

    It took more than the threat of violence to keep the Irishman from his drop and I expect Americans will be the same, once the novelty wears off.

  7. 2muckinfuch September 13, 2015 at 6:17 am

    To ftimmy, did that make you feel better? What was the point? Better to have said nothing, oh wait, u did….say nothing.
    Fact is folks, we are in big trouble. Hope more wake up soon.

  8. GrandDaddy September 13, 2015 at 8:24 am

    F TIMMY – you say you KNOW and people are going to DIE and you won’t say where or when? Their blood is on your hands!

  9. Sonny September 13, 2015 at 11:23 am

    Hey F TIMMY, thanks for the heads up! Can you please give us anything else on what you’re talking about? What’s supposed to happen or any general details at all about what you’re talking about? Also, roughly how soon? how many Months, weeks, days more or less? We appreciate it!

  10. Liz September 14, 2015 at 5:39 am

    fTimmy. I can’t stand posts like that. If you are a believer or at the very least, someone with an ounce of courage, you owe it to your fellow man to warn with details. If not, you are a coward and blood will be on your hands.

  11. mike September 14, 2015 at 11:03 am

    where are my post?


  12. iliv4jc September 14, 2015 at 1:11 pm

    Something is coming down bro! I am sure you are aware of the Illuminati shows during NFL events; I was watching the opening game on Thursday night between the Patriots and Steelers. The show opened with a live performance by Eli Golding singing “World on Fire.” The TV went to a commercial after the performance and a Gieko commercial came on with a song, “The Final Count Down.” By now this got my attention so I switched to Fox News and they were doing a live report on the refugee crisis, and behind the reporter was a picture of the American flag hanging upside down. I am not usually an alarmist, but I looked up the lyrics for Golding’s son, “World on Fire” at it was quite alarming. The song basically says they are going to blow the world up so that it will be seen from outer space during a time when everyone is unaware. You need to look it up.

    This comes after returning from a trip to Seattle. While on the road we passed a train outside of Missoula Montana headed west loaded with at least a couple hundred Armored Assault Vehicles. Then as we passed Ellensburg Washington we passed an Army Cavalry company locked and loaded ready for action. This company was using the same type of AAV we saw on the train, but what got my attention was the gunners were in the turnets of the humvies and AAVs with helmets and goggles and with fifty calibers in their hands. Caused me to wonder what the heck they were hunting?

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