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Economic Expert Says Collapse Is Here-There Is No Turning Back

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Famed economist, Joseph Meyer, is adamant. The economy is on the verge of the collapse and NOTHING can be done to reverse the outcome. However, people can be smart on where to to put their assets. And people need to prepare to survive in a post collapse economy.  Dave Hodges and Joseph Meyer discussed the reasons for the collapse and how America could eventually come out of the collapse with a stronger economy and nation.

This one hour presentation is one of the best interviews of the year. It is an interview that America needs to listen to in order to be prepared.




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  1. Marshal Scot of "KANSAS" June 19, 2016 at 1:08 pm

    All your listeners need to know that Executive Order 13603 says that the US government, under times of war/emergency will confiscate whatever commodities they need. To build 1 (one) Tomahawk missile requires 500 (five hundred) ounces of pure silver (gotta have that conductivity). The industrial uses of platinum & palladium guarantees certain confiscation as well. I have absolutely no doubt that FDR’s actions in 1933 calling in the gold will be accepted as a legal precedent by the US Supreme Court. The redemption price the government will pay will be “on the low side” to favor “good ole Uncle Sam”. If we hold back we are going to be open to RUINOUS fines and hellacious prison terms. Is it possible you could buy in at today’s prices & make a “decent” profit before EO13603 is activated? I don’t doubt this, but its still a very hot potato! If you intend to trade on the black market know for certain 1-800 SNITCH lines, etc. will be used to tempt starving snitches of which there will be many….Don’t be too concerned with what Soros’ investments are. He will have what Nick Rockafeller told Aaron Russo is called a “KMA” card. He will also be clued in to when to sell if need be, as he is one of the “Illumined” ones.

  2. Joe Bob June 20, 2016 at 10:33 am

    Mr Meyer sure called that right. i wouldnt be surprised if he won the pulitzer prize for economics or something.

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