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FBI Source: Trump Covertly Orders Reopening Investigation of New Mexico Terrorist Training Camp

It is no secret to readers that have followed my work, that I have a couple of sources inside of the FBI, one in particular. For eight years, I battled the nefarious forces of John McCain, who decided it was a good idea to build an international highway through my rural community and displace 300 families without compensation. I waged this battle with the help of an FBI agent, among others.

When government commits a crime, like what nearly happened to us, of course, they never tell you the real reason. We were told that we were too close to an Air Force Base (30 miles away and 200,000 people in between). I learned that we were going to have to move because of the Canamex International Corridor which was a trade corridor highway, as part of the Central American Free Trade Agreement sponsored by John McCain and Ted Kennedy) that we be built between Mexico City and Edmonton, Alberta.

I engaged a long-time FBI acquaintance to assist me in my fight in which I had became the leader and spokesperson for. This informant became an informant on many issues, one involving abject terrorist activities on our soil that I am going to share information on later in this article.

The following communication is a first-time release, with permission, of a first-time communication about the attempted theft of my land by McCain led forces. They were offering no compensation. In the course of my resistance, I was shot at while interviewing the late Jim Marrs in the final minute of my radio show. Two men attempted to run me off the road late one night and I escaped by getting to a fire station where I had friends.

The following was from an FBI agent whom I had known for years. This was their response to my description.

The Fight of My Life

From an FBI Deep Cover Source  (October 15, 2004):

Dave, I am so sorry that you are going through this. When I went to work at the Bureau, most of the agents would have quit before they would break the law. Today, the Bureau has been compromised from on high. We are the lap dogs and carry out the bullshit in order that our corrupt Commander-In-Chief won’t get his already filthy hands dirty. What is happening to your community is typical of what is happening inside of our entire governmental organizations including where I work.

The whole executive branch is out of control, but what is happening with the attempted confiscation of your community’s land is typical of the new asset forfeiture laws where we think the public has no rights. This bullshit happened in the Tran-Texas I-35 Corridor and now it is happening in Arizona. I will do what I can to provide you info as you wage your fight. Be prepared for a long fight. Our people will investigate your taxes and look for any violation of law if you stand up to McCain and T. Kennedy’s career defining project. In many FBI circles, we are the muscle for illegal acts by government. 

If it comes to be that you are questioned by us, refuse to answer questions until you have an attorney. They will harass you, berate you and threaten you, but stick to your guns. No interviews with any Federal authority without an attorney. They will try to entrap you into threats or catch you in a lie. You may not say any of the sort, but if we say you did, you did, and you are going to prison!

The Bureau is not totally compromised, but our leadership scares the hell out of a lot of us. We do not promote from within anymore. We hire Presidential hit men to provide cover for illegal actions. Most of us are concerned about the WTC evidence being locked away even with the completion of the investigation and the release of the final report. There are more holes in it than swiss cheese. The lap dog media let’s our leaders get away with it and doesn’t even challenge based on the public’s right to know. If our supervisors will lie to the public when 3,000 Americans are murdered, what do you think they will do to you and your neighbors for standing up to McCain and ultimately Bush and his banker benefactors? Be careful!…

For those who followed my work in the early days, this will connect a lot of dots. I present this information, to establish the long-time legitimacy of this source as they discovered I was a reliable source from which to distribute sensitive information without betrayal. Our communications paths are complicated and varied. I know from reading some of my colleague’s work in the Independent Media, they have similar sources as I can tell because the dissemination of information follows the same path. Where is David Hogg(wash) when you need him?

The Division Within the FBI

There are indeed camps which are not just sex camps, but sophisticated training camps for carrying out of terrorist activities, such as school shootings. My FBI source has come across information that greatly expands upon the following news report regarding the terrorist base camp in New Mexico.

From Fox News:

“The criminal complaint charges Jany Leveille with being an alien unlawfully in possession of firearms and ammunition in the District of New Mexico from Nov. 2017 through Aug. 2018,” the bureau said. “The criminal complaint charges the other four defendants with aiding and abetting Leveille in committing the offense, and with conspiring with Leveille to commit the offense.”
This communication from Fox represents the third about-face action regarding the foot soldiers running the terrorist base camp in New Mexico. First, there was no crime, only innuendo. When the media would not let go, there were arrests and indictments. Then the charges were dropped on a “technicality” and what should have been done, which was to refile the charges, did not happen. The local Sheriff’s department caved in and the fix was in. Evidence was destroyed. This is the communication I received from my FBI source:
I am sorry for being so late in responding. There are real power plays going on inside certain sectors of the FBI. Because of McCabe and others, everyone is paranoid and my need for anonymity has doubled. You did an excellent job reporting on the events at the terrorist camp, not just sex camp, near Tucson. That site has been compromised and local law enforcement was intimidated to leave it alone. The same pattern is happening in New Mexico.
As you suspected, the New Mexico revelation is nearly identical except it is more extensive in its scope of operations. Yes, they were training school shooters. However, there is a lot that is not being told. This camp is an extension of a type of MK-Ultra activities. This is absolutely confirmed. Many of the would be assassins have been used as drug mules and as sexual favors. They are drugged and mind controlled. Please print this, because the leaders of these camps are very good at covering their tracks.  Contrary to popular belief and rumor, the FBI is not responsible for the cover up as far as we know. I believe it is a rogue operation of the CIA along with private mercenaries designed to intimidate local judges and law enforcement. The so-called Pizzagate followed the same pattern. 
Privately, I have learned that Trump’s people are directly involved in this matter and are seeking to use it against the President’s enemies. This is widely known at the Bureau.  This is why you are seeing a refiling of charges in this matter. I suspect, although I do not officially know, that Tucson and New Mexico are part of the same operation. I saw an internal memo three years ago which stated that a front group funded by a Moveon.org member was involved in “recycling” recovered children for domestic terrorist training. I am fairly certain that is what we are seeing here. I recall that you and your California talk show host friend (cant remember his name) covered the fact that Soros led forces would carry out mass public attacks if Calexit’s attempt to leave the Union was not successful. The two are probably related, although that is speculation on my part. 
The arrest of these New Mexico perps, only captured the front line participants. This goes much deeper than is being reported. It would not surprise me if this is not an operation being fronted by Soros and related parties. He is linked to NAMBLA after all.   
You asked me if Trump was involved? Without question! This is a conduit to leadership in the Democratic Party and administrative hold overs in the federal government that we have previously discussed…  


I have agonized over releasing this unconfirmed report. This report was actually the second report given to me. I sat on the first which contained related observations but I could not confirm any of it. The first report concluded that there was a belief that the FBI was actually going to get involved in the New Mexico investigation. Now that this development has taken place, I can see the information was probably accurate in its totality. However, I normally do not publish without more confirming evidence. But with the MSM barely looking into this, my fear is that this story will get buried. I am hopeful that this report will lead to more revelations from front line participants.
No doubt I will be attacked for releasing an anonymous report from an FBI source, although this article established a 14 year track record of providing accurate information. However, when Lester Holt uses unnamed sources to impugn President Trump, that is fine with the MSM. When Lester Holt and the rest of the MSM stops using unnamed sources,, so will I.

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  1. Vietkonggook September 2, 2018 at 12:59 pm

    FBI is an arm of the deep state. Many of the former nazi bloodline are in the upper echelons and black ops of the FBI. The fact they cannot stop the flow of terrorist cells inside the United States is pathetic at best. If theres good people inside, they are few in numbers. Lavoy Finicum would not have died if the good in the FBI stood out.

  2. Jeff Martin September 2, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    Dave, this is in response to an earlier post about Red Chinese troops bivouacked in Mexico’s Sierra Madres. As you know there are three mountain ranged of the Sierra Madre; Occidental, Oriental and del Sur. I’m thinking they are hidden in the Occidentals near the Arizona, New Mexico border. The port at Guaymas, south of Hermosillo is fairly small but probably could accommodate clandestine troop movement into the Sierra Madre Occidental. The port at Manzanillo is much bigger, but perhaps too far south. The port at Lazaro Cardenas is even bigger, but again, too far south. These ports are all on the West Coast. On the East Coast, there are Veracruz and Tampico, both south of Texas. I would think Guaymas would be ideal because of the short trip into the Sierra Madre Occidentals and still be reasonably close to the US for an attack on the lightly resisted US border.

    Do your sources have an idea where the Red Chinese troops are? Maybe it’s indiscreet to say.

  3. Uncle Lizard September 2, 2018 at 1:17 pm

    And while you’re at it, Mr. President, you can re-open the Israeli / Saudi collusion into 9/11, the Clinton Foundation, unsecured e-mails, and the criminal behaviors of the last White House Administration!
    In fact, you may wish to arrest the sniper who assassinated JFK from the front, as he has supposedly been released from a lengthy prison sentence for other high crimes, and was getting married soon!
    & let’s not forget the Clinton Death List of those who have been ‘ARKANCIDED’…!

  4. Patricia Booth September 2, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    Thanks for releasing this article Dave. It makes a lot of sense ANF confirms our suspicions about rogue elements within our government. Keep up the good work and thank your source for his patriotism. God bless you as you continue to fight the good fight.

  5. Ruth jones September 2, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    Bravo, Dave. Don’t know what I can do for you and your brave sorces from so far away but pray for you and all with as much spirit as possible.

  6. Jackie Puppet September 2, 2018 at 8:41 pm

    “If it comes to be that you are questioned by us, refuse to answer questions until you have an attorney. They will harass you, berate you and threaten you, but stick to your guns. No interviews with any Federal authority without an attorney. They will try to entrap you into threats or catch you in a lie. You may not say any of the sort, but if we say you did, you did, and you are going to prison!”

    If only Gen. Flynn had the same advice when he talked with Peter Strzok, not thinking that Strzok would do this very thing described.

    Glad to see the President’s people are getting involved, but I doubt this will have much impact on the mid-terms, no thanks to those in the Just Us department. Trump’s people have to start publicly shaming & making examples of those who are doing Obama’s/Soros’ work, not just leave it to the President.

    The President needs to figuratively punch back so hard in the mouth, that they swallow their own teeth on the way to being knocked out.

  7. mary September 3, 2018 at 3:22 am

    I hope you get another Barry Goldwater in the US Senate seat in Arizona. They don’t make politicians like him anymore. I’ve been hearing rumors about Cindy McCain finishing the remainder of John’s Senate term. Of all the things you mentioned about AKA McSane. I haven’t forgotten about how that man risked his health flying to DC last year and voting to keep US citizens trapped with the death panel, death care insurance scam. I hate to speak ill of the dead. The only good thing I know about John McCain is that he may have been a human being once upon a time in his life. In spite of his evil deeds, I still felt compassion for him only because of the love of God. I hope he’s in a better place. I believe that last minute salvation is possible for those who wait till their dying breath to receive it.

    I figured the main stream media would elevate Sen. McCain to sainthood. They are professionals at condemning the righteous and justifying the wicked. The Psalmist was correct once again when he stated that evil walketh on every side while the vilest of men are exalted.

    Thumbs up to the white hats in law enforcement, the military and political positions. Thank God since 99% of us would be toast without God’s intervention in the affairs of men. It’s disturbing how a nation that was founded as a light on a hill has been transformed into a ringleader for the new world order.

  8. jack burke September 3, 2018 at 4:22 am

    sorry, I live in a parallel universe, one in which mind sets are quite different; for example I will elicit one instance. You then are responsible for taking it further. “We are allspriritual beings having a human experience.”

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