I have interviewed many health experts such  Dr. Ted Broer about the sorry state of medicine in the United States. Dr. Broer and others state the obvious. They see Big Pharma and their media partners such as Fox News as being complicit in the fact that America spends 10 times more than the next 10 nations on health care. And what do we get? The 51st longest life span in the world. Cubans live on average, one full year longer than we do.  Medical advances that are being withheld. We never hear that  natural health care strategies can replace modern medicine. Topics that are ignored by Fox News, whose biggest advertiser is Big Pharma,  included building a health heart, how to get rid of dangerous body fat, lower cholesterol. We also focused on the geopolitical threats to every American. If one wants to know what’s going in medicine, this is a great interview, one that should be shared.



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  1. laura ann December 9, 2018 at 5:49 am

    I’ve talked to people on meds – PPI’s and statins, told them the dangers (which should be banned) and go natural, gave simple info. like apple cider vinegar drinks with meal, etc. incl website info on alt. medicines. They are still on their meds! Too lazy to research this info. People are without excuse to take resp. for their health. Ex: retirees meet and eat at Hardees, McD’s etc. every day and eat transfats and bad diets. People enjoy eating junk and pop a pill and don’t care about dangerous side effects like organ failure. The push for medicating people is over the top, Dr’s need to tell patients to lose wt., give them diet guidelines (good fats vs bad, lean meat choices, portion control, cut carbs, etc). DASH diet plan for everyone and purge your kitchen of fake foods.

  2. Désirée L. Röver December 10, 2018 at 5:59 am

    Western patent medicine is a religion that started with the Rockefeller funded Flexner Report in 1910.
    Studying medicine means to enrol into a mind control program with sleep deprivation, bad food and bad tempered professors.
    (All doctors and psychiatrists whom I interviewed have told me this is a correct sketch of reality!).
    Medical students get crammed with a lot pharmaceutical nonsense, they learn nothing about food and nutrients.
    And the information they get about vaccination is only the mantra “Vaccines are safe and effective”.
    The body recognises only nutrients from food, these are information for the body, the organs, the cells and the genes…
    Synthetic compounds are only being detoxed as soon as possible, which robs the body of many important nutrients.
    This means that these nutrients then are no longer available for the normal body processes…which
    eventually will lead to illness!
    And then the doctors prescribe even more pharmaceuticals, thereby even further inflating the profitable medical perpetuum mobile!

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