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French Government Issues Stern Warning Against the Yellow Vests


The Yellow Vest riots have reached a new level. The French government says they now have a zero tolerance policy. What does that mean? Is France close to a civil war?


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  1. jim January 10, 2019 at 7:49 am

    The Yellow Vests should just start shooting back and take out these traitor PIGS. Molotov cocktails work really good on PIGS. It sets them on fire. It is wonderful to see a PIG get hit with a cocktail. Works great if you can dispatch the cocktail into the PIG car when he is inside it. These PIGS are outnumbered by 100 to one. The Yellow Vests need to go after the scum at the top of the food chain. macron and the rest of the tribe need to be hunted down and destroyed. I wish I was living there. These PIGS need to be destroyed. They are traitors to their own people. Time to step it up another notch and now fight back to get rid of these PIGS. Go after the PIG families. Go for their kids. Go for their aunties. Go after the PIGS. FIGHT BACK. Do Not Stop.

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