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George Soros Is Taking Over the Jefferson Movement-The Implications Are Huge



Is the State of Jefferson movement being taken over by George Soros in order to facilitate the chances of success for the CALEXIT movement.. .

Is the State of Jefferson movement being taken over by George Soros in order to facilitate the chances of success for the CALEXIT movement.. .

In case you have not been following the State of Jefferson movement, one should know that it a desperate attempt on the part of nearly two dozen counties in S. Oregon and N. California to break away from the clutches of the BLM and the EPA. When they are not stealing rancher land (e.g. Bundy) to facilitate the sale of uranium to the Russians for Hillary Clinton, they are simply trying to drive an entire population of farmers and ranchers off of their land and the people have had enough. The people are attempting to break away from the two states and form a 51st state so they can gain a measure of protection against the corrupt EPA and BLM that the state governments of California and Oregon are not providing.

Two State of Jefferson Movements

The movement to save the land and fortunes of the impacted population has bifurcated into two camps. One one side are the elected officials, the present County Supervisors. They are pursuing a legal path to statehood. The leadership can be characterized as low-keyed and a group that is following the correct administrative path to statehood in order to protect its people.

The second group is pursuing a reckless course of action by suing the state of California for non-representation. From a legal perspective, a law suit such as this, cannot achieve statehood unto itself. From my perspective, these people are wasting the financial resources for the movement. They have raised over $300,000 on their way to a goal of a million dollars. The people will not get their money back and even if the law suit is successful, and it will not be, the area will be no closer to statehood because this is a not a proven path to pursue.

I believe that this second group, led by, in my opinion, highly volatile over-emotional and unprofessional people, is a deliberate attempt to confiscate the movement, drain community resources and ultimately destroy what they purport to support. And at the center of this second movement we find George Soros’ interests in the form of moveon.org.

The State of Jefferson Movement vs. CALEXIT

The second group is very upset with me because I have identified Soros’ interests involved in their movement, which they strongly deny.

George Soros is at the heart of CALEXIT, let’s leave America movement.  The plan calls for the departure of California from the US and will operate under the auspices of the UN as a protectorate. CALEXIT serves as the impetus of the globalist desires to break up the US into several regions. The US has to fall for the New World Order to fully emerge. For example, if the Oroville Dam, located in the impacted area, were to break the result would be financial devastation and spot famines due to the agricultural importance of this area. As previously reported, Eric Holder has been brought in to effectively run CALEXIT. I have previously posted photos of the CALEXIT embassy in Moscow. I will develop these connections in the next part of this series.

CALEXIT cannot work if the State of Jefferson movement succeeds and a 51st state is formed. Therefore, George Soros has strong motivation to make the Jefferson movement fail, so CALEXIT can move forward.

Since I have accused the second group of working for George Soros’ interests, the second group went ballistic. See KCNR (Shasta, CA) radio broadcast below. The other side has said that I have two listeners, I am the purveyor of fake news and that I am an idiot. They vehemently denied that any George Soros interests are connected. However, they did not refute one other fact that I presented, so they hi behind personal insults. I have heard from people in their area who are laughing at the second group because they see the personal attack upon me as a way to cover their true motives.  In the following paragraphs, a different group of liars will emerge other than Dave Hodges.

Here is the video I made 5 days ago that set the second group off. I made the video based on information I have received from some County Supervisors and allies who fear the second group. I did not publish the video on my website, until now. By making the video, but not publishing on my website, I wanted a low-key to shake the trees to see what would fall out and the second group provided me with all the information I need to discredit this second movement. The strategy worked.

From 7/26/17

Radio hosts, Terry Raposa and Mark Baird, played my 5 minute video on KCNR in which they viciously attacked myself and Paul Preston who is opposed to the second group and stands with the administrative goals of the first group.

The hosts of the KCNR radio show, who are participants in the take-over of the Jefferson movement=t,  said I was fake news and only had 2 listeners. Despite my lowly and apparent insignificant status, the hosts saw fit to attack me for the better part of an hour. My Crime? See Below.

You can listen to their July 30th show where they did not attack the facts that Paul Present on I put forth. Raposa and Baird simply attacked Preston and myself on a personal basis. They claim that Soros nor his interests are nowhere near the movement. That is a bold-faced lie as Moveon.org is in the middle of this movement according to all appearances.

Jefferson Supporter/Tea Party Founder Meckler and the Founder and Leader of Moveon.org

In case one has been in a coma for the past several years, it is well-known that Soros and Moveon.org are one in the same. Meckler is a leader and strong proponent of the law suit being promoted by the second group.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The above picture is of Mark Meckler and Moveon.org founder and leader, Joan Blades. Gotcha!

As they say in the infomercial business, there is more.

According to some I have spoken with in the area, Chuck Beretz is a staunch advocate for the CALEXIT movement. Below, Berets, takes the damning photo of Meckler and Blades and praises their alliances (ie “building bridges). Please note the CALEXIT reference in Beretz’s link in the tweet.

The second group has indeed been sloppy, here is even more damning evidence to back up my assertions that the second movement is not legitimate and s many feel, is a George Soros takeover.

Mark Meckler, one of the founders of the Tea Party joins Geroge Soros operative Joan Blades of MoveOn.org for a “Living Room Conversation” on January 12, 2017 in Berkeley, Calif.  Blades hosted the talk, which sought to bring representatives from both sides of the spectrum to seek common ground on issues. According to the article Meckler and Blades “have been talking online and over the phone for a few years now. Quietly, until now.”Meckler is the front man for radio talk show host Mark Levin’s “convention of states” movement according the Paul Preston

The meeting was revealed in a ‘tweet’ from ‘CalExit’ activist Chuck Beretz.  Cal Exit is the George Soros sponsored movement to have California become it’s own nation.


Joe Garofoli

January 17, 2017

“It was a mind-blowing political tableau: a co-founder of liberal bulwark MoveOn sitting in her Berkeley living room, laughing, sharing homemade blueberry scones and occasionally agreeing with a national Tea Party figure.

Truth is, MoveOn’s Joan Blades – clad in Lululemon yoga pants and clogs – and Mark Meckler, sporting a leather cowboy vest, boots and a belt buckle larger than a baby’s head – have been talking online and over the phone for a few years now. Quietly, until now.

“Transpartisanship” is the genteel word for what they’re doing. Blades has been involved in similar types of projects for about a decade, but this is a fairly new school of political thought, which posits that people can come together to find some common ground without abandoning their core beliefs.”

Mr. Raposa, can you still say that the forces from George Soros are nowhere near your movement?

Part III of this series will focus on the dire consequences of the second movement.  And by the way, my lawyer is bigger than your lawyer.

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  1. James Stamulis July 31, 2017 at 7:41 am

    Any group with Eric Holder or a Soros funded group is an enemy of the people and this Mekler i would bet is a fake Tea Party guy. The deep state infiltrates everyone.

  2. so what now July 31, 2017 at 7:42 am

    The “crown” too over everything through incorporation, the ultimate “legal (fiction) person”. UNINCORPORATE yourselves, the states and the governments. Bring it back to the land and common law.

    All of these corporate persons operate in commerce (i.e international admiralty law) not the constitution. And, since we are all under contract with them (birth cert. and ss card are all trusts) YOU are operating IN commerce. Your vehicle IS registered in commerce with the state. THINK

    Read the trading with the enemy’s act…the people of the republic are the enemy

    There is NO need to create another state, just unincorporate all the existing trash FDR helped set up

  3. William B Stoecker July 31, 2017 at 9:12 am

    Meckler also supports the Constitutional Convention movement, which the John Birch Society rightfully opposes, since the con-con would likely be dominated by leftist establishment types who would simply destroy what remains of our Constitution and our late, great Republic. Meckler poses as a cowboy type, but it’s all an act.

  4. Ron July 31, 2017 at 9:33 am


    There is a growing “GREEN SPOT” on the face of the Oroville Dam.
    Official response is “It comes from a natural spring”. Right!!

  5. Useless Eater July 31, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    Both movements are based in treason. How can you do this when US citizens are subject to the jurisdiction of the United States?
    You have never ONCE listened to what I said.
    You are all doomed.
    You, Dave, most of all, should know that God’s Law is absolute, and you refuse to recognize it.
    I will bet my last dollar (inasmuch as that is about all I have) that you will not post this. Well, Dave, read it all to yourself, you stingy bastard, and keep the truth from your readers. It wouldn’t be the first time and it won’t be the last. I know this. I never lie.

  6. Thomas Lentini July 31, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    Good job young fellow ,keep doing the work you beieve in. GOD BLESS

  7. Evelyn Byrne August 1, 2017 at 4:42 am

    God bless and protect you, your family and your work. Thank you for all you do to get the truth out.

  8. Bend Over August 1, 2017 at 5:50 am

    Keep on enslaving the minds of the sheeple. Everyone needs to stop drinking and eating the food in the USA.

  9. S johnson August 1, 2017 at 7:10 am

    Here in Washinton state we have in the works for the state of Liberty ie Eastern part of the state no word if Soros is looking at that

  10. Ahahhahahahah August 1, 2017 at 8:16 am

    This is like a bad youtube flat earth conspiracy video.

    Thanks for being a Johnny Come Lately to talk about something you clearly don’t know anything about.

    Using Petitions for Redress of Grievance to demand from our local governments that they pursue using Article IV Section 3 of the Constitution to lawfully and peacefully form a new State is not founded in Treason not is it any form of secession which the communists in California are attempting to do. Some of you people really need to get a grip on reality.

    Mark Meckler may “say” he supports Jefferson but he is completely irrelevant to the movement.

    The County Supervisors are the “real” Jefferson movement???

    So… WHAT have they actually done that they were not compelled to do by the very same Jefferson movement you are now smearing?

    Mark Baird has always been upfront that the CFR lawsuit cannot produce an Article IV Section 3 State split, you’re not informing anyone who is involved. The lawsuit can and hopefully will provide leverage to convince the corrupt California legislature that has ignored us and will never allow us to leave to actually allow us to leave.

    The group you claim to be the “second group” has always been the first group.

    You’re chasing down a rabbit hole intentionally for disinformation or someone has fed you a plethora of garbage and you swallowed it hook line and sinker.

    This is too entertaining.


    ” I know you’ve deceived me, now here’s a surprise
    I know that you have ’cause there’s magic in my eyes
    I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
    Oh yeah
    If you think that I don’t know about the little tricks you’ve played
    And never see you when deliberately you put things in my way
    Well, here’s a poke at you
    You’re gonna choke on it too
    You’re gonna lose that smile
    Because all the while
    I can see for miles and miles
    I can see for miles and miles
    I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
    Oh yeah

    You took advantage of my trust in you when I was so far away
    I saw you holding lots of other GLOBALISTS and now you’ve got the nerve to say
    That you still want me
    Well, that’s as may be
    But you gotta stand trial
    Because all the while
    I can…”



  11. Hannah Bea August 1, 2017 at 9:21 am

    Useless Eater makes no sense. Honestly your article is well laid out and I feel more informed because of it. Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon and part of Idaho want to separate as well because we are tired of the leftist nonsense. However, I can see why keeping California “together” is a much bigger deal. BLESSINGS!

  12. Mark DeBarbieri August 1, 2017 at 9:39 am

    First of all no State can leave the union without at least a 2/3rds majority by the Congress. In addition, no sane demoncrat is going to vote for it because California represents 55 demoncratic votes in the Electoral College. This article leaves out the fact that George Soros is the one who started the BLM. Giving jurisdiction to the United Nations is going to remove any property rights that are left. It is bad enough that the UN has already invaded our culture through building codes and is the mouth piece of the Illuminati.

  13. Mutt August 1, 2017 at 10:29 am

    Yeah, we can’t have any one get mad and just take the land back from the morons that are stealing it, you have to be a woose and “talk” about it. When ya have EVIL asshats in goverment, you can talk til you’re blue in the face and what does that get ya? NOTHING
    Sure non-violence is nice, but at some point in time. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and it’s to tie to FIGHT. Remember the Founding Fathers? They talked about it til they had enough. Then they had a revolution, and thats whats fixing to happen in the US again………

  14. Mutt August 1, 2017 at 10:37 am

    Yes, God’s Law is absolute and SOVEREIGN. This wicked government is violating ALL of God’s Laws EVERY DAY. Thou shalt not steal? Thous shalt not kill? Thou shalt not covet? That applies to every human that ever lived including your “precious” government..
    Government is EVIL. Has been for the last 6000+ years and it will continue til man blows up the planet.
    The only righteous government is self-government as God intended. God never told the US Corp of AmeriKA
    to go out and police the world. When will this stop you ask? You already know the answer…………………

    Oh, and the only people that “moderate” their comments section are people that have an agenda and it sure ain’t liberty…..

  15. Scott Lowell August 1, 2017 at 11:09 am

    Never trust those with power and control over others, SOROS is evil and the Fake Tea Party guy wants it. Doesn’t care about Jefferson wants to control it and receive the fortunes from Soros.

  16. Kenneth Lowndes August 1, 2017 at 11:36 am

    On the behalf of Dave, this takes a God Endowed level of insight and discernment.

    Thankfully of which you have plenty of BOTH.

    We are far better off with you then we could ever hope to be without you!


  17. Pat August 1, 2017 at 1:42 pm

    Some of the leaders of the Jefferson movement were bought off by Soros at the formation of the Tea Party. They were convinced by the Soros psychology–flattered and paid. They know who they are.

  18. billy August 3, 2017 at 3:35 am

    This is up to us and our elected officials if the negotiations fail then the task falls to us – not some splinter group attempting to drain resources and run SOJ off a cliff like they did to the original Tea Party.

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