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George Soros Is Telling America To Buy Gold and Take Their Money Out of the Banks Before It Is Too Late

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The present objective of George Soros.


Here's who is pulling Obama's strings. It is none other than George Soros, the globalist who game two million dollars to NAMBLA.

Here’s who is pulling Obama’s strings. It is none other than George Soros, the globalist who game two million dollars to NAMBLA.


When George Soros is not donating millions to the North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), his money  movements have been predictive of an impending economic collapse. This has made him the most watched bankster in the world. If you have any money in a domestic American bank, you would be wise to read this article and act accordingly.

George Soros Is the Enemy of the American People and Traditional American Values

Judge a man by what he does, not by what he says. Through his actions, George Soros is telling the American people to take their money out of the bank before it is too late and to buy as much gold as possible!

Soros has made billions of dollars in investing and currency trading and has used his fortune to fund a vast array of leftist organizations dedicated to undermining liberty and capitalism. Soros has funded pro-abortion groups, pro-pedophile organizations (NAMBLA), anti-Israel efforts and radical environmental groups who are dedicated to the complete evisceration of American property rights.

soros the nazi

  • Since 2003, Soros has spent more than $52 million funding media properties, including the infrastructure of news—journalism schools, investigative journalism, and even industry organizations. His foundation has been deeply involved in churning out hard-left reporters from Columbia University’s School of Journalism.
  • Soros has direct and very strong ties to more than 30 mainstream news outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Associated Press, CNN, MSNBC and ABC.
  • Soros has also forced his way into the foundations of the journalism industry, through associations like the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and the Committee to Protect Journalists as he attempts to control public opinion and obscure his intended takedown of the United States.
  • Soros is heavily involved in funding the lobbying for amnesty. His self-funded National Immigration Forum is behind the effort to strong-arm wobbly Republicans to support Congress’s immigration bill that will give full citizenship to illegal immigrants whose “legal” entry into the workforce will destroy the wage structure of this country and hasten the economic crash of the middle class, just as it is happening today in Europe.
  • Behind the scenes the Soros’ political forces are fast at work deculturalizing the United States.  It is no longer a case of it is happening over there (i.e. Europe), it is happening right here, right now. It will soon be a crime, in the same manner that it has become in Germany to speak out against Muslim extremism and terrorism. Christians are not afforded the same protections as you will see in the following video. These ideals are backed by Soros’ media interests and pushed by his political minions in Congress.



Soros' second puppet, Hillary Clinton
Another Soros puppet, Hillary Clinton

George Soros has previously accepted a position on the National Finance Council of the Ready for Hillary Super PAC, a group paving the way for a 2016 presidential run for the former first lady and thoroughly disgraced former Secretary of State with regard to the Benghazi affair and her email scandals. It is becoming clear that after the economic collapse, Hillary will become the Commissar of economic, political and social subjugation of the United States by controlling the creature that temporarily occupies the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In short, George Soros is on a mission to turn the United States into a socialist utopia devoid of any of its traditional values. Out of chaos comes order and Soros feels compelled to collapse the old in order to usher in the new and this is exactly what America is witnessing.


Soros Is the Ultimate Economic Hit Man

Just over 20 years ago, international banker George Soros made his most famous investment by shorting the British pound and pocketing a billion dollars in the process.  Following this watershed event, he has become well known for moving money and then betting on stock market crashes. In several instances, Soros has been known to rig various markets to fail for his own gain as well as the gain of the international banking cartel in Basel.

Several months ago, Soros made raised eyebrows by making  a billion dollar stock bet against the S&P 500. At that particular time, Soros proclaimed, through his actions, that there were warning signs of coming S&P 500 troubles which signaled dangerous times ahead for the US economy. Today, the American Stock Market has an unprecedented bubble which is reminding many of the months leading of the 1929 Stock Market crash.



Disturbingly, Soros has had both accurate and advanced knowledge of market crashes in the past. Subsequently, savvy investors keep a very close eye on his money movements and resulting holdings as Soros is the “Canary in the mine”. He is the world’s ultimate economic hit man and both bankers and politicians watch his every move with fear and apprehension.

According to a 2014 filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, it was revealed that Soros sold his holdings in Citigroup, J.P. Morgan and Bank of America. Soros subsequently moved his money and took up new positions in gold and tech stocks associated with Chinese money movement. Soros has moved his money to RF Micro Devices, Nuance Communications, Marvel Technology Group, Nokia Corp., and Cypress Semiconductor. Soros also boosted his stake in Herbalife and took up a new position in Yamana Gold and AuRico Gold, and New Gold Inc.

Soros’ money movements are significant for several reasons. First, he is now betting against both the U.S. Stock Market and now the three major US domestic banks. Second, Soros has obtained a sizable gold portfolio which is something one would want to do if one were expecting, or causing a crash of currency to occur. Finally, and most significantly, Soros is betting against the solvency of the Federal Reserve by running from the three of the major investors (i.e. the three major banks) in the Federal Reserve. This is highly significant  because this is occurring at a time when the Federal Reserve gave permission to various Chinese interests (i.e. all controlled by the Chinese military) to purchase sizable positions in American banking which serves to underwrite and partially fund the Federal Reserve.

It is interesting to note that JP Morgan Chase  has sold their property located at One Chase Manhattan Plaza skyscraper to Fosun International, a Chinese investment firm, for  the bargain basement price of $725 million. This is only the latest in a series of New York real estate purchases by Chinese investors for properties formerly reserved for Federal Reserve members.

Nothing Financial Occurs In Isolation

As investors scramble to make sense out of Soros’ money movements, it is important to look for collaborating data in peripheral financial interests and we find that various sectors of the American economy are recoiling in anticipation of the American economy going into free fall.

After examining the following facts related to a significant change in money policies, in  2014 when Soros began ditching American banks, I am convinced that the time to have taken your money out of the bank was yesterday. For example, the IMF’s plans to steal 10%, for starters, of all bank accounts in Europe, America cannot be far behind. THE EUROPEAN BANK BAIL-INS ARE COMMENCING AS I WRITE THESE WORDS. Further, and as of the first quarter of this year, JP Morgan Chase is banning wire transfers from their bank to foreign banks to prevent American capital flight which will surely happen as America wakes up to the desperate situation that the banks are in. JP Morgan Chase is also prohibiting any cash withdrawals of $50,000 or more. HSBC bank  (America) followed suit and, in fact, all major banks are making it more difficult to move money out of the country.

It Is a Case of Simple Math

The media shows a great deal of concern about our debt of $19 trillion dollars and the fact that President Obama is adding $1 trillion per year to the total. The MSM is trying to get you and I to focus on the least troubling of our economic statistics. What the MSM is trying to get the American people see and feel is the metaphorical equivalent of showing anxiety of over having a simple cold when the person is has stage four cancer. There are two other debt-related numbers which are much more telling.

Our national unfunded liabilities (e.g. Social Security, Medicare, etc.) total a whopping $240 trillion dollars and this is not even the worst economic news.

As a result of the hijacking of our economy through the 2008 bailouts, the American people have been saddled with the derivatives debt. Nearly every economic publication estimates the derivatives debt to be in the range of one quadrillion dollars to $1.5 quadrillion dollars. Conservative estimates tell us that this derivatives debt, that has been assumed by the governments of the world, is at least 16 times the entire value of the assets of Planet Earth. This generation can never pay off this debt. Your children, grandchildren and even great-great-great-great-great grandchildren cannot pay off this debt. If the status quo were to remain in place, this debt could not be paid off in the 25th century, the 30th century, nor the 50th century. My estimates place the interest on the debt to exceed the entire value of the world’s assets and the interest is increasing far faster than the governments of the world can even service the debt. Who is the debt owed to? It is owed to the first movers, the owners of the central banking system. And this is who is collapsing the system and George Soros knows this. In fact, he is working to this end.


 Soros’ List of Winners and Losers

By using Soros’ money movements over the past year as the blueprint on what to do and not do prior to the economic collapse, one should keep in mind the results of the Soros list of do’s and don’ts and then act accordingly,

Soros’ List of Don’ts

1. Avoid the Stock Market like the plague. If your 401K or other retirement plans are tied to the Stock Market, you would be better off, in the long run, to liquidate your position and take the 50% hit from the Federal government for doing so before the age of 59.5. Half a loaf, is better than no loaf at all.

2. Get your money out the Federal Reserve banks (all banks). The obvious question is what to do with your money once you have obtained possession. This is covered in the next session under “Do’s” with regard to your discretionary income.

3. Avoid American real estate investments. Let’s not forget that the Federal Reserve, until recently, was purchasing $40 billion dollars of mortgage backed securities every single month. Then the Federal suddenly stopped the practice after they realized the error of their ways. George Soros is not investing in American real estate.

Soros List of Do’s

Don't wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.

Don’t wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.

1. Buy gold and lots of it and I am speaking of real gold that you can actually touch and handle!

2. Buy silver. Same caveat as gold

3. Find a way to pay off your mortgage, because after an economic collapse, you will have no means to do so and MERS will there be waiting. If you are unwilling to do this, then you should sell your home and rent because you are throwing away your current mortgage payments.

4. At least in the near term, invest in Chinese hi tech stocks associated with their money movement. There are two very trouble considerations with this move. First, the Chinese would obviously move their money away from troubled American investments prior to the collapse of the dollar. Soros move to follow this pattern signals the end of the dollar.




On a more ominous note, Soros could be telling you who is going to lose World War III, or maybe he already has.

If the U.S. was slated to win World War III, wouldn’t Soros be investing in the American based banks, the US dollar and the American stock market? Instead Soros is investing Chinese money movement over the U.S. dollar, its banks and the American Stock Market? And finally, he is hedging his bets by acquiring physical gold.


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  1. Daniel H Benson January 2, 2016 at 8:24 am

    Is Soros (acting like the Pied Piper) setting a pattern or profile, for those who follow his example, to be put at the top of the Red List? Just another way to track enemies of the state. When this goes down, even if we run or shelter in place, they know who we are and will come after us. It will be by God’s grace alone that we survive. Pray for God’s mercy and Grace for His People, in what lies ahead.

    Dan B

  2. Laus Deo January 2, 2016 at 9:13 am

    Proverbs 8:17-21
    17 I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.18 Riches and honour are with me; yea, durable riches and righteousness. 19 My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold; and my revenue than choice silver. 20 I lead in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment: 21 That I may cause those that love me to inherit substance; and I will fill their treasures.

    Faith unfeigned endured until the end!!!

    Luke 21:19 In your patience possess ye your souls.


  3. Rebel January 2, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    Why pay off your mortgage? The govt or PTB will take whatever property they want whether there is debt on it or not. Might as well buy gold and survival items and have some debt. They can’t take every house that is in default when the collapse occurs. Why will they differentiate between property that is debt free or encumbered? They will take what they want when they want. BLM has already started doing so.

  4. AZ Dave January 2, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    It’s also time to tell IRS to fly a kite! This is an illigitimate Gov’t now!

  5. Adam January 2, 2016 at 9:42 pm

    Real estate is a joke at these prices, you are better off to rent.
    They will get your house, mortgage or not. They will crank your property taxes through the roof when the crash happens. So either you default on your mortgage, or default on your property taxes, either way the land is going to the IMF to rent it back to you. Gold cannot go below $650/oz, silver $9.50/oz. So right now, it is approaching a level which will soon cut off the supply. The numbers above are raw mining costs.

  6. Beth January 3, 2016 at 9:10 pm

    You all should look at the housing market. The foreclosure rates in major cities is skyrocketing. All you need to do is go to Zillow, type in a city and zoom in. The blue dots are foreclosures. Southern CA, Seattle, WA, Chicago, etc. Bad News! Especially when the bank owns your deposits now! Bail in? Greece? Here is Seattle WA. ( Which surprised me b/c it’s job market is better than average) Guess that’s what you get with a liberal Mayor in the most liberal city in America

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