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Give Me Liberty or Give Me Table Scraps

I would like to believe that if I were to ever to decide to sell my pride, my integrity and my future, that it would come at a steep price and not for table scraps. Unfortunately, half of the working population in America is allowing itself to be destroyed for mere table scraps that are being handed down by the elite.

Indeed, America is being destroyed from within and the destruction is going according to plan. There are more Americans dependent on the federal government than ever before in our country’s history and the net result spells disaster because these rates are unsustainable.

Not only do Americans no longer make anything, over half of all work-eligible  Americans no longer work. The number of Americans receiving food assistance has surpassed the number of full-time private sector workers in the United States. There are 97 million full-time workers in the U.S. and a mind-boggling 101 million American receive food benefits and a record 47 million Americans participated in food stamps. The Food Stamps program has a monthly average of 46.7 million participants, or 22.5 million households. Food stamps alone had a budget of $88.6 billion in FY 2012.The USDA describes Food Stamps as the “largest program in the domestic hunger safety net.

The USDA also offers nutrition assistance for pregnant women, school children and seniors.The National School Lunch program provides 32 million students with low-cost or no-cost meals daily; 10.6 million participate in the School Breakfast Program; and 9 million receive benefits from the Woman, Infants and Children program each month, the latter designed for low-income pregnant, breastfeeding, and postpartum women and children younger than five years old. Over 3 million children at day care centers receive snacks through the Child and Adult Care Food Program. There’s also a Special Milk Program for schools and a Summer Food Service Program, through which 2.3 million children received aid in July 2011 during summer vacation. And there are dozens of other programs that you and I are paying for.

But wait, it gets worse as the Department of Agriculture estimates that the 101,000,000 on welfare currently participate in at least one of the 15 separate food programs offered by the USDA. The USDA estimates the cost of these food programs to exceed at least $114 billion in fiscal year 2012.

The population of the U.S. is 315 million people. This means nearly a third of every man, woman and child in the United States receives some form of food aid from the government. The USDA says the number of Americans on food stamps is a “historically high figure that has risen with the economic downturn.”  It is more accurate to say that America has been economically conquered by the communists who paved the way for Obama to be put into power. More will be presented on that in part two of this series.

The Net Effect of the Welfare State

The net effect of this massive welfare state is obvious. First, these people pay no tax, contribute nothing of value to society and constitute an extreme burden to the prosperity and potential of the country. This burden is exacerbated by the fact the elite and their corporations pay no tax.

Some people understandably need to be on public assistance, but many do not. However, when we see 5 and 6 generations of welfare recipients from the same family, something is terribly wrong. When we review some of the old footage of the reasons why people voted for Obama, they said things like they were going to pay for their bills with “Obama money”, or he gave me an “Obama phone.” Obama appeals to people and organizations who get a disproportionate share of the people’s money (e.g. bailouts) and Obama appeals to the something for nothing crowd (e.g. Obama phone recipients). Prior to the 1960′s people in distress got help from the Church, the Salvation Army, not public money. Look at how long people in this country “game” the system.

Average Time on AFCD (Aid to Families with Dependent Children)

Time on AFDC

Percent of Recipients

Less than 7 months


7 to 12 months


1 to 2 years


2 to 5 years


Over 5 years


Nearly half of all welfare recipients in this program are receiving taxpayer money for two years or longer. This is outrageous! Is the government seriously telling us that people cannot find a job in 1, 2 or 5 years or more?

 If someone is unemployed for more than two years, it is time to find any job that the welfare recipient can perform, even if that means shoveling excrement in a sinkhole in Louisiana. Society does not owe any able-bodied person a living.

I am sick of working my rear end off so half the country does not have to work. I am weary of paying massive taxes so Wall Street can realize more profits. And it is all part of the plan. If the government can control the resources of half the country, then they control half the country by default.

Many of these people on welfare are capable of working. While receiving welfare payments, all able-bodied people should be made to sweep the streets and pick up dog feces in the park in order to get a share of what you and I earn. Instead, we get far too many bums who play the system, generation after generation.  

I know, I know, here come the allegations of racism. Whenever the underclass is busted for their slovenly ways, the race card gets played. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not about race. The following chart breaks down the racial composition of welfare recipients. You race card players might be surprised at the demographic breakdown.

Welfare Demographics


Percent of recipients who are white

38.8 %

Percent of recipients who are black

39.8 %

Percent of recipients who are Hispanic

15.7 %

Percent of recipients who are Asian

2.4 %

Percent of recipients who are Other

3.3 %

Whites and blacks are equally partaking in the welfare system, so please spare me the racism comments. Ineptitude, laziness and gamesmanship runs equally through all types of human beings.

Personal Dignity Sold for Table Scraps

Where is the pride in one’s own accomplishments? Where has the satisfaction gone which was once associated with building a life that has meaning rather than being a blood sucker that lives off the efforts of others?

Obama is winning in creating a passive America in which criminal regimes like his can thrive and I am sick of it. Half of the working population in this country on some form of welfare? Really? And people are seriously defending this lunacy?

When somebody is paying your bills for weeks, then it turns into months, followed by years and then generations, that person/family is robbed of all their pride and self-respect. Just remember, when someone else is supporting you day after day and year after year, that someone owns you. And spare me the nonsense that I am being heartless towards the elderly and handicapped. Nobody is arguing that the elderly and handicapped do not deserve our help, they do. However, half of the country is not handicapped or elderly. And if half of the country is legitimately out of work with no options, then this country needs to begin a revolution against the establishment, yesterday!

Please tell me why should I fund an Obama phone, while that same able bodied person is allowed  to sit on their butt? All the able-bodied people need to be required to do public work projects before getting a dime of my money and they should be drug tested prior to the application process. If we were to do these things, just watch the unemployment and welfare rates dramatically decrease. But to the majority of the Obama supporters, work is a four letter word.


What does not surprise me is that so many sold out to the globalists. What does surprise me is how cheaply they were bought and paid for.

Obama and his minions are laughing at us. They know that government-dependent people will vote to take our guns away, accept carbon taxes and passively accept the death panels of Obamacare. They know that these ignorant people will never challenge the dumbing down of our American education system.  Obama knows that the helpless in this country will never rise up against the establishment in anger. And finally, Obama knows that he was the right man at the right time who was brought forth to destroy this country once and for all. Everything is going according to plan as half of us are selling our futures for table scraps.

Obama is a just a sock puppet. Part two will cover who is behind the planned destruction of the United States through the building up the welfare state and then collapsing it.

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  1. L Cross August 19, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    Unfortunately for our country, our future, and our working selves – you are absolutely correct.

  2. r August 20, 2013 at 12:38 am

    Had these same retarded idiots voted in Ross Perot back in 1992/1996 then they would have relatively good jobs/families that were eventually lost to Mexico/China during the days of ‘The great sucking sound’. o_0

  3. Randy August 20, 2013 at 3:56 am

    Dave, like I mentioned on another one of your articles, I’m a letter carrier for the postal service and I’ve seen the amount of people who have run out of unemployment benefits apply for disability. Most of these people are able body people who CAN work, but have chosen to sell out. I too am sick of paying for everyone on top of constantly hearing, “is my check in today?!”. I’d like a damn thank you for my money going to them. I also live pay check to pay check only to hear a day or two before they come out, “where’s my check?!”. Wtf! I agree that there are people who honestly need that money and programs, but they’re far and few. All I know for sure is that the lazy people who are scamming the system are in control of elite! They have no clue and think they’re getting away with something. Those people will get an eye opening very shortly when the system is cut off from them and they will do whatever the gooberment wants. They’ve sold their souls for a few bucks….

    EDITOR’S NOTE: You have successfully identified those who are stealing from the rest of us. Good post!

  4. Ovidiu Valentin August 20, 2013 at 4:14 am

    That is a good analysis of the cruel reality of today’s Americans. But it is a misunderstanding from the author of the article, regarding the true nature and purpose of the massive food-aid established. It is, in my view, a mistake to assume that all this millions of Americans do not want to work. The percentage it is just too high. In reality there are not enough jobs. This is true for the unemployment rate as well. For example when you do have an unemployment rate of about 5% this is called natural, some people are just lazy and do not want to go to work. But when you have a constant 25-40% unemployment rate, this undoubtedly its caused by the system. It must be something that goes seriously wrong with the system to obtain this “performance”. Same goes for the food aid.
    The massive food aid is allowed primarily because of two things:
    1. To hide the total economic and social failure of the state.
    2. To keep the population in homes. In history the single most important event that generates Revolutions it’s in very tight relation with the access to food. This is just as true for the recent ongoing Egypt Revolution as for the upraising of French Revolution more then 220 years ago. Undoubtedly, the access to food is the prime cause for al major revolutions across the world in any time or country. It is only when the ratio of risks vs. benefits will incline toward risks is when people overthrown governs and political systems.
    Once the aid-food system will stop, then the real party begins. And to this party everybody must come heavily armed. With millions of bullets, and thousands of military armed vehicles. Yes, sir! The party will begin. And it will be big!
    But I am pretty sure that, despite the government power displayed for intimidation in the mainstream media, they already lost. I’m also sure that they will not just go quietly into the darkness of history.
    This is because we have a situation unlike anything in the recorded history: the public awareness about what politics and money is really all about. Even Zbigniew Brzezinski admits that as a very dangerous variable for the elites.
    The vast number of peoples that are situational aware about politics and about what money really are it is just incredible. I travel a lot around the world and talk with many peoples, regular peoples, from airports or in cabs and hotels and basically more then 50% know about these things. The awareness, even in the regular military personnel and the police, it is again huge. The attempt of coup of a few American generals against Obama, should tell us a lot. Also the stationary Russian force on the US soil should tell us a lot about the degree of desperation inside this so called “elite”.
    The problem consists in the very enormity of the problem itself: when confronted with the reality of money, human mind it is overwhelmed with the nature of fraud. People tend to behave just like a deer into the lights. But this thing can only go for so long.
    I do understand Mr. Hodges impatience regarding the necessary actions and that it appears to him that many Americans are just too stupid to realize what happens. For many this is true, of course. But make no mistake that behind him and many other independent and honest alternative media journalists and truth seekers a large and quiet army it’s slowly gathered. And when the tipping point will occur, he will be amazed about how many will be on his side.
    As for the govt and the bankers they behave just like wounded animals: they will bite till the very end. And they will lose.
    Their desperate actions are almost completely transparent. The desperation it is at all time high. That’s why they must stole from ordinary tax payers, honest peoples like Mr. Hodges, in order to give food stamps (or better said to hide the total and complete failure of their politics) to millions others. From where do you want to take the money? From the WS bankers and corporations? Meaning, from them? Of course not. This is nothing new. It’s always happened across history over and over again. But this time I think the end result for the ruling class will be very, very different.
    They desperately need a false flag event in what they believe to be their salvation and creation of a NOW with them on top. In my opinion, this false flag event can only consist in detonation of a small “dirty” nuclear device in or near a major US city with the deaths of 30000 to 50000 US expendable citizens, aka collateral victims. But somehow I think that there are some patriot generals that will oppose to such a situation and will decide to defend their country and the innocent lives of their countryman.

  5. Steve August 20, 2013 at 5:24 am

    Image you factored in to your numbers that many people such as myself are on disability just barely able to keep our heads above water, yet do not qualify for food stamps? My monthly benefit is a pittance yet food stamps have been denied to me many times because they say I make too much via disability payment.
    This is a contradiction, as the government is determined not to provide anything but the lowest possible benefits, yet another agency of the government claims this lowest benefit is too high for me to qualify for food assistance.
    When you consider total food stamp consumption in the U.S. in an attempt to gauge true conditions of the economy, perhaps the number of denied needy not being calculated would be a startling indication of the full measure of Americans brought to the brink of desperation by the deliberate destruction of the U.S. economy, at the hands of either completely incompetent or criminally complicit politicians past and present.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Like I said, “table scraps.” And also like I said, some people need and deserve help, most do not.

  6. Loren-USA August 20, 2013 at 7:20 am


    Your statement towards the end of your article – “out of work with no options” – is exactly what describes my situation (and probably countless others’).

    I am well educated and have a strong work ethic. But I have been locked out of opportunities like you wouldn’t believe.

    And then I see wealthy people, who have the money to start new businesses that I (and others) could be involved in, but they just sit on their money, or invest it in China, or take another “cruise”, or snort more up their noses.

    I see buildings sitting empty, that well-off people own, but because they won’t lower their rent/lease/sale prices, the buildings sit empty – it’s just a tax write off for them, so what do they care about the people who could actually use such properties to start meaningful businesses?

    During my times of employ, I have developed million-dollar workable prototypes, only to be fired for being “too creative” and “not doing what I was told to do”.

    I have interviewed for jobs where the person told me that he/she fired the last person who was “too creative”.

    I came up with a way to save a company $100,000 in a year’s time. They didn’t want the solution! And I didn’t get the job. (Had I got the job, I would still be working there, providing for my family!)

    Sorry, I apologize, I AM a creative person .. and I WILL NEVER CHANGE that God-ordained part of my person, for anyone, nor for any reason!


    And once you get on these “welfare programs”, they tend to keep a person there, because they offer just barely enough for life-support, but never enough to get a leg-up and a leg-out.

    I and my family are currently on food stamps. And now they want me to find any job to justify our food. I am sorry, but a $7/hour job, at the end of the month, doesn’t pay but for two utility bills! What about the other utilities? the house payment? car repair? etc? Who cares? Live in a homeless shelter or under a bridge. The kids will be relocated to a CPS-approved child-molestation home. Enjoy your slave-wages and the “freedom” you have in Amerika!

    Once upon a time, there was “Rosie the riveter”. Walk in off the street. Five minutes of training. And then building aircraft for our flyboys in Europe or the Pacific.

    That era in American history, where just about anyone who wanted a job could find one, is GONE! Now, you are over-qualified, under-qualified, not-qualified – ANYTHING but qualified. BUT, go find a job. Get re-educated / re-trained with a huge student loan (for a job that no longer exists). Background checks. DHS checks. Credit checks. Drug tests. Etc etc. Every excuse invented to keep people from working.

    And then ship off our industrial base to foreign countries. Import third-world workers (and millions of illegals) to replace well-paid US workers. And you wonder why so many are on welfare and food stamps? (And the illegals get everything free – while the legals who are unemployed get a pittance!)

    From the elite, to Wall Street, to Main Street, this “attitude” has infected those who have money and opportunity, to look down on those who don’t, and to not offer any meaningful means of getting a “leg up” and a “leg out”.

    It is a purposeful destruction of our nation’s economy, with the full embrace of those who should know better .. and are next in line for even greater destruction from the elite.

    There is strong bias against these “entitlement programs” for the poor. But what about the “entitlement programs” for the rich and ultra-wealthy?

    What about the millions-of-dollars worth of entitlement programs for the President and his family? (You can tell he’s a true communist, by the millions he and his wife spend on themselves! Millions for him and his family – scraps for us!)

    What about the 16 trillion that was stolen by the banksters, gangsters, and fraudsters? that was then charged back onto US taxpayers? By comparison, the amount of money for the “poor” is a pittance compared to what the elite have stolen! and continue to steal 24/7/365 !

    I make no apologies to no one for the food stamps that I and my family receive. Offer me a real opportunity for truly meaningful employment, and we will promptly and gladly get off of food stamps!

    It is the purposeful destruction of our nation’s economy and infrastructure, and then pitting the “haves” against the “have nots” to create an untenable conflict that leads to no real solutions, but only continues the downward spiral unto destruction.

    I and my family are NOT the enemy. “THEY” ARE!

    I am at the razor’s edge of “revolution against the establishment”. The first sign of those bastards showing up in my neighborhood, and it’s GAME OVER for THEM!

    They can have their billions of rounds of ammo and their armor protected urban vehicles – but as Mr. T would say, “pitty the poor fools”. They are TOAST!

    America is RIP. There is nothing left to loose. All-out civil war will soon be upon us all!

    And for those who are still “haves” – you won’t have your trinkets – nor anything ! – much longer, because the “elites” that you suck up to are going to take it all away – NOT the poor, but the elites that you worship and idolize!

    As Jeremiah thundered in his day, “what will YOU do when the end comes?”

    The END has come, America! What will YOU do?

  7. anon August 20, 2013 at 7:52 am

    You are right in arguing that this was done by design. The easiest way to solve it would be to reinstate the Glass-Steagal Act and take a massive amount of fraudulent power and interest rate manipulation back from the banks. This would prevent future bank/real estate bubbles, which is why they did it in the first place after the Great Depression. Then we need to end the idea that corporations are people. We need to put Americans back to work repairing the infrastructure of this nation. I shouldn’t see one piece of trash or grafitti anywhere either. No person should be allowed to donate more than $9,999 to any candidate per year. Then we need to keep our politicians honest by holding them accountable to the people. This can be done by making all of their private banking transactions public.

    We must start with the bankers who control our economy and by extension the people.

  8. Steve August 20, 2013 at 7:55 am

    Response to editor note:
    A very disturbing behavior I have noticed recently among people is the act of less unfortunate self righteous individuals, ridiculing the poor, disenfranchised, unemployed, victims of this new order.
    It reminds me of schoolyard juvenility when the kids with trendy and fashionable attire mocked and belittled the kid wearing hand me down or charity clothing.
    It is repulsive in the extreme.
    You can invariably tell the economic status of someone by their callous indifference and arrogance when speaking in regards to those on disability as well.
    There is an almost perverse reluctance to admit that they are unable to enforce solutions upon those directly responsible for the results of systemic corruption but find it easier to make blanket accusations against those who seek anyway possible to avoid living under a bridge
    So now the poor not only have the elite to fear, they have also their neighbor. Now people like you incite others to peek out the window hoping to catch someone on disability carrying a bag of what YOU determine to be heavy groceries and report them?
    Your zeal for resolution is now attempting to create a new disability snitch force, thereby becoming proxy servants of the system itself.
    It amazes me that people who pride themselves as intellectuals are unable to see the trap.
    I recently listened to the Phyllis Schlafly report regarding the number on disability and was appalled by the tunnel vision and outrages comments from a wealth cocooned woman who most likely never feared eviction or the type of accusatory vitriol she espouses on those far below her economic bracket.

    Mine is not the ranting of an overly sensitive whiner. There certainly are abuses within the disability system, such as putting children and people on the dole who’ve never paid into any system whatsoever. There are those who will always be working an angle for the scam.
    The system is what it is. You can either adapt to the game or be crushed by it if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself without resources or a job.

    Those with means and employment see very little wrong with the world. They see no economic hardship. Shopping mall parking lots at least in my area on the east coast are packed daily. Full shopping carts are the norm for the vast majority of them. Shiny new cars abound. Harley Davidson motorcycles are everywhere. I could never afford any such thing even when working.

    A bare minimum has been a way of life for many people. When the proverbial shit hits the fan as so many of you keep claiming, those of us who have never had anything of real value will feel nothing, no pain, no remorse at loosing our home our bank account our shiny new car or Harley.

    It is you who are prided by your good fortune that will surely wilt under the so called coming collapse. And should the disability issue disappear tomorrow, your problems will not dissipate one iota.
    Militarily and politically bankrupting America has been the agenda for over a century. Pitting left against right, black against white, rich against poor, evoking the dialectical materialism of “change” through conflict is at its core communism.
    The Saul Alinsky plan to collapse capitalism by over taxing the system with freeloaders is just an example of the overthrow of our republic. It is a plan the political class has adopted entirely.

    Truth be known, the strength of America at one time could have endured such a nefarious communist tactic. But our nation cannot endure the multitude of assaults facing zero opposition.

    So now the whipping post distraction is the trendy disability matter.

    Whether it be welfare, SSI, unemployment compensation, WIC, student loans on down to claiming deductions on your taxes, the money comes from the same source and everyone is on the dole at one level or another. Consider the trillions funding corporate welfare or bank bailouts? Of course not, let’s hammer the needy and do the bidding of the elite!

    The significance of fraud in social programs is infinitesimal compared to that of the military alone, not to mention foreign aid and political malfeasance.

    Tales of the black patron at a grocery checkout wearing gold rings and chains driving a new Mercedes using food stamps have been standard fare for decades and the abuses within the welfare system have been atrocious. So where’s the outrage when these people are clearly fit to work and have been since its inception?

    Now suddenly it’s the disability mantra coming from people who did not deem it necessary to soap box against welfare abuse. This seems contrived to me and I find it ironic that those who scream the loudest about the condition of this nation and the world are the first to take up the flag of righteousness against their neighbor.



    Truly dangerous and evil times….... THAT WE AGREE ON

  9. Don Uber August 20, 2013 at 8:08 am

    14 million jobs were shipped overseas so that already very profitable corporations can make a higher profit margin. Plain and simple! Does that need repeating for a reality check? The corporations that maintain jobs here, service industries, get their employees healthcare subsidized by the taxpayers through state Medicare programs and food stamp programs while paying one of the lowest “effective” tax rates in the world and almost no income tax. Oil and gas companies get huge subsidies, lease The Peoples land, pump, frack then extract The Peoples hydrocarbons and then sell it back The People at the Wall Street Price. ie. no discount, a barrel of US oil cost the same as a barrel of Saudi Oil. The US spends about 60 cents of every tax dollar on war and the military. Every time a “suspected terrorist” is droned it cost the taxpayer millions of dollars and yet where is the outrage of misspending? Anyone that has ever taken basic Economics 101 knows the hypotheticals country that can only produce Guns or Butter and it looks like to me that is what we are. Real hardworking Americans are suffering and they are the villains while Trillions and Trillions of our tax money is spent spying on The People, killing foreigners, building $500 million dollar jets, weaponizing space, filling prisons in a “war on drugs” when we can’t even keep the drugs out of prisons, subsiding corporations, and I could go on. People who think that all of this is the status quo and what America has traditionally been are either very young or very naïve.

  10. David August 20, 2013 at 8:29 am

    Here’s the problem with the whole theory that millions of people are dependent on government. It’s simply not true. Government is a collectivist term. Millions of people are dependent on other individuals and justify it under the guise of democracy and taxation when in reality it’s just theft. People use the phrase government dependency to assuage their conscience. Government is something else, it isn’t your neighbor or child or parent. America has created a burgeoning welfare state where people are willing to accept benefits because the stigma has been removed from the equation. In the not to distant past there was a little bit of shame when it came to accepting government assistance. No more. This started with “the greatest generation” who started accepting Social Security and helped to de-stigmatize government aid. Social Security is welfare just like food stamps but you won’t hear that, will you? A thorough reading of two supreme court decisions (Helvering v. David and Flemming v. Nestor) would tell you that Social Security is a “pay as you go social welfare program.” It isn’t insurance! Even the Social Security’s own website will tell you that SS has none of the characteristics of insurance, mainly a contract. Seniors take their Social Security “benefits” and justify doing so by saying – “I paid into the system my entire life, I’m going to get my money back.” Which is exactly like saying – “The government took from me, therefore, it is ok for the government to take from others in order to make me whole.” Here’s the conclusion I’ve come to regarding all of these programs. And the question I ask myself whenever I receive a benefit or payment:

    Is the source of this payment or benefit derived from a voluntary or involuntary source?

    As a voluntaryist I resist taking any benefits that are as a result of someone else being directly taxed. I will soon qualify for Social Security and throughout my working career I’ve paid a considerable amount into the system…..see how I did that? I never paid a dime into the system. It was stolen from me by way of a direct taxation (involuntary) scheme. It’s more accurate to say: during my working career a considerable amount of money was taken from me. I won’t be filing for Social Security benefits because it would be immoral. I know where the money would come from. Any money taken from me did not go into a discreet and separate account, it went into the general fund to pay current recipients. If I was to take Social Security the money would come from current taxpayers. It would come from my neighbors an children. It’s the same with food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid and other social welfare programs.

    We all need to ask ourselves this simple question when applying for or receiving a government benefit: Is the source of this payment or benefit derived from a voluntary or involuntary source?

  11. David McElroy August 20, 2013 at 8:53 am

    Unfortunately, not only are working Americans being forced to fund sustenance for those who “sit on their butt”, but those sitting on their butts are forced to do so by policies that have destroyed industries and jobs in this country. Yes, there are slackers who game the system and have no interest in working. But socialists’ programs seek to make everyone dependent upon government, and punish those who are working to pursue and achieve any independence in their lives. Many of us would like to do better, but between bureaucratic red tape and a collapsing economy, opportunities to do so are almost as scarce as hens’ teeth!

  12. Yosemite Samson August 20, 2013 at 10:22 am

    “Whites and blacks are equally partaking in the welfare system, so please spare me the racism comments.”

    The figures are not per capita, where blacks are assumed to be a minority. Further, what percentage of racist whites report being on the program.

    It’s not that welfare is antithetical to racism. If old, economic models are comparable to a pyramid scheme, whites might be the up-line or, in other words, the preferred quota.

    A planter class, for instance, might still obtain venture capital from the 5th Plank lending monopoly, or centralized banking institution. They would be too-big-too-fails, with the favor of a complicit state.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: The figures are based upon participation. Respectfully, you are editorializing the facts in order to make your point.

  13. Jon R. August 20, 2013 at 11:40 am

    The comments are more informed and logical than the article itself. Plain and simple the country is going broke because of gigantic military overspending. War only destroys wealth, that is it’s purpose. Never-ending war bankrupts a country, both financially and morally. And the rich blame the poor, ridiculous! As a working poor, I would like more hours, can’t find them. As far as working the welfare recipients for their benefits, I’m sure the capable ones would go to work if they could make a reasonable amount of wages. Minimum wage(or lower), is not enough to live on, it has not come close to keeping up with expenses in the last 50 years.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: IF you cannot find the extra hours, then look for a second job! If you have to live with family to save money, then that’s the hand you have been dealt. I have had to do the same in my younger days.

    That is what I and countless of others have had to do in our lives. Welfare pays more than minimum wage in 17 states thus, destroying the motivation to look for a job.

    Many of us knew that this article would draw out the people who will not work and seek to justify living off of their neighbors. Half the workforce does not work and gets paid. Tell me what business could survive this? A country cannot either. Disabled people and those seeking temporary relief from unemployment deserve my financial help, not people in your status.

    I work 3 jobs.

  14. Loren-USA August 20, 2013 at 12:24 pm


    In quoting your response to Steve above (by the way, Steve’s posting is aboslutely right on!) :


    I am of the opinion, after many years of observing the IRS and the federal government, that not one penny of the money anyone pays into “federal taxes” goes towards reducing the federal deficit, but into private pockets.

    It is like paying on a home mortgage, where every payment sent in does not go towards your house payment, but into the private pockets of those who own the mortgage company. So your mortgage never gets paid, it continues to balloon out of control, until the mortgage company forcloses on you and throws you in the street for “refusal to pay”. The local judge signs off on the deal, and the county sheriff, because they receive kickback deals. And anyone and everyone else who benefits at your expense are lined up like vultures, ready and eager to pick the flesh off your bones until you are a dried up corpse rotting in the street.

    This is Amerika today! (and many yesterdays, too)

    The federal taxes that taxpayers send in are not paying for anything, nor for anyone, but are placed into the private pockets of the elite, who trade those worth-less-than-nothing Federal Reserve Notes for TRUE ASSETS.

    (Here’s a freebie: Federal Reserve Notes were worth-less-than-nothing from their very inception. That is why they are called, and printed on every one of them, “Notes”, which are IOUs, which are “debts” (negative), not “assets” (positive). “Nothing” is ZERO. Notes, being a “negative”, are .. worth-less-than-zero! Easy logic. But those who are invested into this fraudulent system are blinded by the privileges it offers, all the while it steals their Rights away. A great Esau trade-off!)

    In fact, the 16th Amendment – the Income Tax – was NEVER properly ratified by the required number of States – and this is provable!. Consequently, the 16th Amendment is NOT the Supreme Law of the Land, but a complete FRAUD.

    And those who dutifully “pay in” are in fact VIOLATING the Laws of the Constitution of These United States. Consequently, those who “pay in” are CRIMINALS!

    Get it? Millions of “faithful Americans” are CRIMINALS!

    And this especially includes the politicians, judges, attorneys, and whoever else, who uphold the 16th Amendment as valid, when in fact it is a complete FRAUD AND THEY KNOW IT IS!

    Those who “pay in” have empowered and emboldened the elite to finalize their plans for the take down of this Nation and .. YOU who “pay in”! YOU will not be spared!

    Yet, fingers are pointed at those who have been victimized, as the “bad guys”, when in fact it is those above, those who are usually looked up to – the elite – who are the “bad guys”. You should be pointing your fingers at THEM – not those on the low-caste rungs of our society ..

    It is a rigged game, where everyone – EVERYONE not of the Elite – will LOOSE!

    Even Donald Trump, with all his vast wealth and assumed power, will FALL on that day, with no one to lift him back up (except for Jesus, if Donald has made, or should make, Him his Savior and Lord). In the eyes and purposes of the elite – the true elite of the world – Donald Trump is EXPENDABLE! and will be treated like all the other “useless eaters” when his “day of reckoning” comes.

    Are you listening, Donald?

    Truth and Justice have fallen in the streets of this Nation. And now, judgment awaits us all .. As the rain falls on the just and unjust, so too, will God’s judgments!

    For He will remove both .. the righteous .. and the wicked from the land! Notice, who gets removed first … For those who are “self-righteous” and look down at the rest of us, take a good look into your own souls, and you will see such horrors of hell, that your own hearts will fail you for fear!

    Jesus healed ten lepers. Only one came back to thank Him. Prior to His healings, did Jesus conduct a cost-benefit analysis? Did He meet with a “board of directors”? Did He meet with the local bankers to obtain a loan for such an expenditure? Did He determine, that a meager 10% return on His investment (that is, that only one came back to thank Him) was worth the time, trouble, and especially earthly mammon?

    Jesus gave of Himself to others. He also gave of His earthly inheritance, to the point where He Himself had no earthly possessions, other than what He wore.

    What have YOU given?

    For those who have thousands, even millions, in your bank accounts, the day is coming when it will ALL be gone – stolen by the elite. What will you do then?

    For the moment, you still have time to make a difference for someone who has been victimized by this evil “beast system”. Be a “secret Santa” for someone. Conduct random acts of kindness unto complete strangers. Be Jesus with skin on!

    YOU – YOU make the difference in this rotten world! YOU invest your money into those around you, to rebuild peoples’ lives that have been destroyed. Buy up that foreclosed home, fix it up, and return it to the previous owners, free and clear! You be the one who pays off someone else’s credit cards, so they can start fresh! YOU be the one who starts a new business that will hire the unemployed in meaningful employment! YOU be the one who pays for someone’s dental, or eye, or surgery expenses that aren’t covered by Medicaid or insurance!

    Make that difference NOW – for TODAY is the Day of Salvation – not tomorrow, because tomorrow will be .. a day of judgment and wrath and great regret .. for NOT doing that “something” of Christ-like compassion TODAY!

    “Whatsoever you have done unto the least of these (through good or bad or neglect – my comment), you have done unto me.”

    EDITOR’S NOTE: God helps those who help themselves. i understand what you are implying with regard to the IRS being the private collection agency for the Federal Reserve. However, that does not change the fact that I am working so someone else can sit home. IF that someone is disabled and there is absolutely no job they can do, I have no problem. However, we all know about the massive fraud, I have a big problem with this system.

  15. too old for anyone to care August 20, 2013 at 1:41 pm

    There are MANY elderly who can NOT get more than a week of food stamps and nothing for the rest of the month’s food needs and nothing to pay for basic groceries! Social Security does not pay them enough to live. Many are getting more in debt every month trying to make basic ends meet and soon will be homeless because they can no longer pay the bills!

    I have a degree and work part time for $8 per hour JUST to get basic food and groceries because Social Security is too little and there is nothing else!

    Worse still…no one cares.


  16. WiserWords August 20, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    I guess it never occurred to the author that these social programs create jobs. If we stopped “welfare” tomorrow, how many people will find themselves out of work?

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Welfare Based Economy? What school of economics does this logic come from?

  17. sarah August 20, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    There was a time in this country, when family and local churches, took care of the needy. America was seen as the land of opportunity. People were often slow to take what they call “Charity”. It was because they took pride in providing for self. Even the aged and disabled, were expected to contribute, whatever they could to the good of the whole family or community. They were allowed and felt dignity in helping out in the family responsibilities, or at the local church. Not many got a free ride in those days because those families and churches expected people to contribute to their own well being. Because folks knew the disadvantaged people personally, they usually knew, who really needed the help, and who were the freeloaders. Folks didn’t usually help lazy people much. When, the lazy people got hungry enough, it was amazing how willing they were to work. I heard a story one time of a man. He told his young grandson “Son, if you can’t find a job, then make yourself a job.” I have applied, what that old man told his grandson, to my life many times. I discovered the harder I worked, the more lucky I got. Being disabled now for many years, has not made life real easy. I receive no benefits from government. Nor, do I ever want to. I truly believe the day may come, that government benefits could be very limited, or not available at all. If I can’t figure out a way to provide for myself now, how could I ever provide for myself if say for some reason government benefits were greatly reduced or cut off? I was reading in my Bible and I read, Psalm 37, King James Version.


  18. sarah August 20, 2013 at 8:16 pm

    Dave, I really enjoyed reading your article. Thank you for writing it. I look forward to reading Part ll. When, the financial system collapses, I fear millions of people will starve, as they did in the Great Depression. I feel many people in America, suffer from learned helplessness. Many Americans need to grow up. If they believe in God, pray up. And, man up for the biggest financial catastrophe this country has ever seen. Planned destruction of this country has been in the making for many years by the elite. I like to think on what Ron Paul once said and I paraphrase~When it all collapses, we can start over. I hope Ron Paul is correct. As for the deadbeats….they can fend for self just as many others do everyday.

  19. Katherine August 20, 2013 at 9:20 pm

    To: too old for anyone to care

    Dear sir,

    I realize this world seems to have become so cold and lacking love. In some ways it has. But there are many out here who do care so much; for you and others like you. Please believe that. Also, re-read Loren-USA because she is one of those Golden souls that Christ just cherishes. There are many in the world just like her.

    I, for one would love to help you. If you are willing, arrange it for Dave to have us swap emails. I’d like to get in touch with you and assist you and I hope others will do likewise. Not sure if Dave is able to do that, but it’s worth a try.

  20. Kenneth lowndes August 21, 2013 at 2:36 am

    I do not believe this is a matter of people sucking blood or taking money from other taxpayers.

    First, the IRS is the Official Collection Agency of the (non)Federal AND (no)Reserve SCAM.

    The US Congress spends NO money taken by the IRS. This is precisely the reason we call their spending, “DEFICIT” spending.

    ALL of what the spend is borrowed money. ALL.

    So any money going to the vast Poor Underclass population, it does not come out of your pockets nor the pockets of any other.

    It comes out of a phony monetary system. A literal PRETENSE of an economy. From top to bottom.

    In fact, it really is not necessary to levy any alleged “Tax.” They can just Print the “money.”

    If what the “IRS” takes out of our paychecks were to go into paying what the US Congress spends, then YES, we could PROPERLY call it a tax. In the Reality, it never does that. So, whatever it is the “IRS” really does, it does NOT EVER collect a “tax.”

    The “IRS” SERVES the FED and the FED alone.
    It is how this (non)Federal AND (no)Reserve collects INTEREST, money they never do anything to EARN any of it.

    To LOOK and to FIND the REAL BLOODSUCKERS, we need to turn our Attention to BAILOUTS.

    THAT BAILOUT MONEY is the very REAL TRANSFER of our wealth, OVER to those who LIVE OFF Interest. Again, INTEREST is money that is NEVER paid to someone for performing any legitimate work. The beneficiaries of INTEREST do NO essential work for which they OUGHT to be paid it.

    YES, the FED people have jobs. BUT, ALL of the money they create is phony money, and we ought not to seek to divide ourselves against the poor, but against those whose lifestyles are riding the crest of the wave of INTEREST. Are you aware that in the Holy Bible, that Interest is known as Usury, and God has already declared Interest to be an Abomination?

    As the money continues to be spent by the Congress, it is created out of no value, out of thin air, and it is this entire system that is NOT the fault or the blame of those who are the poor.

    Most Americans who ARE poor today, can thank the (non(Federal AND (no)Reserve, and the blame goes to no one else. The FED does not get to share that blame onto the poor.

    “Jobs” have been shipped OUT of this nation, so blame the poor? WHERE do people GO – to get living wage jobs?
    “Jobbie” trees?
    Jobs grow on trees?

    It might be a “feel good” type of attack, but, it is without a real foundation.
    It ignores the true cause of the monetary FAILURE of the FED.

    Even though many believe the FED does these things purposely, it is still a FAILURE even if that is true.

    END the FED, not the poor.

    By going BACK onto Honest Money, the numbers of those who are poor will quickly drop back to a level that makes sense. In fact, there is NO future if INTEREST is maintained. And by using Honest REAL precious money, the poor may vanish.


  21. Mike August 21, 2013 at 8:38 am

    until this countries citizens who pay taxes decide to protest and stop paying Taxes ,nothing will change . all the bitching and complaining will do nothing .Stop Paying Taxes Now.

  22. Carolina August 22, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    ▶ Keiser Report: NSA-spread Digital AIDS (E487)

    In the second half, Max talks to former government official, Catherine Austin Fitts of Solari.com about the globalist economy that is biting the hands (American and other workers) that feed it. This woman gives a great explanation of why the US has a welfare program and who benefits much more than do the needy.

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