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Goldman Sachs Depopulation Strategies Revealed Through “Predictive Poverty” Strategies

There is no way that America can repay its debts. I repeat, there is no way that America can repay even a small part of the debt. That is the entire strategy of the globalists to financially enslave the world. First, they create a debt mentality where it is acceptable to get what you need (ie want), by acquiring massive debt. Then the banksters enslave nations with things like credit swap derivatives debt to the tune of $1.5 quadrillion dollars which is 16 times the entire GDP of the planet. Following this, the people bail out the losers of the latest Ponzi scheme. However, as the pensions fail, there will be no bailout because we are not worth a billion dollars. Millions of elderly will suffer because their pensions will soon be gone and this is all by design and the “rescue programs” will be managed by globalist firms. There is a strategy that has been around for some time, but it is only now gaining recognition. It is called predictive poverty. This is the topic of this article and the accompanying video.

Predictive Poverty

There is a new terms that is going to gain traction among the aware and the awake and that term is “predictive poverty”.

Predictive poverty refers to the practice of calcuating the relationship between wages vs.  the cost of goods and services needed to meet the cost. When that correlation has been established, predictive poverty then refers to the practice of charging as much as one possibly can, while still being able to sell the product while keeping the masses on the edge of poverty. In old western mining towns, the term “company town” describes the process where the mining company owns all the housing, the one grocery store, the one general store and every other entity. People in mining towns live hand to mouth and it is by design. Most people don’t realize that they too, live hand to mouth as everything is manipulated. If the people desire anything beyond basic survival tools (eg food), they must go into debt. The entire economy is debt-based and is designed to foster consumer dependence as opposed to economic independence.

If You Pay Your Bills You Will Be Denied Credit

My wife and I were once denied credit because we had no debt. Sure, we had credit cards, but our end-of-the-month-balance was zero. We paid cash for our cars and routinely drive our cars between 250-300,000 miles+. If we cannot pay cash for something, we don’t normally buy it. Yet, we manage to live in a nice home and wear nice clothes.

The credit card companies did not appreciate our approach to being frugal and we tested our credit, with no real intent to buy, we were denied because they said we “had not established credit worthiness”.

Debt equals enslavement and if your not living on the globalist plantation, the system is geared towards making your life difficult.

How the Economy Is Stuctured

Have you ever wondered who decided and why how much to charge for a house? Why is it a 30 year mortgage? What determines the interest rate? It is interesting that most people pay 35-40 percent of their income towards their home mortgage. This commonality is by design and the price keeps one from ever getting ahead because the system is managed to that end.

Example of Predictive Poverty

You purchase a home for $300,000. The amount you are borrowing from your lender is $250,000. You lock into an interest rate of 5%. In most loans, for the first 7 years, you are only paying interest.

Over the course of your mortgage, you will pay more than double your loan amount. For bankers, this is a really good racket if you can get it!

The New Economy

Car loans are cut out of the same mold, they are just on a proportonately lower scale than home mortgages. However, new car loans can extend as long as 7 years which is far beyond what most people will ever drive a car. It makes no sense to go into debt for a depreciating asset, but that is exactly what most brain-washed Americans do as they reside on the debt plantation.

These practices are as bad as any mafia protection racket, but this is not new. However, most people are still ignorant as to how the system works.

I sat down with a former economist from Goldman Sachs and recently discussed these concepts. He is retired and refuses to go on the record, but he informed me that major changes are coming to the economy and it is being driven by AI and planned obsolescence of most existing jobs.

Nearly every job is replaceable under the new economy and the process is underway. I asked the obvious question, what will be done with people who are not employable and when the number of workers greatly outnumbers the total number of jobs? His answer is why he will not go on the record. He told me, that reducing the population by 90% is the answer.  The following was openly discussed in meetings that he attended.

Before I present a summary of what my Goldman Sachs friend has told me, let me remind you of recent current events. Recently, Goldman Sachs stated that with regard to medical technology, there “is no money in the cure”. I could scarcely believe that Goldman had the intestinal fortitude to make such a statement and this served as the impetus for this discussion with my friend.

He told me that they look at various world events and postulate wha the death curve will be from such a event. Then they plot financial strategies to benefit from the emerging numbers. The practice is similar to what an actuary does with life insurance when they set rates based on lifestyle (eg being a smoker). However, the projections based on current events is established on gross averages.

The Gulf Oil Crisis Case In Point

My Goldman friend first approached after I had written about life-expectancy effects resulting from the Gulf oil explosion and the subsequent use of Corexit, a toxic treatment protocol for the leaing oil. He said I was writing what the Goldman were discussing in their meetings. The projections took three forms, according to my friend.

  1. The immediate poisoning of the immune systems which will result from the bombardment of cancer causing chemicals resulting from the oil leak (eg benzines). My friend told me that the projections for an explosion of cancer rates and deaths by compromised immune systems would skyrocket between the 15th and 20th year (ie 2025-2030). This has led many Goldman susbsidiaries and business partners, from which there is a heavy concentration of purchasing stock, in the area of cancer treatment which will explode in the near future. Remember, Goldman said there is no profit in the cure. He also told me that he was attracted to my work because I picked up on the long-term health effects of the Gulf event when I quoted people like Dr. Wilma Subra as she stated “the toxicity is in the air, the water, our food and it is in us. I am finding benzine level 65 times expected in the people that I examine”.
  2. The second area that Goldman Sachs attempted to exploit was the impact of the oil spill on the Gulf Stream which has slowed to a crawl and is giving Europe extremely cold weather on a record setting pace. I was told that investment strategies are guided by investment in Russian heating oil and that this will be used as a destablizing effect on EU economies and causenations like Germany to be more friendly to Russia. This will lead to the rise of Russian millitary power due to the increase in oil profits and a for-profit-arms race will result. I had this information from my source and printed this back in 2013 and it has come to fruition. Goldman’s strategy in all of these economic arenas were guided by this event.

What Does It Mean?

The Gulf oil spill taught me that nations, like people are kept on the edge of poverty, choking in debt, as they fight for survival. These created crises can be used to increase the bottom line of various financial institutions like Goldman Sachs. This is classic problem-reaction-solution of the Hegalian Dialectic.

My source told me that he sat through a half dozen meetings on world events where death curves, economic trends and future opportunities were projected for profit.

There is a modern application that we all need to be worried about. AI will replace most jobs in the near future. Since the globalists are guided by Fabian Socialism which espouses the belief that if one does not contribute more than they contribute, they should be eliminated. The slow kill methods identified by the Independent Media (IM) such as vaccines, Fukushima radiation, etc., can be used for population reduction if the related factors can be exacerbated. Please note that Bill Gates recently said some unknown pandemic could wipe out “30 million” without warning and that Gates was developing a universal vaccine. Both strategies are slow kill strategies. And monolithic corporations like Goldman Sachs stand at the ready to profit from our demise.

In the short-term, I am told that cancer rates, especially brain cancer rates, will explode with the introduction of 5G wireless. This is, in part, the mechanism to help the depopulation reductions needed to “take care of” unemployed workers on a mass scale.  5G is a death trap and this will be the topic of a future article. It is safe to say that predictive poverty not only keeps most on the edge of starvation and death, it now controls health and healthcare as the globalist profit from conditions that they help to create. Yes, I am saying Fukushima was a false flag and the West coast of the United States will experience a spike in the death curve because of Fukushima radiation.

Every detail of our lives seems to be calculated by the globalists to profit by us and utlimately our demise as the depopulation agenda is fulfilled. This is classic technocracy and we know how the technocrats love their data.

The concept of predictive poverty made simple:


This Sunday evening I am interviewing 5G expert Virginia Farver on these related factors.

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  1. Mike May 4, 2018 at 5:44 am

    Dave most people pay 1/3 of their income in taxes and 1/3 of their income for their mortgage that is if you have a good paying job. That leaves 1/3 of your income for everything else including savings no wonder people can’t save for retirement. On top of paying more interest than principal during housing price crashes people owe more than their house is worth making their situation even worse.

  2. laura ann May 4, 2018 at 6:52 am

    I have warned folks to stay off the gulf beaches, even wading or going barefoot is not safe. We will not be getting a 5G phone, but people are so dumbed down they won’t believe what we tell them. The people I personally know near the gulf/along the gulf are retirees and it won’t matter much to them, except to their kids and ‘g kids it will. But no one listens anyway.

  3. Vietkonggook May 4, 2018 at 8:01 am

    This is how they are going to achieve world depopulation while the super elites and their minions take full control of all resources of this planet. And they have no qualms whatsoever taking out billions of people in the process. Just look at history with two world wars, the crashed economies like Venezuela, the perpetual wars in the guise of fighting terrorism, the poisoning of our food, water, air, vaccines, etc…

  4. Janet O'Hara May 4, 2018 at 8:45 am

    I have a friend who paid off her house. She lost her job during Obamas terror reign and had no money for property taxes. They were going to take her home. I helped her so she wouldn’t lose her home. You are right, you never truly own one. Thankfully, she gainfully employed now under President Trump.

  5. Vietkonggook May 4, 2018 at 12:25 pm

    The power to tax is the same power to destroy… But we are not only taxed to death but poisoned mentality, biologically, chemically, culturally, scientifically, spiritually and politically divided. And we are told to keep worshipping this beastly demonic overlords … When do people wake and stand up? I guess we are now in total surrender and bondage like the days of ancient Israel in Egypt. Time will come we must break free.

  6. Jackie Puppet May 4, 2018 at 5:30 pm

    I must be one of the exceptions when it comes to bill paying and being denied credit. For awhile, I had a poor credit rating, and though my credit line increased, my balance accelerated at an even greater rate, until I had only one choice left to reset & get things straightened out.

    I didn’t have a credit card for years, and a few years ago, broke down, and got one with a small line of credit, just to re-build a good record, on the recommendation of a local banker. That was some of the best advice I took, because a couple years later, when I did apply for a major card, it blew my mind at how high a credit line I got when I was accepted. I use it often to get cash back on certain categories, but I’ve always paid it off in full monthly.

    And sometimes, things can be out of your control, but still affect you; I had to trade in my old car for my current car after only 3 years of payments – the maintenance & repair on the old car was costing me roughly the same as my monthly payment. It was a no-brainer to trade in, and the trade off was a higher monthly payment on something new, with peace of mind of not having major repair payments for a few years. I spread out the monthly repairs in the form of getting a new car, rather than deal with the headache of bring in a car once a month for one thing or another. I used to have an SUV for 8 years, and rode it onto the ground with 350,000 miles – I barely maintained it other than being pretty good at oil changes when needed. I’ll be happy if I get 250,000 out of my car, which would be 7-8 years of use.

    One bit of advice for new homeowners – DO NOT REFINANCE your mortgage, if you really do not need to do so!! Doing it twice in several years, to keep a spouse happy, and in the process, more than doubling the mortgage, will bring you to the brink of ruin!!

    I learned my lesson, she did not.

  7. Savannah May 4, 2018 at 7:33 pm

    Yep, one big, very nasty company store and global plantation. Likely won’t happen ’cause they got the bigger guns, however this why NO ONE SHOULD PAY A PENNY OF GESTAPO-IRS TAX … end the fed and establish local currencies while creating a national bank … all current debt is a fraud, and faurd negates consent. Time to starte over.

  8. News 5/5/2018 – Be Ready May 5, 2018 at 3:48 am

    […] Goldman Sachs Depopulation Strategies Revealed Through “Predictive Poverty” Strategies […]

  9. Marti May 5, 2018 at 7:02 am

    I am flabbergasted at your timing of this article. I had already planned to write you regarding an experience I had this week. I am in the middle of trying to relocate. First, the housing market is crazy. I have looked in 3 distinct areas, OUTSIDE of Savannah, Ga, Augusta, GA, and Raleigh/ Durham, NC. The prices are overinflated. Unfortunately where I am located presently is grossly undervalued. I refuse to pay such outrageous prices for a place that will be half this when this bubble bursts, and I believe it will burst within the next two years if not sooner. Anyway, as I put my mortgage application in with the credit union, I was asked about other assets. I asked if I needed to include any personal cash. The woman doing the loan application looked at me just shocked and said “You should NOT be keeping money at home.” I could not believe what I was hearing. While she had no idea how much money I had at home, she just could not believe anyone would have cash these days. When I asked what about emergency money in case ATMs went down, etc., she reminded me how UNSAFE it is to have money and how the only place I should keep it is in a safe or a freezer so if there is a fire it will be protected. These folks have drunk the Kool-Aid. They really believe their own press and are a bunch of blind sheep. To touch on you comments about taxes – several years ago God impressed upon me a strategy for the future times. I felt if I purchased a large piece of land with a home on it, to try to subdivide it so that the home and a small bit of the land would be taxed separately from the rest of the land because I saw a day coming when property taxes would go thru the roof and at least if it were titled separately, hopefully the home itself could be saved if not the rest of the land.
    Well, that’s all but the financial institutions are definitely discouraging CASH at all costs and if you have any they ostracize you. Keep up the good work!

  10. Marti May 5, 2018 at 9:10 am

    O,I forgot one other item of interest for this week. Hadn’t purchased PMs in about 2 years. Called a nationally known company to buy less than $2,000 worth. Now they have you listen to a speech from both the sales person and the second line person who confirms the order. The speech states buying precious metals is very risky and you should not have more than 30% of your investments in PMs. I am very surprised that even the PM dealers are now required to warn us about the riskiness and also, the sales person tried to get me to buy the numismatic coins rather than just bullion. He told me bullion should only be purchased for short term and use the numismatic coins for long term holding. Found this quite interesting. They are basically telling us not to buy PMs for preparedness of SHTF events. Found this quite disturbing. The world has gone crazy is all I can conclude – and will get even crazier.

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