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Google Poses a Greater Threat to Democracy Than ISIS or North Korea







Please allow me to mention that when I first posted this information, the article was scrubbed and the site has been sporadically offline the morning of the post.

The Elimination of the Conservative Right

The liberal left intends to eradicate all conservative coverage of the news no matter what the cost. Why are they doing this? The simple and most accurate answer is that they want to control everything that you see, hear and read. They need to enslave your mind so you will accept the unfolding of the Luciferian New World Order and Google’s place in it. This is one of the main reasons that my byline which says “Freeing America One Enslaved Mind at a Time“. These words were intentionally chosen and this article captures the importance of a people to remain intellectually free so they can be personally independent.

Google Is the Internet

Today, it is a well-known fact that Google controls nearly 80% of all search engine queries. Basically, Google controls the Internet. From my personal perspective, Google is the internet.

The Internet is becoming great educator on the planet. Almost all known information is available on the Internet. Even 75% of all intelligence data is open-sourced and is available on the Internet, if one only knows where to look.

Scientific discoveries, once confined to subject-specific journals, are now widely shared on the Internet. Today’s researchers view publications of their research in their former monolithic journals as nice to have because it indicates peer approval. However, reputations are built on the Internet and reputation is what drives research grants and funding.

Entertainment figures depend on the Internet as much, or more, than they do traditional media outlets to enhance their marketability.

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Political elections are now influenced as much, or more, by the Internet, than they are in traditional media. I happen to be one of those who believes with the conservative, alternative media sidinwith Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton would currently be serving as the President of the United States. I am grateful to the Internet because I have often said that Donald Trump’s shining accomplishment of his administration will be the fact that he save this country from the moscorrupt figure in American history to ever seek the highest office in the land.

Let’s not forget that E-Commerce is the fastest growing segment of our economy thanks to the Internet.

The above paragraphs represent a miniscule analysis of the importance that the Internet now occupies. They have have come to dominate politics, sports, entertainment and general knowledge in the modern world. It is safe to say the following:

Whoever controls the Internet, Controls the Planet!

Google Is Seeking to Control the Planet

Those that control Google and its top subsidiaries espouse an ultra-liberal view of the world. They believe that we are over-populated, a few “enlightened men” should control and profit from extreme control over all energy under the guise of the fake science known as climate change. They further believe that that the average person is to moronic to rule over their own affairs and thus, people like Google executives need to rule the lives of people like them. They do not respect ANY of the tenets of the Bill of Rights including freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the separation of government power that would prevent a tyrannical government from emerging from our Constitutional Republic. In fact, the liberal world view espoused by the leftist elite looks at the common man with contempt and disdain. In fact the words of 1984 come to mind when I look for a phrase to sum up the average person’s place in the New World Order:

In the paradigm of censorship and political control, Google is Big Brother.

If there is hope… it lies in the proles.

Extreme Censorship of a Media Who Espouses Traditional American Values

Presently, all of the Independent Media is bleeding money. Most sites are not coming close to a financial break even  point because of extreme media censorship of their ideas and written expressions. For example, at Youtube, owned by Google, is demonitizing any discussions of war, civil war, natural disasters, economic issues, and any mention of any controversial (ie sensitive events), etc.  In other words, the Independent Media cannot write about the news. Fox and CNN’s social media outslets have largely been left untouched. However, I have discovered that this is changing as well. More on this development a little later in this article.

Alex Jones web traffic is down by 50%. The controversial figure is known, however, for breaking open many incidences of corporate and governmental corruption. This has made him a target.

Mike Adams is dedicated to bringing the truth about the medical world to the American people at a time when the FDA and Big Pharma conspire to bring many unsafe medications to market. Ask yourself, how many late night TV lawsuits are advertised with Big Pharma as their target? Adams’ media empire is down 45% in web traffic.

My friends and colleagues, Doug and Joe Hagmann,  espouse a conservative, Constitutional-supporting world view and their show can reach as many as 700,000 listeners a night. Their web traffic and Youtube exposure is down 90%. Their Youtube Channel (Google) has been demonitized.

My ownpersonal media entities, operating under the banner of The Common Sense Show, have been the victim of extreme censorship under the direction of Google. My website traffic, until two months ago was well over 2 million visitors and in some months approached 3 million. This past month my web traffic is down 33%. Google referrals to my site through organic traffic have declined from over 25,000 views per day to less than 2,000. My Youtube revenue is down 500%. Despite the fact that my principles are guided by Christianity, adherence to the rule of law under the Constitution and a dedication to nonviolent change, Google has singled me out for the three reasons I just listed. Google hates God, freedom, the rule of law, but they support the violence of Antifa.

I would be hard-pressed to find a man who loves his country and the Constitution more than Ron Paul. In the past week, Youtube (Google) demonitized Ron Paul.

Google does not want you to read any ideas which promotes freedom and adherence to any philosophy (e.g. Christianity) which might limit their power. Therefoere, they think it is their right to tell you what to believe.

The extreme censorship of Google has even extended to liberal media sites that they do not agree with.

Even the Liberal Media Is Not Safe From Google

Did your mother ever use the phrase, “Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face”? If you are unfamiliar with the phrase, it simply means that one should not enact revenge on a third party if it is going to harm oneself and this seems to be exactly what all forms of major social media, plus Google, are presently doing. Google is engaged in a full frontal assault upon the leftist media. Here is a sample of what Google is doing to the left.

Liberal Outlets Under Attack 

* alternet.org fell by 63 percent
* globalresearch.ca fell by 62 percent
* consortiumnews.com fell by 47 percent
* mediamatters.org fell by 42 percent
* commondreams.org fell by 37 percent
* internationalviewpoint.org fell by 36 percent
* democracynow.org fell by 36 percent
* wikileaks.org fell by 30 percent
* truth-out.org fell by 25 percent
* counterpunch.org fell by 21 percent
* theintercept.com fell by 19 percent

Even liberal newspapers are not safe from the reach of the Google social justice warriors.

The Chicago Tribune Sounds the MSM Bell of Destruction

All in the past 10 days, articles and tweets are beginning to appear from MSM outlets that look a lot like the following:

From Zerohedge:

“...we highlighted an article written by the Chicago Tribune’s Deputy Editor for Digital News, Kurt Gessler, which provided a fairly compelling set of facts to suggest that Facebook’s ‘fake news’ filter was suppressing the distribution of articles from media sources which undoubtedly consider themselves “legitimate new outlets”… (Editor’s Note: It is important to note that many people drive traffic to their news sites by first posting on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. The authors include links to their websites and thus, their websites receive more traffic.  Or, at least they did. Now we see that controlling social media is an effective chokepoint for traffic on the web).

Even the Boston Globe has been impacted by Google:

Matt Karolian, director of audience engagement at The Boston Globe stated, “last month was probably the worst we’ve had in reach in about a year.

It is somewhat comforting and it might surprise people to know that the Independent Media are not the only ones who are experiencing a dramatic decline in trafffic and resulting revenue. Even those who are not part of the left-right paradigm are being impacted by Google  For example, on Youtube, the “gamers” are having issues as well and it is just as serious as it is for the Independent Media. In fact, it is hard to find a significant outlet on YouTube that is happy with what is going on with Youtube.

Why Is the MSM Under Attack?

Why are these new filters being used by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and primarily Google’ search engines, etc. employing screening alogorithms that are so devastating to their own liberal bothers-in-arms?

These new “algos” remind me chemotherapy. Yes, the chemo does its job and sometimes kills the cancer. Yet, the chemo also kills the good cells and death can and does occur from chemo applications. The same exact thing is happening here. The new social media and search engine logos are killing news aggregate sites in both the traditional maintream and alternative news sites.  This is so illogical, or is it? Is there really a logic behind the  madness of  Google’s slash and burn approach to media control?

A Search for Answers

As I have discussed this with many on both sides in the media, here is what I have concluded. There are two theories that jump to the forefront which seeks to explain what is happening:

  1. Google is willing to destroy some of its liberal media  partners in order to eradicate the message of freedom coming from the Independent Media. This is simply what I originally thought as I began to uncover what was going with censorship against the so-called alt right. However, as a result of two discussions I have had with two major figures in the main-stream-media, I have to consider a second hypothesis.
  2. Google representsa n oligarchy that is seeking control over as much as they can gain control and Google is their instrument. This belief is fueled by a couple of things. First. a CBS news article published in 2011 entitled “Social Media Is a Tool of the CIA. Seriously”  reveals the “unspoken truth” which the mainstream media including CBS have failed to address. The CIA is  “using Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social media to spy on people.” “You don’t need to wear a tinfoil hat to believe that the CIA is using Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social media to spy on people. That’s because the CIA publishes a helpful list of press releases 
[link inactive] on all the social media ventures it sponsors, via its technology investment arm In-Q-Tel.  It is becoming increasingly clear that Google is a pawn being used to control as much as possible. Finally, a confidential source has informed the CSS that Amazon and Facebook are planning to align against Google’s domination of the Internet. Google now has the ability to apply a strangle hold over any Internet entity.

Google’s reach extends beyond the Internet and E-Commerce. They now dominate the appliance industry with Google Assistant as they have no competition. Google is applying the strategy of vertical integration and it looks like John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. What’s next? Control over the nation’s military forces? Is there any limit to Google’s control? Does this domination have an end point?


When one considers the totality of the implications of Google’s growing monopoly, this robber baron of the modern era is the greatest threat to democracy.

Finally, this article would not be complete without identifying those indivduals responsible for attempting to destroy our democratic ideals.

Sundar Pichai
Chief Executive Officer
Google, Inc.

Lawrence Page
Chief Executive Officer/Director
Alphabet, Inc.

Sergey Brin
Alphabet, Inc.

Eric Schmidt
Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors
Alphabet, Inc.


If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever. - George Orwell


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  1. Abby September 1, 2017 at 11:51 am

    Can anyone offer alternatives the any freedom loving person can use? What are the alternatives to google, facebook and you tube. Let’s defund them.

  2. Debbie Curtis September 1, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    Use Startpage search engine. View your document via ‘Proxy’.

  3. Jackie Puppet September 1, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    I didn’t think there’d be a Amazon/Facebook vs. Google impending showdown in the near future. We know Amazon (Jeff Bezos) has made a $600M deal with the CIA, and FB is rumored to be a CIA creation headed by Mark Zuckerberg (a Rockefeller ?). I’m not aware of Google ties with the CIA, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

    Could this be an internecine feud within the CIA?

  4. Miranda September 2, 2017 at 7:27 am

    While reading this article, an image popped into my head – I imagined a Nazi and Google goosestepping, side by side and a caption above it read “Goosestepping with Google”. SCARY. What search engines can we use, that are not run by Google?

  5. robert g bernardini September 2, 2017 at 8:10 am

    I tried to leave Google I removed Google Chrome removed Google search engines from Internet Explorer and Monzilla Firefox by the time I was done . I basically couldn’t find any alternative websites
    on the internet I could pull a video up but the background was totally blank . In other words remove all of Google and forget viewing youtube videos . I ended up re-installing Google Chrome then everything was back to normal .Talk about control they already have it . The Goliath needs to be taken down they just do whatever they please with no rules or laws to minimize the damage .

  6. Thomas Jeff September 2, 2017 at 8:48 am

    Google needs to be regulated like any monopoly. Just like how Ma Bell was broken up, Google needs to be broken up.

  7. Seen2013 September 2, 2017 at 9:43 am

    The Alphabet is connected to articles surrounding “The Futurist”. There was an article surrounding the topic around the 2016 election cycle in which the “The Futurist” interviewed discussed:
    -Multiple functional building through redoing the zoning that includes monitoring.
    -Drone Cars aka Driver less Cars that discourage travel outside urban settings as it’s bad for the urban center.
    -Promote and encourage Urban cores.
    -Emphasis on technological advancement and sustainable development.

    It reminds me of the Forum for Future Dwelling who discusses four proposals for future urban sprawl that requires massive spending to finish the transition from an Capital Structure economy to agricultural-consumerist-service economy, which is a capital exchange economy predominantly towards the top and eventually leads to indentured, indentured servitude, and outright slavery. It is the economic model utilized dating to 1492 and prior including the Holy Roman Empire and Confederate States of America.

  8. CD September 2, 2017 at 10:41 am

    Which is why I am returning to the pre-internet world.

  9. Amos September 2, 2017 at 11:00 am

    Google = Skynet

  10. Mindy Eve September 3, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    We do not live in a democracy. “Democracy” is what is wrong with this Republic We need to refrain from using that
    God awful word….

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