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Google’s Extremely Biased Coverage of the State of the Union Address

The purpose of this article is to provide an analysis of the State of the Union Address provided by President Trump on the evening of January 30, 2018.

President Trump Finest Moment

President Trump was never more on point than he was during his State of the Union speech on Tuesday night. The President provided a message of hope and pride as America is turning the corner in terms of being faithful to its mission to serve the interests of the people, not the globalists. There are a couple of issues that stood out for me. The most notable wasthe good news regarding African-American employment.

African-American unemployment rate stands at the lowest rate ever recorded”.  President Trump

And how did the black caucus of the Democratic Party respond? Did they applaud this noteworthy and historic achievement? No! They just sat there on their ____ and could not even celebrate what they say they stand for which is equality for all black people. How ironic is it that white male Republicans were cheering the good news regarding low black unemployment and the very people who are supposed to care deeply for issues involving black people could not put their two hands together in recognition of this accomplishment? This morning, if I were a black American, I would be looking for a new party and a new set of leaders.

Many of our economic indicators are at a 45 year high“. President Trump

Again, the Democrats displayed their stone faces refusing to celebrate America’s changing fortunes. One can only conclude that the Democratic Party could give a damn about black people and the overall welfare of America. The Democrats only want regime change and the installation of a totalitarian, extreme socialist state and the people (black) be damned.  How long will it be until the majority of our black brothers and sisters realize that this President is dedicated to their success as he is to success of all Americans? How long will it be until all clear-thinking and intelligent black people say no to the party that promises them everything and then provides them nothing? I almost have the hope that America, under the leadership of Donald Trump, could be shedding the divide and conquer approach of the Deep State as expressed through the Democratic Party. After watching the President’s speech, I am hopeful that all Americans, regardless of color, will realize that our enemy is not each other, it is the globalist-orientated group called the Deep State that wants rob all of their freedoms. The President’s speech was one of unity for all Americans and this is why the globalist controlled Internet and mainstream media pulled out all the stops to chastize this message of unity.

This prejudice was never more on display than it was with Google’s coverage of the search engine term, “The State of the Union Address”.

Extreme Search Engine Prejudice

Many seasoned combatants in the so-called war against the globalist takeover of the United States, undertand that “We the People” face enormous forces which are trying to censor conservative viewpoints by any means possible. Google dominates the Internet like no other large corporation dominates their field. Google controls 80% of all search engine traffic. If Google views one’s publications, or video production (i.e. Youtube) as being pro-American, pro-Christian and favors individual talent and effort as predictors of success, the search engine traffic will be directed away from that source

If on the other hand, if Google views a website as being pro-globalist, anti-Christian and anti-American, the views of the site are disseminated without restriction. And if a site is a major MSM entity, Google will “help” the site to dominate a topic with its search engine traffic.

It is almost as interesting, in addition to the content of the President’s speech, is how the coverage of the speech was allocated on search engine traffic. Were all sides of the political debate represented in Google’s search engine traffic on the State of the Union address? Or, did Google exercise extreme yellow journalism and only provide the anti-Trump news coverage of the event? The answer is that extreme bias and prejudice WAS ON FULL DISPLAY by Google, who as I stated controls 80% of all search engine traffic, was on full display as the most negative presentation of the State Union Address was presented.

At 7AM (Eastern), with the use of a Google search engine query, with the subject of the search being “The State of the Union” address, only the extreme and very liberal globalist media outlets were listed on page one of the search. Here is a summary of the page one of Google’s listings for the State of the Union address.

1-3. Positions 1-3 were occupied by king of fake newlivs, CNN

4, New York Times delivered a highly critical rebuke of the President’s message.

5. CBS News was listed as the source that carried the live address.

6. The ultra-liberal NPR was scathing in their analysis of the speech.

7. The mouthpiece of the Trilateral Commission, The Atlantic, was highly crticial of the speech because it contained protectionist aspects to the Presidential message (i.e. globalism vs. nationalism).

8. NBC was critical of the speech and there were hints of racial overtones.

9. CNN provided more negative analysis.

10. The Washington Post was scathing in their analysis and obscured the message of hope for the future.

11. Page one of the Google Search Engine listings for the State of the Union Address was rounded out by the primary business partner of the CIA, the Washington Post, in which they were predictably critical of the speech.

Every single source listed on page one of the Google Search Engine traffic was represented by ultra-liberal anti-Trump interests. There was not one conservative source listed on page one (i.e. Fox news, Breitbart, etc.). In fact the Google scorecard for page one of their search engine traffic read, Globalists 11 – Nationalists 0.  Could there possibly be a more biased, propaganda-laden coverage than that provided by Google?

As they say in the infomercial business “Wait, there’s more”… The prejudical coverage was even more in evidence as one dug deeper in the latter pages of the search. One page two, NPR received four mentions and there was still not one conservative site listed until my search reached the end of page four. Fox News, one of the world’s largest news outlets, did not receive one mention in the Google Search Engine until it appeared late into page four. Even Wikipedia was listed before Fox News.  Breitbart did not appear in this search until page eight. I concluded my search at page nine and NOT ONE CONSERVATIVE, INDEPENDENT MEDIA SITE WAS LISTED BY GOOGLE.


If one could be considered to be politically naive, the Internet (i.e. Google) is rigged to the point that such a politically unaware person, which would comprise over 50% of the nation, would never be exposed to a pro-American, nationalistic and pro-Christian point of view because very few would ever go beyond page two of an internet search.

I came away from the State of the Union address with two takes. One, despite the best efforts of the Deep State and the Democrats, Trump is succeeding. Two, both of these dark forces are dedicated to the destruction of American and that makes the Democratic Party, public enemy number one and the media is public enemy number two.

CNN convicts themselves for extreme bias in their reporting with the following stories.

Top stories

Trump greets the union with an open hand and a clenched fist
3 hours ago

CNN Instant poll: Trump gets least positive reaction in at least 20 years
7 hours ago

One final takeaway, if there needed to be a reason to totally ignore the MSM and support the Independent media, this issue provides ample justification. The justification to regulate Google as an unregulated monopoly by the government, is also on full display.


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  1. […] post Google’s Extremely Biased Coverage of the State of the Union Address appeared first on GOV’T […]

  2. Carlie Wolf January 31, 2018 at 6:45 am

    It took me at least a half an hour to find a live feed for the State of the Union speech on the Internet search engine last night. It became very obvious to me that any source that was not left based political was not coming up. It was abhorrent. I finely found one where I could listen to the speech without the annoying biased background conjectures and decide it’s forth on it’s own merits. The manipulation of the Internet was so in your face that a blind man would readily see the disregard of free flow of information for Americans.

  3. Ed Vallejo January 31, 2018 at 6:59 am

    Since you mentioned it…

    Yesterday I wanted to know what time it started. I use Yahoo! search because the results are more 2A friendly, so I put in “SOTU start time”.

    I was astounded by the results. All but the second result on the list were for OBAMA speeches! To top it off, the one result I got for Trump didn’t even have the time in it. I had to search again.


  4. DB January 31, 2018 at 10:07 am


    I thought the president did a good job overall. I would have like for him to read the released FISA memo at the SOTU, but I’m greedy :).

    What I saw on the democrats faces was one word, and I am being honest. It was evil. Evil countenance which comes from an evil heart. It’s not hard to see the pedophile or murderer in these faces. It’s just what my eyes saw.

    Lastly…hey Pelosi there’s a thing called dental floss, USE IT BEFORE YOU GO OUT!

  5. Judy January 31, 2018 at 10:19 am

    Fake News MSM=what happens when you let Judeo-Bolsheviks hijack and takeover your media.

  6. laura ann January 31, 2018 at 1:45 pm

    Agree, the leftist media is pro dems and the dems acted like idiots last eve, Schumer even made a face into the camera when Trump was speaking on boarders and immigration. Dems were an utter disgrace to say the least. Why did they refuse to stand up for vets and the flag? because they are useless dems.

  7. Sophie January 31, 2018 at 1:54 pm

    I was able to see the complete State of the Union address on C-Span, after the video of it, which I have saved was pulled, last night. I have not yet read your article, above, but I did get glimpses of the outrageous MSM treatment of the speech, as I attempted to find another copy.

    The speech was truly outstanding. Every Patriot who has been able to see it could make sure to encourage other Americans to watch it in its entirety. Is is clear that President Trump has already met the high standard of President Kennedy and may already be recognized to have surpassed it. Truly, he can rebuild America and this is a great gift. Trump presents a number of heroic persons in his speech. The last reminds us of the kind of regime that we could succumb to, if Americans do not come together. There could be a world wide regime of the cruelty of North Korea. With God’s grace, we will escape this fate.

  8. cheryl January 31, 2018 at 2:27 pm

    I loved President Trumps first State of the Union address, I found it very encouraging. Sadly I was very disappointed by the Democrats childish behavior. I felt they were extremely rude to our President. I pray that God will open the American peoples eyes to see that the majority of Democrats hate our country and the American people. Hopefully they get will get voted out on their next reelection.

  9. Dan M. January 31, 2018 at 2:45 pm

    ‘It’s not Republicans and Democrats. It’s Liberals and Americans.’ -James Watt

  10. Brian January 31, 2018 at 3:30 pm

    It was so good…he might be the false prophet!!!

    He was selected…not elected…always remember that!!!

  11. Liz Misa February 1, 2018 at 5:21 am

    I really enjoyed the president’s speech. I think it was his best ever. It was very positive. How can those idiots be so negative. We the people are tired of it and will not sucomb to their stupidity. I turned the tv off after the speech, nothing the democrats could have said would be relavant! Plus I don’t watch any of those negative channels you mentioned.

  12. Susan Beer February 1, 2018 at 7:41 am

    I agree that President Trump gave the most amazing SOTU address I ever remember hearing. The only way he could have topped it was to read the unredacted FISA memo!!! This is a good man, who intends good for our country and others. It is a shame that he faces such opposition from the Deep State and their client swamp-creatures, but he’s the only one with the guts and the fire in the gut to take these b*stards on. He had to know he was risking his life, and if he didn’t, he surely does now. God bless this man, and protect him and his family. And I’m still praying the Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin become friends. They may not always agree with each other, but I believe they understand each other, and with good will on both sides, our world will be safer for them getting together.

  13. Russell O Owen February 1, 2018 at 8:34 am

    It took me so long just to find Trump’s state of the union address on Google. Screw the media, especially Google, the CNN of the net.

  14. David Rooney February 1, 2018 at 8:52 am

    I was unable to watch live Tuesday night, the next morning I “GOOGLED” State of The Union 2018. Close to the bottom of page one I found VOX with the recorded in full State of the Union.

  15. Harold Bell February 1, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    good article Dave – keep up the good work.

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