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History Will Show that Kanye West Is Changing America

Before my site is taken down for much needed revisions due to attacks from Google and coupled with the fact that our audience numbers are soon going to exceed our present carrying capacity, I wanted to share some thoughts with all of you.

It is my belief that the visit of Kanye West to the White House could very well prove to be a seminal event in the modern history of this country.

An age old question about the significance of history on a people is as follows: Does history make the man or does the man make history?

There are times when an unlikely figure appears and that person serves as a catalyst for significant change.

President Trump and Black Supporters

When President Trump took office, his approval rating among Black voters was in the neighborhood of 7%. A recent Rasmussen Poll placed Trump support from Black voters had exploded to 36%. I was initially shocked, but as the analytical part of my brain kicked in, I am not surprised. Black unemployment is the lowest in American history, thanks in large part to the efforts of Black people and the economic policies of Donald Trump. The same can be said for historical low unemployment rates for women, Hispanics and Asians. Yet, we were all told when Trump was elected, he was a racist, he hated women and he hated gay people. I do not agree with everything this President has said, done and not done. However, this President has provided a rallying point for all Americans, particularly people of color that the Democratic Party has not provided in 70 years of the Civil Rights Movement.

Martin Luther King and his followers were masterful in using the Democratic Party to advance the cause of equality. However, as the days of “I Have a Dream” speech faded into the annals of history, the Democratic Party failed to advance the standing of Black people. Under Democratic leadership, our inner cities have often become war zones and zones of economic destitution. We lose far too man young black males to prison and to premature and violent deaths.

Why do I care? Since my very early days on this planet, I always found myself supportive of civil rights. At an early age, I was embarrassed by parts of my country’s history in which our forefathers were so very exploitive of various groups of people. Maybe, I just root for the underdog. But I can tell you in my role as a retired college basketball coach, I have seen the devastation of families who experience a definitive lack of opportunity. I have seen what opportunities my sport provided to athletically talented young men. I have seen firsthand the joy and the promise of hope that Black parents feel when their son goes off to college. As I recruited these young men, I promised these parents that I would love and care for their sons as if they were my own. And as God is my witness, I did my best and I did so for all my players regardless of their backgrounds.  I have seen many of these young men enter the fields of coaching, teaching, finance, engineering, the clergy, law, etc. I have seen the miracles that can occur when people are given opportunities to succeed when those avenues were previously closed to so many. I also understand why so many Black people feel disenfranchised by the government and why so many ran to the Democrats for help. However, the help never came. The Democrats have nothing to show for the civil rights movement beyond legislation and a few court cases that are over 60 years old.

This is a new day, and as I speak to so many Blacks in the present time, they are optimistic. They are not being fed false promises by this President, they are being fed opportunity and there has been no mention of these results in the MSM except by Fox News. It is almost as if the MSM wants Black people to come up short, economically, so they will continue to flock to the failed policies of wealth redistribution.

Kanye West: Does History Make the Man or Does the Man Make History?

An age old question about the significance of history on a people is as follows: Does history make the man or does the make the man.

What we just witnessed in the oval office, was a seminal event. The potential for reaching a permanent change in our society is at hand. The political landscape is changing as well. If large numbers of Blacks continue to give themselves permission to think for themselves and act on their own behalf, the Democratic Party is dead in the water.

In his occasional gruff language, Kanye West told President Trump that he wanted safer neighborhoods, meaningful prison reform, continued economic opportunities, etc. What American in their right mind would not want the things that Kanye West is advocating for? The Democratic leadership doesn’t. They want a desperate Black affiliation that will continue to cling to the false promises of opportunity, unfilled promises spanning the last 60 years of history in this country.

Role Model

The leftist media twisted West’s message. They focused on the expletives instead of the message for hope and a better America. An “F” bomb uttered by West was more important to Don Lemon of CNN than the unifying voices behind Black equality and opportunity.

Kanye West is a successful rapper and fashion designer. He is a capitalist. He sincerely wants all people to experience success in America, not just Blacks. The latter statement is very Martin Luther Kingesque.

Kanye West is not a politician. He is who he is. That is why we should not judge him by his exuberance, but by the content of his message.  Young Black people are watching the music artist that they have supported. They are listening to his message of hope. Kanye West is changing perceptions among young, Black youth in ways that we cannot measure. He is providing hope. He is a defacto role model and this scares the living hell out of the Democratic establishment.

The Leadership of the Democratic Party Have Set Civil Rights Back 70 Years

What the Democratic leadership doesn’t want is Black people who think outside the victim mentality of the Democratic Party ideology that is long on promise and very short on delivery.

The Democrats should be rallying around West’s expressed goals. But they are afraid of losing control of the taken-for-granted minority that the Democrats have controlled all of these decades.

And what did Kanye West get for this trouble? The following statements were made on Don Lemon’s CNN show:

He’s Trump’s token Negro

This is what happens when Negro’s can’t read

CNN trotted out Black people to deliver these racial slurs. I would ask, aren’t these the real Uncle Toms. Shame on CNN for denigrating the gains made by the Black worker in this country. And shame on them for denigrating a man for championing opportunity over a path of continued victimization.

There is more but you get the idea. They are painting West as the stereotypical Uncle Tom as someone is disloyal to his race because he dares to think outside the Democratic box. Just ask Diamond and Silk. Ask Candace Owens. Black people who take a stand for traditional American values of opportunity are vilified for their efforts. However, this time, the Democrats have someone by the tail who young Black people listen to and the Obamanites and the Clintonistas are seeing the beginning of the end.

It is a new day in America.  If the Rasmussen Polls are wrong and Trump’s Black approval rating is only half of what they say it is, the Democrats are done. Even an 19% approval rate will sink the Democrats. This is why they are turning into a violent mob. Watch out America, here come the false flags.

Finally, is history making Kanye West into a figure of national change? Or is Kanye West that is making history? It is a little of both and this movement could be the catalyst for real change in America. And watch out globalists because a rising tide of successful Black workers are not going to embrace the politics of globalism when the politics of Trump nationalism works so well.

Important Announcement

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  1. Margie Moffett October 12, 2018 at 9:29 am

    I. Appreciate you and your messages. I will donate whatever I can.

  2. Lois October 12, 2018 at 1:52 pm

    I’m black and I voted for Trump and will do so in 2020! Also, DID NOT vote for Obama’s 2nd term!!!

  3. Vietkonggook October 12, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    November elections is the end of the democratic party. They are very scared bec their divide and conquer strategy isnt working no more. People have awakened.

  4. Toejamicus October 12, 2018 at 5:56 pm

    Mr West seems to have escaped the Democrat’s Black plantation. Many other Blacks, who can reason for themselves, will also be joining others who have and are moving off the reservation of welfare dependency and 99 percent self inflicted victimization. It’s going to be a difficult row to hoe for the American Black community with 3-4 generations dependent on welfare. Many of the Democrat’s house “Negroes” who have a vested interest in the status quo will push back under the pretense that socialism and cultural Marxism is the salvation of the Black community. Prior to the so-called “Civil Rights” movement which in essence was part and parcel of Cultural Marxism of the Frankfort School, Black illegitimacy was far less then the current 70 plus and Black family life was more the norm of a Mom and Dad at home rising the kids to be more self sufficient and responsible Americans. The bottom line in looking back over the last 70 years, the civil rights movement did not do the Black Americans any real favors. MLK was in fact on the Democratic Cultural Marxist-American Communist party plantation which has led to the present situation. So lets not get our hopes up. It has taken over 70 years of the Marxist/Frankfort school indoctrination to where this country is now. The Communist Bill Ayers andObama being the latest example.It will take many years to turn around the thinking of not only many of the Blacks but also most every one else. Of course none of this is going to go anywhere as long as the Cultural Marxists in control of public schools, universities, governments, and the work place in general, keeps kicking the American White male to the curb as the bad guys in this Marxist drama.

  5. Sandra Henley October 13, 2018 at 3:31 am

    That was a great analysis. I would love for more rising advocates to begin to expose the fallacy of classifying racial categories by complexion. As you know, there is only one race created by God, the human race and within our species we have many various characteristics. So to line up a bunch of people who have dark complexions and tout they all are Africans would be incorrect. For instance, Obama’s ethnicity is European and African, yet he is referred to as African American. As you noted, Kanye was classified as a traitor to his race. In reality, that would mean he is a traitor to the human race and that is ludicrous. However, the radical left has moved away from rational, logical thinking and will say anything to create hate and division among humankind.

  6. Elinor October 13, 2018 at 4:20 am

    Everyone should fear for Kayne West’s life! Remember what happened to MLK and absolutely nothing says that same scenario won’t happen again. Kayne West is very brave and right on message to all Black people. Go Kayne and our President.

  7. Jim Raschke October 13, 2018 at 5:46 am

    Deep state keeps trying to reprogram Kanye. Pray for Kanye because we remember what happened to Michael Jackson and Prince when they spoke out about new world order and geo-engineering “chem-trailing” our skies!

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