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Humanity’s Ultimate Weapon

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Humanity is presently locked in a pitched battle for survival. Our traditions, our cultures, our health and longevity, our mental health and our spiritual well-being, are gravely threatened by self-serving allies of some very dark forces that we often refer to as Satan. Subsequently, when we reduce the world’s conflicts to the lowest common denominator, what we are left with is a battle between good and evil. And for now, evil is winning hands down.

jfkAs John Kennedy pointed out in his, now famous Secret Societies speech, the globalists are well-funded, well equipped and seemingly control everything. Today, we see the manifestation of the dark side and their desire to destroy humanity in the form of fluoride and psychotropic drugs in the water, chemtrails in the sky, GMO’s in our food supply, DNA and RNA alterations, various forms of mind control, exposure to dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiation, the destruction of our oceans and seas through catastrophic events such as Fukushima and the Gulf oil explosion, the continuing fighting of elective wars of global domination which benefit nobody but the bankers which could culminate in an extinction level event called World War III.

transhumanism 1While humanity wallows in these multitude of challenges to our survival, the global elite are developing well-documented quantum leaps in life extension technologies through a series of experiments emanating out of a general area which we label as transhumanism. Transhumanism was originally designed as a vehicle to capture and negate the power of the soul. The Frankenstein folklore is a manifestation of these attempts at producing soulless creatures. Having proven unsuccessful in their attempts, the global elite have decided to permanently alter the fundamental structure of humanity in which they hope we lose the connection to our soul which is the well spring of free will and the essence of what we are which is the likeness of God on Earth. Even our popular entertainment media is championing the bifurcation of critical resources between the haves and the have-knots. For example, in the movie, Hunger Games, the ruling elite living in Capital City possessed life enhancing technologies that the rest of the people couldn’t even dream about. In the recent movie, Man of Steel, the birth of who we would come to call, Superman, represented the first live birth in centuries on the mythical planet of Krypton. The movie made it clear that everyone else, on Krypton, for the past several centuries, had been bred for a specific purpose in which to serve the leaders of society in a transhumanist culture where genes were turned on and turned off as it befitted the leadership of the planet to breed people with specific skill sets. In the soon-to-be-released movie Elysium, the elite don’t even live on the earth, as they exist in a disease-free and idyllic world while leaving the bulk of humanity to suffer in universal Third World conditions.

Any researcher who has studied transhumanism, to any degree, recognizes the themes of these popular movies as a representation of where the science is headed.

Additionally, the global elite are moving to control the distribution of all food and all water as well as to remove the essential elements of self-protection from its global citizens in such legislative actions as the United Nations Small Arms Treaty Ban. We are plunging headlong into a nightmarish existence controlled by evil entities with no conscience. These are entities who do not live by the same morals, codes of ethics, laws, and spiritual principles which are imposed on the bulk of humanity in which we now exist in a type of “rules for thee but not for me.”

The elite have attempted to remove God from all secular institutions including our schools as a spiritual attack upon our children. And before you remind me that we live under a constitution which espouses the belief of separation of church and state.

It is now a crime to pray at school which negates our children's inherent power.

It is now a crime to pray at school which negates our children’s inherent power.

Let me remind you that the founding fathers did not envision a nation in which we had freedom from religion instead of the intended freedom of religion. This was a 1960’s detour which has had catastrophic consequences for the citizens of our time. Since the 1960’s, our country has witnessed continuous war, the murder of 53 million innocent human beings and the spread of unconscionable tyranny and violence to those who would oppose the will of international bankers around the world and we Americans have served as their army of enforcement and compliance. Therefore, by definition, our government and its overall leadership, with some exceptions, should be considered to be evil.

The globalists control all industry and decide to a large extent who gets elected by various means. They control the banks, the corporations and the government and, today, there is virtually no distinction between the three. On the surface, the global elite seems invincible because they have duped humanity into serving them while we fund our own demise through the fruits of our labors.The forces running the planet, mostly made up of unscrupulous, ruthless and satanic international bankers as well as the heads of monolithic corporations, are seemingly hell-bent on implementing their depopulation, eugenics based corporate-fascist domination of humanity. Is there any hope?

There is no hope as long as we use the tools of the evil to fight evil. In other words, the presence of 300 million hand guns in America is a good stop gap provision for self-protection, but it should be considered as an the end goal.

There Is Another Way

As human beings, we have incredible superpowers which would make the superheroes very envious. As I pointed out in part one of this series, we have clear and irrefutable proof of the following:

1. Human beings, beyond the laws of statistical probability, have the ability to anticipate unseen and unheard danger. Research studies in the area of social psychology have demonstrated that people can usually tell when they’re being stared at from behind even when there are no possible sensory cues to tip them off. This ability has obvious implications towards our survivability and, therefore, should be considered to be a natural part of the repertoire that we possess in order to maximize and enhance our prospects for longevity.

2. Human beings, as demonstrated in the “Princeton Eggs” experiments, have the unconscious ability, as manifested in our autonomic nervous system, to anticipate catastrophic danger 3 to 4 hours in advance of the event. Part one demonstrated that on a global scale, the two biggest anticipated dangers as indicated by a spike in autonomic nervous system reactions, were the events of 9/11 and the Tsunami of 2004.

3. Human beings, as demonstrated in a multitude of double-blind research studies, have the ability to affect a physical change in the environment when collective mental processes are utilized in harmony in a phenomena known as mass consciousness. The mass consciousness experiments have been very public and even embraced by popular media figures such as Art Bell. 

These three examples which I referenced in part one are only a tip of the iceberg. If you have never heard of these powers, or think they are merely a child’s fantasy, I would encourage you to read part one before proceeding to the following information. I have also included a partial annotated bibliography for your review. Research results on human consciousness may not speak as loudly as the propaganda of the mainstream media, but the results speak the truth much more loudly than our friends do from the corporate controlled media.

The Laws of the Universe

The Supreme Creator fashioned the universe based upon a very consistent and predictable scientific set of processes. As I began to become exposed to some of the good research being done by scientists such as Dean Radin, I was forced to take note of the sophistication of the research data which was highly suggestive of the fact that we, as human beings, possess incredible and seemingly magical powers.

Once I became awake to the conspiracy of the bankers who have hijacked the planet’s governments and economic systems, did I come to view the suppression of human potential as a conspiracy to limit the growth and power of every person on the planet with ultimate enslavement as the goal. Subsequently, as I continue to write various installments in this present series, I wish to point out to all that, (1) these powers can be scientifically demonstrated; (2) each and every human being can harness these powers and collectively utilize these powers for the greater good; and, (3) it is important to bring awareness to the fact that these abilities can only be harnessed to their potential only if they’re being used in the spirit of love, cooperation and equally applied for the benefit of all.

The information being set forth in this series is not proprietary nor secretive. In fact, several have written in depth analyses of these phenomena. However, within the alternative media and the truth movement, I see a large knowledge gap, thereby, creating the need to bring this information out to a different audience.


The Effectiveness of Prayer

Can we pray our way out of the difficulties that we are in now? The answer is both yes and no. If we could awaken humanity to the nature of the threat which imperils all life on this planet, and we could impart the knowledge on how to use prayer as an instrument of defense against these forces, the answer would be yes. However, with the present levels of ignorance on the part of humanity and the lack of knowledge on how to effectively utilize prayer, the answer is a no and we will continue to slide into the abyss of tyrannical enslavement and extermination.


We should all be working to enlighten our fellow man in both areas. The following contains critical information, that if known by the masses would constitute a clear and present danger for the global elite. Let’s begin demonstration of the power of prayer by an examination of the science behind the healing at a distance through the use of prayer.


Healing Prayer at a Distance


We can heal people from long distances using the power of prayer.

We can heal people from long distances using the power of prayer.

The term “distant healing” has actually made its way into the lexicon of the National Institute of Health (NIH). Many medical facilities, including hospitals, referred to this phenomenon by various terms including prayer, spiritual healing and non-local healing. Just within the past few years, two major peer-reviewed journals have published studies on healing at a distance. The Annals of Internal Medicine published a review of 28 double-blind distant healing studies from reputable journals which came to the stunning conclusion that there is enough evidence to support a measurable effect of prayer at a distance and that more research was warranted and needed. Additionally, The Archives of Internal Medicine published a study, which reviewed the health data of 990 cardiac patients who were prayed for in a double-blind study. In this study, the people did not know that they were either being prayed for, or were not being prayed for. Further, in keeping with the tenets of double-blind studies, the people doing the praying did not know the individuals they were praying for. The praying people merely had a list of first names and last initials representing the people that were being prayed for. The survival rate of the group prayed for was significantly and measurably higher than the control group, in which nobody was prayed for.


To the religious zealots who believe that their dogma is the only true dogma, I have disappointing news. The fundamental belief system of the person doing the praying did not seem to alter the results. I do not believe that this negates any one worldview, it simply removes the arrogance from anyone’s worldview! Arrogance and selfishness are the antithesis of this process.


Does experience with praying make a difference in the outcome? It is interesting to note that many of the people in the formal studies used experienced “healers,” while many studies have demonstrated that novices are just as effective. However, there is empirical evidence which suggests that these skills can be taught. Various schools and disciplines (e.g. Reiki, Therapeutic Touch) have collectively produced nearly a half of a million of trained “prayer” practitioners on the skills related to intercessory prayer.


Stunningly, the National Institute of Health is calling for more research to address the question of how to integrate healing at a distance prayers into the practices of mainstream medicine. Dr. Larry Scherwitz, who was the co-director research at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California, has designed guided imagery techniques, not unlike the ones used by athletes, to this end. The goal of these practices is to teach cardiac patients the ability to control blood flow in order to minimize dangerous complications which can occur during surgery. What separates Scherwitz’s approach from the “mainstream” is that he also teaches the techniques to the family members of the patient. Prior to the surgery, the family takes a walk in order to collectivize and unify their intentions. Then, while the patient is asleep on the operating table, the family works with the therapist practicing the guided imagery in which they visualize minimal bleeding, a steady heart rate and a steady hand on the part of the surgeon. They end the session with what is called end-result imagery in which the patient awakens easily, experiencing comfort and is in an alert state. These practices, according to Scherwitz, are adaptable to all types of surgery. This approach to surgery parallels the physics which underlies quantum entanglement which was discussed in part one of this series. The NIH has issued a grant to study healing at a distance.


Two Types of Prayer and When to Use Each


A 501 c 3 is definitely not the church for me.

A 501 c 3 is definitely not the church for me.

Many readers know that I am not a fan of the modern church. If Jesus were here today, he not only would chase the money changers from our temples, he would also chase the pastors, rabbis and priests from their pulpits for their abrogation of the word of God. There can be no doubt that the church has been totally subverted. Most churches are 501 3 c tax exempt foundations who are compromising their spiritual mission to the will of the IRS. This has resulted in a cowardly church which is afraid to challenge governmental authority even when it violates word of God in such practices as abortion and widespread war resulting in the death of millions of innocent people.


The church should be a beacon of resistance against the encroaching tyranny upon America because the tyranny is satanically inspired and violates every precept of the Bible. But from the pulpits, America’s pastors act as is there is no outside world to worry about and that is because most of them belong to NOVAD which is an organization controlled by DHS designed conscript religious leaders to the government’s side in times of emergency. Don’t serve the recipients of 30 pieces of silver.


The biggest sin in today’s churches is not that they do not stand up and challenge the Satanically inspired tyranny of the government, their biggest sin is that they do not teach their flock how to pray and what type of prayer to use and in what type of situations.


Faith can move mountains. However, the expression of prayer can take two forms and according to the good work of the Spindrift organization, there are two types of prayer:

1. “Goal-directed prayer is conditional prayer.  Directed prayer sets up conditions to be met.  Conditional prayer constructs borders to follow to arrive at specific results.”

2. “Non goal-directed prayer is unconditional prayer.  Unconditional prayer has no borders or biases or conditions to be met.  Non directed prayer promotes order and resolution.  Non directed prayer creatively changes circumstances in unexpected ways.  Creative prayer could create a way where there is no way.

When I have talked about these concepts to various groups, they often ask which is the best to use? That is not the right question. The proper question is when to use each one and in what situation. So far in this article, we have only see the application of goal-directed prayer (i.e. the healing of specific medical conditions). When praying for the reversal of a dire medical condition, goal-directed prayer is ultimately the only effective approach. However, if one were to pray for our enemies, the globalists (e.g. Rockefeller, Rothschild, Soros, Gore, Obama, etc.), non goal-directed prayer would be best in terms of a “thy will be done” approach. In these types of prayer we are asking for the best possible outcome. When I have prayed about the evils of transhumanism, I do not ask for the abolition of the science. Universal laws are very literal, and the science of transhumanism cannot be defeated with a focused prayer because it is too complicated and diverse. I do not desire to stop legitimate science (e.g. transplants), so we need to be careful what we pray for. Therefore, non goal-directed prayer in which we ask for the best possible outcome would be the wisest choice.

Bruce Klingbeil, the founder of Spindrift, commented about the difference between goal-directed prayer and non goal-directed prayer.  He said, “One is the use of will. The other is the release of will.” I would also add a caveat, if in doubt, use non-directed prayer.


Sadly, Bruce and his son were found dead under very mysterious conditions, just like Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings. The powers that be do not want this information in your possession. This is why most of humanity is not taught how to pray and what is the true nature of prayer. In our churches, most worshipers simply do a cheap imitation of what their DHS compromised pastors pray for, which is usually for you to be generous with your tax exempt donations to the church. As an aside, any church which serves the IRS over God is not worthy of your spiritual allegiance.


When the two types of prayer are combined with the power of intention, which is actually a subset of goal-directed prayer, mankind can indeed use their faith to move mountains. This notion is explored in a future installment in this series in which I discuss how to use the power of intention which is embedded in goal-directed prayer.



Below, I have included a partial annotated bibliography for your review.


Partial Annotated Bibliography


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  1. Eliz Andrade July 28, 2013 at 3:46 pm

    We are a global community now and we can pray for God to protect us from evil leaders wherever they are. Leave it to God to decide who they are……..but the message could get out.

  2. Who Cares July 28, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    Evil is destined to die.
    Evil produces nothing.
    Evil steals what is produced by Good.
    Evil believes it’s own delusion of superiority.
    Evil is ignorant because, it cannot reason.
    Evil cannot understand that it cannot ultimately win.
    Evil believes it can control what cannot be controlled.
    Evil requires a great expenditure of energy.
    Evil worships the 7 deadly sins.
    To be Evil = failure as a human.
    If you want to fail then, be Evil and failure will surround your life.
    If you prefer Evil to Good then, your time will be very short on this planet, even if you think you are gaining something. Evil creates the grand illusion of success. The more Evil you are, you are believing you are more superior and intelligent. Your gaining ultimately has no value because, life and truth are the only things of value.
    Evil believes Life is of little value and Truth is to be ignored.
    Power and wealth has only value on Earth.
    No where else in the Universe does, Earthly Power and Wealth have value.
    So if Evil posses Power and Wealth, Evil is stuck to the confines of Earth.
    If Evil continues to gain Earthly Power and Wealth, it will eventually posses it all but, then it has to die. Because it’s existence become of no value to itself. It has taken everything and there is nothing else to take. Evil then has no choice but to destroy itself because, there is nothing left to destroy but, itself.

    One Good idea can destroy all of Evil’s work and deceit.

  3. chris camtieny July 28, 2013 at 9:00 pm

    Amazing article, great journalism!

  4. Wayne July 28, 2013 at 10:02 pm

    My miraculous God felt desire to have the Soviet Union experience love, joy and freedom was based upon deep genuine humility and a profound yearning for goodness. My desire was anwered within a few years and I was invited to go to Saint Petersberg (Leningrad) with ten other Americans during the last year of Communism. I felt complete love, joy, and energy, which I spread all over the town, crumbling their deep fears. Most Russians were ready and this love was accepted and in turn generated by them. The Soviet union soon after crumbled. God answered our totally humble and full love desires. It is interesting to note that both Putin and Medvedev were young men Petersberg at that time and there has been a great return to God in the Russians.

  5. Peter July 28, 2013 at 11:07 pm

    Wayne , I am married to a Russian and I have been to Russia 6 times. Russia has changed so much since its collapse 22 years ago. Now people can own their own homes, companies, worship God as they please, unlike the old Soviet System. Money is pouring into Russia and they are building new highways and slowly increasing the standard of living for their people.
    It is not to say Putin is perfect. Hardly! he has eliminated some journalist and opposition leader, but it is no different than here. He got rid of 3 Jewish oligrachs who raped Russia during the 1990´s. He has siphon billions of dollars to private Swiss bank accounts for him and his chronies. But it is no different than here in the USA, except we stole TRILLIONS of dollars and gave it to the banks and black projects.
    Some people believe Putin is a closet Communist and this is a monsterous lie. He pretty much let America had a free hand in the Middle East for nearly a decade but he knew it was causing great instability and chaos the region. He is beginning to dust off some of the old Golytsin and KGB view and is rebuiding the Russian military into an eventual military showdown with the US. He has aligned with the deadly country of China. He is singlehandledly resisted America´s rape and pillage in the Middle East. Now He and China will soon implement their desire to undercut the American Empire and crush the dollar when they begin to sell it in mass in the open market. If America makes any military overture in the process, the Russians and Chinas have the combined military muscle to easily overwhelm America.
    I believe, Putin, is reluctantly being brought into this terrible future conflagration with the US because of America´s arrogance and provactive foreign policy. I am sure he has some ideas to restore Russia´s greatness too, just like any Nationalist and patriot. He is now bringing over 15,000 troops and with the combined might of Chianese and other nations sleeper cells in the US, with the traitor as President in the USA, he will bring down America at the right time. Amazing, not one nation will lift a hand to help Babylon America. It is time for the USA to reap what she has sown. You want to know the future of America, read Revelation 17 & 18 and Jeremiah 50 & 51.


  6. Trish July 28, 2013 at 11:33 pm

    Hi Dave,

    I am a psychologist too, though I don’t work as one. You are doing a great job. I suggest you look at this website. The science behind Reconnective Healing. You are right. Humanity is extraordinary, and becoming even more so with The Reconnection. http://juliejara.com/reconnective_healing/science_research

    The bad guys will not win, though I know the US is having a very bad time at the moment.

    They will not prevail thanks to wonderful human being like yourself.

  7. Peter July 28, 2013 at 11:41 pm

    Editor and all the readers, get the hell out of America before the door slams shut! It is better to be 2 years early than 1 day late. “Those who hesitate are lost”. Read the below post and see how bad America will be in a few years.

  8. Peter July 29, 2013 at 1:36 am

    Read article about america PASSIVE acceptance of their Tyrany. As I mentioned in the editor´s radio show and on the web, it is the total corruption of the people in America at large that has created these conditions and enslavement in America. period. We get the government we desrve, no more no less.


  9. John Doe July 29, 2013 at 2:58 am

    Hackers steals list of 1400 emails of Council on Foreign Relations members list and other top Illuminati leaders. I uploaded the text file with the 1400 emails here. Please write to them all and let them know how you feel about their fascism and their satanic plans for the new world order.


  10. Peter July 29, 2013 at 3:51 am

    Editor and reader…this is a VERY disturbing article. Since I live outside America, can someone please verify this information?

  11. Paul Von July 29, 2013 at 6:29 am

    Too sad. 10,000 years of prayers to non-existent gods, yields 10,000 years of ignorant fools slaughtering one another for profit (or prophets), then asking for more “blessings” from the same bastard god’s they’ve invented century after century.
    The reason “evil” persists on this planet, is that cowards and fools allow religious hacks to alter their perceptions of reality, and turn them into intellectual slaves. As long as humans wallow in the paradigm of social hierarchy, you will continue to reap the benefits of fascism, intellectual terrorism, genocide, and the systematic rationing of food, water, and access to livable lands.
    A lateral social organization is the only way out of your self-imposed prison system. You live in an infinite universe, yet believe there is a hierarchal order. Too bad you’ve proven to be less than morons. At least morons are trainable…

  12. Don July 29, 2013 at 8:36 am

    The Soviet experiment is a very good example of what is taking place. As Wayne said, at the end of the Soviet era, many of the people were very kind and responsive to a return to God. One of the biggest reasons for this is that they secretly held on to their beliefs during the Soviet times, and, along with this, they got to see evil reach its pinnacle in their country.
    A similar thing is occurring before our very eyes, except this time it involves the whole world that is coming under the control of a single group of evil. This group is not totally unified, and never will be totally unified because there is much jostling for position going on continually. I believe that this is why we cannot identify the leaders of this group as yet. Some believe it to be the US Government, some the Banksters, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergs, the Zionist Israelis, the Satanists, the Rothchilds, the Rockerfellers, the Pope, and on and on. WhoCares mentioned the principles of evil very nicely. One thing is for sure; they are all in concert to some extent or another.
    But we have to consider the fact that God is behind this and allowing it to take place. Our prayers also have to allow for this format to rid the world of this evil. I would like to show you something that most fail to consider: God said He would gather the evil together in the place called Armageddon. Many of us have thought that this Armageddon is a singular valley where God could exterminate this evil, or a place where all the evil ones would exterminate each other. But the word ‘Armageddon’ is a Hebrew word that means ‘The Mount of Megiddo’. This ‘Mount’ is an actual place in Israel where many different groups throughout the centuries controlled the valley below them. It’s kind of like a pyramid with the controllers at the top. (At least they think that they are in control. Evil is incapable of full realization of the truth). This is also amazingly depicted on our dollar bill as the pyramid with the all-seeing eye at the top. So what God is doing, is to have a giant slaughter of all evil, NOT in a valley in Israel, but He is allowing the scum to rise to the top, so that they can be easily identified, not only by Himself (which He already knows), but by all, so that the elimination will be in proper justification, and it will be remembered by all, just as the Soviet demise was a great thing to those that were under its oppression.
    Today we have the whole world coming under the oppression of a few evil people that are trying to stay hidden, and they are controlling everyone else as in a pyramid scheme, where the people higher on the pyramid can control those beneath them. But, little by little they are being exposed, and their fall is certain. This is not to say that the world will not experience a great cataclysmic convulsion, because these evil ones are not going to give up their ‘game’ until they are eliminated. They will only slowly exert pressure on the people to keep them in line without causing any more disruption than necessary, (like boiling the frog), but they will eventually come to the place where they will realize that they are losing control and/or they will just get impatient and brazen in their acts, and then will they get desperate or too bold, and go too far. But when this occurs, it will be close to their end. Jesus said “And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.” In those days it was ‘party, party, party; lets have fun, for tomorrow we die; sin at its pinnacle; until the flood came and destroyed them all. Isn’t this where we are at?, – except that all the people will not be destroyed but the evil and those that house it will be permanently dealt with.

  13. Don July 29, 2013 at 8:44 am

    I almost forgot Dave…The scum is coming to the surface, and you are doing an excellent job of bringing these things ‘up’ and identifying them by presenting them to the people. Concise and simplified! -Great work!

  14. Jim July 29, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    I am concerned that the clergy-leity system does not allow growth in Christ,

    Please respond.

  15. Frances July 29, 2013 at 8:14 pm

    I once saw a definition of True prayer:

    A constant seeking, a constant yearning, a constant desire to know the truth. That’s my prayer. Because I think consciousness plays a huge part in what gets created in our outer reality. Millions of unconscious people haven’t a thread of a hope to make a change but the faster we “get a clue” as a mass of humanity, we have a chance to reverse what seems to be an inevitable spiral towards death and destruction. The faster we “wise up” as a whole, the faster humanity can be saved from annihilation, which is what unconsciousness seems to be leaning towards. Thanks for this article. It rings true with me.

  16. doug nusbaum July 29, 2013 at 10:42 pm

    It is a shame that Mr. HOdges thinks that his god is so weak as to need lies to support him. Any 1/2 way decent search of the actually scientific literature will return many results similar to this: http://skepdic.com/essays/healingprayer1.html and

    Said results clearly that, unless the researchers lie, that any conclusions are, at best, ambiguous. ONe would think that if god were going to let people know of his existence he would not hide it under a blanket.

    as to God being in schools. I am amazed that Mr. Hodges thinks that nine men thousands of miles away can drive him out. Perhaps he means that they prevented the state from leading prayer. Now that would be upsetting to followers of the anti-christ since those who follow Jesus clearly understood what Jesus meant when he said that you should NOT pray in private, but should go into a closet and close the door. I might add that before we put in god we trust on our money it maintained its value. Seems like trusting in gold is better than trusting in god. Also, before we started praying in schools we had one of the most literate population on the plante. Of course, that was also before the government started running the schools.

    Paul Von is the only person on here that I think is mostly correct. Find out why. If you have a decent attentin span. Enter the two words orwells boot into any search engine and click on the first article after paid links. Usually under the name factotum666

  17. Tracy July 31, 2013 at 10:51 am

    Dave you forgot the first and foremost Prayer. Repentance. The peoples of this Nation have forgotten The Lord Jesus Christ. Where was the Generation when Prayer was taken out of Schools? Where were they when the Rite to Murder America’s Children became Legal. I’ll tell you… They had a martini in one hand and the remote control in the other watching the Rat Pack out of Las Vegas. Tom Brokow told them they were the Greatest Generation written in coffee table book style. Now many of that Generation are dying in Euthanasia Centers across this Country. We are reaping what they/we have sowed. Americans have no one to blame but ourselves for the MESS we are in. God has sent in our enemies to take us out from within. We have forgotten the God of our Colonial Fathers.

  18. Granny Good-Law August 1, 2013 at 5:06 am

    Let those who want to do prayer God’s way consider reading, “WAR PSALMS OF THE PRINCE OF PEACE, LESSONS FROM THE IMPRECATORY PSALMS” by James E. Adams. Yes, “imprecatory” means a CURSE. God tells us that He has cursed nations that reject His holy Law, and if we agree with Him, we are not cursing others for selfish revenge, but out of love, mercy, and grace for those who desire to walk in the Liberty wherewith Christ has set us free.

    This is the way of truth. How do I know? Because those 501c3 Church Inc. whores are not teaching it! They speak love love love, but they are not teaching true love. Do we love OUR enemies? Sure. But what do we do with GOD’S ENEMIES? What should our response be to tyrants who want to kill us? poison our water? destroy the economy? enslave us? abort our children? lace our food with deadly chemicals? change the very structure of God’s order ~ the DNA? spray poisons from planes in the skies? Do we pray for their success? Like those English folks of old, do we always say, Long live the King? If the earthly king serves the King of Kings, absolutely. If not, “may his children be fatherless and his wife a widow.” Thus saith the Lord.

    So, how do we pray for tyrants? First, we pray for their repentance, and if they do not, then we ask God to rise up in judgment and save us from their evil plans for us: for God to DESTROY them. This is not denying the love taught by Jesus in the New Testament. If we love God and His righteousness, justice, and mercy, we will HATE those who defy Him.

    “Let this be the prayer of our hearts: ‘O Christ, come in power and show forth the glory of God. Bring judgment to the wicked that they may seek you, and if not, O God, destroy all who won’t bow to you. Let them know that only you, whose name is the Lord, are the Most High over all the earth. Lord, teach us to pray, ‘If anyone does not love the Lord, a curse be on him. Come, O Lord.’ ” (1 Cor. 16:22) ~~ excerpt from page 63.

  19. jaleel shakir August 1, 2013 at 10:06 am

    The enemy of man has taken over the culture of America with perversion as the driving force to retard the mind and nature of the masses. What we are being fed today is secular humanism, atheism and objectivism as a way to a better life without any spiritual food for our souls.

  20. Jungle Monkey August 2, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    I have been thinking a lot about this for a while….

    ….”There can be no doubt that the church has been totally subverted. Most churches are 501 3 c tax exempt foundations who are compromising their spiritual mission to the will of the IRS. This has resulted in a cowardly church which is afraid to challenge governmental authority even when it violates word of God in such practices as abortion and widespread war resulting in the death of millions of innocent people.

    The church should be a beacon of resistance against the encroaching tyranny upon America because the tyranny is satanically inspired and violates every precept of the Bible. But from the pulpits, America’s pastors act as is there is no outside world to worry about”….

    This has been bothering me for some time Dave, since I have recognized this truth. I come from a strong Church which can’t donate enough, even though I know that quite a huge amount goes in, and doesn’t come back to the members in a very generous share at all. We have old equipment to teach with, old facilities they don’t want to maintain, and usually has to be done by volunteer labor. This Church is not only unwilling to acknowledge anything specific is to even be concerned about today, but they are starting to seem to me threateningly strict with their expectations of constant Church involvement and service as servitude.

    I have to wonder where do all of the donations go, and why isn’t a good percentage of this tax free income returned to the members of the Church in good facilities, equipment, and paid labor to help the community just a little too?

    I have to wonder if this Church is really somebody’s cash cow? Is that why the donations strongly go in one direction? Its like an ignored tenement building used for generating cash flow. It seems like a politically correct business enterprise.

    Individual independent thought is suppressed to the point that it may be best to keep your mouth shut around your fellow “faithfuls”, who are “well programmed”. Here’s an example: before the Scouts approved of homosexual members the Scout leaders were encouraged that the Church would not support them for that, (being against Christian teachings) and that it may even withdraw from Scouting completely! But guess what happened when the Scouts did approve of homosexual members? Its ok, be good (like your supposed to) on those over-nighters now boys! Just say no! The leaders were acting against their own teachings to be politically correct in today’s world. No problems to see here, move along.

    Its so bad, I dont feel like I have anybody to talk to about these kinds of things, sorry for dragging others in, here. I DO believe in the goodness of God & Christ, but man has made a mess of most of the Churches, I am sorry to say. And I am sworn to know the truth and to see the good and the evil. There is much more stuff to be concerned about but I will stop at that for now.

    You are very correct, Dave, Thank you for this great series of excellent writings, thanks for getting down to the truth, even if it may hurt some of us a bit.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: A church that is 501 3 c, will never preach to me and should not be allowed to preach to thee.

  21. sarah August 5, 2013 at 10:56 pm

    This article is awesome. definitely a good read

  22. Sultan beary August 7, 2013 at 10:49 am

    if there is no religion then how come this bloody 1% still ruling we 99%…
    its we, the mass should know that we are the reason for the rise of 1%…
    if the same thing continues the day is not far to see the world of 99% will be a garbage place of 1% politicians + Corporators + Media both the three are One and the same…
    We should atleast try to rise the voice and the 1% of evil spirit will be no more… Atleast have a Dream friends…


  23. Paul Revere April 23, 2015 at 6:48 am
  24. Hindsfeet April 23, 2015 at 6:52 am

    The Sovereignty of God-A.W. Pink- excerpt

    The Gospel is not an “offer” to be bandied around by evangelical peddlers. The Gospel is no mere invitation but a proclamation, a proclamation concerning Christ! true, whether men believe it or not. No man is asked to believe that Christ died for him in particular.

    The Gospel is the means which God uses in the saving of His own chosen ones.

    Psalm 35

    The title of this article may be a bit confusing to you. In the past it was confusing to me as well. We study a lot about prayer, and hopefully do it even more often, yet how often do we make an “imprecatory” one? In fact, what is an imprecatory prayer? This word isn’t even in my standard dictionary, so I had to look it up in the unabridged one. There I found this simple entry for imprecatory: “uttering an imprecation.” That didn’t help much, so I looked up “imprecation” and it all became clear. It is the “invoking of evil, a curse.” Now you might think that this is the very opposite of what we should pray for, yet under very special circumstances we find the righteous engaged in it. There are some cases where a curse is the appropriate thing. God cursed Israel (and many others) for their continued evil, and there are desperate times when we may actually be moved pray for this to happen.

    Ps. 35 is the great imprecatory prayer of a righteous man in the Old Testament. David prayed for deliverance because he was surrounded by implacable enemies. David knew that he could not win this fight alone. He needed the help of God, so he asked for it.

    1 Contend, O LORD, with those who contend with me; Fight against those who fight against me.

    2 Take hold of buckler and shield, And rise up for my help.

    3 Draw also the spear and the battle-axe to meet those who pursue me; Say to my soul, “I am your salvation.”

    David calls on the Lord to take up the struggle for him. The first rule of a righteous imprecatory prayer is that it be offered in a situation where you can rightfully call on God to fight for you. The righteous imprecatory prayer can only be for a righteous cause.

    Second, the righteous imprecatory prayer (not just an evil wishing of injury) is uttered by one in danger of grievous harm, even destruction.

    4 Let those be ashamed and dishonored who seek my life; Let those be turned back and humiliated who devise evil against me.

    7 For without cause they hid their net for me; Without cause they dug a pit for my soul.

    11 Malicious witnesses rise up; They ask me of things that I do not know.

    12 They repay me evil for good, To the bereavement of my soul.

    15 But at my stumbling they rejoiced, and gathered themselves together; The smiters whom I did not know gathered together against me, They slandered me without ceasing.

    16 Like godless jesters at a feast, They gnashed at me with their teeth.

    20 For they do not speak peace, But they devise deceitful words against those who are quiet in the land.

    This is not to be the appeal of one who is just annoyed or bothered. This is a person suffering greatly at the hands of evil men.

    David was faced with cruel and unrelenting enemies he could not stop. Since David could not stop them, he prayed for God to do it.

    5 Let them be like chaff before the wind, With the angel of the LORD driving them on.

    6 Let their way be dark and slippery, With the angel of the LORD pursuing them.

    8 Let destruction come upon him unawares; And let the net which he hid catch himself; Into that very destruction let him fall.

    David knew the character of those who so vehemently opposes him. He knew the only way they would stop was to be made to stop by force. But such force is often beyond the strength of men. Even the most powerful have limits on what they can do. And often this type of prayer will be said by those who have no power at all.

    So the situation in which to offer a righteous imprecatory prayer is 1) when it is a cause that God will support, 2) you are suffering a terrible harm and 3) other means of relief are not available. These are not simply prayers of vengeance, but prayers of dependence on God as the only hope of help. Keeping these things in mind, let us examine the character of the man who can offer such a prayer righteously.

    While calling on the Lord to help, David, like all of us, had to exhibit patience. Patience in waiting on the Lord is an essential element of any prayer, but we can especially see the need when waiting on the Lord to avenge us.

    17 Lord, how long wilt Thou look on? Rescue my soul from their ravages, My only life from the lions.

    22 Thou hast seen it, O LORD, do not keep silent; O Lord, do not be far from me.

    23 Stir up Thyself, and awake to my right, And to my cause, my God and my Lord.

    While some would object that it is not patience at all to pray to God for the destruction of their enemies, that idea is simply wrong. If destruction is truly warranted and is the will of God, to pray for it is neither impatient nor wrong. Taking individual vengeance is both wrong and impatient. Rom. 12:19 “Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord.” Not taking one’s own vengeance, but waiting on God to use His tools (natural means, governments, other evil men’s predilection for evil, etc.) to bring His vengeance is exactly what patience is.

    Also, anyone who would plead for God to relieve him from the evil of his enemies must truly make sure that his enemy can not rightly ask for the same relief because of the pleader’s action. The righteous imprecatory prayer is a tool for the innocent only.

    14 I went about as though it were my friend or brother; I bowed down mourning, as one who sorrows for a mother.

    15 But at my stumbling they rejoiced, and gathered themselves together; The smites whom I did not know gathered together against me, They slandered me without ceasing.

    24 Judge me, O LORD my God, according to Thy righteousness; And do not let them rejoice over me.

  25. Wikidude April 23, 2015 at 7:06 am


    The Holy Bible (God’s Word); inscribed by many, quoted numerous times by Jesus, and authored by One–Almighty God.

  26. Wikidude April 23, 2015 at 7:13 am


    The Holy Bible (God’s Word); inscribed by many, quoted numerous times by Jesus, authored by only One–Almighty God.

  27. iwitness02 April 23, 2015 at 7:24 am

    The autonomic nervous system, to me, is like some sort of star gate portal. It has the ability to bypass normal conscious thought. It opens the door to things that we can’t do consciously. Our reaction to kinetic force, pain, fear, and various perceptions are influenced by our autonomic nervous system. In this regard all humans are basically hard wired the same. To understand autonomics is a huge advantage in a fight. It is a huge advantage just understanding that there is an autonomic nervous system. This understanding makes easier to realize that we are more than just our conscious mind.

  28. Christine Erikson April 23, 2015 at 12:10 pm

    “Subsequently, as I continue to write various installments in this present series, I wish to point out to all that, (1) these powers can be scientifically demonstrated; (2) each and every human being can harness these powers and collectively utilize these powers for the greater good; and, (3) it is important to bring awareness to the fact that these abilities can only be harnessed to their potential only if they’re being used in the spirit of love, cooperation and equally applied for the benefit of all. ”

    Dave, this is the New Age delusion. THESE POWERS DO NOT DEPEND ON LOVE, COOPERATION OR EQUALITY OF BENEFIT INTENT. They are in use all the time by sorcerors, battlefield situations including BOTH sides, and the elite are into all this stuff hammer and tongs.

    meanwhile, playing with it may make you vulnerable to the very influences that are the problem. Because when you get too far outside the normal range and into the parallel universe or whatever, you are playing where the demons live.

    and THE NEW WORLD ORDER is the political arm of the New Age Movement, and the New Age Movement is the seducing spiritual arm of the new World Order.

  29. GW April 23, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    Dave Dave Dave, my question is what if nothing happens ?? You seem to be putting your entire reputation on the line here !! Sure things look like it could be like you say a round up. I’ve talked to a few insiders and I’m finding that the drills are for protecting Americans in the event of an attack. Another words preparation. Isn’t it a good idea to be prepared for an attack ? To capture terrorist and put them in the fema camps !!! Or prisonors of war in fema camps. Is it possible that this is something completely different than what your thinking ???


  30. Useless Eater April 23, 2015 at 6:20 pm

    Don’t forget what else the ’60s gave us: Snivel Rights.
    It is the systematic removal of your right to bias. Bias has been saving human lives since the beginning of time. They took it.
    You must first acknowledge how clever they are, before you can expect to win, regardless of what you think of them.

  31. Joe April 24, 2015 at 1:11 pm

    Dave, the link to Part One does not work. It is not even in your archives. Could you re-establish it? Thanks.


  32. Diane April 25, 2015 at 2:13 am

    Jesus told us how to pray and it is one prayer and it is the Our Father Prayer. Christ is our hope and it seems everyone has forgotten that save the people from the Church of Smyrna and Philadelphia (these are types not actual churches) I see a lot of fear mongering but I will trust God. Deut. 32: Their foot shall slide in due time for the day of their calamity is at hand and the things that shall come up on them make haste.” We have the victory and that victory comes from Almighty God. If anyone is afraid…number one: stay out of any church that does not teach the Word of God. #2: Put on the Gospel Armour that you will need. Our battle is NOT with the one world system it is against principalities and rulers in high places. The battle we will fight is the great deception that will fall upon the whole earth. That deception is the Anti (instead of) Christ. That deception is satan set on the throne of the one world religion stage pretending to be the True Christ. It is that simple. “Behold, I have foretold you all things.” “What I say unto ye, I say unto all, Watch.

  33. NOWMON March 7, 2016 at 6:58 am

    “That which Mercy can not rehabilitate—Justice will eventually Annihilate”

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