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If You’ve Nothing to Hide,You Should Welcome Google’s New Surveillance System

On this 4th of July holiday, I am working on several stories that I have been told by several sources are true. However, some of the material may be classified and can only be revealed as rumor or most commonly through open source intelligence. I ma working on several stories by trying to verify the information through open source intelligence on the Internet. However, one story that is unbelievable, but is absolutely true and it called the social justice, social point scoring system being installed by Google in Communist China.

After reading this article, it will become clear why messages of freedom, freedom loving Christianity are being censored by social media.


If You Have Not Done Anything Wrong, You Should Not Have Anything to Hide

This viewpoint graphically represents what is going on inside of China courtesy of Google (good luck finding this article on the web, if you do not come to The Common Sense Show, directly).

We know that the NSA tracks every move you make and every breath you take. Some estimates say that you are videotaped and photographed an average of 1300 times per day. Your cell phone, even with your battery removed transmits your location and records every conversation that you have within listening range of the cell phone.

I have previously reported that the NSA maintains a 16 category dimensional score, which is fluid based upon your affiliations, browsing habits, context of conversations, (ie loyalty to the authority). Based upon your 16 point dimensional score, you are also assigned, by AI, an overall aggregate score.  It is theorized, but widely believed that your aggregate score will be used to prioritize who is taken and who is terminated in a purge. On this July 4th, it is important to remember your future due process is determined by an AI algorithm. Ask yourself why the natch and grab policy of the NDAA was implemented? It is for “the purge”.

As with most controversial policies and legal changes, there is a period of conditioning for public acclimation and submission and this will be followed by beta testing.

The aforementioned Beta testing is currently happening in China in the social point system scoring algorithm being finalized in China.  the system is gradually being introduced to the United States and ultimately, it represents the total loss of freedom.

For America to Survive Google Must be Defeated

The Communist Chinese government is near completion on a broad spectrum system of analysis that tracks your overall behavior from the time to you wake, live out your day, retire that night and arise the next morning.  The behavior of a person in this system is scored with point system, similar to what the NSA does with your personal tracking data that categorizes people into euphemistic categories such as  “Red list-Blue list, etc)”

The  personal spy system of surveillance, in China, is called the social credit system.” This system was rolled out four years ago and contains many Asian and Chinese-specific cultural taboos. For example, throughout the Asian world, a collective psychology, along with eg0-centered suppression behaviors are honored as opposed to the West’s individual achievement mantra. Subsequently, according to one Chinese communist government document“keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful.” This made China the optimal place to beta test this ultimate control device over a population.

Google is behind this system and therefore, Google must be defeated.

Piloting the Inevitable

The social credit system program is already mandatory and there are no opt outs. The expected completion of Google’s AI system is expected to be completed by the year 2020. However, the system is already enforcing Communist China’s edicts of displaying the proper respect for the ruling authority. The scheme  has already proven successful in controlling much of the Chinese and their personal behavior.

The system has already been integrated into various levels of government ranging from city government to the vast Chinese national government. Part of Google’s beta test includes managing personal behavior on a micro level. The most minute of infractions can cause one’s social credit score to plummet. Some examples of prohibited behaviors in China that are tracked include speeding,stopping to close to the intersection,  jaywalking (determined by the GPS in one’s electronic devices, touching the center line or shoulder while driving, eating too many unhealthy fast foods which drives up medical costs, drinking too much alcohol, visiting subversive websites that have not been blocked by the Communist Party,  smoking in no-smoking area, buying too many video games and posting “fake news” to the internet, spending too much time on the Internet, saying or publishing anything remotely critical of the ruling authority at any level from one’s professors, to one’s landlord to one’s local city council member.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

There are a multitude of consequences that can occur. Patrick Wood and his book on technocracy highlights some of the social and economic consequences for displaying the wrong behaviors:

  1. Travel can be denied. (Editor’s Note: This is already happening in the United States with the n0-fly lists).
  2. Internet speeds can be lessened. (Editor’s Note: This is something, that to date, that the cell phone carriers wanted to implement with the in charge. It will happen if a liberal is elected President in 2020).
  3. One can be denied a permit, or have an existing permit to work revoked.
  4. One can be denied housing. (Editor’s note: If the price of housing in California sweeps the country, most people will be living in federally funded housing, thus giving the government more control over your behavior. Did you know that an annual income of less that $117,000 qualifies one for public assistance in San Francisco?)
  5. Denied education both for oneself and one’s children.  (Editor’s note: Is this why we are seeing social justice warriors on so many college campuses today as they enforce compliance to liberal world view?).
  6. Denied credit cards. (Editor’s note: Ask yourself why you just cannot pay cash to stay in a hotel, you need a credit card?)
  7. Denied the right to stay in a hotel.
  8. Good citizens are awarded more matches on dating websites.
  9. Good citizens are given reductions in energy costs, groceries and other important resources needed for day-to-day living. (Editor’s note: Doesn’t this remind you of grocery store and gas station loyalty rewards cards? What about public utilities charing less for off-peak use in a massive conditoining of the public that the government controls your use of utlities).
  10. People with high social credit scores are given preferential treatment for hiring and at higher salaries.

Sources; Patrick Wood and Beijing News


It should be clear as to why the social media monopolies are censoring all conservative thought, because it is going to be forbidden in the Google world of social justice.

The genesis of this control begins with a national ID card which is being implemented all across the United States over the next few years. Everything about is stored on this remotely programmable chip. The following video is an excellent, yet somewhat satirical approach to total control.


Meanwhile, let’s celebrate what’s left of our freedoms today while we still have any semblance of freedom left.





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  1. Wb July 4, 2018 at 8:19 am

    One only has to watch ANTIFA protests in ultra liberal cities to see the favoritism. Nobody can open carry an AR or AK in public there. Friends i know have tried it and instantly wished they had not. No tolerence policy there. However, when you see masked leftist terrorists carrying them at these protests and the pice do nothing you know where that city govt stands. This will all come down to whether people will say enough is enough or will they continue to be steeple. People are like any circus animal, conditioned to perform on command. Can you blame them? Banks don’t accept excuses. Americans on our side of the spectrum have bills to pay and families to support. The PTB know this so they move things into place gradually, like the proverbial frog in water. It is a rare individual with the combination of character, intestinal fortitude, and mental toughness that will engage the enemy. Barring a major war or complete financial collapse i see very little changing. I pray everyday that enough people will care enough to do what must be done. Keep the articles coming Dave. At least when you shake off the mortal coil you will be able to look in the eye’s of your maker, and day I did all I could dear Lord.

  2. DDrake July 4, 2018 at 8:59 am

    “Why are you wearing those pants”? “Are you trying to HIDE something”?

  3. laura ann July 4, 2018 at 10:00 am

    Motels/hotels do not use cash because one woman at the Hol. Inn desk told me in 2006 that it prevented robberies. I would use a prepaid credit card anyway for motels, gas stations and restaurants because they are not subject to skimming abuse. We don’t travel anymore except for day trips. I suggest people buy prepaid cards (AmEx blue bird can be reloaded free.) Skimmer crooks (who place devices in credit card/debit scanners), want access to bank accounts or standard credit cards with high spending limits. Persons I know quit commenting on blogs because their husbands don’t want to lose their gov. jobs with perks. Blue collar workers are probably ok since there is a shortage of them everywhere. Scary NSA stuff, I’m assuming the NSA has branch offices in regions of the country to keep tabs on the people. Folks: I refuse loyalty cards from drug stores, outlet and other type stores, as most want email., and they will spam you which I don’t want, or have my purse full of junk loyalty cards. We quit Best Buy and Sally’s because of spam several years ago. These XXXX stores are on board pressuring people to sign up more now than ever.

  4. Stan July 4, 2018 at 10:06 am

    “If You Have Not Done Anything Wrong, You Should Not Have Anything to Hide”

    The problem with this is line of thought is who decides what is considered wrong? You as an individual might decide your doing nothing wrong but the powers that be might define ‘doing wrong’ differently than you do. In that case, enjoy prison. Or worse.

  5. Alex July 5, 2018 at 3:42 am

    Good info.
    So what is the option. Not to use google? Is it safe to use other browsers, vpn and such to avoid the madness.
    Any articles about this?
    Keep up the good work 👍🏻

  6. Timnothy Alvaro July 5, 2018 at 9:34 am

    Google, Facebook, Twitter and the rest are toast. Being unlawful Bush/CIA-faction enterprises has put them in the cross-hairs. Think human-trafficking, treason and pedophilia networks. Why did Eric Schmidt resign the day after Donald Trump signed the “Human-Corruption Asset Seizure” Executive Order? How many executives have resigned over the same thing, 400? 600? Just in 2008 almost 6,000 human-traffickers, pedophiles and members of child sacrifice rings have been arrested. Soon the mass-media will begin to implode on the number of unreported, unprecedented events and occurrences, which have only taken place because of President Trump and dedicated Patriots across this great country.

  7. Vietkonggook July 6, 2018 at 7:06 am

    Just like the Nazi gestapos of the 30s to 40s asking that peculiar question, Papers pls? The same line of questioning being inculcated in America’ s police forces, Do you have ID? Nothing is new under the sun. We are in a police surveillance state, that is without a doubt. And its going to get worse ….

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