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In a Year, Trump Will be Dead and the US Will Be in a Civil War, if the Global Elite Get Their Way


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It is my contention that the globalists will stop short of nothing to maintain control over the people. They will murder anyone and everyone who gets in their way. Today, humanity is waking up like never before. However, the struggle is just beginning. Some fear that we have awakened just in time to see the executioner put a noose around our neck.

How Long Will the Struggle Last?

One of the questions that people ask me is, “How long will this struggle against the New World Order last”?  Answer: It will last until the Second Coming of Jesus. It is my contention that we will never know worldly peace, but we can achieve piece of mind if we act now against the evil that is running this planet.

This article points out just how truly evil and Satanic the New World Order (NWO) is. The degree of their devotion to Lucifer should constitute a warning sign as to the degree that the NWO will go to in order to maintaintheir demonic power over the people. They will stop at nothing to continue their subjugation of humanity.

One one hand, we can do nothing and submit and 90% of humanity will be exterminated according to the NWO plan (see below for the details of their intentions). At the conclusion of the extermination phase, our souls and the total destruction of what constitutes a human being (i.e. God’s creation) will be the next target. I believe that this is the real reason behind Transhumanism. If we continue to behave like sheep and do nothing, this is our immediate fate. However, if we collectively decide to stand and fight, we are signing on for a lifetime of conflict and struggle. The benefit to fighting back is that we may be able to buy some time. Eventually, we will all go through the final days.


Who’s World Is It?

As the curtain falls on humanity, isn’t it time that we finally asked and answered the really big question: Who really runs the planet and what do they really want? The main purpose of this article, is to answer that question.

If you think that Donald Trump’s election to the Presidency will make the banksters and the criminal elite respect the rule of law, think again. The criminal elite who oppose humanity will never, and I mean never give up.

Then you may ask, why vote for Trump? Because Trump gives humanity a fighting chance. At minimum he will push back the timeline established by the elite with regard to our demise. In case you have not heard, the criminal elite seek to plunder the resources humanity and the dispose of 90% of us. A bioweapon is probably their first choice If you are new to the movement and think that this sounds totally outrageous, I have included quotes from the global elite on what they have planned for you. These quotes are listed at the end of the article.

At the end of the day, there is nowhere to run and hide. It is fight the NWO, or die like a sheep.


The above scenario would be a desirable subgoal for the NWO. Capitulating and giving into cognitive dissonance is no longer effeciive. There is nowhere you can run or hide from what is happening.




The following is a reoccurring theme contained within the personal words of several dozen global leaders.

“Society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce their kind”.
Theodore Roosevelt

“Malthus has been vindicated; reality is finally catching up with Malthus. The Third World is overpopulated, it’s an economic mess, and there’s no way they could get out of it with this fast-growing population. Our philosophy is: back to the village”.
Dr. Arne Schiotz, World Wildlife Fund Director of Conservation, stated such, ironically, in 1984.

A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal”.
Ted Turner, in an interview with Audubon magazine

“There is a single theme behind all our work–we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it….” “Our program in El Salvador didn’t work. The infrastructure was not there to support it. There were just too goddamned many people…. To really reduce population, quickly, you have to pull all the males into the fighting and you have to kill significant numbers of fertile age females….” The quickest way to reduce population is through famine, like in Africa, or through disease like the Black Death….”
Thomas Ferguson, State Department Office of Population Affairs

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap of mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy, then, is humanity itself”.
Alexander King, Bertrand Schneider – Founder and Secretary, respectively, The Club of Rome, The First Global Revolution, pgs 104-105, 1991

“A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people…. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions”.
Stanford Professor, Paul Ehrlich in The Population Bomb

“In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it is just as bad not to say it”.
J. Cousteau, 1991 explorer and UNESCO courier

“I believe that human overpopulation is the fundamental problem on Earth Today” and, “We humans have become a disease, the Humanpox”.
Dave Foreman, Sierra Club and co founder of Earth First!

We must speak more clearly about sexuality, contraception, about abortion, about values that control population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90% and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.”
Mikhail Gorbachev

“Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government”.
Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

“The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer”.
Dr. Henry Kissinger New York Times, Oct. 28, 1973

“Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries”.
Dr. Henry Kissinger

“Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac,” and “The elderly are useless eaters”.
Dr. Henry Kissinger

“World population needs to be decreased by 50%”.
Dr. Henry Kissinger

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order”.
David Rockefeller

“War and famine would not do. Instead, disease offered the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die if the population crisis is to be solved. AIDS is not an efficient killer because it is too slow. My favorite candidate for eliminating 90 percent of the world’s population is airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and it kills in days, instead of years. “We’ve got airborne diseases with 90 percent mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that. “You know, the bird flu’s good, too. For everyone who survives, he will have to bury nine”.
Dr. Eric Pianka University of Texas evolutionary ecologist and lizard expert, showed solutions for reducing the world’s population to an audience on population control

No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation”.
David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

“The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary”.
Initiative for the United Nations ECO-92 EARTH CHARTER

“In South America, the government of Peru goes door to door pressuring women to be sterilized and they are funded by American tax dollars to do this”.
Mark Earley in The Wrong Kind of Party Christian Post 10/27 2008

Women in the Netherlands who are deemed by the state to be unfit mothers should be sentenced to take contraception for a prescribed period of two years”.
Marjo Van Dijken (author of the bill in the Netherlands) in the Guardian

“Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”.
Anonymously commissioned Georgia Guidestones

“If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels”.
Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Duke of Edinburgh, leader of the World Wildlife Fund

Childbearing should be a punishable crime against society, unless the parents hold a government license. All potential parents should be required to use contraceptive chemicals, the government issuing antidotes to citizens chosen for childbearing”.
David Brower, first Executive Director of the Sierra Club

The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes”.
Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

“Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of”.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The Planetary Regime might be given responsibility for determining the optimum population for the world and for each region and for arbitrating various countries’ shares within their regional limits. Control of population size might remain the responsibility of each government, but the Regime would have some power to enforce the agreed limits.”
Obama’s science czar John P. Holdren, Co-author of “Ecoscience”

Any questions? The following book depicts quite accurately where this headed.


Xenogenesis: The planned Globalist future of humanity.


In short, these ruthless thugs will stop at nothing until they have total control. They will destroy the planet and everyone it it before they relinquish their power. Nobody will spared, so may as well fight. America has a 4 month window in order to wake up all of humanity. We will not get a second chance. It is now or never. What are you going to do?

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  1. Marshal Scot of "KANSAS" July 26, 2016 at 6:16 am

    Thanks for the great Bill Hughes video Dave!!! Now I KNOW that Dave Hodges is one of the good guys. Sincerely, MARSHAL SCOT of “KANSAS” ….p.s.: read the book “The Secret Terrorists” by Bill Hughes. There’s usually plenty of these on E-Bay for almost nothing.

  2. Terry July 26, 2016 at 7:58 am


    I have read the EO and I do not see it. Which paragraph makes you feel that the UN will be used.

    Don’t get me wrong I know that the UN will be the ones used to get the guns and control the US for the NWO

  3. Robbie41 July 26, 2016 at 10:16 am

    This answer is for Terry, Please explain where in the EO signed on July 1st says it is GRANTING THE UN THE AUTHORITY TO BRING ITS “PEACEKEEPERS” ON TO AMERICAN SOIL IN ORDER TO SUBJUGATE AMERICA?

    When you read this page, then you should know your answer..http://thelastgreatstand.com/2016/07/23/new-obama-executive-order-allows-u-n-drone-strikes-u-s-citizens-videos/

    New Obama Executive Order Allows For U.N. and Drone Strikes on U.S. Citizens (Videos)

    What if I told you that on July 1, 2016, for the first time in U.S. history, President Obama signed an executive order that allows for the US military to use force against American citizens? Well, he did, and just so there’s no confusion or anyone whining about “conspiracy,” here’s a link to the executive order directly off the Whitehouse.gov website.

  4. Just Me July 26, 2016 at 11:01 am

    Whose planet is Earth? The issue of who the rightful owners of the Earth planet are needs to be decided. (But I don’t have the answer.)

    The “Global Elite” are dubbed the “powers that be,” but I doubt they have that much power. I believe that the true powers that be that control the “powers that be” are alien species. As whistleblower Phil Schneider revealed before he was suicided in 1996 (sounds familiar?), aliens live underground even further down than Deep Underground Military Bases (133 or more D.U.M.B.s in US and 1,450 worldwide). The “Global Elite” likely possess superior technology kept from humanity (e.g. the alien technology Nazi Germans knew of) that is decades more advanced than current human technology, even NASA’s. I figure since “Might is right,” the “Global Elite” execute their alien puppet masters’ orders.

    Earth isn’t the only planet in our Solar system. If the Globalists think this planet is overpopulated, why can’t they use what they know about space travel to migrate to a less developed planet that suits them better? I don’t understand why they choose to depopulate and destroy Earth instead.

    Lucifer can put our bodies in underground ovens near RR tracks on a Colorado ranch, but he can’t destroy our souls; he’s a fool to even try. Everything is energy. Soul is energy. Energy cannot be destroyed. The spiritual war is one Lucifer could never win.

  5. Mike July 26, 2016 at 11:54 am

    Strong cities initiative

  6. Rob July 26, 2016 at 12:10 pm

    Please read Daniel 8 to the end…what IS going to happen prophesied long ago.

  7. Edwin Saxon July 26, 2016 at 12:25 pm

    Right after Queen Hillary POTUS sits on the throne in Babylon D.C., the box office to Ezekiel 38 will open.

  8. Paul Ulrich July 26, 2016 at 1:40 pm

    All those wo think the population should be drastically reduced shoul set the example and start by eliminating themselves.

  9. john July 26, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    This also is for Terry,

    Do you not know that there are U.N. troops on American soil?
    Dave has written of this some time ago, and even now we
    have seen a report of an initiative cooperating with 28 cities
    around the globe operating on U.S. soil to “ensure the peace”
    of its citizens. ( the cryptic language of E.O.s is what to look
    for) There are 28 countries in the NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY
    ORGANIZATION. Just recently an undeclared operation named Unconventional Warfare Exercise 16 (UWEX16) has
    been in execution since march. The focus of the exercise is
    to practice extraction (Snatch and Grabs) with U.N forces at
    the helm nation wide.
    No malice intended at all. I didn’t know any of this 5 years ago.
    My question is, and I fear for my family and the safety of so
    many others, but I think I already know the answer.


    The scriptures tell us, ” Pray that your flight be not in the
    winter neither on the sabbath day: for then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor shall ever be.
    “Matt. 24:20,21

    What Isis is doing in the middle east to the Kurdish people is
    what will happen here but by people who are not of this co-
    entry willing to kill Americans on behalf of Nato, and then their are the U.N. troops.

    Be strong and for your family, establish your heart, and the
    LORD will tell you what to do.

    Always in Christ Jesus,
    John (decorated 1st gulf war vet)


  10. Danny Wilder July 26, 2016 at 3:53 pm

    God is still the supreme being, not the globalists.
    (2Chr 7:14) “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

  11. Stan July 26, 2016 at 4:39 pm

    “As the curtain falls on humanity, isn’t it time that we finally asked and answered the really big question: Who really runs the planet and what do they really want?”

    Yes, that those are really good questions. And there are some really good honest answers. Here they are……..



  12. […] Source: In a Year, Trump Will be Dead and the US Will Be in a Civil War, if the Global Elite Get Their Way &… […]

  13. Lance Elliott July 26, 2016 at 6:44 pm

    I’m hoping the pseudo-elite will have their blood soaking the robes of a returned Messiah.

  14. Ace Decade July 26, 2016 at 7:38 pm

    Set forth and multiply…… the world is overpopulated. Says who? What are they waiting for? If they have the power and control. What are they waiting for? They must be afraid of something!

  15. Annette July 26, 2016 at 10:01 pm

    Jesus Christ has already defeated death, the biggest punch that the Devil can throw at mankind. And we the Church have Christ in us, the hope of glory. While we are still here, we can keep restraining evil and pushing back the evil timetable. Thank God that we have the Comforter to lead us and guide us.

  16. Stan July 27, 2016 at 11:37 am

    “Who really runs the planet and what do they really want? ”

    I’ll try one more time. I post here but it keeps getting edited out which is very strange. It’s all legit.


  17. Philip July 29, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    If the NWO kills trump, they wanted it that way in the first place, since the Diebold voting machines are supremely hackable. In fact, they were designed with interactive features which only the election riggers could realistically manipulate. If they wanted to do it, they could ensure a presidential victory for anyone on the ballot, or – and please correct me if I’m wrong, JIm stone and others who have provided us the technical details – even a “write-in_ candidate. Wow, what if we pissed off the elites so much that they just came out and “gave us” Mark Zuckerberg for Prez?

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