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Is There An October Surprise Looming Off the Coast of Venezuela?

Before one reads this article it is important to point one important fact about the BRICS vs. Western banking conflict. The Western banks in 1944 established the dollar as the reserve currency of the world in that all nations wanting to purchase oil had to first purchase the dollar before doing so. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, along with Iranian oil interests formed an oil coalition in which they sell oil for gold. These alliances will someday form the 2 side for World War III. Venezuelan oil interests are an important part of this struggle. To point out the seriousness of the moment, India and Russia, against the warning of the United States, just inked  $5 billion dollar missile deal.

The Emergency Message

What was behind the President’s emergency message last week? I was sitting in a repair shop when the alert went off. The TV I was watching went to “test pattern” and the cell phones around me were blaring. Everyone was seemingly impacted except for me. What was the purpose?

The “Emergency Broadcast” With No Announced Objective

As if I don’t have enough to be in a heightened state of paranoia, already, I thought it prudent to try and determine the real reason behind the test and here is what I found:

FEMA Region 10 is in a heightened state of alert. I spoke with a DHS operative and he is in a heightened state of alert. I have learned that all of So. CAL’s FBI contingent is in a heightened state of alert as is the deployment of FBI assets in Chicago. However, I think the emergency broadcast drill has to do with World War III more than domestic issues. Below is a brief summary of events which would serve to justify the apparent anticipated state of emergency.


Additional Variables to Contend With

In a story that caught my eye, I read in multiple sources that the Chinese were engaged in sending, by ship, humanitarian aid to Venezuela. This caught my attention because when has the Chinese communist government ever helped anyone but themselves? The only reason that the Chinese would have help anyone is because they have something to gain. On September 25th, I noted these anomalies in the following short video.

As I investigated further, I discovered that the Chinese ships in Venezuela, were not there humanitarian aid. This flotilla contained Chinese oil workers who work under the umbrella of the Chinese military. The Chinese coalition is located off of the EAST coast of Venezuela. This will make sense after one reads the following paragraphs.

From Reuters on September 14:

China and Venezuela had signed a “memorandum for cooperation in Ayacucho bloc 6,” located in Venezuela’s vast oil-rich Orinoco Belt, without elaborating.

China will drill 300 wells in Ayacucho and extend $184 million in financing for the joint oil venture Petrozumano, the statement added. A source at Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA , who asked to remain anonymous because he is not allowed to speak to media, said oil services and procurement at Sinovensa would be handled by Chinese companies.

So much for Chinese humanitarian aid to Venezuela.

From the intelligence I am getting from my sources, this force in the first video is an American coalition which includes the UK (start at about 3:20). In the video following, I am told these are the Chinese vessels and very possibly are accompanied by Russian vessels. At stake is Venezuelan oil which is substantial. And don’t forget, the Chinese are a huge oil importing nation and they just cut off of the importation of American oil. They are obviously counting on Venezuelan oil.

An update was issued recently and it showed that in addition to the forces on the north side of Venezuela, there is an armada of ships on the east side of Venezuelan. The unknown factor is which fleet is the offensive and which is the defensive fleet. I further have been told that the Venezuelan military has been rushed to the border of Colombia in anticipation of an invasion. There are also reports that the Chinese military is flooding into Brazil, a BRICS ally in preparation for the conflict. This would strongly suggest that the Venezuelans are also expecting an American led land invasion with the prize being the oil.

Before going any further, I want publicly give credit to Kathy Rubio who on September 6th told me this build up was beginning.

In this last video, the publisher cited the ex-Mayor of San Juan, and who is still a prominent Puerto Ric0 politician talking about the coming invasion of Venezuela and he (Ledesma) expected to be some kind of post-invasion ruling military authority. The two aforementioned videos are well done. However, one of the forces is clearly Chinese, if not Chinese and Russian, given the appearance of the Chinese naval vessel allegedly giving humanitarian aid to Venezuela.

The Role of the United Nations

Ten days ago I received a communication from someone who claimed to be in a supervisory position in the dock of the best port in Puerto Rico. The communication read in part…

Mr. Hodges

I read your column daily. I know you have concerns about UN vehicles coming into the United States. They are also coming into Puerto Rico in large numbers….

….We are seeing a tremendous uptick in the number in the number of UN vehicles we are offloading. Rather than moving these vehicles to offsite locations, they are being housed on site which to us means that we are only a receiving station in preparation for action somewhere else of an undefined location….

I have told by an “agency” source to refer to Trump’s UN speech. He proclaimed the importance of American sovereignty as opposed to globalism which dominates world leaders. However, embedded in the speech was a scant reference to the Monroe Doctrine. This kind of protectionism is apparently being used to legally justify what appears to be an American invasion and regime change in Venezuela. In executing this invasion, Trump is clearly supporting the globalists economic interests against the Chinese and very possibly the Russians. The BRICS alliance flies in the face modern globalism.

I have often said that the BRICS vs. Western-Rothschild dominated banking nations would form the two sides for World War III. Occupation of Venezuelan oil fields could very well tip the economic balance of power. If this is the case, then clearly Trump is supporting the Rothschild banking interests. Why would he do that? It may be the only way that Trump can maintain his economic recovery. The Fed keeps raising interest rates and this is cutting into American economic recovery. In short, Trump is getting squeezed on both ends. The Fed on one hand and the growing menace of the BRICS on the other are pushing this President to act. It would appear that Trump’s planned invasion of Venezuela has covert UN backing.

I want to clearly point out that the Venezuelan economy and diminishing food supply was the original work of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Obama. I previously covered on The Common Sense Show, that Clinton blackmailed Venezuela’s neighbors to cut of trade and mostly stop any shipment of food. Clearly Clinton was using food as a weapon against Venezuela. It is my belief and the belief of some of my sources that Trump inherited this problem is trying to make the best of a bad situation.

The BRICS connection is undeniable and it has the Chinese fingerprints all over this. Within the past several weeks, I have covered how the Chinese have partnered with BRICS member, South Africa to take farmland from white farmers and split the mineral resources from the land. Does the Chinese oil treaty with Venezuela foretell China’s intention to defend Venezuela against American imperialism? I would argue that is the clear intent and we could days away from an October surprise.

US-Mexico Border

In multiple articles in recent months, I have covered the American infiltrated and growing Chinese military presence, disguised as such things as Chinese solar energy workers. It has been widely reported that Trump is fortifying the border. It would make sense that if there is a war in Venezuela, that the Chinese would bring the fight to our southern border to relieve the pressure and to create a two front war for the United States (ie Red Dawn invasion).

As providence would have it, while traveling to San Diego on Friday, I witnessed portable, mini-radar near the order 20 miles east of Yuma. This was located near the Mexican border. Clearly, Trump is anticipating what I have been writing about.

This situation does not have the appearance of a cold war build up. I think one side is going to have to back down for there not to be a war.


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  1. Kurt October 7, 2018 at 9:17 am

    My flip phone was skipped, too.

  2. James Borowy October 7, 2018 at 9:27 am

    Dear Dave,
    My name is Jim Borowy and once again Trump is acting like a globalist. It is because he is one of them and the game that is taking a lot of good conservatives with him is tell them what they waht to hear, But do the things that the elites want him to do. It is bad enough that Trump sent missles twice to Syria after an obvious false flag. But now again on the wrong side he is getting ready to take us into WWIII.

  3. Donald Canaday October 7, 2018 at 10:28 am

    David,it was not 1944 that dollar was oil traded and sold on the open market. The correct year was 1934.Because, American oil companies in 1930 were drilling for oil in Saudi Arabia. President Franklin Roosevelt,with king of Saudi Arabia and deal was made that oil was sold open market,they would convert their own currency into dollars.


  4. John October 7, 2018 at 11:09 am

    With all the strange events going on around the world and I our very own country, There is some kind of a surprise getting ready to happen in Venezuela. This could possibly be the starting point of it all.
    Great article. Thanks Dave!

  5. Wb October 7, 2018 at 12:01 pm

    Chinese humanitarian aid is one thing. Chinese troops in South America another thing altogether. Monroe Doctrine says no foreign military from outside this hemisphere allowed. China and Russis may decide to violate this understanding. After all, Russians are back in Cuba and Chinese in Panama and Haiti. If offensive weapons come in it’s all over. Our defensive networks are designed for the northern approach and the coasts. We have no major early warning sites on our Southern border. The land there is isolated and flat with few natural barriers. It is ideal area for tank warfare and airborne assault. Once past the border a mechanized force could easily roll up thousands of miles before any organized resistance could be put forward. Add to this an ongoing campaign of violence across the country and the invasion could well be over before there was enough resistance to slow it down. People fail to understand that armed aggression directed against a civilian population does not require overwhelming numbers. The Germans ruled most of the continent of Europe with all under a million men. Most were on the fronts. Once you disarm a population a large city like New York can be controlled with less than 20 000 men.

  6. Craig Mouldey October 7, 2018 at 12:37 pm

    Why is the U.S. and NATO in Columbia? Never mind China in Nicaragua. We know who the real murderous thugs are. What gives the U.S. the right to dictate who can buy and sell oil or weapons in trade? Like John D. Rockefeller, they view competition as a sin. At this point nothing they do will really surprise me. I would not be surprised if they light up the entire planet in war to destroy the old order, including the U.S. to make way for their final solution. Enter anti-Christ. Most other stuff is just a circus act of distraction for what is happening on the world stage.

  7. mal October 7, 2018 at 6:57 pm

    Hi Dave,
    I’m a little puzzled. Russia produces as much oil as Saudi Arabia. They are a major exporter of oil and China is a major buyer of Russian oil. How would it benefit Russia to help China ramp up Venezuela’s oil production and make Venezuela a competitor for Chinese gold? What is China doing for Russia in return?

  8. Savannah October 7, 2018 at 8:41 pm

    Another horrifying mess the traitors Obummer and the Hildebeast have forced on us. Whatever, the Chinese cannot be allowed to gain any foothold in Venezuela. Likely Maduro is a CIA asset on the darkside. He could have saved his people by refusing outrageous payments to the IMF… that is, if he really cared.

  9. L. Mccleay October 8, 2018 at 5:25 am

    Dave, I so appreciate your long hours and hard work put into your news letters. I appreciate the fact that you are trying to logically sort out Trumps reason for his next steps possibly in Venezuela. I have been up and down on my opinion on Trump for almost 3 years now, and I have come to this conclusion. He is not what he says , he is a con man by nature, he has no intentions of making America great again as we would think. He is another puppet for the Deep State, he is going to invade, destroy, anything he can for the benefit of taking America down. His speech to the UN was totally a globalist speech, listen to it throughly, his intention has been from the very beginning is to turn us over to the new world order! Remember the poem he recites “the snake”, please please listen to that carefully again. He has bewitched Americans, he is cunning and makes one want to believe him because he tells us what we want to hear. We will even makes excuses for his decisions and behavior, be aware wolf in sheep’s clothing!

  10. Blu-j October 9, 2018 at 12:05 am

    War and American lives for oil. AGAIN

  11. Sigh October 9, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    So strange your phone would not be included. I so hope you are wrong about this invasion…all these violent protest, & unrest seem to be someway a trial run into anarchy,, I can see if this were to go down, a lions share of people will be caught unaware & mowed down like sheeple..we are not the country we once were..our young men have been either demoralized, stripped of their patriotism,, sense of courage to defend their homes & our country.With foreign troops already strategically infiltrated in this country in many highly sensitive & vital area, many places they should have no business being, when the SHTF many will be in dire straits.There is very little you can do except try to save your own family,when I have mentioned any such danger I only get a deer in the headlight stare.

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