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Killing Off the Vegas Witnessess, JFK Assassination Style



The Common Sense Show is issuing the following warning:


Killing off the Witnesses Was the Norm In the JFK Assassination

Following the murder of John F. Kennedy, over 300 people, closely connected to the assassination in some way, died very unnatural deaths. Popular news columist and TV personality, Dorothy Kilgallen and the accused assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald were among the 300+ people who made up the most statistically rare “accidental deaths” in the history of a single criminal event. For the record, Kilgallen’s death was officially catalogued an alcohol-barbituate suicide. She was in the middle of writing a tell-all about the JFK assassination which included a trip to Dallas to interview Lee Harvey Oswald as she was, in her words, set to “blow the lid off of the Kennedy Assassination”.

In the very early days following the Vegas massacre, the missing and dead eyewitnesses are beginning to accumulate in a manner similar to the Kennedy assassination.

Where of Where Is Jose Campos? Where oh Where Could He Be?

Campos was due to appear on Fox News with Sean Hannity a couple of nights ago, which was 1 of 5 TV interviews he was scheduled for, but then mysteriously failed to show up for with notice. Darin Damme popularized the discovery emerged shortly after it was revealed that Campos was shot before the Vegas massacre has started, and not after as the official FBI narrative had claimed.


Darin Damme, KTAR Radio, 92.3 FM-Phoenix

Darin Damme, KTAR Radio

Darin Damme, talk show host for Arizona’s largest New/Talk station, 92.3 FM has been devoting major portions of his popular radio show to demonstrate the lies and subsequent cover-up connected to the official narrative related to the Vegas mass murder. Darin has donated significant portions of his show in exposing the cover up. As he likes to say, “This is the most important story” as he details how the official narrative is being changed to fit the emerging facts. Whether Darin Damme says it or not, his audience is being led to the inescapable conclusion that there so much more to this event than is being portrayed in the mainstream media and by the ever-changing law enforcement accounts.


las vegas shooting hero jesus campos has gone missing






Additionally, Chad Nishimura mysteriously disappeared shortly after he gave a statement to a local news network saying that Stpehen Paddock was just a “normal guy” and that “he didn’t have many bags.”

In another JFK type of witness disappearing act,  a key witness in Las Vegas shooting kills self and and he also murdered his daughter after an FBI raid. The man, John Beilman was wanted for questioning by federal agents in connection with a communications device discovered in suspected shooter Stephen Paddock’s hotel room. This is the one death that makes the least sense and I would bet my bottom dollar that Bellman was suicided.

The Most Staggering Mysterious Death of Them All

This is a stunning and tragic account of the vent.It completely flips the offiical narrative on its ear. And the author of this narrative, Kymberly Suchomel, is dead at the age of 28 and she was reportedly in good health.

The following is her word-for-word Facebook account of the event.  Facebook quickly took down the account in an effort to preserve the false narrative just like Google and Youtube.


“I have been receiving phone calls, messages & texts galore since Sunday night, and I have been providing the same copy & pasted message to each of those who have contacted me. A really quick, vague, account of what happened at the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas. It has been nearly 72 hours since the nightmare took place, and I am finally able to sit here & put into words my own personal account. I have attached some photos of the fun we did have.
I would first like to give a huge giant thank you to both Casie Barnard & Ricky Ardito, without them I can guarantee you I wouldn’t have gotten out like I did- I would have dropped to the floor, stunned, and I would not have been able to get up. I owe them both my life.
Sunday morning we woke up sore & hungover from the nights before. Friday & Saturday nights were a blast- we drank too much, and fought the crowd to get as close to the stage as possible. We acted like we were in our early 20s and hitting Vegas for the first time; however, when we woke up Sunday we all were in complete agreeance that we would not be doing that again. We decided, instead, to bring in a king sized sheet & sit on the astro-turf in the way, way back & just peacefully watch the concert from our spacious sheet. We also decided to drink the morning and afternoon of, but not the evening, as Ricky, Cassie & Mendy had an early day ahead of them, having to leave at 4am to get Ricky to work Monday morning. When we had full bellies & got our retail fix in-shopping the vendors, we headed to the main stage where we immediately sought out that back sitting area. Unfortunately, we procrastinated getting to our seats for too long, and every spot was taken. We ultimately ended up on the next fake-grass area much closer to the stage- but we still had a decent amount of space & great viewing area, so we spread out our sheet and claimed it our territory. We remember exactly where we were, because most of us (excluding myself) left to go to the bathroom & get water during the concert, so we used landmarks to be able to find each other again. I remember distinctly that one of the bars was to my left and I had to look behind me to see it- thinking maybe I should get one more beer, but I already had a full bladder & I have an irrational fear of porta-potties, so I decided against it.
We are all hanging out on this sheet, dancing our booties off, enjoying ourselves so much that we took off our boots to get even more comfortable. Casie & I were on opposite sides of our little 5-person group. I was on the far right side, and I had so much room to dance that this guy who walked by, who we called “camo man”, actually said to me “taking up a lot of real estate there, eh?” jokingly. After about 20 minutes of Jason Aldean’s set, I got this overwhelming feeling to go stand over by Casie. I can’t tell you why, but I did. The entire time I was dancing next to her I kept thinking to myself, “why? Why don’t I go back to my spacious area?? There is no room to dance over here.. I am not having a good time over here… okay, on the next song I will”. But, there wasn’t a next song.
From about 50 feet in front of us, and a little to the right, fire crackers were set off. Let me repeat that… FIRE CRACKERS WERE SET OFF. I verbally stated “some asshole just shot of fire crackers in close proximity to so many people”. I was literally pissed off. You could see Jason Aldean look to his left kind of startled by it, but he was also clearly irritated. I would say about 15 seconds later, the first volley of gunfire was released. It was a shorter volley than any of the others, and the gunfire was not as close together either. EVERYONE looked up, down, around. We thought it was more fire crackers at first, but then Ricky reached over, told us all to put our boots on, quickly. And the volley ended. Then people started to panic. The gentlemen behind me looked at me as I was putting on my boots, half laying down, and said “calm down crazy, its just fireworks, jeez”. That is when the 2nd volley went off, Ricky yelled at us all to get down, flat, & we immediately knew there was someone shooting at us. I remember getting down, but I didn’t lay flat for some reason, thinking- oh my gosh, I need to get flatter than I am now, but my body just wouldn’t let me. That was the 2nd volley. At the end of that volley ( I am still struggling to get my boots on), we turned and tried to run, but the people behind us still weren’t moving. I yelled at the lady “RUN! ITS GUNFIRE! RUUUUUUUUUNNNNN!!!” The look on her face was pure terror, but she finally dropped her stuff and turned to begin running…. But then the 3rd volley hit… and it was close. Very, very close to us. I could physically see the impact of the bullets on the astro-turf, I could feel the warmth & the passing of bullets. Once that 3rd volley was over, Casie linked her arm into mine, and we decided at that moment we weren’t stopping- we were getting the Hell out of there. And I do mean Hell. We were in literal Hell. The gentlemen that mocked me stating it was just fireworks fell to the ground, and he never got back up. The lady behind me (who was now in front of me) who was terrified as I told her to run, never got back up. I actually had to physically step over her body to run (something I am still struggling with, so please don’t attack me. I was absolutely in flight-or-fight mode). There was another person to my right who also wasn’t moving. We ran. I don’t know what direction we ran, I don’t know towards which landmark we ran. We just ran. It was at this time our group got split up. Casie & I were together. Ricky, Cassie & Mendy were together.  
We were rounding some sort of corner maybe- and I looked to the right and I saw this large cowboy sitting down with his legs spread, holding a blood-soaked woman. I thought to myself “we NEED to hide”, but as I looked quickly for somewhere to go, the gunfire once again got closer and closer. We couldn’t hide because they (and I do mean THEY) were chasing us. That exact moment is when I started to really panic. That is the exact moment in which I thought this was it, I was going to die, I was never going to see my family again. So, as we are running, we approach this fence where men are throwing women over, and we ran up to it as they had knocked It down, so we were able to get out. As we crossed the threshold of the venue, my mind went straight to other mass shootings and hearing the victim’s families in my head talk about how they never got to say goodbye. I did not want this for my husband (who was at work) & my grandma (who had my daughter, Scarlett). So, at 10:07pm I called my husband franticly leaving him a voicemail- telling him that I loved him and was in the middle of a shooting & I wasn’t sure if I would make it out alive. Next, while still running, I called my grandma to tell her the exact same thing. But the gunfire wasn’t stopping this whole time. It wasn’t ceasing. It wasn’t slowing down. And It was directly behind us, following us. Bullets were coming from every direction. Behind us, in front of us, to the side of us. But I know, I just know, that there was someone chasing us. The entire time I felt this way. The farther we got from the venue, the closer the gunfire got. I kept looking back expecting to see the gunmen- and I say MEN because there was more than one person. There was more than one gun firing. 100% more than one.
As we were running, we kept changing direction, because it felt like no matter what direction we took, we were being followed. So we ended up running in a weird triangular path. The first place I remember getting to was a parking lot, and I told Casie (who was slightly in front of me) we needed to get under one of the trucks. She turned to me and started her way back to me, and that is when the gunfire got even CLOSER than ever before. It was RIGHT THERE. It was within the parking lot. Everyone around us was panicking once again. So we ditched the idea of getting underneath a vehicle, and we continued the run for our lives. If you know me, you know I am a big girl, who is out of shape, and who definitely does not run for any reason. But I can tell you I ran like I have never run before. 
The 2nd place I remember going by was Hooters- which is where we met back up with the rest of our small group. We ran towards the entrance thinking we could take cover there, but as we got closer, a stampede of people ran out, terrified. We could only conclude that there was another gunman inside of that hotel. This made us even more scared- we had nowhere to go- no one to trust. At some point, we ended up at the airport & even entered the building for safety. Everyone as we entered were screaming at the staff “IS IT SAFE IN HERE?” but we weren’t getting anyone to answer us, so after running about 30 feet into the building, not getting the answers we so desperately needed, we decided it, too, wasn’t a safe spot, so we got out of there quickly and continued running.
After all this running, we were tired, sore & having to stop to cough, gag and even vomit. We ran across an intersection & us & another group of people pleaded with a limo driver to let us in and get us out of there. He was clearly confused & didn’t understand what was going on, so he didn’t let us in. Next, we ran to a taxi van & she was willing to let us in, but she told us her van only held 4 people & she wasn’t going to let the 5 of us in, so we said screw it and continued running. At one point, we ran passed a small liquor store where they so graciously gave us water bottles. We passed UNLV as well.
Some things I can’t remember exactly where we were or at what time of the night they happened. But we were running along what I am guessing was Tropicana Avenue, and this dark colored sedan drives by, slows a little, and a smaller Hispanic, dark-haired woman leans out the window, and she yells something we couldn’t understand in a clearly taunting manner. It really freaked us out, because again, we didn’t know who we could and could not trust. 
I don’t remember at which time, but at some point, Ricky was reminded by Cassie that his Uncle Manny lived in Vegas. He called him, and we made a plan to meet him at a grocery store a couple miles away to get picked up. We finally made it to him, he shoved us all in his car, drove us to our hotel (we stayed off the strip), waited for us to pack (this literally took us all of 10 minutes max to do), and escorted us to the freeway to get us home. A HUGE thank you to Uncle Manny for his love, generosity & kindness.
The what-ifs still kill me. What if we hadn’t decided to be chill that night? What if we went to the same sardine-like spot we were in the two previous nights? What if we had been drinking as much as we had been Saturday night? Would we have had the reaction time to escape? What if I hadn’t had the desire to move next to Casie? Would we have been separated? There are still so many what-ifs from that night.
I have bene watching the news non-stop since I arrived back home to my family. And it just doesn’t make sense. The story that are feeding everyone doesn’t add up to our eyewitness accounts. There is something wrong with what they are saying & the evidence seems fake if you ask me. There are multiple people stating that there was a lady towards the beginning of the evening who had made her way up to the stage warning people that we were all gunna die- her and her boyfriend were escorted off the premises. Why has she not been mentioned by authorities? Every single survivor I have talked to also remembers multiple shooters, and at least one from the ground- why aren’t we being taken more seriously? Tons of things don’t add up.
I know I am forgetting a bunch of what happened, and I will edit this post to include it as I remember.
I praise our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, for surviving a horrific incident. People were dropping like flies all around me, and there is absolutely ZERO reason why I wasn’t at least struck with a bullet. I left the Route 91 Festival completely unharmed physically, besides some scrapes and super sore bones & muscles. Mentally, however, is a different story. I do okay during the day, but as soon as nightfall hits, I get super scared & anxious. I am even typing this up with butterflies in my stomach and a racing heart. I don’t want to be alone.”
Kymberly continued:
“I don’t want to go anywhere, ever. I can no longer be in any place with large crowds- concerts, festivals, theme parks, zoos, etc. I can no longer trust anyone around me. I can no longer close my eyes without seeing those bodies & hearing the sound of gunfire. I am ruined, as are thousands upon thousands of people. 
We were given wristbands to wear for the 3-day event. I can’t seem to take mine off.
We went to Las Vegas for a super fun, down to Earth country concert featuring our favorite artists. We left scared, scarred, traumatized and broken. And for that, we demand answers.”
Tragically, she got her answers as she was to close to the truth.


The readers will note that Kymberly said she was afraid to be alone. It is almost as if she knew what was going to happen to her. This is so sad and so tragic.
Below are Kymberly’s photos of the events in which she was having the time of her life. Little did she know, she did not have much time or life  left. This is so sad, so tragic. My heart aches for her family. This is why I am advising all witnesses to go silent. No news story is worth your life.  Please believe me when I say we already have enough evidence to form the conclusions that this was a false flag event. Rest in peace Kymberly and to all the others that lost their lives. My prayers and love are with the families.
Is there any doubt that Satan rules the planet? We have a lot of work to do.
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  1. James Stamulis October 15, 2017 at 7:44 am

    I pray their families get peace and justice.

  2. Hail Eris October 15, 2017 at 8:22 am

    Some dark cabal behind the scenes and linked to powerful people is pushing an agenda. Sounds to me like all these false flags are a declaration of war. For people not to arm themselves and get proper training from all those who understand what is at stake in private, well to not do that is beyond me.

    For law enforcement to not push past the shutdown of information by higher agencies and refuse to twist anything they saw…. that is a crime. The President must perhaps order an inquiry that is led by outside forces, not even America as if their are infiltrators within the halls of power, as their are, if their are malevolent arms of government and military as well as intelligence embedded with the good, if JFK’s words of a conspiracy against all are to be taken seriously then no longer can individuals sit idle and expect things to be handled for them. The people are the government…. they seem to have forgotten… they empower or take from it its very power.

    The President took a job that could cost him his life or his families lives, if he is afraid of threats or being handled and controlled by enemies within he has to take that risk, speak those words and say what he thinks and do what he said he was going to do. Drain the swamp. If he fears death due to threats and is surrounded by enemies or fears for his families safety and will not…. then he was never meant to rule. A leader has to leave personal feelings for family, friends and ones own safety behind for the greater good and hope that some higher power protects him.

    Something is wrong in America, something is wrong globally and their are powerful players behind the scenes of this. They need to be exposed and flushed down the drain.

  3. Craig Mouldey October 15, 2017 at 8:28 am

    This would indicate shooters who were in several different locations. She thought a gunman was following them. It sounds more like every time they changed directions in their flight, they were unknowingly running toward another shooter. God have mercy on their eternal souls. And please have mercy on us as we face what is upon us.

  4. Josh October 15, 2017 at 8:50 am

    For the witnesses to this event to not talk about what they saw, unless it follows the government narrative, is exactly what they want their victims to do. Do not be silent. If you are silenced, they win, don’t let the bastards win.

  5. John October 15, 2017 at 8:54 am

    Just throwing out a thought but could Trump have cut into their organ harvesting enough they needed organs badly?. I wonder how many of the victims organs were harvested?

  6. Jerry October 15, 2017 at 9:13 am

    The unrelenting attacks, viciousness of them, the evil being exposed in all areas of life is more than I ever ever imagined would exist during my life time. I agree that this planet has been given to satan. However, in the book of Job, it is obvious that the Creator God of the universe has imposed limitations on what satan and his henchmen can do. I am up at 4am everyday praying along with a nationwide prayer watch for the president and his family. Praying for him particularly and his family and for this nation. We have a reprieve for who knows how long. I don’t want to be a defeatist, but in the end whenever that is, we know, that the Anti christ and the dark state, the NWO will be in charge for 7 years, BUT we know ultimately Who is in charge. And we know who wins in the end. Thank you so much for what you are doing Dave. It is invaluable to me personally and I know for 1000’s of others. THANK YOU!

  7. Neil October 15, 2017 at 9:13 am

    Contact Alex Jones and go on his show with this information.


  8. Stephen Little October 15, 2017 at 1:34 pm


    Such important information you relate. Much appreciated.
    One correction: (which I’m sure you know) Dorothy Kilgallen interviewed Jack Ruby.

    God bless you, family & all your endeavors,

    P.S. My dad was friends with & went to school with Bud Collyer.

  9. Savannah October 15, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    COULDN’T AGREE MORE, Dave. I’ve also WARNED several times on my little blog NOT TO TALK TO THE FBI-CIA-OFFICIAL AUTHORITY… DO NOT CALL IN TIPS… when that horrible FBI Ruse said they wanted tips-info and were putting up billboards, I KNEW this this was a clean-up op of anyone who knew anything significant.

  10. sparrow59 October 15, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    I read in another article on this woman, that she was undergoing cancer treatments for a pituitary tumor. Could this have caused her death?

  11. Charles in Virginia October 15, 2017 at 4:37 pm

    Honestly, I’m more interested in what’s getting ready to break loose in Antarctica than this CIA side show.

    And here’s a thought for you. How big was that Vegas crowd? 30,000 people? If every one of them was armed with nothing more than hand guns…and all opened fire on those hotel windows simultaneously, they would have unleashed the fiery hell of 30.000 rounds per second for a minimum of 10 seconds. Let’s do the math…30,000 aimed rounds multiplied 10 seconds = 300,000 rounds on or near target.

    The odds of surviving that hail of lead are a billion to one! The sheer weight of one salvo would be approximately 927.6 POUNDS! Multiply that by ten and that’s the “effect” one melee round of fire on a single target. 9,270 pounds of lead on target in ten seconds And that’s BEFORE everyone has to swap out magazines for round two.

    Viva la 2nd Amendment! Once this sinks into the American psyche, the globalists will have no choice but to go all in. Then we will see honesty. Then we will have Truth.

  12. Charles in Virginia October 15, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Also, I’m truly sorry for those not quick enough to sidestep the mechanization s of the Deep State. It’s a fact of life that if you lay down even in proximity to dogs, you can end up with fleas. In this instance, as in countless others, that means death.

    Situational Awareness is a learned skill as well as a Gift from God. If you’re using what God gave you, and you believe His promises, you’re going to be fine through ALL of this! If that is your happy circumstance, then do like Dave (and myself) and sound the alarm to others. We’re going to need all the help we can find very soon.

  13. Curtis October 15, 2017 at 5:10 pm

    I have no doubt that this woman was ‘at the concert’ and her observations are accurate and truthful. I do, however, doubt that the person that wrote this article is one and the same that had the experience at the concert. The writing is such that one would expect from a professional writer in that much of the description is over and above the average person who would write a letter or a blog on a computer. Too descriptive and too informative

    I have written briefs for court cases that do not encompass details such as the ones in this article. Don’t get me wrong and assume that I doubt the entirety of the article…it is that I do doubt that the person describing the event and the horror of the event is one and the same.

  14. Gary Powell October 15, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    The death of Kymberley Suchomel was indeed tragic, and the timing of it, of course, raises eyebrows. But there are several reports online that she had a brain tumor and epilepsy and that family members do not suspect foul play. If you have evidence to refute those reports you might want to reconsider updating your article, otherwise it looks simply inaccurate.


  15. Rob October 15, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    Thank you Dave for bringing the truth and giving us her full eyewitness account, however feel so sick for Kimberly and her family. SO SICK what these evil, evil demon people are doing!!!!!!!!!!! I was glad to see her words of the Lord Jesus Christ! So my hope is she is now with our Savior and safe and no longer in fear. Lord I pray for Kimberly’s family. Dave yes, your advice for the victims very good. I can’t even imagine what Kimberly’s dad is going through. Must be rage. I have two grown daughters and feel for this family.

  16. Lorelei Vision October 15, 2017 at 7:02 pm

    Wait a minute, something is seriously wrong about the events that transpired in Vegas at the Harvest Festival. I lived and worked in Las Vegas for over 20 years and attended UNLV and am quite familiar with the area the young lady wrote about in her Facebook post. She said that she and her group ran from the Festival (Las Vegas Blvd across from the Luxor) and passed by UNLV during their get-a-way, sorry, but that is just an ODD, ODD, ODD route to run in the dark unless they were being chased into that direction. Which, by the way is also quite dangerous given the heavy flow of traffic, lack of lighting for pedestrians, and lack of sidewalks as well (on part of the route she is describing). Also, if she is by UNLV, well, that entire area has gone downhill with unsavory characters hanging out around the campus as well as gang activity. Wouldn’t be there at night, quite honestly.

    “and a smaller Hispanic, dark-haired woman leans out the window, and she yells something we couldn’t understand in a clearly taunting manner.” WHAT ARE THE ODDS THIS WAS THE SAME HISPANIC WOMAN THAT YELLED THAT EVERYONE WAS GOING TO DIE? HMMMMM…..

    I am going to pass your article along to friends of mine in Vegas. One of my friends colleagues hid in one of the port-a-potty’s to get away from the bullets that night. Do not know if he is speaking out about his experience, but it seems that it might not be prudent to do so.

    This story just keeps growing stranger and stranger…

  17. Stan October 15, 2017 at 9:38 pm

    ” Dorothy Kilgallen ”

    Excellent Dave. You are one of the few I have heard even mention this very key figure. She was about to break it all wide open when she ‘committed suicide’. Right.

  18. Hsaive October 16, 2017 at 3:36 am

    Researcher Can’t Find Anybody Who Died in Las Vegas Massacre
    Systematic search for open source evidence fails to confirm deaths in alleged Las Vegas Massacre.

  19. gene October 16, 2017 at 3:39 am

    “Dear Jesus Christ Please come into my heart and be the Lord of my life May the Holy Spirit fill me with Love . Peace and Joy. Help me become the person You want me to be. To do Your will, to walk in Your path and give glory and honor to Your name. Amen” I pray this every day and feel better in lots of ways.. There is a forgiving Jesus who said when we believe in Him follow his word our reward is eternal life in heaven..

  20. john killen October 16, 2017 at 4:15 am

    personally , I would have a private investigator and a Notary public ( since that is an office of the court) depose me under oath and on video , make bout 100 copies passed out all over the map, put it on the internet and have entered into records all over the usa under miscelleanous in the various recorders offices for counties………ths way they may murder me but the evidence will not be silenced…. Additionally i would mail several copies that are well sealed registered mail to various safe places to remain unopened till the Hangings begin. THIS CRAP MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS OR NONE OF US WILL HAVE A COUNTRY IN WHICH TO LIVE!

  21. ronn October 16, 2017 at 6:16 am

    The story will morph into a wet mop sort of delusion. Officials will drip small amounts of truth with a barrage of misinformation and lies to keep the sheep satisfied. They are busy at work in all the dark corners you can imagine. The mop will hold the real meaty portions of the story left out and they are not very keen about wringing that mop out. However, their stories are falling apart as we wait for some kind of honesty. The FBI is a snarky, lying bastard for the deep state operatives. They have no reverence for human life or the truth. They revel in this game of hide and seek. However cracks are opening up just like they have opened up in the JFK murders and the disappearance of J.P. Morgan’s bodies and five other family members (deceased) at his gravesite. I went down to the JFK murder site some years ago and can tell you I think I figured some of it out. Like I said in a previous post; JFK was hit in the head by a “Hypersonic” rifle bullet able to extract his bodily fluids as well as cause a traumatic mortal injury insuring his death. The crap they have been telling us is all lies. A 6.5 carcano round could never do the damage done and even the extraordinary feat of bouncing off the dashboard; that bullet would have ended up penetrating the whole car. Lies, lies, lies. Seems our country and it leaders have adopted this dishonesty to keep us controlled while at the same time stealing all our wealth, gold, and productiveness. This shooting is their attempt to once again convince us that we must give up our freedom for security. Stay vigilant and be prepared to act on a moments notice if they decide to collude to further destroy this fine country now turned traitor to the very people who live here. These people are monsters of the highest order and must be stopped. You will know when the proper moment has arrived for action. Just make it count when it does happen. We are on the periphery of madness and it is coming soon. Enuf said, you know the roll call…….

  22. robert g bernardini October 16, 2017 at 7:30 am

    There is so much evil in the various agencies . Start with the CIA and the FBI . Then the dirt bag politicians and law enforcement any one who is promoting this false narrative needs to be questioned and called out It won’t stop until we physically go after the scum behind all this . You have to wonder how much Trump knows at this point and who is gonna stick there neck out and defend these people who are being murdered by our own government these fuckers are out of control same with the lying media .

  23. Richard Carrabba October 16, 2017 at 8:16 am

    I find her story made up it is to descriptive in trivial details with one going through a dramatic profound event. I do believe this was a conspiracy among various groups including deep state Federal operatives.

    State LEO

  24. internetsurfergirl October 16, 2017 at 9:48 am

    From Kimberly’s post seems as though the contracted Shooters were also beyond the scope of the Arena making sure no-one made it out alive who could tell the Truth of multiple Shooters in the Arena itself.

  25. Renee October 16, 2017 at 1:25 pm

    this mess was first blessed
    by God 12
    Jacob 12 x sons.
    I think we’re good.

  26. Gerard Trip October 16, 2017 at 2:43 pm

    There are both good FBI and bad FBI operating this case in and around Las Vegas. On the morning of October 15, a good FBI convoy with a crucial witness was intercepted and gunned down just outside Las Vegas. The good FBI also has 2 gun-runner colleagues of Stephen Paddock in their protective custody, way away from Las Vegas now. They both had an armory of weapons and ammo in their vehicles, the same as used in Las Vegas. I am sure your sources will eventually come up with this info.

  27. Warren Roy October 19, 2017 at 7:02 am

    This tore me up reading it. I do believe that Kymberly was the one who wrote it and what she saw was true. I did read where she may have had cancer. Could the stress of what she witnessed and seen killed her? Possible. But I am still suspecting foul play!
    I have been a believer pretty well from the first day that Stephen Paddock didn’t do it alone. And I won’t be shocked if we see a Kennedy type situation where they will spending years screaming up and down saying, “Stephen Paddock did it all by himself!” Only to find the informed public will not believe that for one second!
    This writing needs to be put in every person’s hands!

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