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Liar! Liar! Democratic Pants On Fire!

Careful, people judge you by the company you keep. Dianne Feinstein, the person most responsible for bringing Dr. Ford’s untimely Kavanaugh allegations to the public is now backpedaling. She was afraid to be charged with perjury. Now, she is again emboldened as a second liar has come out with the same allegations, yet, her storyline has already failed.

Doug Hagmann nailed it. In a pre-recorded interview for The Common Sense Show, Doug predicted, in advance, a second woman would come forth with false sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh due to the fact that Ford’s account was falling apart. And now there has been s second woman come forward. Interestingly, both women support Clinton.

The second woman’s account is even less believable than Ford’s which totally lacked any credibility in the first place. Some should tell the second woman, Ramirez, that when you name witnesses who allegedly support your account, you first might want to check to see if they are going to lie for you, which they wouldn’t. The New Yorker, which broke the second accuser’s account, admitted they couldn’t even place Kavanaugh at the scene of the alleged party in which the alleged incident happened and this was even after interviewing dozens of witnesses. Yet, the newspaper ran the story anyway. Journalist integrity in this country is dead! The New Yorker newspaper is not even fit to use to house break your puppy!

When the smoke clears from this travesty, President Trump should investigate Dianne Feinstein, the mastermind of these lies, as well as the two women for perjury. If we can put away these liars away in a deep, dark cell for a term consistent with perjury, maybe future Democratic socialist party members will think twice about perpetrating such lies designed to ruin a man’s life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                When the Ramirez  women’s false allegations fall apart, and they already are, just like Ford’s did, there will be two more women, with ties to Clinton and Soros that will come forth with the same false allegations. And there will be two more women and two more women… and two more… The Democrats are making a mockery of the rule of law.

Keep in mind, I was opposed to Kavanaugh’s nomination and I defended the #metoo movement. However, a simple allegation, without proof, does not make it so and I am standing with Kavanaugh on this one because I am not going to let Soros, the Democrats and the Deep State win with lies.                                                                                                                                                            If Kavanaugh’s nomination is turned down, it needs to be done for the right reasons. And to these two democratic party-Hillary Clinton supporting-never-Trumpers lying women, I would ask that isn’t it interesting that Kavanaugh is not an equal opportunity molester? Why does he only molest women who have ties to Soros, Clinton and the DNC?

In the final analysis, why is the proven woman abuser, Keith Ellison, the Deputy Director of the DNC, being allowed to run for a state office in Minnesota? In Trevor Louden’s documentary, The Enemies Within, there are 80 Democrats identified as members of front groups for the American Communist Party and/or the biggest terrorist group in the world, the Muslim Brotherhood. Ellison was prominently featured on that list. And unlike the two Democratic-lying women, this allegation stuck!

Let me follow in Doug Hagmann’s good shoes. From now on, every time there is a high-profile Republican nomination, the Democratic Socialists will have an army of accusers waiting in the wings. How do I know? Because these socialists got traction from these lies in the Kavanaugh case.

This is what America has sunk to. We are a national reality show. Let’s call it, Name That Democratic Lie. America, we are going through the early stages of a Bolshevik Revolution. And if want to end up like the Soviet Union, simply vote for a Democratic Socialist this fall.

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  1. Sheri September 25, 2018 at 5:26 am

    It’s a “Sexual Allegations Filibusterer”. Stonewalling, delaying tactics, procrastination, obstruction.

  2. Alex September 25, 2018 at 6:32 am

    Someone should make a list of all the democratic/communist women that claim sexual abuse by conservatives. Roy Moore, D Trump, B Kavanaugh, The fella that ran for President (A black man that worked for the Fed Reserve) and so may more. This is their motis operandi. Once it is laid out, I beleve truth will full citizens minds and it will not work any more.

  3. cranerigger September 25, 2018 at 6:39 am

    The dumbest among us seek to control the entire population. These Demonrats have no ethics (look at the confirmation process for Kavanaugh), they only seek power (remember the shady manipulations to cheat Bernie out of the Presidential nomination, and they believe they can create their own alternate universe (changing facts as in the Kavanaugh character assassination). Wake up America before these fools steal your country.

  4. Toejamicus September 25, 2018 at 12:48 pm

    It seems that Dr. Ford’s father had ties to the CIA. For anyone aware of the CIA’s UK-Ultra the alarm bells should be ringing. A lady called into the Rush Limbaugh radio show who went to Yale and knew Kavanaugh at Yale said that he was a prefect gentleman. Kavanaugh doesn’t have completely clean hands. He was the head attorney in the cover up of the Vince Foster murder during the Clinton Administration.
    The neo-Bolsheviks, oops, I mean the Democrats are getting desperate. They must protect at all costs the Clinton’s (crime incorporated) and above all Barack Obama. If, and that is big if*, the Republicans can maintain control of both houses of congress after the upcoming elections, President Trump is set to roll out the indictments for treason committed against the American people and the Constitution to be tried in Military Tribunals. If the traitors in their desperation want a war against the Constitution and the American people then war they shall have. Let’s hope and pray that this war can be contained within our courts of jurisprudence, civilian and military.

    *Depending on how many millions of illegal invaders will be allowed to vote by the neo-Bolsheviks.

  5. Larry Deavenport September 25, 2018 at 5:18 pm

    The Democrats were very foolish to go after Kavanaugh as they did. This will haunt them later especially if he is confirmed to the Supreme. Court.

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