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Mark of the Beast Technology Made Public by Google and Rogue Governments


The Mark of the Beast is being incrementally introduce to the planet by the likes of Google and any totalitarian regime willing to hire them. Here is the story..

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  1. Disabled Veteran February 12, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    On the first season of ‘The Orville’, the landing party ends up on a planet where social credits are being used to uplift people who are politically correct, and turning the population against those who are not!
    Your Freedom to Travel under the Fourth Amendment is already compromised. Why? How about Passport revocations due to IRS profiling / back taxes, or a defective tax return from many years ago…!
    Or, being denied a Passport for extraneous reasons! (this is many flock to invest in the Caribbean and other places that offer Passports with land investment / ownership).
    In China, the new Social Media / Party Profiling software is no longer allowing travel abroad for those deemed ‘unsuitable to Party Doctrine’!
    Comments in New Zealand newspapers are only allowed if conforming to politically-correct comments.Mediaworks, Stuff News, etc. are all part of the greater Global Experiment to see how well such a media system can work to oppress opinion.
    & this trend started when the old National Party was doing covert deals with Chinese ‘investors’ who suceeded in making housing un-affordable in New Zealand by out-bidding New Zealanders from home purchases.at auctions!
    But it isn’t just New Zealand; it’s Vancouver, the Left Coast of the USA, and the developed nations of the Pacific Rim.
    Watch what happens next!!!

  2. Brenda Wehkamp February 20, 2019 at 9:06 pm

    Hi Dave, I enjoy your broadcast’s and have been listening to you for a long time. I have, also, made monetary donations to The Common Sense Show. I wanted to comment on this video because the mark of the beast has to do with who you worship and not a literal mark. It will come down as an enforcement of a Sunday law. You will not be able to buy or sell unless you accept this Sunday law that will be enforced. Blue laws have been on the books in several places for a long time but have not been enforced as of yet. A good book to read regarding this and other prophecy related things is ‘The Great Controversy’ (Between Christ and Satan) by Ellen G White that tells Bible history from beginning to end; Genesis to Revelation. This war began in heaven. The first edition of this book dates back to 1888 and then revised in 1911. She is the fourth most translated author according to one researchers probe into the Library of Congress. She died in 1915. Our study group is going through this book currently and I would be happy to send you an illustrated copy of this book at no cost just let me know that you want one. I appreciate your sacrifice and commitment to inform others about the reality of what is really going on. It’s frightening but we know who wins in the end. Stay safe. God Bless You, Brenda Wehkamp

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