Obama’s Endgame

History demonstrates that the descent into war is preceded with a justification, real or contrived. As with all tyrants, if a legitimate justification for the impending conflict is not forthcoming, the despot, in this case Obama, will simply make one up. And the way that this objective is reached is through the creation of a false flag event.


Make no mistake about it, this is coming to America. In Part Two of this series, it was demonstrated the Federal Reserve needs to seize the Iranian oil fields in order to save the Petrodollar. This means we will be at war with Russia and probably China and India who are buying Iranian oil in gold.


America can’t just march into Syria and then Iran and expect support from the people while risking the beginning of a catastrophic war. Rather, this administration needs a level of justification that the majority of American sheeple will support.


A Dictator’s MO

I do not look for one false flag event designed to move the country into martial law, it is likely that several false flag events will take place, in different regions of the country. This will give the administration the ability to incrementally implement martial law in a fashion similar to what happened in with the implementation of  illegal martial law in Boston following the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15th. The roll out of Boston’s martial law was a beta test for what is coming all across the country. And who could ever forget the images of the federal subjugation of an American city.

The last part of this series demonstrated that Obama faces five scandals which dwarfs the Watergate scandal which ended the presidency of Richard Nixon. Yet, Obama does not appear to be the least bit nervous. After reading this article, you will discover why the President is so calm and composed.


The Wheels Of Tyranny Are Turning

All the pieces needed for a tyrannical takeover of the country are presently sitting on the chessboard. Some of them are already in place. For example, we know that Boston was the blueprint for the roll out of martial law, but beyond that, nobody can say for certain what the false flag attacks will look like. If I were a betting man, I would wager that Memorial Day weekend might be a target of opportunity. However, I do not know “the what” and I do not know “the where”.  I only know that if Obama does not act soon to distract the country, his presidency has a limited shelf life.

Obama may be able to buy some time by sacrificing Eric Holder. Yet, Obama’s people must move quickly because the media’s noose around this administrations neck is tightening quickly as the media scrutiny of his five “Watergates” is intensifying. The removal of Holder will not buy Obama much time as the Attorney General is only one degree of separation from the President. Even with Holder soon to be sacked, the public will not be totally satisfied. In the near future, we all be saying that familiar refrain from the Watergate days, “What did the President know and when did he know it?”

Soon, there will be calls for a real investigation in which the participants may be too intimated to play party politics and whitewash the investigation. The removal of the Attorney General will not get Obama past Labor Day.  Therefore, Obama quickly needs the mother of all distractions.

Once the false flag occurs, there will be two general camps of Americans. First, there will be the Kool-Aid drinking sheep that will endlessly watch CNN for the latest in Obama propaganda and they will gladly do as they are told so long as the government promises to protect them from the imaginary terrorists. Then there will be a second group, one that won’t easily forget about Obama’s five Watergate scandals. The latter group will have to be dealt with because some won’t be swayed by a contrived crisis and they have learned to recognize the unmistakable signs of a false flag attack. 


Follow the Data

Remember, Obama’s presidency and ultimately his freedom depends on him securing Iranian oil fields. To accomplish this goal, he must defeat Russia and China while occupying first Syria and then Iran.  How will Obama neutralize his political opponents? What will that look like? What will America look like?

The following paragraphs answer this question based on the data already in evidence.

When a President or Congress enact an Executive Order or a law, they do so for very specific reasons. First Bush and now Obama have prepositioned assets for a brutal martial law takeover and subsequent crackdown and it is not hard to find where the prepositioned assets are located and how they will work to save Obama’s presidency and preserve his freedom.

Some will wrongly say that Obama’s actions cannot accurately be predicted. I strongly disagree.  He has left a trail of breadcrumbs right to the White House. Criminals always have a set of preplanned tools necessary to carry out their mission. Criminals leave clues and Obama is no different from any other criminal.

There are two actions that must be examined in order to accurately predict what lies ahead. First, the administration must be able to identify and then neutralize any leadership which would oppose their complete takeover. This will primarily accomplished through the National Defense Authorization Act and related legislation. Secondly, the government must exercise complete control over the people and obedience to the dictatorial authority must be tied to individual survival and this will be accomplished through Obama’s Executive Order, The National Defense Resources Preparedness Act.

Since Obama’s arrival on the scene, his administration, along with the help of Congress have enacted these two key measures which accomplishes both of the aforementioned goals.


The National Defense Authorization Act

In any preemptive action, the command and control structure of the enemy must be neutralized.

This act means that key people, media figures and contrarians in Congress, such as Rand Paul, must be arrested, for the people cannot be given a chance to galvanize around a proven set of leaders.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) permits the government to arrest the dissident leadership without any due process of law.


The NDAA is the establishment of a secret police force which has the power of the KGB, the Gestapo and the East German Stasi all rolled into one. When one examines the fact that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has recently purchased 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition and 2700 armored personnel carriers, the NDAA suddenly make much more sense. It is now apparent that the DHS does not exist to protect the American people from terrorists. DHS serves to subjugate Americans and to act as the vanguard of a martial law police force.And make no mistake about it, Boston was a beta test for what is coming to the rest of the country.

The Russian Foreign Ministry End Game Report & PDD-51

Historical support for the roll out of martial law under the NDAA comes from a  shocking 2009 Russian Foreign Ministry report which states that President Obama has secretly ordered the immediate opening of America’s gulag type of FEMA concentration camps in order to house 775,000 Americans deemed to be terrorists by the Obama administration.  Maybe this is why Jesse Ventura’s FEMA Camp special on his former TRU-TV Conspiracy Theory show met with so much censorship and resistance from the establishment.


Further support comes from Presidential Decision Directive 51 handed President Obama dictator status in times of declared, and not necessarily real, national emergency. PDD 51 is a Bush era executive order that gives the President dictatorial power in times of national emergency, eliminates any roadblock to declaring martial law in the United States. It gives Obama the power to suspend elections. This is why I speculated in Part Two that Obama will not leave office in 2016. This act also gives Obama the power to launch all-out war based on his own authority.

The MIAC Report has identified gun owners, Libertarians, Constitutionalists and Veterans as domestic terrorists. Recently, DHS added Christians to this list as well.             


The National Defense Resource Preparedness Act


The descent into total and abject tyranny is almost complete. With President Obama’s latest executive order, THE NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS ACT, he has granted himself the authority to declare peacetime martial law. This Executive Order is posted on the WhiteHouse.gov web site.

This act will eliminate any opposition to the coming World War. It will also usher in many desired globalist transformations such as cap and trade, the elimination of private property, the elimination of all civil liberties and a whole host of Agenda 21 provisions.

The Elimination of Private Property



This executive order is particularly draconian in that it eliminates the private ownership of everything and Obama has delegated the complete control of the nation’s resources to his cabinet level department heads (i.e. Czars). The delegation of control of the nation’s resources and people is particularly troubling because the heads of America’s resources shall have this power “under both emergency and non-emergency conditions” to control every aspect of our lives. And under this executive order, the President is to the sole decider of what constitutes an emergency (Section 201, paragraph b).”


The Legalization of Governmental Cronyism


Through Sections 301b and 302, Obama’s executive order legalizes governmental cronyism in which loans/grants are guaranteed by the Federal Reserve and the related actions are not subject to any kind of review or accountability process. Further, the development and implementation of a type of economic worthiness score, related to the relative importance of companies for “national defense,” will permit the government to decide what companies prosper and will receive stimulus money and which companies will fail in a strange version of “Fabian Socialism for corporations”. This is absolute fascism in which the government will ultimately control all business activity (see Sections 302, 303, 304, 305).


The Literal Legalization of Slavery


As if the previous sections of the already mentioned executive order are not enough to inflame already aware Americans, Section 601 signals the most Orwellian aspect of this executive order in which “upon request by the Director of Selective Service, and in coordination with the Secretary of Defense, assist the Director of Selective Service in development of policies regulating the induction and deferment of persons for duty in the armed services” (paragraph 2). What is particularly troubling is that the Secretary of Labor will possess oversight over the Selective Service process, instead of the Secretary of Defense. This revelation left me scratching my head as I wondered why would the Department of Labor be in charge of the coming military draft? Then it dawned upon me that we were not just talking about military conscription. I refer to the 2008 Presidential campaign in which Obama stated that “we need to construct a national civilian security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded” (as the military).

Obama is clearly planning to conscript civilians, train them and send them where they are needed and will pay them whatever wage the Secretary of Commerce determines (Section 601; paragraphs 3, 4-Section 801; paragraph C). In one fell swoop, Obama has sidestepped the 13th Amendment as we are talking about the introduction of forced labor (i.e. indentured servitude).

For those that know their history, it should also remind everyone of the forced labor camps run by the Nazi’s in which Jews and other political prisoners were forced into slave labor in support of the German war effort while they were being systematically starved to death. Is this why Jesse Ventura’s FEMA camp episode was scrubbed from Television and why TruTV ‘s archives are missing the FEMA camp episode? Perhaps, America would be well advised to pay attention to the good work being done by Gary Franchi on the topic of FEMA camps. Bill Ayers, the benefactor of Obama’s Harvard education and his original political sponsor is on the record of having stated one day, in America, “we will have to send 50 million Americans to re-education camps and murder 25 million of them.


The Elimination of Freedom of Movement


The Secretary of Transportation has been authorized control over civil transportation which “includes movement of persons and property by all modes of transportation in interstate, intrastate, or foreign commerce within the United States, its territories and possessions, and the District of Columbia, and related public storage and warehousing, ports, services, equipment and facilities, such as transportation carrier shop and repair facilities.” “Civil transportation” also shall include direction, control, and coordination of civil transportation capacity regardless of ownership” (Section 801 part A). Can there be any doubt that the expanded surveillance program by of the TSA, in their unconstitutional, hands down our pants VIPER program, is designed to control all travel in the United States? The former Soviet Union used to have checkpoints every 20 miles in order to restrict travel and to prevent the congregation of “revolutionary forces” for purposes of opposing government control as well as to limit the ability of political dissidents to flee from their governmental pursuers. I feel compelled to ask, what is the government going to do that is so nefarious and so intrusive that they are seeking to set up a control grid which will accomplish these same goals?


Legalization of the Deindustrialization of America


The Secretary of Energy will have control over all “Energy” (which) means all forms of energy including petroleum, gas (both natural and manufactured), electricity, solid fuels (including all forms of coal, coke, coal chemicals, coal liquification, and coal gasification), solar, wind, other types of renewable energy, atomic energy, and the production, conservation, use, control, and distribution (including pipelines) of all of these forms of energy…” This means the government will have total control over all utility prices, the installation of smart meters along with the implementation of the smart grid and the amount of energy which can be consumed by average Americans will be severely curtailed under this new system of energy feudalism which will be imposed on the new American serfs. Obama, in the 2008 Presidential Campaign, stated that “under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” Previously ignorant Americans will soon come to know the true meaning and the accurately prophetic meaning of these words (Section 801, part b).


Starving Americans Into Submission


Stalin did it, Hitler did it and now Obama has the ability to do it.

The Secretary of Agriculture will posses control over “fertilizer” (which) means any product or combination of products that contain one or more of the elements nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for use as a plant nutrient.” The Secretary of Agriculture will also control “food resource facilities “(which) means plants, machinery, vehicles (including on farm), and other facilities required for the production, processing, distribution, and storage (including cold storage) of food resources, and for the domestic distribution of farm equipment and fertilizer.” This is the total control of all food. This will allow Monsanto which demonstrably controls the Department of Agriculture, the FDA and EPA to move forward, unabated, for the total GMO takeover of our food supply. Even more disturbing is that a few men will have total control over all food production and the dissenting masses who oppose this fascist takeover can be effectively starved into submission or starved to death (Section 801, parts c-f).


Eugenics As National Policy


Under this Executive Order, the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall maintain control over all “Health resources” meaning drugs, biological products, medical devices, materials, facilities, health supplies, services and equipment required to diagnose, mitigate or prevent the impairment of, improve, treat, cure, or restore the physical or mental health conditions of the population.” This is a declaration of a forced form of Codex Alimentarius. Under this provision, it will not matter if Obama Care is repealed, his cabinet appointee will maintain control over all health care, both pharmacological and alternative/natural (Section 801, part i). Can there be any doubt that the death panel provisions of Obama Care will be implemented and carried out with no oversight or regulation in an manner reminiscent of Logan’s Run nightmarish scenario?


Water Deprivation

I have long maintained on my talk show that there is a decided effort by a relatively few elite to control the nation’s water and this provision will be utilized as a form of both political and population control. Of this, there can be no doubt as the Secretary of Defense will be placed in charge of all water resources Section 801, part n). I can draw no other conclusion that placing the control of water under the DOD represents the weaponizing of water and the intended target of this full frontal assault are the American people for the purpose of imposing population control and complete compliance.


In summary, the MSM is forcing Obama’s hand to go for broke. Obama has limited time to act given the magnitude of the five Watergate scandals he presently faces. Obama has been backed into a corner and he is desperate.

Obama is going to start a war with Syria and Iran and ultimately with Russia and China to save the backsides of the Federal Reserve and their precious Petrodollar. However, he cannot commence a war until he has eliminated the leadership of those that would oppose him. Then he must gain total national compliance and acquiescence to the catastrophic war that he must launch this country into in order to save the Petrodollar. These events will be preceded by a series of false flag events and a subsequent roll out of the martial law that we saw beta tested in Boston following the Marathon bombing.

 A Facebook friend wrote to me and told me that we needed to push harder to remove this President under the Articles of Impeachment. I totally agree, and I firmly believe that if Obama is not removed from office by this Independence Day, Labor Day at the latest, we might not be able to stop these predicted events.

I would encourage all of you to do your own research. Read PDD-51, the NDAA, the Military Commissions Act, etc. After you have read the referenced documents in this article, ask yourself a question, if this administration was not going to use these draconian powers, then why do they exist? Are these acts just some form of mental masturbation, or do we all have some very serious things to concern ourselves over?

If you conclude, as I have, that we have a great deal to worry about, then you need to be vocal and get active. Your mission should be to wake up as many sheep as possible. Martial law will require some degree of voluntary citizen cooperation.

With some concentrated effort, we can stop these plans in their tracks.

How bad can it get? I believe we have about a 90 day window to stop this administration from obliterating our Republic and installing the hellish nightmare that we see in North Korea. And please keep in mind, that the aforementioned events are only the prelude to World War III and then all bets are off.

Obama is fighting for his freedom and so are we. One side is serious and the other side is still trying to decide if they should take things seriously.


Part One           Part Two


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  1. my23rdwish May 19, 2013 at 10:34 am

    Well said and detailed! There has been individuals in history’s past. Who have seen many wars unfold before they unfold.
    As a child i was always left baffled as to how and why these things happen without people knowing and acting accordingly.
    Now I know, much like boiling a frog… (an analogy I dont need to explain to people who come to this type of blog.)
    It is incremental and it is the few who have their ears to the tracks, that hear things to come that can not be seen by others.
    Events predicted that dont occur fast enough to sedate public ridicule at the time of pronouncement.
    Dave Hodges you may get blasted by trolls and “sheep” in “wolves” clothing,…. men and woman who are too scared to look up this information for themselves.
    For on a subconscious maybe even conscious level , to blow off your ideas with ridicule and slander. Is simply their way of protecting their perfect little World they know. From information that you and others may present that may pop their bubble of reality .
    At some point in time everyone’s cherry will have to be popped. When it does it can only be hoped that yours and the information others have be trying to share with them will sink in.

    “In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.” – Mark Twain

  2. Jarhead1 May 19, 2013 at 11:58 am

    The military personnel I know will not violate their oath, some young officers may try to do so but would be executed on the spot. Take away the military and all that’s left is DHS, FBI, US Marshals, a few thousand UN goons, a few hundred Blackwater types and a few thousand other dirtballs that would carry a weapon and promise to use them to subvert and subject their fellow citizens. Without the military all the elitists have is maybe 750,000 personnel to TRY and subject the entire nation. Forget local law enforcement, remember they live within the community and realize if they do turn on the citizens then their families become fair game. My suggestion is to settle down and try and look at this subjectively. There is absolutely no way they can win a shooting war with the citizens, even if half the military joined them, so be vigilant and keep your weapons close at hand, your eyes and ears open and be ready mentally and physically to defend your families, neighbors and communities. The VC did it in Vietnam, the Shiites in Iraq, the Taliban in Afghanistan and everywhere else a modern military force has left the battlefield without total victory. I have personal experience and have been there and done that!!

    Semper Fidelis

  3. Bonnie May 19, 2013 at 3:30 pm

    On your inset of Goring’s “Naturally the common people don’t want war…..”
    You’ve taken that out of context, like the Allied Propaganda before, during and after WWII.

    It gets old. Especially since the Allies were the WORST scum ever! They slaughtered needlessly, and raped their way across Europe with impunity, including France!

    WWII was started to defend Poland and Czechoslovakia, what a joke! After WWII, the Allies gave those countries to the Communists, on a silver platter. In fact, the gave ALL of E. Europe to Stalin. Now, THAT was the REAL – HELL ON EARTH. Poland and Czechoslovakia would have been glad to have Hitler back.

    All this has been documented.

  4. keymandan May 19, 2013 at 3:40 pm

    Despite our dependence on going to the grocery store where there are always monitors of our activities, and perhaps are only not monitored once we get back inside our homes (and that is only because we are not targeted), still I think it will be nigh unto impossible to impose martial law in every place and in every situation in America. However, even if 80% complete, that will be enough to achieve the ends required by the international cabal. Good article, good read.

  5. Shields May 19, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    Rand Paul is a charlatan, wolf in sheeps clothing, and controlled opposition. Please don;t fall for that con mans bull Dave.

  6. arizona May 19, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    WHEN YOU SEE THE FOREIGN MILITARY,killing your neighbors,ITS BECAUSE YOUR UNDER ATTACK,and right after the earthquake,YOUR DADDY OBAMA,will be attacking you with his PRIVATE ARMY,stay asleep just a little longer and you find out what your POLICE GANGS have been training for………(CLUE FOR DUMB ASSES) it ain’t to save you………………………

  7. arizona May 19, 2013 at 5:53 pm

    THERES FOREIGN AGENTS,foreign military,foreign politicans,and the list goes on and on,government leaders commiting TREASON,EVERYWHERE IN AMERICA,.HOW can this be,our constitution forbids any foreign military in our country,and police gangs are sworn,to arrest them if they see them,the US MILITARY is sworn to protect and uphold the constitution,and arrest any VIOLATORS,yet nothing is being done,ARE THEY ALL IN BED WITH THE COMMIES……”YES”.. and the american people are NOW THE TERRORISTS,…..you all have seen the DRONES in action,and it wasn’t a broken gas pipe,like you were told,ASK THE special forces RANGER who they put 80 bullet holes in ,and then said OPP’S we’re at the wrong address,LIKE HELL THEY WERE,they knew who he was,and they got paid a lot of money to KILL HIM too,YOUR POLICE GANGS are nothing but PAID WHORES,commies and TRAITORS,you see who their using for target practice don’t you,YOU AND YOUR FAMILY….wakeup,your out of time kids,the take over of america is at hand,GET READY TO FIGHT OR DIE like a coward………………

  8. Steve May 19, 2013 at 6:40 pm

    I suggest you watch the “I pet goat 2” illuminati produced video on Youtube…

    It shows exactly what is coming, it also shows the Sandy Hook false flag long
    before it happened, it shows that BO is a satanist, it showed the fertilizer bombing
    in Texas, the ricin mail attacks, the Boston Bombing, Fema camps coming and martial law…
    And it also shows he is going to LITERALLY rip the country in half next..The illuminati loves to show you what
    they are going to do…

  9. The Rahnameh May 19, 2013 at 6:59 pm

    What you say might be true; or he could be taking out the Zionist fifth column by investigating the Associated Propaganda machine, refusing to go to war over Syria or Iran, while also looking into the subversion of Ron Paul’s Revolution movement, turned into a Frankenstein party of Koch Bros. (read: Israeli) talking points. Tea Partiers are inadvertantly (or wilfully) serving as agents for the foreign government of Israel, actually an enemy to the United States of America despite the lies of the fifth column, Zionist media proclaiming otherwise.

    He didn’t sign the NDAA into being alone. Please regard School House Rock’s “How a Bill Becomes a Law”. Two words: bicameralism and presentment. You did check out the contents of the NDAA and the President’s writing providing he will never use the indefinite detention provision so long as he is office and declaring it a forced item that was packaged with other vital necessities he could not line item veto (it was taken out — re: your chessboard outlook on the strategy)? Did you see his annotation?

    That can serve as a basis for impeachment. The utility thereof will come under scrutiny in that vein.

  10. SanGabe May 19, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    Jarhead 1, that is what we have been hearing from both active duty, and vets now for a long time.

    We have faith, that these words of yours are true. However, if the Military goes along with it, let us NEVER hear Semper Fidelis out of any mouth, ever again.

  11. Glenn Jacobs May 19, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    The Free French Resistance did not amount to so much as an annoyance to the Nazis until the population realized it was actually more dangerous to sit at home after curfew, obey orders and collaborate — than to skulk around in the dark taking potshots at Nazi patrols.

    If we wait at home we will be killed.
    Nobody can defend against fifty men with submachineguns busting into his bedroom at 2 AM.

    If we attack them in their strong points, we will be killed in front of their strong points.

    It is only while they are on the way between these strong positions that we can prevail.

    Throw a bottle of gasoline onto a truckload of them. (It won’t hurt them a bit, but will make them afraid and may possibly ruin the truck.)

    Shoot a man in the leg, below the armor. (It is actually better to have him wallowing in his blood in the street and crying for his mother than to have him get dead.)

    Fade back. Shoot again. “He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.”

    If they kill you it will be better than to be shot in the back of the head, on your knees, naked, with your hands wired to your ankles, and left for the hogs to dispose of.

  12. Tim May 19, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    Isn’t it strange? Not one mention of the word “jew” in this piece, in anything other than their preferred context of victim. Well, we mustn’t be antisemitic, must we? It isn’t allowed. These are the real scum in America; these are the people now at the head of all important Departments of State. These are the people attempting to disarm Christian America, despite knowing what allegedly happened to their relatives when Hitler disarmed them. Not that it did, as we know perfectly well from the records of the ICRC. These are the people who “beta tested” the mass murder of ten million by starvation in Ukraine in 1932, who murdered not 25 million, but 50 or 60 million in the Soviet jewish takeover. Stalin, although quite possibly of jewish extraction himself, was merely a “useful idiot” in the plans of these satanists, although history as taught would never accept such a conclusion. Communism was first propounded not by Marx, but by Moses Hess, and financially supported to the hilt by jewish bankers acting out of JYC. Without these devils, Stalin would have got nowhere fast, just as in the case of Hitler. This is the provenance of the eleven families which own the Fed and so, according to this piece, have decided on a global war to “support the petrodollar”; actually to use this pretext to usher in their Messianic Age of total jewish control over, and subsequent extermination of, the goyim, as foreshadowed by their hateful feast of Purim, still celebrated annually by them. These are the people who are taught from birth that “Esau hates Jacob”, whereas the truth in fact is the absolute opposite. But jews are taught by their disgusting and abominable talmud to lie to the goyim, so we should not be surprised at yet more falsehood coming from them. This is also why the Paul scion is a liar and a fraud; this is the man who visited the so-called “wailing wall” ( actually the remains not of the Temple, but of the Fort Antonia which stood adjacent to it ) with his son, as part of every American politician’s ritual obeisance to the murder of rabbis which surround every president and future political star.

    Editor’s Note: Whether this is a Jewish conspiracy or a Martian Invasion, we are all in a lot of trouble and your obsession is getting in the way of your logic.

  13. Katherine May 20, 2013 at 3:41 am

    I just have to scratch my head. How so very temporary will these “world leaders” have…..? just what? What then “world leaders”?

    Any content contained in the following [is never intended] to create, establish, promote or lead anyone towards hostility towards anyone at anytime but to educate.

    But first, some extreme warnings to the “leaders” of this world’s governments. Corporations, media and religious institutions who are engaging in partnership with this world’s governments are actually promoting, accommodating, bolstering and encouraging the execution (the execution of the task) of violent, malevolent, malignant and perverted actions which provoke and keep the world in utter chaos and violence.


    This is a reality check.

    Your impending doom will come to pass and you won’t know when it comes.

    And it will not be elegant, luxurious, painless nor exclusive. Please turn back to God.

    To anyone anywhere in the world at anytime who believe they have done things in secrecy; everything you plan, say and enact is being watched.

    The following is not meant at all to diminish the seriousness of the matter, but I want to point out the absolute failure that is to fall on these people; world leaders and others like them. You have never done anything in secrecy.


    Do not make the mistake that God cannot See you as easily as we can see through Max’s plexi-glass dome.

    One of the episodes of ‘Get Smart’: KAOS in Control

    Max demands the Cone so that Hodgkins is unable to hear the information discussed. The Cone is lowered and Max and the Chief are unable to hear each other. Hodgkins can hear everything, however, so the Cone is raised.

    It’s your type of attitude, and the omission of truth that 99.999% of the media allows which keeps the world in filth, misery and rotted activities. But, as Maxwell Smart of ’Get Smart’ believed, when he demanded the “Cone of Silence” that he was safe, in control and in complete secrecy while under the “Cone of Silence”, so goes you and governments etc. domestic and world-wide. You are [totally] deluded into thinking that what you do and allow to be done, is under “Top Secrecy”. But, not quite.

    The problem is, is that the Cone of Silence NEVER WORKED PROPERLY and Maxwell Smart [was not smart]!








    Here is the answer: [all] of you will then know that it is YOU and those like you that have been flim flammed by your own father; the diminutive “god” of ALL murderers, killers, liars, filth and horrors of this world. It is this unseen evil that rules in this world. It also deceives, fools, deludes and swindles. You and all those like you, listen to this evil one and gladly do it’s deeds. Some of you don’t realize that you are being led by this rotted force. But, you’re been deluded into thinking that it is you who are so intelligent. That it is you who are smarter than all the rest because you became so fabulously wealthy; at the expense of all others. You will bring it upon yourselves because you listened to the bad instead of the Good. Please wake up and turn back to God.

    This unseen evil is glad to be setting up all of the greedy, perverted and murderous ones that think they are operating under secrecy. You’ve betrayed everyone else, but you will also be betrayed and you won’t know when it hits. But, if you wait too long, then it will be too late for you. So, now is the time, seriously, to stop the lunatic filth, misery, famine and tortures that you do and turn back to God. Don’t you realize that what you are now doing to others, will come back to haunt you?! This will not be pleasant. Please get that through your heads.

    Is it worth it to murder and steal the entire world and gain it for just a few seconds?
    Revelation 6:15-17

    Be prepared; very graphic pictures at these links:



  14. tonyn May 20, 2013 at 7:14 am

    This culture fits with the Fox New Reporter Being probed by DOJ as a Criminal !!

    More Press Interference by the Obama Administration !!!

    This Fits with the same Kind of Stand down Orders that Cost Those in Benghazi their Lives !!!


  15. Mike May 20, 2013 at 7:22 am

    “You say we’re on the brink of destruction and you’re right. But it’s only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve”. People are becoming more aware by the minute of the desperate situation we are being swept up by. New state militias are being formed and citizens are armed to the teeth. Veterans are on our side along with the NRA and GOA. The “Art of War” insists you must first know your enemy. Study their routines. Communication has to be the first target. This means the electrical grid would need to be dealt with. A blind enemy is a statistic. Supply lines could be the second target in a strategic response to possible dictatorship. Feel free to add ideas to this hypothetical response.

  16. Jack May 20, 2013 at 10:29 am

    Obama is responsible for something? He is a puppet ONLY in place to do the will of his masters. When I read that Obama is to blame it is 100% laughable. EVERY PRESIDENT has his controllers and does ONLY the will of HIS masters. HE has ZERO power The Rothschilds are the controllers and and above all in the money food chain and above them or should I say below them is another master and we all know who he is. Anyone trying to say Obama can do his own will is a disinformation agent. The Rothschilds aren’t even in the richest top 10 lists! Doesn’t this tell us all something? Pretty tricky those devils… Stay in the shadows is their motto but they DEFINITELY ARE NOT sleeping in those shadows. Let’s bring them into the Light and give them their long overdue justice.

  17. Patrick henry 2013 May 20, 2013 at 11:21 am

    Great details. You will have precious little time to act, once implemented but there is will be a window of opportunity to get to a safe zone, (or safer zone) since no area will perfectly safe. But out of the urban areas and protected areas (think green zones for operations) and into rural areas. It will give you time to group and assess what is going on. That time will be when everyone is watching the news 24/7 for the latest spokesperson, talking head, etc. You have maybe three days until all doors are shut, some will be sooner than others but urban areas first.

    This will not be pretty for patriot nor tyrant.

  18. ohbummer May 20, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    To Jarhead1, the average citizen armed to the teeth with casual weapons doesn’t stand a chance against highly trained and highly geared military, especially if they work at night. GPS guided missles will easily subdue anyone who poses a real threat (remember Obummer admin. paid people to record GPS coords of every home). I’m not counting our military either. Foreign military already here, trained and ready. Look up Rex84. It will be like in Syria. Imagine a godless military being set loose to be able to do what they wanted to people. Images of Romans competing to see who can stack the most infants on their swords come to mind. I feel sorry for any woman, especially young women who are attractive.

  19. john doe May 20, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    Regarding your editors note: “Editor’s Note: Whether this is a Jewish conspiracy or a Martian Invasion, we are all in a lot of trouble and your obsession is getting in the way of your logic.”

    You need to wake up. Your response is non-responsive to the charges posted by Tim. It is not an obsession to have identified the collective who have declared war on the non-jewish masses of the world. If you took some of your free time and researched the Talmud, jewish bolshevism, who owns the Fed, who owns the media, etc. you would finally have a clear picture of who is at the root of the creation of all of this trouble. If you genuinely are concerned, you should at a minimum study jewish bolshevism and their assault on Russia in 1917. It is integrally tied in with WWII and all of the other madness enveloping our world. If you decide instead to superficially blow off such concerns as “anti-semetic” then you will have demonstrated that their media brainwashing machine has done one of its jobs.

    I am white and I have an asian wife. You have got to face the music on this as emotionally uncomfortable (that’s the pavlovian attitude conditioning from the media) as it makes you. Again, if you are genuinely concerned, it BEHOOVES you to research them and their history and you will come to understand why great men like General Patton and JFK have been assassinated. Obama is merely another of their puppets.

  20. Will Summer May 20, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    Hello Dave, from as far away as France!

    Thank you very much for your excellent three part series on current events from a US perspective. I hope you don’t mind, but in order to share this well compiled information with French speakers, I’ve translated it into French and posted all three articles on my blog. You can read the posts here:

    Part 1: http://globalepresse.com/2013/05/20/back-in-the-usa-1ere-partie-le-dormeur-se-reveille/
    Part 2: http://globalepresse.com/2013/05/20/back-in-the-usa-2eme-partie-obama-le-president-qui-ne-sarrete-jamais/
    Part 3: http://globalepresse.com/2013/05/20/back-in-the-usa-3eme-partie-obama-en-capitaine-achab-le-peuple-en-moby-dick/

    I suppose I’m becoming something of an “enemy of the criminal syndicate” by publishing these links, as they’ll easily be traced. If Obama’s got a personal problem with me, he can come and fight it out with me here…! But we’ve got our score of avdersaries over here in Europe, too!

    Buck up, hold on to what you have, there IS sunshine after the rain… 🙂

  21. Han Solo May 20, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    Sometimes I sit back and think i’m just crazy to believe this is all happening and possible. Then I look again and all the dots just seem to fit, one lie after another we have been sold. If the final act is about to begin then I say let it begin now; they will be sorry they underestimated the human spirit. If the net goes dark at some point, take heart that there are people everywhere that are aware of things

  22. Christian May 20, 2013 at 5:30 pm


    DO NOT REPEAT the pasts mistakes!

    TAKE CARE, to take care, NOT TO over react…BUT! When you MUST react…TAKE CARE TO REACT WISELY!

    WE DO HAVE AN ENEMY…you just NEED to recognize who ACTUALLY IS our enemy!

    It would be WONDERFUL if everything was “BLACK & WHITE”…But! Unfortunately! — EVERYTHING is NOT “WHITE or BLACK”! “DAY or NIGHT”! “LIGHT or DARKNESS!” And, it takes QUITE A LONG, experiential life, to determine the difference between the two.

  23. Wily May 20, 2013 at 5:33 pm

    Is Barry S a Satanist or is he a Luciferian (to each, there is a difference) w/out any doubt ‘Nergal’ is whispering in his (Soetoro) ear! Don’t blow this off, the Lord doesn’t – why did God not clear the way so it wouldn’t take Gabriel 21 days to get to Daniel? The Lord alone could of bound each fallen angel who were in the way, let alone the 2/3rds of His host! We will be witnesses to very strange (to most people) spiritual (good/bad) stuff! The War is not between God and Sa’tan, it’s a battle for our soul’s! The devil compared to God is an absolute nothing, the devil compared to man is the opposite, only those (us) that have been Saved can battle the spirits in high places via Jesus Christ our Lord! (Eph. 6) SATAN is bringing the battle to us, it will get very ugly w/out the tools of Ephesian’s 6 – I strongly believe the Church is the restrainer (Holy Spirit in us) that’s keeping total pandemonium at bay! This is my opinion knowing that many believe the Church will enter the 70th week wrath of God.
    The Church shouldn’t forget what He’s commissioned us to do, we know that the things leading up to Daniel’s week would have to be ugly, well, this is it!

    …Hebrew’s 13:6…

  24. Mike May 24, 2013 at 8:47 am

    You miss the point, there are no safe zones. We are Americans, we do not run and hide. We will face this head on or it is here we will surrender. I have always said there are worse things than death. Would you stand by and watch your family be tortured to break you? The secrets you do not have would be cause for your torment. Standup for what you believe in or you’ll fall for anything.

  25. Mike May 24, 2013 at 8:57 am

    I would point out one more thing. When they came for your son you objected. When they came for your daughter you cried. When they came for your wife you went crazy. When they came for you nobody was left to care. When will you make a difference?

  26. Han Solo May 24, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    I’ll just add that despite technology or extra soldiers brought in, the desire of men to be free cannot be squashed; especially when there are tens of millions of them and they are armed.

  27. letta mego May 25, 2013 at 11:58 am

    Once Obama succeeds in blanketing the continent in “smart” meters and forces “free” Wi-Fi across the nation there till there is no place left…. we’re sunk. Corporations will have total control of water, gas, electricity. Furthermore this involuntary wireless radiation is tunable…it can be tuned up as well as down.. (and fry your computer, burn you home, wreck your health). The world population that know anything about it are fighting against “smart” meters….but the media and the government pretend it’s not happening… Obama ignores it. This is the biggest threat to mankind in history.

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