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Ocasio-Cortez Finally Admits to Who She Is Serving With Her Brand of Extreme Socialism


Ocasio Cortez , the Congressional candidate that wants the government to own your business, take over airports and abolish ICE, can’t remember what neighborhood she grew up in. And now, she cannot remember what political party she’s in. Ocasio Cortez stands as an excellent example that liberalism is a mental disorder and most are actually dumber than a box of rocks.  IN A COMMON SENSE SHOW EXCLUSIVE, OAC REVEALS WHO HE REALLY SERVES. Here is the story…



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  1. Jean Cilione February 12, 2019 at 4:39 am

    This idiot grow up in Westchester County New York the most expensive county in the country and she went to the Yorktown public schools in Yorktown Heights New York She claims that she and her mother had a scrub toilets because her father had died when she was young her father was an architect in New York City died when she was in college

    Speaking of which she had a free ride to Boston university
    I taught in the Yorktown school district when she was going there I didn’t teacher but I knew of her

    She is a liar from the word go and she’s a Soros funky

  2. Ray Thomas February 12, 2019 at 7:28 am

    She’s dumber than a box of rocks!! What idiots elected her?

  3. George C February 12, 2019 at 8:36 am

    I’m beginning to understand why she sports rodent front teeth.

  4. Lawrence Greenberg February 12, 2019 at 9:29 am

    This half-wit is not a Democrat, a Socialist, a Democratic Socialist, or a Progressive – she is a Communist, plain and simple.

  5. rosetta Bailey February 12, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    Do not underestimate this woman. She is Agenda 21/2030 for sure. Agenda 21 has a list of what they want to eliminate, cows (red meat),dams, air conditioning, coal mines, natural gas, no burning of wood in fire places, roads not being repaired and hazardous to pass thru, water restriction (go to stop the crime .net to learn about the renewable water supply), and the list goes on and on.

    Three “E’s” control the education, economy, equity (social justice) and environment.

    This woman is dangerous, she is a democratic socialists, she and others with the same goal is to destroy our way of life. every aspect of it. I homeschooled high school and in the Abeka history book there was three or four pages of what is coming to America in the form of Agenda 21
    If anyone would care to research more information about A21…go to http://www.agenda21today.com. The site was down but I understand that it is up and running again.
    Our enemies do not want anyone to know about their plan to destroy our lives and America.

  6. Stan February 13, 2019 at 12:22 pm

    @rosetta Bailey

    You are absolutely correct. Ocasio Cortez is all about moving UN Agenda 21 (aka UN Agenda 2030) forward. She is just a pawn of the elites who developed and will control us all through their UN Agenda 21. Almost everything she says is a direct quote from the goals of UN Agenda 21. The interesting thing about UN Agenda 21 is that most Americans have no idea what it is or that it even exists. Also you will never hear the POTUS speak about UN Agenda 21. Never, ever. It’s as though it does not exist although it is being implemented right before our eyes, more each and every day. The U.S. is fully signed on to UN Agenda 21. 100%. And yet you’d never know it based on how little it is mentioned by the politicians and the MSM. To be sure every POTUS we have had over the last 30 years (including Trump) has known about UN Agenda 21 and understands exactly what it is, and yet they never mention it. Why? Because they are ALL in on it. Along with 178 other nations including China, Russia, the EU nations, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, etc (nearly all nations) the U.S. is in agreement with the goals of UN Agenda 21, which is why it is being implemented in every state, county and city in America. Right Now. So while the the petty arguments and accusations go back and forth among Democrats and Republicans, between Russian and the U.S., between China and the U.S. , UN Agenda 21 continues to be implemented all over the earth. UN Agenda 21 is one thing all of the nations are in agreement on. It is a plan for the entire world. So don’t be fooled into thinking the nations are going to attack each other. Any actions they take will be to forward UN Agenda 21 and impose it on all the people on earth. A world government is what UN Agenda 21 is. A NWO which all the nations are in agreement with. It will be a government by the globalist elite who will use the UN as the seat of that diabolical NWO. That is where it is all headed. But you will NEVER hear on peep about it from the MSM, or the politicians. Even Ocasio Cortez is not telling us it is UN Agenda 21 that she is espousing. No, she won’t use the term UN Agenda 21, but that is EXACTLY what it is. Nothing but. Every day now , more and more they are throwing UN Agenda 21 in our face and not telling us where they got the ideas, or what they are supporting. But many of us are not in the dark about this. Keep your eyes open and see just how everything Ocasio Cortez is saying is an idea directly from the policies of UN Agenda 21.

  7. BrainPower February 13, 2019 at 4:31 pm

    Never underestimate stupidly, looks like she is a front and trial balloon as to how to proceed with their hidden agenda to see the reaction to the drastic policy. Implementation and changes by tptb.

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