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Our Children Have Been Sentenced to 12 Years In Re-Education Camps

Dave Hodges

March 8, 2014

The Common Sense Show    

re-education camps 3
Your child has been sentenced and has served nearly a year of their 12 year sentence to a re-education camp. No, we are not talking about a FEMA camp, but we may as well be. Yesterday, Ted Cruz called for the abolishment of the IRS. Although I agree with Cruz that the IRS must go, the Department of Education poses a bigger threat to our nation than does the IRS. We, as a nation, will always have the opportunity to earn our money back. However, when our children miss out on key stages of critical learning, there is often no recovery of what could have been regarding the acquisition of knowledge and key skills such as reading and writing. Our federalized Education system is rotten to the core, the Common Core, that is. Common Core is the latest of the educational fad programs which is supposedly designed to raise American school children’s academic performance.  This program is insidious and bad for students and America at its core.  This article examines the origins of the modern day intellectual concentration camps that are commonly known as the Common Core program.

One Bad Education Fad After Another

Most any veteran teacher in the public school system will tell you that about every six to seven years, the American educational system embarks on the latest “miracle” designed to fix the low standardized test scores American students achieve in comparison to our international counterparts. Teachers have endured such educational faux pas from Goals 2000, to School to Work, to No Child Left Behind and now we are witnessing the latest in fad in American education, Common Core Standards. Each one of the aforementioned programs threw billions of taxpayer dollars down the toilet, while contributing to the dramatic decrease in student performance.  For example, SAT Reading scores, for the high school class of 2012, reached a 40+ year low since the implementation of No Child Left Behind.

Everyone one these previous educational reform programs emanated from the United Nations organization, UNESCO. Every one of these programs is a propaganda tool designed to dumb down our children and these programs are being remarkably effective to this end.

The Hidden Agenda Behind Common Core

If we apply the old adage of judging a man (program) by what he does, not what he says, we can see that Common Core is designed to fail before its vaguely defined principles are ever implemented in the classroom. The undeniable truth is that each of these United Nations inspired and failed educational programs have ulterior designs on what should be taught to our children. The undeniable fact is that the brainwashing of our children is the ultimate goal of Common Core. Common Core is based upon social justice, arriving at knowledge and subsequent decision making through a spirit of collectivism and developing a communal agreement about the need to teach and to integrate into each classroom an underlying theme of sustainable development. These goals are not just going to be taught in specific Environmental Science courses, but these philosophies are to be implemented and taught in EACH and EVERY course that a child takes during their educational experiences beginning with pre-K and stretching to post graduate secondary education.

Agenda 21 Controls Your Child’s Mind

For the more aware of the readers, you surely recognize the terms, sustainable development, social justice and collectivism as staples of the philosophy which underlies Agenda 21. bill gatesGlobalist and Eugenics proponent, Bill Gates, is one of the Founding Fathers of the Common Core movement and its copyright holders, NGA/CCSSO. Gates donated about $25 million dollars to promote his version of global education. Gates has made several donations to CCSSO to promote Common Core. In 2009, Gates made two separate donations of $9,961,842 and $3,185,750. In 2010, Gates donated $743,331 and in 2011, he contributed $9,388,911 . In 2008, Gates donated $2,259,780 to the National Governor’s Association (NGA) to develop and implement Common Core. The NGA is the conduit into America from the United Nations UNESCO, Education for All Agenda 21 version of globalist education being forced down the throats of our young people. Gates is listed as partner with UNESCO/UN to fund ”Education For All,” which in turn was transferred to the NGA which changed the name to Common Core. In a key document, The Dakar Framework for Action: Education For All: Meeting Our Collective Commitments’ which identifies the goals for what became Common Core. The document speaks directly to the Agenda 21 educational ideals of collectivism, social justice, environmental justice and the espousing of the beliefs of the pseudoscience known as sustainable development.

If the Average American Parent Only Knew What Was In Chapter 36

re-education campsChapter 36 of Agenda 21 Public Awareness and Training focuses on impressing upon every citizen on the planet, the indispensable need for achieving sustainable development. In plain language, Common Core is going into every country. The implementation names of this global education may vary, but the underlying Agenda 21 philosophies do not. Chapter 36 also states that the globalists plan to reorient worldwide education toward sustainable development. Reform of the nation’s standardized objectives is merely a smoke screen for the true intent of the program which is to promote acceptance for Agenda 21 policies. Subsequently, the Agenda 21/UNESCO documents clearly state their intention to turn each student into a globalist who will accept smaller living space, residing in the stack and pack cities of the future, acceptance of drastic energy reduction and the loss of Constitutional liberties. The document goes on to say that “While basic education provides the underpinning for any environmental and development education, the latter needs to be incorporated as an essential part of learning. Both formal and non-formal education are indispensable to changing people’s attitudes so that they have the capacity to assess and address their sustainable development concerns. It is also critical for achieving environmental and ethical awareness, values and attitudes, skills and behavior consistent with sustainable development and for effective public participation in decision-making. To be effective, environment and development education should deal with the dynamics of both the physical/biological and socio-economic environment and human (which may include spiritual) development, should be integrated in all disciplines, and should employ formal and non-formal methods.” gaiaPlease take note of reference to spiritual education. The implication is subtle, but undeniable. This phrase opens the door to the evisceration of the Christian religion. This phrase allows Common Core to propagandize school children into belittling the importance of Jesus Christ. And what will Christianity be replaced with? Anyone who has read the Agenda 21 documents in earnest, understands that the replacement for Christianity has been groomed for decades, and that replacement is the pagan religion called GAIA. GAIA changes the Christian world view significantly. Christians fundamentally believe that God gave dominion over the earth to man with the remainder of the hierarchy consisting of animal, fish, plants and finally, the earth. GAIA teaches that the earth reigns supreme followed by animal, fish, plants, and man in last place. This is a decidedly anti-human agenda. The undeniable conclusion is that your children will receive cleverly crafted lessons designed to lessen the appreciation for their own worth as a human being. This is the beginning of a spiritual enslavement paradigm which will accompany the already implemented policies of economic enslavement presently being thrust upon the American people through the acquisition of massive debt created by the globalists. When Common Core is fully implemented in 2015 and your child begins being assessed on the PARCC and Smarter Balanced assessments, your child will be an Agenda 21 globalist minion in training. This is not a warning about what will be, the enemy is inside the gates propagandizing your child at the exact time that you are reading these words.

Education Without Representation

re-education camps 4The Common Core is an untested, federally promoted, unfunded experiment. The standards creators (NGA/CCSSO) have not set up a monitoring plan to test this national experiment, to see what, if any, unintended consequences the Common Core will have on our children. This is a game of Russian Roulette being played on the socio-emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of our children’s development. No intended disrespect to Ted Cruz, but the unconstitutional Department of Education is a far bigger threat to the domestic tranquility of the United States than is the IRS.

After nearly a year in the Common Core standards, there is some good news. States like Arizona are beginning to push back against this federal tyranny being perpetrated against our children. The bad news is that states are not pushing back because they care about the kids, they are pushing back because they have now seen the price tag associated with the unfunded federal mandates which accompanies this federalized educational monstrosity. Homeschooling is looking better and better. This is what the founding fathers intended with the advent of the Tenth Amendment. All education is supposed to be local and that is what is precisely needed if we are to salvage the intellectual development of our children because under the existing set of rules, there is no time off for good behavior when it comes to the 12 year sentence imposed by the state on the education of our children.

No teacher and no school board member was asked to contribute to the Common Core standards. Nor was any State Legislature involved in the creation of this monstrosity.

Under this plan, every teacher will teach the same material with the same teaching strategies as every other teacher. This is the 21st Century educational version of the Stepford Wives. The Tenth Amendment is dead and individual freedom is being stamped out. Why have teachers? Instead, the federal government could just hire a set of cloned robots to carry out this mass indoctrination of our children. And if your children are not fully “re-educated” after 12 years of United Nations brainwashing, they will likely get a second chance to be re-educated in a FEMA camp as per the dictates of  the guidelines for our soon-to-be FEMA camps as prescribed in FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF).

From the womb to the tomb, the destiny of our children is determined unless we get off our “collective” backsides and get to work undoing the damage being done by the Obama administration. 


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  1. Craig Mouldey March 8, 2014 at 6:14 am

    Dave, are there any ammendments to your constitution that haven’t yet been trashed? This indoctrinating and dumbing down of all, starting in the early schooling years has been going on for decades, with each succeeding generation becoming more docile and in tune to the liberties granted by God Himself. And now, here we find ourselves! Since I’ve started having a clue over the past 6 years I’ve constantly been amazed when I read some pole of American’s views on any number of given issues. I was staggered to see how many would vote for something that would be the undoing of the country. Ok, they may not have been a majority…yet, but it represented a large number. Parents would have to be somewhat awake to even see the need to take on home schooling. Illegals flood into the land with little care for the principals of freedom. They rely on government to take care of them. It would be quite an uphill battle to turn this around now. None the less, if I had young children, I would care enough about them to make sure they got proper education at least in the fundamentals, reading, arithmatic, history. So they will not be part of the dumbed down hordes and can in turn teach their own children. Yet, how long will it be before home schooling is outlawed?
    As for this entire agenda 21 program, we are simply inundated with monstrous liars. Everything they teach as being unsustainable is a lie. Family farms aren’t sustainable? Big fat lie! It is big agra with it’s gmo’s and flooding the dirt with pesticides and herbicides that is not sustainable. What really is not sustainable is millions being jambed into mega cities. What happens to the animals on factory farms? Disease is rampant. Ah, but then it is the goal to kill off most of us so this is all a very good plan in their warped and evil minds.

  2. Craig Mouldey March 8, 2014 at 6:16 am

    Second sentence of my comments I meant to say people were become LESS in tune with liberty, not more in tune. I should have read before sending it.

  3. CEO constitutional enforcement officer March 8, 2014 at 6:45 am

    Thank you sir, Dave we home schooled our boys till we made a strategic move to the Ozarks, faith based community , more freedoms than Florida where we move from , so we went against better judgement and tried small town public school , big mistake , that lasted three months. The history teacher set out to rewrite the constitution, bill of rights, by saying the usual, it’s outdated and wanted the kids in their own words to write how would you change it personally ? Very tricky to get them engaged , in CHANGE . Our son refused to participate and the treasonous not so history teacher kept harassing him but he stood strong and said he would be glad to take a zero because our founding documents are non negotiable . I was never so proud of his stand in the face of all this new pressure in public prison , In three months the rotten core didn’t affect him but maybe his stand effected others. Of coarse he’s back to home school again. I must repeat as truth never changes that the beginning of this nations decay is the apostate church. There is not a man , army , or demonic spirit that can alter that fact. It does not matter how much a person learns ,if it’s not based in truth it’s dung !!!. Truth has a name JESUS CHRIST.

  4. ZZZ March 8, 2014 at 6:52 am

    Saw an interview a few days ago – the SAT is going to be changed – no more essay and less emphasis on vocabulary.
    The vocabulary is culturally biased AND this will allow for more students the opportunity to enter college.

    Can the bar get any lower?

  5. Bill Gunther March 8, 2014 at 7:01 am

    do we have any idea what is being done to our kids ?

  6. CS Murphy March 8, 2014 at 7:03 am

    Look closer to home. The governors of states voluntarily adopted Common Core in exchange for federal dollars. And the legislatures have not stopped it. They have even accepted the Council of Governors.

    A convention of states right now is dangerous. The Marxists have made it very clear that they want to change the Constitution. The Marxists are in the states legislatures and governorships. And I am very worried that Operation American Spring is falling right in line with tactics of the left. While a demonstration is one thing, the plans laid out to reinstall a government sound nothing like a free and sovereign constitutional republic. Be careful, and prayerful, everyone.

  7. Jim March 8, 2014 at 7:19 am

    Where I live the kids are hardly ever in school. Furlough days are the norm, they got the whole week off on Thanksgiving, and three weeks off for Christmas vacation, but every year I still have to pay $1000 in taxes for schools, teachers out of their own pockets are buying school supplies for the kids. Where is all this money going into some fat bureaucrats pocket. And even though the kids are’nt in school that much they still all act like zombies, staring at the ground and just fixiated on their phones, or in the library playing video games on the computer. For the kids it’s a lose lose situation, if they’re in school there getting screwed, if they’re not in school there still getting screwed with all the gadgets and gizmos available to them just to kill time, and one last thing the kids look so hopeless and defeated. GAME OVER!!!

  8. William B Stoecker March 8, 2014 at 7:34 am

    Our “educational” system is yet more proof (as if any more evidence was needed) that the NWO bankster elites are not merely power-hungry sociopaths (that would be bad enough). They actively do evil for the sake of evil. If you analyze history and really think things through, it is obvious that the Illuminati did not have to orchestrate wars and depressions and monstrous acts of democide in order to become the behind the scenes rulers of the world. Their control of fiat money and all that flowed from that would have been sufficient, and their road to power would actually have been quicker and more sure. Would we really be opposing them if there were no nuclear weapons, no global terrorism, and no wars, and if the border was controlled and immigration limited and crime rates were low? If the economy was stable and strong and taxes were low, would we really be venting our anger on this site? They have done evil because they delight in evil for its own sake, and abortion, the radical pervert agenda, and Agenda Twenty One are yet more proof of this.
    Behind communism, above Islam, and orchestrating Agenda Twenty One is Luciferianism, the worship of Satan, a monster that wishes to morally degrade all of Humanity and then exterminate us.
    Recently, in a California school, Americans were forbidden to display the American flag but illegal aliens were allowed to wave the Mexican flag. Some years ago, a teacher forced her students to dress as Muslims and pray to Allah, but crosses and Christian prayers or the mere mention of Jesus are verboten. The evil is obvious, and the madness, the sheer insanity of it all, is spreading and worsening. As Mr. Hodges has made clear, our schools have been turned into indoc centers where children are deliberately dumbed down, indoctrinated in Marxist claptrap, and morally degraded. Any parents (especially Christian parents, who should know better) who leave their precious children in these soul-destroying places will have to answer to God.
    As Mr. Hodges said, home schooling is a viable alternative, and printed and internet resources are available to help home schoolers…whose children tend to be far better educated than the prisoners in the indoc centers. Groups of home schoolers can also band together and share talents and resources. One parent may be a mathematician, another a musician, still another may be a historian. Groups of parents can also hire tutors for some subjects, and those who can afford it may choose to send their children to private schools for the last few years. If the children received no education at all they would be better off than those who will be abused and morally degraded in the indoc centers.
    I suspect that any parent who allows his child’s soul to be destroyed will lose his own soul as well.

  9. MODERNMINUTEMAN March 8, 2014 at 8:24 am

    A-men! There are so many bad government agencies that we need to get rid of indoctrinating the youth of America or attacking our constitution or Bill of Rights. Ted Cruz ha been a breathe of fresh air and i think he would agree with Dave on the DOE but if he said all the things that need to be done away with they would probably laugh him out of washington. We are being destroyed from within.

  10. Michael, Waiting,etc March 8, 2014 at 8:24 am

    Communist Core. This truly is the final death rattle for our world. Thanks for highlighting this pox upon all of us.

  11. Tom B. March 8, 2014 at 8:32 am


  12. Willard Aztec March 8, 2014 at 9:34 am

    Communism, disguised as education named “Common Core” (the name alone is a dead giveaway) is inspired by the Prince of Darkness whom we call Satan.
    His objective is to rid the planet of Christianity and install worship of himself. He has been at it since Genesis 3 and will succeed for a short seven years. That time period is upon us now. Will we be compliant sheep and “go along with the program” (after all we have to eat) or will we resist and eventually be singled out and shot?
    Will we go to our reward with honor or with shame?

  13. Arizona March 8, 2014 at 10:31 am

    LOOK at what happened to the information women who took it upond her self to correct the UNIVERSITY map compass,(the map was upside down) and all the students were getting lost,THE POLICE GANG came and arrested her for defacing their upside down map,AND ALL REVIEWS found her to be guilty of resisting arrest,THIS is PROOF,the colleges and UNIVERSITIES are being ran by TOTAL MORONS,what chance do the KIDS HAVE….NONE……the KIDS are being educated by morons who are to stupid to find their way home at night,THE FUTURE OF THE KIDS in america has been destroyed,and its to LATE TO FIX…………….

  14. Linda Williams March 8, 2014 at 10:33 am

    This an important focus, no doubt. Once awareness becomes more widespread, the danger can begin to dissipate. Unless the N.W.O. agenda can be completely halted, children may be better protected from the curriculum by being exposed to it. Understanding the curriculum and learning to survive in a world that is being inculcated with it, may be a strategy, at least for some number of Americans. If a parent sends his child to a public school, but checks in on what is being taught and supplements the program by teaching critical thinking in a relaxed way, a child may be safer. The child will understand who is behind the teaching and what values are being presented. This student can learn to survive within the existing dogma, while preserving what he can of more individual values. If a child is taught to openly ignore or oppose the teachings, he may be more vulnerable. It did not help President Kennedy to do so, although he fully understood the danger.

    As for hiring clones, I fear that this may be closer to the truth than we wish to believe. I think that cutting edge surgical methods are far more advanced than people, including most doctors realize. In short, it is likely that people can be surgically altered, without their knowledge or consent.

  15. Arizona March 8, 2014 at 10:56 am

    THERES always a SILVER LINING to every storm cloud,OUR dear LORD said americans have destroyed their children,their natural affection for their children is gone,SO I’AM GOING TO “TAKE” THEM ALL,the people of america no longer deserve children,AND they will not be going thru what SATAN,is going to bring on the adults,The movie red dawn was nothing compared to the RED DAWN thats coming,it will be a thousand times worse,America went from building things to help people, to building things to murder people,FOR THIS,TOTAL DESTRUCTION,is what america is now facing,AS the blood of the worlds children ran down the gutters,america watched with glee at what they had done,AND PAID FOR with their tax money,AND STILL ARE,you will wished you were never born,WHATS coming on the most DEPRAVED nation on earth,is more then deserved,ONLY THE “LORD” CAN SAVE YOU FROM SATAN NOW,and considering HOW everyone in america hates the LORD,my guess is 99.99% of americans are going home to their daddy satan…..REAL SOON………………..

  16. jack nichols March 8, 2014 at 1:09 pm

    I was not able to homeschool my son so I sent him to a Catholic school. He was reasonably well educated and bypassed all this school rubbish,

  17. A time such as this March 8, 2014 at 2:57 pm

    Nothing shows the satanic liberal lie like this quote- it is magnificent in showing the duality of liars promising freedom but bringing death and making slaves of all. This shows the deadly truth of the “if we only go a little further it will be perfect” INTENTIONAL LIE

    A “Liberal Paradise” would be:
    A place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only Law Enforcement has guns.

    And believe it or not, such a place does indeed exist; it’s called PRISON.

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio
    Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Arizona

  18. connie grimes March 8, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    I’m missing something so someone explain to me when did the constitution become so important? Did it ever pertain to the native americans or the slaves or the irish that died at Fredericksburg!
    All of you are always squawking about gun rights. When Samuel Colt invented the six shooter in 1836 a black person could be shot dead without trial just for touching one. Pre teen chinese girls were being sold into sex slavery in San Francisco long after the emancipation proclamation was signed. The constitution is junk simply because it doesn’t pertain to anyone except those in power. Then you start to talk about liberals. All of you are liberals and that includes you untra conservative wannabes. You complain about feeding people that won’t work, but then you tax me to support your schools and sports facilites although I have never had any children. My tax dollars pay for damn drunks to be pickuped up out of the median after they wreck their cars when they should be left there to die. Oh what the hell none of you give a liberal bowel movement one way or the other but it helps to vent sometimes.


  19. angel March 8, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    well after reading all this id rather put all my efforts into home schooling my kid cuz they obviously dont teach anything anymore but how to terrorize other kids and be mean to adults.. u have never seen such disrespect til recently kids are getting out of hand and taught nothing in school how to respect each other its like teacher and some parents have just given up on them and there supose to be our future??? what is wrong here dosent anyone care anymore about anything i think we can all do without half of these dumb electronic devices cuz half if us clearly are getting dumber and dumber and lazier for peat sake some kids dont even know how to go play outside anymore and get fresh air…theres something wrong here…it was bad enough having a tv then came video games those wernt even half as bad as those stupid ipads and cell phones now computers really stop already with that crap cuz its addicting we woukd be better off with no internet and no cell phones so people start actually talking to people normally go visit or use a normal land line…omg itsfrusterating watching some chick on her phone while her kid runs through the house making a mess or trying to even talk to her and shes oblivious to everyone and everything its sad shoot the house could have caught on fire and shed never have known….what i this world coming to…..

  20. Jonathan March 8, 2014 at 6:54 pm

    Charlotte Iserbyt was at the beginning of the government takeover in education. She’d be a great guest…I’d love to hear what she has to say about Commie Core.

  21. Keenan March 8, 2014 at 7:45 pm

    I went through three schools last week. As I stood there and watched them being released for their night release program I noticed how much more unruly at one school they were. I noticed how much more security personnel and cameras were in place from last year. I was talking to one of the home release personnel who was telling me how much worse they were getting and I commented it must be common core and it got quiet. I was told that there are groups that roam the grounds but don’t have them go to class. They eat in class whenever they feel like it. They get breakfast lunch and food at breaks and are talking about dinner. /They use a thumb print to get food. I went through some of the booklets and no wonder there is no education not designed to and of course I had to borrow one. There are signs posted for everything from restrooms, play walk drinking fountain. They are told how many squares of toilet paper to use and how many soap pumps to use. Single line face forward and at some hands behind your back. One has a sign posted that part of the agenda is to become a better global citizen. They are being locked down locked out roam about. It is police state training in the making and somewhere in there might be school stuff squeezed in. In the office they talk down to them. School, education where, I go through 30 schools and they are all the same messed up. Roast marshmellows, sit around the campfire and some teachers get all giddy the older ones know but for them they still go along to get along. Heard some teachers talking about some as to there psych as they wanted to be individual so something had to be wrong. Push the desks together so we can be a group and group think group consensus, no right or wrong we all win. Walk through a library and geese teaching lucifer stuff and class projects. Every business I go to is under the control of the idiot UN or influenced by. At one I was looking at a 2 inch thick manuel they had to comply with. Them morons have their freaking hands in it all. I got a kick out of telling one place that all they were doing was compliing with the united nations and it was deer in the headlight night and he went into melt down, he is awake now. Side note: an aircraft flew over from so. cal. logistics and low and behold chinese insignia on the tail I had to do a double take. The chinese are building a small solar plant outside of victorville.

  22. bobd76 March 8, 2014 at 8:12 pm

    Since the mid eighties a huge problem with our schools has been a new method of teaching kids to read called the “whole language” program. I seldom see anyone address this nonsense but it is directly responsible for a great many educational problems. We were all taught to read by using the old system of phonetics, the study of the sounds made by letters and how they are combined to create words, and then how they are used on paper as writing. The whole language system eliminates phonics and replaces it with rote memorization of individual words. Instead of studying and learning how to combine twenty-six letters into English, kids are shown individual words and are told to memorize them. This turns English into something akin to Mandarin, but with longer and more complex symbols. This was done purposely to make it more difficult for kids to learn to read. “Hooked on Phonics” is just the old system repackaged and sold to the more affluent parents who can afford to purchase it and have a computer on which to use it. Poorer kids are out of luck, creating an underclass of functional illiterates. Some districts had abandoned this program when I was looking for a teaching job (around 2001-2) but as far as I know it is still in use in some places. In any case, the damage is done for a huge number of people that did their time in the eighties and nineties. Do you know if this is part of Common Core and if it is still in use today? Just curious.



  23. GH March 9, 2014 at 6:19 am

    “Commie Core” Federalized Public School System. One of the 10 planks of communism ! Keep a slave dumb and disarmed……….pretty simple, no mystery here ! GH

  24. Judge Laura Drager Victim March 9, 2014 at 7:11 am

    We like homeschooling much better than the “top tier” privates my daughter attended. There are manifold classes, co opts and groups. You must still be careful, Agenda 21 is everywhere. We see it encroaching in a horrid class called “Writopia” that uses John Dewey quotes and “subsidizes” their indoctrination classes.

    There are lots of homeschool email lists. A true dimwit sent this out two weeks ago. At first I thought the article was a joke, asserting tech should replace almost all subjects and questioning thinking skills! This philosophy looks like it will be Common Core version 2.0:

    “In these digital times, is it still worthwhile to teach students how to write by hand, calculate in their heads, read, and define words and concepts—that is, most of the elementary school curriculum? Or is that like teaching kids how to hunt for their food?”

    Read the article and have a guffaw. Then, be scared that there are “homeschool” parents who actually adhere to this ineptitude. As you can see from her message, the mom is a proponent of this. She sorely needs a lesson in values IMHO.

    Start message –
    A powerful article about technology, education and our children’s future

    And why you might want to rethink the value of using a “standards-based” curriculum:

    [moron parent’s name withheld]


    Link to – “Our Brains Extended” by Mark Prensky.

    Homeschool yes, but keep your guard up and hone your critical thinking skills!

    A bunch of parents were laughing about this article while we waited for our kids during a Civics class taught by Michael Q Rhea (huge kudos to this teacher if you’re in the NYC area).

    Love that our kids are memorizing the American Creed for class – which I’d never heard of with my public school 80s diseducation background.

    Dave, you’re right on target of course!

  25. Hindsfeet March 9, 2014 at 8:25 am

    Thank you, Dr. Jim Garrow!

    Jim Garrow
    Obama’s Embarrassing Rejection:

    You know that you hit the nail on the head when nobody and I mean nobody dared to acknowledge the truth of this article. Keep in mind that the advance team of the Secret Service and assistants to Michele Obama want this information squelched. It is a true embarrassment that they do not want getting out to the mainstream media and then the public. Xinhua News (the commie controlled media news service of China) has already squashed reports from coming out in Chongqing, Chengdu and Hong Kong. They want to make sure that Michele is not embarrassed. In spite of the fact that the South China Morning Post interviewed both school Principals and myself as owner of the private schools in question, no report will make it to the public about their failure to get entrance into our programs. The next thing you will hear is about how they were successful in gaining entrance into other schools. Enjoy the understanding that they were rejected from their first choice. – Dr. Jim Garrow –

    The Lives of the Rich and Famous:

    Over the years we have been asked to accept foreign students into the ranks of those of our students whose parents are the movers and shakers in the Peoples Republic of China. Of recent memory is when a friend of mine asked if this was a possibility for one of her daughters. She was the heiress of an auto parts empire and her children the recipients of private school educations in the best schools possible. Her knowledge of what I did with schools in China was marginal but she had run into one of the parts manufacturers in China who had boasted of the fine quality of international education that his two children (an indicator of his real wealth in a one child policy country) were receiving at a school which he named. This prompted the heiress to search out details of the school and eventually she called them and discovered to her surprise that Jimbillybob was the owner of the elite department of the school – a partner of renown. The long and short of this part of my tale is that her daughter attended our school for one year and boarded with a wealthy family whose daughter also attended the school. She loved her year there before moving on to another year in a swanky school in Italy.

    For those of you who don’t dabble at that level you are unaware that the rich and famous like to have their children educated in a variety of settings around the world that give them an international and what they believe to be, a well rounded education experience.

    The final chapter of this missive is here for those who have grown bored. Michelle Obama is going to tour China, her principle purpose is to find schools for her daughters to attend. Why would this happen you ask? Because at the swank Washington area school they currently attend they heard about international schools from their friends who are off to a variety of locations around the world. Sidwell is a fine school but the really elite group do the tour of international boarding schools. It is sooo in and Michelle is desperate to be “in”.

    So the Obama trailer trash are trying to fit in with the elites of the world and this is the natural next step in the process for the kiddies. And yes the pressure is on to allow the Presidents purported progeny to grace the halls of one of our schools with their presence. Thank goodness that we have a rigorous screening process and the background of the parents is looked into very carefully.

    You say you can’t produce a true birth certificate for your Father, Natasha and Malia Ann? You cannot provide proof that he is your Father? I’m sorry, that’s just not acceptable for entrance into our schools. After all we have to know that only respectable folks will influence the young people in our charge.

    Applications denied.

    We Have Standards:

    As the events unfold on the international stage I was given the almost mythical and unheard of ability to do something that Obama has never dared to do. Yes dear ones, I said no to Michelle. And I lived to tell the tale.

    As luck would have it we were confronted with a request that seemed like a heaven send. One of our partner schools in Chengdu and another one in Beijing were approached about having a visit from the First Lady of the United States. Because of the fact that we are in charge of the International Departments and English Departments of both schools, we declined the honor. I explained to our partners in China that to allow someone with such a degree of dishonor associated with her life previous to her following her husband into the White House would be an embarrassment to myself and the reputations of our school and its students. I explained further that the media in America are cheerleaders for the communist Obama. Words have a way of opening dialogue in such a wonderful way. Communist? Obama is a communist? The explanations flowed…

    Apparently the schools were not aware that both Michelle and Barack were forced to surrender their law licenses to avoid criminal charges. This information was the cause of a minor scandal which the Chinese officials tried to contain. Unfortunately for them a number of parents called me in Canada to ascertain what the truth was. The Presidents of both Parent Councils agreed with our decision and soon the word will flow across China of the truth of the less than peachy keen reputation of the frauds in the White House. God does have a sense of humor.

    I am your humble servant – Dr. Jim Garrow –


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