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Paul Martin and Dave Hodges: Stockpiling AK-47’s at Warren AFB-But For Which Army?



Paul Martin reveals that AK-47’s are being stockpiled by the thousands atWarren AFB in Wyoming. Which armies use AK-47’s? Hint: The initials are USA.

This video exposes the truth about why a US military base would stockpile weapons for foreign troops.




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  1. Vietkonggook December 29, 2016 at 5:36 pm
  2. Old woman December 30, 2016 at 4:08 am

    I’m confused…..if Obama and Putin are at odds and Obama is pissed at Putin and has demanded his embassy people leave the US in 72 hours….why…..is Obama allowing these Russian troops here in the US that will harm us……to stay!! If we know they are here to harm us……why isn’t our military doing something about this. I just don’t believe that Putin and Obama are enemies at all! This is all for show for the media and us. We are about to have WW111 and our enemy is HERE IN OUR US!! Doesn’t make any sense at all. It’s al BS. They are all working together to take us all out. Can anyone explain this farther?

  3. Michael Mazza December 30, 2016 at 4:24 am

    All kinds of alarming stuff going on here in Massachusetts! Particularly in my area Palmer! We have Westover AFB in Chicopee, lots of fly overs with both helicopters and planes! Jets every morning ! Also they took a bridge in ludlow mass witch is the next town over out of service for so called repairs! Well that was well over five years ago, and has not reopened! Not a bit of work done to this bridge and let me say that the bridge had been completely refurbished not long ago! That. Bridge was a direct route to ludlow from Palmer! Kid of goes hand and hand with what you’ve said about the city’s being blocked off! Also about three yrs ago, strange yellow signs showed up in a route around my whole area , they say V4V and have arrows they all lead to the main road that the base is on in Chicopee ! And last but not least what looked like brand new armored military grade vehicles being serviced at a ford dealership in Holyoke ma right up the road from where I work. They were completely armored with machine gun turret and the one I filmed was registered to our government! I actually got a film of it but over this past summer there must have been 25-30 of these there! Absolutely disturbing that no one cares or reported on this! Then about a month ago they closed a bridge in the center of Palmer, the three rivers section! You can only come in, you have to go around town to get out! They said it’s closed because it’s unsafe but they keep one lane open! You can only come in

  4. ronn December 30, 2016 at 8:12 am

    It is common knowledge in some circles that Obama is stockpiling weapons and dropping pallets of AK47’s, AR15’s and the like in alleyways in major cities around the US. He is releasing hard criminals as a payback for their loyalties when the shite hits the fan. They will form the tip of the spear of his shock troops to terrorize white and other populations around major hubs. Since he has been president he has been building an army of hardened criminals to put terror into our lives when he sees fit. He didn’t reckon that Trump would win and I hope to God Jeff Sessions goes after Obama and all his subordinates who are planning this disruption of our way of life. Make no mistake about it. We have Rosenberg type traitors in our midst and should be mindful that anything can happen anytime if we underestimate these monsters. Obama has been building his army quietly at first and than started importing men of military age thru our southern border. Now he is importing syrian terrorists with the full knowledge that they intend on bringing harm upon us. He is the ultimate trojan horse and those in the military reading this; Check your moral compass and be ready for a great awakening. Be ready to squash these traitors like bugs when before they decide to make their moves. Talk to the provost marshals to be aware that we are being set up by an administration intent on destroying this country, and if it is found that Obama is colluding with these Islamic throwbacks he should be thrown into a place where he and his cohorts will never ever be allowed to wreak havoc on this nation and its free citizens again. He can rot there for the rest of his privileged stinking life. Be aware my friends and don’t let your guard down. We have enemies all around us and Obama and Hillary and Soros are just the tiniest of the rot this human garbage has produced. With that said, have a great holiday season and never be taken by surprise and know that we will overcome any evil thrown at us. We have the high moral and spiritual ground and that is something they can never take away from us. Fight on, and never relent. Enuf said, you know the roll call.

  5. Dan B December 30, 2016 at 10:24 am


    You got it! The globalists are setting Trump up where he will have no choice but be carried along with events he has no control over. No matter what happens this will not end well.

    The bigger problem that may be directly related, if the Syria war does end and Erdogan Iran Syria and Russia form a quasi-unified Caliphate, with the current sudden uptick in Israel’s conflict over the settlements; could the Gog, Magog war not be far off? Will the Arab nations and Persians stop fighting each other to unite for a war against Israel backed by Russia. And we are out of the picture, because of the false flag civil war, Constitutional Crisis and occupation.

    The failure of Trump’s inability to stop all of this, will bring a deep despair in our system as well as the rest of the world to look for someone to rescue the world and this nation from this chaos. The perfect time for the person Jesus said would come and pretend to be the 2nd coming of himself Matthew 24.

  6. don January 1, 2017 at 8:28 am

    Great interview, very revealing. Telling also is the regulations rampage that the obama administration has embarked upon. While it almost appears to be the last gasp of a tyrant with a foot out the door, it also gives one pause to consider if the purpose of such draconian behavior is rooted in the knowledge that there will in fact be no end to obama’s reign.

    Its simple to consider that obama’s efforts are fruitless as Trump can undo what obama’s done once he takes office and in that light obama’s efforts are in vain.

    It is a bit disconcerting to consider the what-ifs and possible outcomes.

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