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Pro Sports Are Controlled by the Globalists

We live in an age when we cannot trust our clergy because many of them belong to the DHS’s Clergy Response Team, which according to an original member, Walter Mansfield ,was designed to get people to calmly go to the FEMA camps.

We cannot trust our nation’s banking system because the Federal Reserve, over the 105 year life of the banking cartel that controls our money, has stolen 98% of the value of a dollar over that time period.

Trust in government, in general, has been obliterated. Is there anything that we can trust anymore?

My basketball coach in my freshman year in college used to tell us that sports was the one of the things that you could trust in this endeavor, everything you achieved was earned. At that time in my life, I believed that to be a true statement. However, as I am finding out, sports is one of the most corrupt endeavors in life at the professional level. My illusion that sports was a level playing field has been crushed by the National Basketball Association.

Not every NBA game played is fixed. However, many of the key games are as  revelaed by the case of disgraced NBA referee, Tim Donaghy.

The Corruption of the NBA

In early November 2010, the Harris Poll conducted a poll the questions asked of participants was “Please rate the likelihood of the league office influencing the outcomes of games to benefit its business?

The Harris Poll also asked the participants to judge the possibility of games being fixed at the NBA’s doing (ie dealing). Other questions also allowed respondents to rate if the possibility of games being fixed at a league’s insistance affected whether they watched the sport or not. And the bombshell quetion: Did NBA referee’s, Tim Donaghy scandal impact the general public and their perception of integrity of the league?

The poll came out as a result of the arrest and conviction of former NBA ref, Tim Donaghy, who bet on NBA games in which he was officiating. What is interesting is that the NBA has a security department which is second to none. They are made up of former FBI and CIA types and they closely monitor the league and rule with an iron fist How then, did Donaghy manage to bet on games he officiated for 13 years with an outcome success rate, according to the FBI, of nearly 80%?

Donaghy, after he was arrested by the FBI began to sing like a canary. Donaghy claied that many of the key games were fixed by the league and they used referees, like him, to predetermine the outcome.

Former NBA Commissioner, David Stern, said the world should not believe that the NBA routinely fixed games as claimed by Donaghy as he nogotiated with the FBI for a reduced sentence which he received. When the FBI receives “plea-bargained” type of information, they investigate. If Donaghy’s claims were false, his sentence would have been increased for lying to the Feds. Instead, his sentence was reduced. This was the first red flag. Then, why weren’t more FBI arrests made?  As yo will see in later paragraphs, the NBA is a globalist organization and they have the ability to kill any investigation.

Donaghy’s Stats

I have interviewed Brian Trohy and he documented the illegal activities of Tim Donaghy:

Most every sports fan knows the gist of Donaghy’s story by now. A 13-year referee for the NBA, Donaghy was arrested by the FBI and subsequently convicted in federal court for gambling on NBA games. That’s the simple story. But the reality, and repercussions, of Donaghy’s tale runs much deeper. 

Donaghy began gambling on NBA games while employed as a referee in 2003. Between that time and the end of the 2006-07 season, Donaghy and his accomplices bet on approximately 40 games a season with an incredibly high success rate (some estimates figure they were correct over 80% of the time). He originally worked with Jack Concannon, who was never charged or arrested for his association with Donaghy. It wasn’t until 2006 that Donaghy hooked up with two former high school friends, James Battista and Thomas Martino, and began gambling through them. It was Battista and Martino who were convicted and sentenced alongside Donaghy. 

What is interesting is that for a supposedly “addicted gambler” Donaghy did not place a single bet himself. He simply provided information to Concannon and later Battista and Martino for which he got a kickback on winning wagers which was reportedly $2000 per game. If Donaghy’s info did not lead to a winning bet, he did not suffer any consequences…

Let’s consider what Donaghy  told the FBI That the NBA routinely instructed its referees to alter the outcomes of its games. Or, to put it more simply, the NBA is fixed.

And nothing has changed today, in fact, it may have gotten worse.

The Golden State-Houston Rockets Series Rekindled My Interest in Sports Cheating

 I do not care who wins in the NBA. Therefore, I do not have a dog in the fight. 

I did a rare thing for me these days, I watched a couple of games in the NBA playoffs.  Namely, I watched excerpts of the Cleveland-Boston series. Tuohy has long maintainted that former NBA Commissioner David Stern used a star player marketing strategy to sell the NBA, instead of the accomplishment of the teams. Lebron James, case in point, perhaps is the best player to ever put on a uniform. He has been to 7 straight NBA finals. But this year his supporting cast was substandard. After Boston took a series lead of 3 games to two, the series changed. James started shooting an inordinate amount of freethrows because the refs were calling excesssive fouls to his benefit. He was allowed to illegally taunt opponents with impunity without getting a technical foul.  James got away with foul after foul on his opponents and the series changed. And ultimately, Cleveland won, thus putting James in the finals for the 8th straight time. This is a great for TV ratings and we know the NBA and the sports channels are married at the hip. However, the real proof in the putting that the fix was in came from the Western Conference Finals between Houston and Golden State.

In game 6, Houston could have closed out the series with a win. In the first quarter, Houston jumped out to a commanding 39-22 lead and Golden State looked lost. Houston maininted a 61-51 advantage at halftime. In the first half, Houston shot an amazing 8 for 12 from the three point line. In the second half, Golden State ran Houston off of the 3 point line and force Houston to take the ball to the rim. I observed in amazement, that Golden State got away with foul after foul which prevented Houston from going to the rim and finishingwith baskets.  I recorded the game so I could skip all the fluff, so I was able to go back and chart the fouls. I counted that Golden Stated fouled Houston at the rim 17 times in the second half and only 3 were fouls were called out of the 17 transgressions. The NBA’s stats say the refs miss as many as 15% of all calls. This outcome defied the odds.

Just when you thought it could not be anymore obvious, it got worse in game seven. In the series deciding game, game 7, the same exact thing happened again. THE SAME FIX WAS EMPLOYED FOR THE SECOND TIME IN 2 GAMES.  Golden state won the series and they will face James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is good for ratings. Advertisers are happy the networks are happy and  the NBA is happy.The fix was in.  Here was Tuohy’s response.

Brian Tuohy@TheFixIsInTuohy

I thought the NBA under Silver would finally eradicate all the damage Stern did to the league’s credibility. I thought wrong as fans are treated to CLE v GS part IV.

What qualifies Dave Hodges to make these observations? First, I was a head men’s college coach  and I served as an NBA scout. In my latter role, I saw things that made me question the integrity of the NBA. But this far worse than the intergity of the game.

All Professional Sports Leagues Are Controlled by the Globalists

In 2012, I reported, and have repeated this fact several times since the revelation that all professional sports leagues and the world’s largest owener of malls all signed an agreement that would allow for all sports stadiums to be used as makeshift FEMA camps of the future. Operation Mountain Guardian practiced this outcome six months before the agreement.

In addition, the sport leagues, including the NBA, adhere to the following globalist platform.

  1. They promote Planned Parenhood through State control and resources expended by the sports leagues (particularily the NBA).
  2. They ban supporting and adverstising for any gun-related interst inclding the NRA.
  3. They promote climate change strategies.
  4. They promoted Obamacare.
  5. The sports leagues have been caught getting paid by the Obama administration supporting Veterans causes (eg Baltimore Ravens).

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Supreme Court just approved widespread sports betting. This has increased the incentive that the globalists have in fixing sporting events just like they do the stock market. It is common knowledge that the sports betting industry is controlled by the mafia. Enough said! This problem is only going to get worse. After Tim Donaghy wrote his book exposing the corruption of the NBA, he was beaten to a pulp by a member of the mafia while in prison. Are Dave Hodges and Brian Tuohy next?





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  1. Vietkonggook May 29, 2018 at 9:18 am

    Globalist controlled sports is opium on the unsuspecting masses. Its weaponized sports to put them to sleep while watching all that steroid pumping athletes competing each other for that stupid ball. When can America wake up ? Not until the economic collapse comes in soonest or when they are being rounded up bound for the FEMA camps.

  2. Jim Johnson May 29, 2018 at 11:53 am

    Not just the fixing of sports, but NASCAR has become a major recruiting tool for the military. NASCAR races are like infomercials for the Pentagon.

  3. Steve May 29, 2018 at 12:08 pm

    If anyone is a hockey fan…How does a first year expansion team end up on the verge of winning the Stanley Cup ? Only in Vegas !!

  4. Joy Brannan May 29, 2018 at 1:59 pm

    Is Nascar racing part of this muck?

  5. the Blind Squerrel May 29, 2018 at 4:13 pm

    ooohhh now there is a shocker!
    Keeping us anesthetized by sports and big money. All that money, TV Movies sports where big money is there are globalists. They control all the big money, even the money in govt. including lobbyists.

  6. Rumplestiltskin May 29, 2018 at 4:58 pm

    This isn’t new. The scandalous activity in baseball was documented early in the 20th century. As for football, when Bubba Smith of the Baltimore Colts wrote his memoires, he admitted the super bowl game with the New York Jets was fixed with NY to win long before the game was played to give credibility to the newly formed American Football League. Basketball and Michael Jordan, nuf said.

  7. Savannah May 29, 2018 at 5:40 pm

    Be careful out there, Dave. I’ve always enjoyed playing and watching sports, but gave up watching over a decade ago. Why? The endless stupid hype. The obvious propaganda. Then, I learned sports were considered entertainment, so it says on the ticket. That means, they can do what they want to fix games. Why watch when it’s all a con game and not about true athletic skill and prowess???

  8. gene May 30, 2018 at 5:46 am

    I think big business starts different new agency”s and then appoints friends to run it while the taxpayer foots the bill . We have to budget our money , show us where our tax money is being spent. and who is spending it.

  9. Kevin Davis May 30, 2018 at 9:56 am

    Yes Sir, I agree. It was so blatant what the hell was happening in the NBA playoffs.
    I am done with this corrupt league.
    The sad part is that I had known this for years the it wasn’t the best team that prevailed, it was the team that was going to generate the most revenue.
    It so too bad for the players in the league.
    Finally, these guys are starting to see that they have to be team players in a sport that pays them more money than they could ever imagine.

  10. Bo May 30, 2018 at 12:58 pm

    You did not mention the NFL honored Geo. H. W. Bush at last year’s Super Bowl. I have not watched a game since.

  11. Coaster May 31, 2018 at 4:31 am

    I have believed this for years, especially about the NBA. I don’t watch as much NBA as I once did because I got so tired of watching foul after foul not being called, the travelling and the double dribbling not being called that I reached the conclusion that the fix is in. Everything in sports is predetermined based on marketing and how much money there is to be made. Case in point, look at the NHL and the current teams in the Stanley Cup final, the Washington Capitals and the Las Vegas Golden Knights. The Golden Knights are an expansion team in their first year. Look where they are located, in the heart of the gambling capital of the world. They are in the final. It has been reported that big money was waged on them at 5000 – 1 with respect to winning the cup. Now there is some really big money to be made.

  12. Kevin Davis May 31, 2018 at 10:09 am

    I agree. It so blatant. People (fans) are in denial about the outcome of these sport events.

  13. Daniel June 1, 2018 at 8:13 am

    To Steve from May 29th, about the hockey question, The Colorado Avalanche did the same thing back in 1996, they moved from Quebec to Colorado and won The Cup in their first year, they did it by recruiting big star players from free agency, good picks from being an expansion team, and in-season trades, once they acquired Patrick Roy the cup was all but won! So I am thinking the Vegas team has done the same thing. Although I have not followed sports in the last 20 years or so, I do remember that happening when I was.

    The games are hopelessly rigged and have been for a very long time. That is the main reason I stopped watching 20 years ago. That and I moved from Michigan to Colorado and I could not watch my sports teams from Detroit. After being out of it for a few years I noticed the rigging and swore it off, I catch moments of football and Hockey games on occasion and am planning on watching the Stanley Cup this year, just to see the Vegas team.

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