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Putin’s Plans to Seize Eastern Europe and Alaska

Dave Hodges

March 20, 2014

The Common Sense Show

Was this coming moment foretold on the mural at Denver International Airport near baggage pick-up?

Was the coming WW III moment foretold on a mural at Denver International Airport near baggage pick-up?

I have received highly credible accounts that if Putin invades any portion of Ukraine, exclusive of Crimea, that the United States is prepared to enact a no-fly zone over Syria in order to prevent the Russians from continuing to arm Assad with the necessary weapons to make an American invasion of Syria very costly in terms of lives and money.

As I have stated all along, World War III will begin, but not end in Syria. The United States, in an attempt to prolong the life of the Petrodollar needs to first invade Syria and then Iran to take control of payment obligations when it comes to Middle Eastern oil.

These same insider reports also indicate that Putin is prepared to counter any strike upon Syria with an attack upon Alaska and the former Soviet Socialist Republics in Eastern Europe. An additional report for this claim comes from an advisor to the Russian Parliament by the name of Roman Kokorev. But according to some Russian sources, Kokorev does not hold any such position. Yet, the following demonstrates that he indeed is who he says he is.

This “Legal Advisor” to the Russian Parliament produced two maps on his former Facebook page which strongly indicates that Russia has designs on reacquiring Alaska and the previously mentioned former Soviet Socialist Republics (see maps below).


A Russian map produced by Markov which clearly shows Russia's intention to take over Alaska.

A Russian map produced by Kokorev which clearly shows Russia’s intention to take over Alaska.

This map disappeared from Kokorev’s Facebook page sometime last night. Additionally, there have been Facebook accounts that suddenly cast doubt on Kokorev’s authenticity. Now, his entire Facebook page has been taken down. However, despite the cover up, it strongly appears that Alaska is not the only target of Putin’s newfound imperialism and the evidence is strong. Take a look at the companion map that was also posted on Roman Kokorev’s Facebook page which follows the accounts of Biden’s actions, yesterday, in Eastern Europe in response to a perceived coming Russian military invasion. .

Yesterday, Kokorev’s claims of an Eastern European invasion by Russia received tacit support from Vice President Joe Biden. The Guardian’s Dan Roberts has extensively covered Biden’s promises of an increased US military presence in the Baltics made in Warsaw. The US is planning to send ground troops to the Baltic states.

Biden stated that “We are exploring a number of additional steps to increase the pace and scope of our military co-operation, including rotating US forces to the Baltic region to conduct ground and naval exercises – as well as training missions”.   The Eastern European countries include Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Bulgaria, Rumania, Poland, Lithuanian, Latvia, and Finland and are the presumed targets of Putin.

Reuters is also reporting that the Vice-President met in Warsaw with Estonian President Toomas Hendrik. Clearly, the Kokorev account is being validated by Biden as he stated yesterday that the US “is committed to NATO’S pledge to help member states if military action is taken against them”. Biden also addressed the issue I raised in my article I wrote yesterday in which Putin can strangle gas shipments to Europe.

Acting on behalf of the White House, Biden also said the US would help Baltic states diversify their energy sources. Clearly, Biden is dusting off the pages of the Berlin Airlift shipments of  food and medicine, in 1947, in which President Truman kept West Berlin from being overrun by the Soviets after the city was surrounded and cutoff. There will be not be a Berlin Airlift for the energy needs of Europe coming from the United States. We do not have the capacity and Putin is going to take advantage of this vulnerability by driving a wedge through NATO (see yesterday’s article that addressed this point). Europe will probably be blackmailed into submission by Putin. It is conceivable that all of Eastern Europe will fall without offering any military resistance.

Here is the Kokorev map of Russian military intentions.

The reconstituting of the old Soviet Socialist Republics

The reconstituting of the old Soviet Socialist Republics

There is a Russian media account of Kokorev’s claims. In fact the publication even published Kokorev’s Facebook page photo, despite his account disappearing. The publication and title, in Russian is Дипломат, заявивший о желании России вернуть Аляску, “засветил” свои данные во французской соцсети


Kokorev's Facebook photo as published in Russian publication

Kokorev’s Facebook photo as published in a Russian publication

I took most of the text of the Russian media article and had it translated from Russian to English. The idiomatic phrases are resistant to exact translation, but the meaning is quite clear. The Russian disinformation agents are attempting to erase Kokorev’s ill-timed revelation of Russian intentions for Alaska.


Roman Kokorev , introduced himself to the Facebook as representative of the Russian Federation to the Council of Europe , said that the return of the Russian territory of Moldova, Ukraine, other former Soviet republics , as well as Alaska , the Baltic States , Finland and Poland .

About this he wrote on Facebook during correspondence with Pauline Godorog that made their dialogue and screenshots posted on his page.

“Dear Ukrainians and Russians sober ! Today had the privilege to talk with a representative of Russia in the European Parliament . Conversation was about the situation in Crimea. Could not that you do not share . Please pass on to everyone saw . Attention , indecent expressions ” – Godorog wrote .

“Observer” received a message on behalf of the organizer Evromaydana in Strasbourg Catherine Pushkar, which reported that Kokorev is not official.

” Hello, regarding your article ” The representative of the Russian Federation to the Council of Europe : Russia will regain Alaska , the Baltic States , Finland and Poland . ” We received information about Roman Kokoreva . It is not official and has mental problems ,” – said Pushkar . She also wrote about it on his page on Facebook.


Since this is only a second hand account of the disinformation denial, I attempted to validate the existence of Catherine Pushkar and her Facebook post. First, allow me to state that Pushkar’s denial of Kokorev’s rank and standing in the Russian Parliament is strongly disputed by the French’s Linkedin account of Kokorev and he is just who he said he is on his former Facebook account. Puschkar’s Facebook identity and her post discrediting Kokorev’s Parliament position and his “mentally ill” status can also be somewhat validated. The attack on Kokorev’s mental status, that is used as a discrediting agent, is not believable.

From the Facebook page of Kokorev confidant, Polina Hodoroh, I found Pushar’s original statement that served to discredit Kokorev’s claims of who he was in order to erase his mistake of revealing Putin’s intentions. From Hodoroh’s Facebook page:

  • 4 people like this.
  • Svetlana Foro Всякую чушь собрал)See Translation
  • Kateryna Pushkar Это не фейк?!?! Я в ужасе. путин на голову больной, так это еще и заразно…
  • Polina Hodoroh Да не фейк, я буквально час назад с этим разговаривала. Переписывалась, точнее. Он поудалял сообщения. Но я заранее сфотографировала всё.Yes not a fake, I literally hours ago this was talking. Corresponded more accurately. It poudalâl the message. But I advance photographed everything. (Translated by Bing)
    Editor’s Note: Hodoroh is referring to photographing the two maps which appear earlier in this story. She accurately anticipated that the Russians would move to scrub the Kokorev account. 

The Pushkar account will not contain the message in which she alleges that Kokorev is mentally ill. That message appeared on the sanitized Kokorev account and it is now gone. However, the Russian media was kind enough to carry that post in the reference listed above.

Apologies for the burdensome detail associated with this paper trail. However, if the credibility of the Kokorev maps of Russian ambition are to be established, this was necessary. It is quite clear that Putin, at minimum is prepared to take the previously mentioned Eastern European states and this is cross-validated by Biden’s statements made within the last 48 hours about militarizing the Baltic. Putin’s intentions are clearly being anticipated by the United States. But what are Putin’s intentions and designs on Alaska?

Putin and Alaska

There was an agreement made over a 150 years ago between Russia and the United States that would have allowed for the United States to transfer a few Islands from American (i.e. Alaskan) hands to Russian possession. However, this agreement was ignored for all this time until the Obama administration became a reality. This Communist bred and communist aided President immediately transferred the ownership of seven strategically located oil-laden Islands to Putin. Here is a map of the Island transfer which was displayed throughout Alaska at the time of the transfer.

russian islands

The world has been engaged in a controversy over territorial claims concerning the newly discovered massive mineral deposits near the North Pole. The Russians have invested heavily in Arctic fighting equipment. Please note from the map that five of the Islands position Russia to attack and seize the North Pole. Then please note that two of the Islands are ideally suited for the Russian military to launch a two-pronged attack upon Alaska, from both the northern and southern end of the state.

If Putin does attack Alaska, after America attacks Syria, it will be done with the complicity of the Obama administration in which “weakness is feigned” by our present and treasonous administration. Please refer to this article and subsequent documentation for the details.

This previously written article also details how and why Stalin planned to invade Alaska in the 1950’s. The plan was abandoned upon Stalin’s death. The same article details how Obama has compromised Alaskan military defenses and is the fulfillment of a Russian inspired military plan of conquest.


The United States is facing an emboldened Putin. The following scenario is emerging as to what the world is going to see as far as the commencement of WW III. The Russians will invade Ukraine. Putin will first try to bribe the nations of Eastern Europe with promises of cheap gas to bring these countries under the control of the Russians without firing a shot. Failing this objective, Putin will annex said countries by rolling in Russian tanks. When any of these countries fight back, WW III will commence. The United States only real viable option will be to open a second front in Syria. This will be followed by an attack upon Alaska by Russian forces who have already prepositioned assets in Alaska right under the eye of the Obama administration.

It is at this point, that the Chinese intentions will be known. Until now, China has been playing both sides of the fence. However, this is about to end. The moment that the US attacks Syria, the Chinese will play their hand and a depleted American force will be overwhelmed.

Since my insider military sources have first alluded to the fact that we were going to be invaded and this invasion would be part of an “inside job”, I have lost sleep. There is no hiding that, given the present political climate, this is the path the world will follow on the road to WW III. Can anyone say false flag attack in the near future? And just how the Chinese will interject themselves to this conflict will be made clear in the next part of this series.


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  1. Tony G March 20, 2014 at 6:33 am

    We cannot forget about the North Koreans, they’ll more than likely will be ready, willing , and able to jump in a gang fight on the stronger side.

  2. Coffee Cup March 20, 2014 at 6:41 am

    Has Russia reached its order of battle to succeed in all these invasions?

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  4. Jim March 20, 2014 at 7:03 am

    Dave the whole world is unraveling, it’s not going to be fun, but it will be interesting to see were all this leads us. I enjoyed the Terminator movie, but I do not want to live in a terminator world.

  5. Anna March 20, 2014 at 7:04 am

    I think the next “false flag” disaster that will weaken or destroy the Bible Belt (which will knock out the vast majority of gun owners) will be the HAARP/BP OIL CO. induced New Madrid Fault Zone quake. This will then allow the Chinese and Russians already in position to come in and “take the plunder” promised to them by the liars and traitors who call themselves our “leaders.” I believe this is the reason for all the plastic FEMA coffins as well. This would be the perfect scenario for these pathetic cockroaches who erroneously think they are “Illuminated and Elite.” It would be a “natural” disaster like Katrina (yeah boy) in the eyes and minds of the sheeple AND it would kill off the majority of preppers and gun owners AND it would keep the vast majority of resources for the Chinese and Russian soldiers (at least in their minds) notwithstanding all the nuclear fallout from the numerous nuclear reactors sitting along the New Madrid Fault Zone. Amerikka is toast. I know Jesus is the only salvation but I can’t deny it………I’m afraid of what’s coming because no amount of prepping can save us from nuclear radiation and those awful Thermal barbaberic weapons are horriffying to contemplate. I really wish I knew of a safe place to move and take my family but with the oceans being completely destroyed by these monstors as well as the atmosphere from the chemtrails and the huge black hole in the sun, I can see that there really is no safe place, just a matter of who dies when. Now I know why the Book of Revelations talked about “men seeking death and not being able to find it” from all the horrors to come. I wake up every day and go to bed every night wondering if this will be our last normal day or night together as a family. Johnny Depp was right when he stated a few years ago: Amerikka is like a big, dumb puppy with sharp teeth, only those teeth aren’t near as sharp anymore and Amerikkans are dumber than ever.


  6. KorHi March 20, 2014 at 7:20 am

    This is going to be a long series then. Great Article Dave! One description of the DIA mural above and the rest of the DIA art work can be found here for those that have not seen it: http://vigilantcitizen.com/sinistersites/sinister-sites-the-denver-international-airport/
    The monster has awakened! This big and aggressive militaristic figure is dressed in a Nazi uniform (notice the symbol on the hat) with a face shaped like a gas mask. His hands are holding a rifle and a scimitar that is rather violently molesting the peace bearing dove. On the left is depicted an endless lineup of crying parents holding their limp, dead baby. This is a truly atrocious painting, with no redeeming message or moral. The fact that this was displayed at the main gate of the largest airport of America, during the age of political correctness (the nineties) is totally aberrant. The militaristic figure is glorified and all-powerful, situated at the center of the action. It has regained its powers that it seemed to have lost after WWII. It is back in full force and its leading the way to a new holocaust.

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  8. Greg March 20, 2014 at 7:31 am

    Dave, I have a question. Why would the US invade Syria if Russia advances upon Europe? Looking at a map, strategically Syria is a doorway to Iraq and Iranian oil from the Mediterranean Sea. Also, if we invade Syria, a sizable portion of our military will be there and this will leave the mainland US even more vulnerable. Am I on the correct page? Am I missing something important here? Thanks again.


  9. connie grimes March 20, 2014 at 7:33 am

    Goodness, why is everyone so upset over Putin and his grab for land and power. Haven’t you figured out yet that Obama is actually Putin’s employee and will continue to do whatever he is told. It is truly amazing/disgusting that people seem to think Obama will step up to home plate and save the country. Deluded, deluded, deluded, and it’s no-one’s fault except the deluded! Maybe I’m deluded too because I would just as soon make my living in a slave labor camp and be executed after a few months than live in this pig sty called usa and continue to have my assets and resources stolen from me to give to sorry ass whores that call themselves moms, farmers that can’t farm w/o gov’t assistance, a military that can’t even find a war let alone win one: aah, what the hell good does it do, because no-one is listening, and even if someone did it is far too late to change anything for the better. So there, go enjoy your ballgame. Americans make me sick!

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  11. Craig Mouldey March 20, 2014 at 7:55 am

    What can one say to all this? I literally felt ill reading it. In 2008 when I started warning a few I believed Obama was going to deliberately crash the U.S. I had no way of understanding then the depth of the evil and deceipt.
    When I got up this morning and started scanning headlines it just seemed that everyone is now preparing for war. I heard recently and forget who said it, perhaps Jim Garrow, there are 250,000 Chinese military in the U.S. Add that to the thousands of Russians and what do you have? A set up for disaster. Clearly, an inside job!
    Not to worry though. If Russia does invade through Alaska, they will have to come through Canada and we have your back! Yes sir. We’ve got a couple of fishing trawlers and subs purchased from Britain that burn up when used. And we have the Snow Birds with their jets. It’s true the public has already largely been disarmed in advance, but I do have a 22 caliber air rifle that shoots pellets. That will give any invader a reason to pause. (at a time like this, cynical humour is the best I could muster). The Lord warned there would be great betrayal even to the point of family members betraying one another up to death. Be very careful who you trust and with what!

  12. William B Stoecker March 20, 2014 at 8:04 am

    As a former USAF intelligence officer and military history buff (and one of my degrees is in history) I would just like to point out that Russia cannot just “roll over” the Ukraine, Poland, and the rest of Eastern Europe. The Russian military is still but a shadow of its former self, and people tend to forget that defenders have significant advantages over attackers, some obvious, and some not so obvious. If Putin turns out to be as insane as Bathhouse Barry, he may try it…but it is likely that the Russians would suffer horrendous losses and get bogged down in a stalemate, at least in Poland.
    But none of this changes the fact that the 300 pound gorilla (nuclear missiles) is still in the room, threatening an agonizing death for billions. Let us pray that we will at least be spared this horror.

  13. George James March 20, 2014 at 8:10 am

    This will be the beginning of the end.

  14. CEO constitutional enforcement officer March 20, 2014 at 8:23 am

    Dave , this info is most nightmarish chessboard that has been revealed to date. We have been watching the board for many years and checkmate is just couple of moves away. Stick a fork in America , a good coach knows when the game is out of reach, pray and surrender to Christ, quickly. Today is the day of salvation, may not have another chance. Now after you get off your knees get busy and prepare for unimaginable horror . They are staged to shock and awe us and for the most part, will be effective but if I am going to be eaten by a tiger he better bring a straw cause I’m gettin some teeth. Not trying to beat my chest here but it’s not time to crawl under the bed , cause we need to do our own shock and awe. The battle is the Lords..

  15. John Little March 20, 2014 at 8:31 am

    Hey Dave, remember that it’s traditional shooting wars to begin only when the financial wars have done their worst. We have yet to see the worst of Russia’s arsenal of financial weapons launched. The same goes for China. However, once that happens, the shooting can then begin – if there’s anything left to shoot.

    Keep up the good work, Dave.

    Y in C,

  16. Again and Again March 20, 2014 at 8:32 am

    Welcome to BABYLON!!!
    What you’de better talk about is how she is destroyed in One Hour (Sneak Attack)!!!

  17. Again and Again March 20, 2014 at 8:35 am

    You can now forget “Kokorev” —- I’m sure more has disappeared than just his Facebook account!!!
    I mean that if the FSB (KGB) found him out and made his Facebook disappear…. then he himself has probably become seal food around Lake Baikal!!!

  18. Chicken Little March 20, 2014 at 8:40 am

    Dave, Time for the military to stop these mad men. The Constitution is no more anyway. No such thing as law and they’re damned sure going to suicide our troops and my home and State of Alaska. There are those of us who are ready as can be but will face overwhelming odds.
    I don’t mind dying for righteousness but subversion? The throbbing torment of these peoples treachery and wanton murder of military and fellow Alaskans is too much to bare. COME AND GET YOU SOME…BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Kevin March 20, 2014 at 8:45 am

    WOW..sounds rational to me.. We’re in trouble no matter what rabbit trail we take….Patriots are enemies to the cause…Good Luck everyone…

  20. Country Codger March 20, 2014 at 8:52 am

    Hi Dave,
    A little over two years ago I wrote an article entitled “When the Poop Hits the Oscillator”. In it I stated that the coming invasion would be two pronged Russia and China on the Left Coast and Russia on the East coast. Everyone practically guffawed when I proposed that the two nations would tag-team the U.S. Do you think they are still laughing?

    Great article, keep it up, but not to the exclusion of preparing your family for a bug-out. Hope you already have a bug-out retreat. In fact I’m sure you do.
    Good luck and God bless you and yours.

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  22. Pesky Varmint March 20, 2014 at 8:52 am

    If Putin is going to invade Ukraine and other parts of eastern Europe, how can he wait?

    Waiting only allows NATO and/or the US time to bolster defenses making it more difficult.

    Essentially what I’m saying is, if this is true, I think it will happen sooner rather than later.


  23. Damascus is where it begins March 20, 2014 at 8:55 am

    What is happening is theater planned well in advance….the situation in the Ukraine is a distraction from the event that will change the entire world. The destruction of Damascus in one day by FIRE (military weapon), as said in Isaiah 17, and Jeremiah 49:23

    Now, fit this missing plane in the picture with it’s missing “mystery cargo”, supposedly involving some guys on board from Iran. THAT is the real event that will happen soon to cause the event in Damascus that will CHANGE THE WHOLE WORLD. Don’t believe the lies people….when this whole world is changed in a very, very short time- that will be the time satan will deceive most of the people in most of the world with a HUGE lie…. Those who are living for Jesus Christ will be taken at that time- Those who remain will be told this was “God’s Judgement” on them because they would never accept the “truth”. All a lie- the people that left will have gone with Jesus Christ- those that remain will have to make a choice in the most hellish conditions that have ever existed in world history.

    Option 1- Believe all the lies and be destroyed by Jesus Christ when He returns a short few years later

    Option 2- Accept Jesus Christ, the truth, and be persecuted…..but with protection. He will protect ALL who live for Him and in Him.

    That’s the truth of what is happening. Every single person on this earth has to choose. The time is now.

  24. R. Bradshaw March 20, 2014 at 8:59 am

    Has anyone yet seen Rand Paul’s speech on March 19th? He speaks out very plainly about the corruption in our current presidential administration. At least we have one senator that is boldly speaking out about what he sees is going on. I guarantee this video will be deleted from YouTube soon, so watch this now while you can…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg6NUNqsNn0 .
    This current presidential administration needs to be taken down totally by the patriots left in this country NOW before it is too late. People are waking up much to slowly to what is going on. As Dave is revealing to us, there is not much time left. As Dave says above, he is losing sleep over what he sees is rapidly transpiring that the “lamestream media” is not covering.
    If you need some ammunition of shocking facts to help you to wake up people that are willing to listen or read about what is REALLY going on then send them here so that they can be asked some shocking fact-based questions that will force them to start thinking more about what is going on in this country >> http://www.the-secret-to-success.org .
    Thank-you, Dave for your ground-breaking investigative journalism.

  25. David March 20, 2014 at 9:01 am

    For Russia to invade eastern Europe would be one thing, but an Alaska invasion would mean immediate all-out war with the US, even under Obama. That by itself is hard to believe, as long as the US exists as it is today.


  26. Norbert March 20, 2014 at 9:17 am

    Dear Dave Hodges:
    Yes, McCarthy got in the way in the 1950’s. In todays scheme and timeline, the re-election of Assad in Syria in May 2014 can not be allowed because that would mean the wests (America) agenda would be mocked, made foolish. The next step, a false flag attack (MA 370) must happen before May 2014. Once Syria is attacked, Iran will be next. When this happens, China will show its true colour and back Russia.
    Dave, I’m glad you do good research and can back your comments. I just wish the general population would do the same. Then they would see how the onion is exposed one layer at a time to expose the BIG PICTURE. Besides, its all there in the greatest book ever written, The Holy Bible: Book of Daniel and Revelation. Remember, the Bible is over 1/3rd prophecy and up to now half of those prophecies have been fulfilled. Finally, I enjoyed your Gilligan’s Island spoof concerning MA 370. Yes that plane is hiding somewhere to be used in a false flag operation. USA prepare (not): the Communists (Russians/Chinese)
    are coming. Dave, carry on like the Energizer bunny that you are. Too bad others don’t have the energy or the open mind, like you, to see the truth. People can’t see the forest through the trees. People get out of the darkness (mushrooms) and see the light. Your life and future destiny depends on it. Accept Jesus Christ, for there is no God without knowing Jesus Christ first as your Lord and Saviour. Thanks, Norbert.

  27. Jonathan March 20, 2014 at 9:31 am

    I used to play chess with a homeless man in San Francisco back in the mid 90’s. He was actually ranked for the city’s tournaments, and always carried books about chess in his bag. I’m guessing I had gone head to head with him about 40-50 times…always two games to try and win my money back from the first game. I never beat him and I never expected to win. I was helping out a homeless man while improving my game and learning more, so it was a fair trade off. The false front is classic…draw your opponent here and then attack there. In this global game of chess, however, there are multiple fronts being displayed, more like the game RISK. Our only objective at this point, in my opinion, should be to focus on the section of the chessboard which is here, America, and prepare defensively. We ARE the center of the board they are looking to control. Control over the resources may have already been decided…I would say it’s most likely. The main goal is still to tame the “wild west” and lessen any resistance to the physical foreign takeover of real estate, infrastructure, and resources here in this country. I do not believe the globalists will be successful here. Our resistance hasn’t become full force yet. We are more than capable of creating an all-out push back, and it will have appeared to come out of nowhere. We the people who have grown up here and have roots in this country are not as dumb as most would like to think. We do stupid things, we say stupid things, we watch stupid things, but most of us will band together in a crisis and re-organize rather efficiently. The stronger, smarter, more compassionate people do NOT work for governments.

  28. Robert March 20, 2014 at 11:10 am

    Brilliant Article. I sent it to everyone I know and everyone else should too. Time is short. I believe your analysis is better than Skousen’s. WWIII doesn’t start in Korea after all. It starts in Syria indeed..
    God bless you,

  29. Jim March 20, 2014 at 11:20 am

    You said a lot in this article, covered a lot of ground. With regard to your mention of the US needing to invade Syria and Iran, I must ask the question .. “Why wouldn’t we have done this while we had Iran surrounded during our Iraq/Afghanistan wars ?” .. in fact, at one time we had a large troop build up in each country on both sides of Iran and Iraq borders Syria.
    Surely you see my point .. you don’t need to be military strategist to see those advantages that we held, aside from Naval
    and air presence. So yes I understand you pointing out the motive of the Petrodollar .. but again, why not do this 4 yrs. ago?

  30. Pine 4 Better Daze March 20, 2014 at 11:44 am

    These Last Days News has these reports:
    ‘State TV Says Russia Could Turn US to “Radioactive Ash”…
    ‘Are the Four Blood Moons (Tetrad) a Divine Sign from God to the World?’

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  32. Pipes March 20, 2014 at 12:58 pm
  33. Look at this now Dave March 20, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    Hey Dave, here is another piece of the puzzle. “thelastelection14.com” has changed from a countdown clock that was reportedly from Edward Snowden. Now, the web page has a code like grouping of letters and a bullet point in the VERY PLACE you are speaking about in Alaska. That clock was scheduled to run out at midnight tonight, before it disappeared, and is now been replaced with the moveable map. I found out about this website on Beforeitsnews.com about a week ago. Your story is seems to be “on the mark” as they say.

  34. Tłumaczenie March 20, 2014 at 2:38 pm

    I hope that Putin will rebuild a strong Russia and will protect the Europe from the U.S..

  35. Goten Son March 20, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Who knows at the rate we are loosing our freedoms i wouldn’t be at all surprised if some if not many states break away from America just like what happened when the old soviet union broke up. Things are so messed up if anything the land above the arctic circle on our globe should be managed by the native tribes that were their first but unfortunately that wont happen when you got superpowers jostling each other for resources. Why do we still drive cars that run on gasoline and use oil to heat our homes? Doesn’t anyone find it strange that nothing much besides computers has changed in the past 70 years? I for one don’t buy it because i know full well that better technologies exist you see its the copyright system that keeps a lid on all the good ideas. Think about it would a power company want you to use less energy and the answer is of course not because that would effect their monetizing scheme that keeps us all poor and enslaved to their will.

  36. jeff March 20, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    Sounds like a good time to have a well armed populous. ……

  37. Pine 4 Better Daze March 20, 2014 at 3:10 pm

    The two reports from These Last Days News were shown as ‘404 – Not Found’ but can be seen by just going to the website—

  38. David March 20, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    I would like to begin this post with KUDOS to Dave for this very timely and historic report you have just read and then ask some questions based on the idea that the lies change depending on what level you’re at, followed by a brief explanation of the historical back-story.

    How much of the “Great Clash of the Sanctions” is staged for our entertainment, like WWF grudge matches, that don’t really mean anything close to what they appear to be, a redux of the “cold war?”

    And if this is staged, how much of it was choreographed before-hand between Putin and Obama?

    If that is true, then it could also be just another layer, hiding a double cross in the works as previous reports from 40 years ago indicate, and this layer of subterfuge contains surprises no one anticipates, nor is prepared for? Let’s not forget, there was a coup in Russia (USSR) beginning with the death of Josef Stalin that dislodged the Bolsheviks from power and that the Rockefeller cartel was instrumental in providing them safe haven – WITHIN THE US POLITICAL & MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX which completely changed the complexion of the rivalry between USA and Russia which has been under the control of the Alliance from Brezhnev until today. This happened BEFORE the currency market manipulations that crashed the Ruble and the breakup of USSR during the Reagan administration. It also marks the radical departure from what USA was envisioned to be, a departure that had been brewing and gaining influence since the turn of the 20th century.

    Hidden from our view has been a Bolshevik conspiracy to attack and destroy Russia which came within a few hours of a devastating nuclear exchange- many people in USA are not aware of the nuclear crisis we survived in 1976-77 nor are they aware that what prevented that US first strike against Russia DID NOT cancel their plans – it just post-poned them. The key is understanding the history of the Alliance goes back more than 2 centuries to the end of the 18th century when it was established by special agents of the Tsar to combat the Illuminati which was established in Bavaria in May of 1776 by Jesuit agent Adam Weishaupt with auspices of the Rothschild banking cartel. The 1917 Bolshevik overthrow of the Russian monarchy was a severe setback, but the Alliance lay in wait, regathering strength and preparing for the coup they completed sometime in the mid 1970’s.

    But the anti-Bolsheviks who now rule in Russia are NOT the good guys. They are communists too! And, Make no mistake, they too have goals of world domination and they are going to do that, first by regaining what was lost of their satellite system and then expanding upon it. They may have defeated the Bolsheviks in their country, but look at what they did – they caused them to leave Russia instead of executing them, to spread their errors, and now Bolshevism central is the United States. That makes the US the enemy of the Russians in their ‘holy war’ against atheistic and Satanic Bolsheviks. Whether world domination by Satanic Bolsheviks or by Alliance communists who profess to believe in God takes place, it is still domination, and it will still be murderous. Do you now see why what Dave has reported is so vitally important?

    We can only prepare ourselves, at the community or township level to stand together because we are decades too late in stopping the Bolshevik take-over of our country. The truth will be revealed eventually, but if we aren’t supporting each other, we will perish in the event of global economic and political disintegration. As Dave points out by reporting his highly credible sources, there will be a Russian conquest of USA attempted, orchestrated with China, and by no means will it be favorable to any of us.

  39. Seen2013 March 20, 2014 at 3:11 pm

    “It is at this point, that the Chinese intentions will be known. Until now, China has been playing both sides of the fence. However, this is about to end. The moment that the US attacks Syria, the Chinese will play their hand and a depleted American force will be overwhelmed.”

    Not just China, India, Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea will also inevitably follow suit:
    – In 2009, CNN did a piece on India ceding a part of contested land to China in Kashmir. China allegedly sent a force that went off course deep into India cupped with India’s crime allowed them to try establishing a draft, and India increased it’s border force by 50,000 along a corridor capable of rapid deployment through Pakistan’s short northern border into Afghanistan.
    -China declared an invasion of Pakistan an invasion of China. The US was forced to only conduct Drone strikes and has been antagonizing Pakistan, and they’ve been targeting the main force used by Pakistan in hindering Pakistani-Indian relations particularly Pakistani-Taliban’s use by Pakistan in Kashmir leaving Pakistan’s options for defense to Iran, China, and India. India has also been onboard to purchasing Iranian resources.
    -China is Saudi Arabia’s biggest importer and holder of US debt ‘hm…’

    I’m convinced that when Russia invades Alaska; the followup includes:
    -India dispatching its 50k swing into Afghanistan in conjunction with the Chinese
    -Pakistan-Chinese reinforce Iran from the East.
    -Russo-Sino destroys US installations in Kyrgzstan
    -North Korea invades South Korea launching missiles at US installations in Japan in coordination with China.
    -Venezuela allowed Chinese missiles strike probably Texas.
    -Cuba reinforces Russo-Sino forces in the US using the US’s old and now largely unused waterways predominantly using barges and other light or modern pirate style craft as well as provides a jumping off point against the US for Russian and Chinese reinforcements.
    -Russia-Sino wipe various coastal cities along the eastern-western seaboard.

  40. Bobby March 20, 2014 at 4:00 pm

    I have just ran across your sight and it is great! Thank you ! Do you or anyone else have any photos of the trains with shackles and Guillotines I have know

    of this in the early 90’s……going to Air Force Bases…..Thanks Bobby

  41. John March 20, 2014 at 4:11 pm

    I guess this explains all those lengthy telephone calls which Obama placed to Vladimir.

  42. Ann Young March 20, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    Dave all I have to say is “Our Gvnment had Sold us Out!! It’s Over…….

  43. Ann Young March 20, 2014 at 4:28 pm


  44. Kevin March 20, 2014 at 5:16 pm

    This article reaffirms the “Scissors Plan” of the USSR, (Defined in Anatoly Golitsyn’s book “New lies for Old”) developed between 1958-1960 using a Chinese / Russian split as a distraction to weaken the defenses of the Western World.

  45. Wily March 20, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    I can just imagine every time Vlad watch’s indoctrination network Discovery “Alaskan Gold” etc that he (Putin) may get gold fever! The oil and other wealth is w/out doubt is alluring!
    The only One who can stop (delay?) all this unrest around the world just may not! The endgame clock started in 48 w/Israel – What I’m trying to say is, just don’t see a Jonah/Nineveh situation! We read biblical prophecy on the front pages of our newspapers!

    * this deceiving alien agenda is demonic, they too are master deceivers – Adolf was heavy in the occult, as Werner Von Braun – It would of been interesting to be a fly on the wall of the ‘amber room’ !

  46. Arizona March 20, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    YOUR false flag attack is in the SKY and coming this way,it will hit northwest of puerto rico,when it does the dog and pony show will end, and the main event will start,the attack on america will commence,and the battle between government and the people who won’t go along will be fearce,EVEN if oboozo has planned to hand america over disarmed,IT AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN,to many see the hand writing on the wall,foreign troops everywhere,police gangs trying to disarm everyone,IDIOTS in the schools trying to turn the children into queers,and a government sending all their military to other countries to leave america defenceless,THIS invasion will be the END OF AMERICA……………

  47. Syrin March 20, 2014 at 9:53 pm

    I have to say I have serious doubts about the reliability of info pasted to Facebook. Snowden didn’t operate that way for obvious reasons.


  48. Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz March 20, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    Another brilliant article! Thank you, Dave!

  49. wide awake March 21, 2014 at 12:35 am

    In the big broad scheme of things this is prophecy fulfillment. The bible clearly lays out the end days and we are living in the last monents . All in DC are corrupt as they have always been. This one world government they want so badly is coming.the Antichrist will have a short reign and life will be abysmal to put it mildly. Make Jesus saviour and Lord before judgment falls please.

  50. David March 21, 2014 at 3:18 am


  51. David March 21, 2014 at 3:19 am


  52. Orlok March 21, 2014 at 3:53 am

    Hey Dave, Explain this disconnect: Haarp is located in Alaska. If, as you claim, Haarp is part of our advanced weaponry,why would the elites allow Putin to control it?


  53. Judge Laura Drager Victim March 21, 2014 at 4:00 am

    Dave, I know this is a small but integral detail, don’t forget the newer vast oil fields that were discovered in Alaska, enough to supply our Republic for two hundred years. Per Goten Son – look on the internet while it’s still up and only modestly censored. Free energy technology is documented, along with lists of those killed for attempting to bring it to humanity. Tesla’s technology is kept from us deliberately, so they can charge for that which is available for little to no cost. Look up Abiotic Oil and Peak Oil is a myth. The entire Global Warming Hoax is about perpetuating their energy scams to increase control while rising costs under the guise of “saving the world and nature.”

    How funny McCarthy had it right all along.

    I’m guessing the false flag(s) will be multiple and include not only the New Madrid, but the grid going down as well. If there’s enough resistance from We the People, they’ll unleash a Pandemic.

  54. Jim March 21, 2014 at 5:18 am

    Great article indeed sir. You touched on a lot of good topics. Please allow me to ask a question regarding the petrodollar topic. Why didn’t we invade Iran a few years ago when we had them surrounded with our troops in Irag & Afghanistan?
    I understand your suggested motive, which would be to maintain world’s reserve currency status .. but I just can’t see why
    we wouldn’t have done so when we had everything in place. Not to mention, Iraq borders Syria too, allowing for boots on the
    ground easily in both Iran and Syria, right after we had secured Iraq & Afghanistan. You must admit sir .. it begs the question, ” Why not make that move when we had the troops, air support, and navy in place ?”

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  56. serge Godbout March 21, 2014 at 9:13 am


  57. Stefan March 21, 2014 at 9:21 am


    Chill Out! This is all predicated on Kokorev’s Facebook page? Do you think it may be possible you are playing the useful idiot role? Is there any possibility that the Ukraine is going to clean up Western Ukraine on its own without a shot being fired by Putin’s Russia?

    And your conclusions are ridiculous. First bribery towards the Eastern European nations of Eastern Europe with an energy carrot, which, in your eyes will fail. Next, we have annexed countries with Russian tanks rolling in.

    There are numerous ways Russia, China, and other BRICK nations can throw the whore off their backs without these foolish scare tactic sceneries. It is over simplified thought, reminiscent of the 60’s black comedy, Dr. Strangelove. If you want to regale us with military nonsense, does General Martin Dempsey play the part of Curtis LeMay portrayed as a combination of General Jack D. Ripper, and General Buck Turgidson?

    You do not appear to appreciate the fact that this financial war gaming is all western. It is the United States and Western Europe that are caught in the debt quagmire of their own making that will drive false flags and any other unnecessary murdering.


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  59. drifter March 21, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    A Russian map produced by Kokorev which clearly shows Russia’s intention to take over Alaska.
    lol I could’ve made that “map” on my computer.

  60. Lance Steele March 21, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    Another great article, Dave. As a relative newcomer to your website, I don’t know what your feelings and beliefs are concerning the general subjects of Biblical “End Times” prophecy and people who have “dreams and visions” related to the End Times. I know of (and actually met) two men who have had such dreams and visions. They both related a devastating opening attack by Russia and China, followed by full scale invasion of the U.S. We eventually prevail, but at great cost. The two men are Dimitru Duduman ( who dies several years ago) and Henry Gruver. Their numerous dreams and visions are widely available online and can be easily found through internet searches. Both men first made their visions public knowledge over 20 years ago. Events since then make it easy to see that the world is indeed headed toward widespread conflict and destruction, and that the U.S. will suffer greatly. I fully understand that many folks put no stock whatsoever in Biblical prophecy, etc., and it is not my intention to try to change their minds or push any particular beliefs on them. However, at this point, anyone who’s paying attention to world events, no matter what their spiritual/religious beliefs may be, has to be concerned about where geopolitical events are taking us……..and they are taking us to a world of hurt.

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  62. Freedomfighter 1776 March 21, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    Dave, you just got done saying the other day, regarding your dad and secret American
    technology, that America has weapons that go way, way beyond what is out there today, far better than nukes & what not. America could destroy russia & china, no, dave? render their missles null & void?
    I mean WHICH IS IT?


  63. LoneStarHog March 22, 2014 at 5:45 am


    Do you remember the missive by Professor and former KGB advisor on America in Russia, Igor Panarin, predicting the demise of the USA, dividing it into six sections?

    Note the Alaska prediction> http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB123051100709638419

    Maybe just a matter of timing?


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