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Better Dead Than Red?

On the August 19th edition of THE COMMON SENSE SHOW with DAVE HODGES,we revealed the ongoing Communist takeover of our banks which will be followed by the implementation of martial law complete with FEMA camps and the planned extermination of millions of dissenting Americans.

In the first half of the show, Dave Hodges and Annie Di Riso, welcomed former FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl, to the show as Grathwohl reveals how he penetrated a criminal organization headed by several of the individuals who launched President Obama’s political career in the state of Illinois. Even more disturbing, Grathwohl revealed how these Obama’s handlers have long planned to implement re-education camps as well as executing the plan to murder over 25 million Americans who cannot be converted to their brand of communism. If one wants to wonder what an Obama administration would look like in its second term, you won’t want to miss this riveting interview with Larry Grathwohl.

Susanne Posel will join Dave and Annie in the second half of the show as they unveiled a plot in which the globalists are using prominent female authors of children’s books to promote Agenda 21 indoctrination themes in our children’s classrooms. The magnitude of the indoctrination should shock the listening public.

Susanne also discussed a stunning development in the court system in which the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has cleared the path for banks to steal customers private checking accounts, savings, CDs and safety deposit boxes with no legal recourse for the victimized banking public. It appears that MF GLOBAL was merely a beta test for what will prove to be the greatest bank heist in world history. Listeners learned how the courts are making it possible for your neighborhood bank to use customer funds to play on the stock market, to collateralize loans and to pay off banking debts. Additionally, Susanne reported on the fact that the banks and in particular the Federal Reserve, are contracting with private security forces such as DynCorp and Blackwater to beef up their security forces as they undoubtedly anticipate the fact that they are provoking a civil war in which the American public will push back against their tyranny. And this is all being done in the backdrop of every federal agency ordering a collective 1.7 billion rounds of ammunition. Find out how this great banking heist will be followed by a banking holiday culminating in the implementation of martial law. And this is only Plan A!

Dave and Susanne also discussed Plan B which involves the marriage between 30,000 drones, weaponized airborne Ebola and private contractors working at the behest of DHS who are secretly sealing the entrances of caves and mines.

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  1. InalienableWrights October 31, 2012 at 1:05 am

    You seem to have presented this backwards. The bankers created communism. They funded the second soviet revolution and put Stalin into power. They were behind the double cross of Chang Kai Shek and supporting Mao.

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