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Satan’s Church on American Soil: Is God Dead? Or, Is America Dead to God?





For years, I have covered the sellout of the American Christian by the church. First, there was the betrayal of the Clergy Response Teams in which as many as 100,000 pastors were trained by DHS to serve government over God in which your pastors were trained to get you t accept confinement in a FEMA camp (see Pastor Walter Mansfield).

We have watched the fire and brimstone messages all but disappear form today’s pulpit until the word of God is so watered down that it’s pastoral messages from the pew have been rendered meaningless. In fact, God has been reduced to the “great slot machine” in the sky with the name it, claim it pseudo-Christianity present in today’s church.

More transgressions are taking place everyday and all of this is falling in place in regard to the US Government removing God and removing the Ten Commandments and Building Satanic Baphomets in their place and now this Temples to Baal!!!

This Satanic Ritual will trigger destruction whether Obama allows it to be made public or not it WILL happen! The satanic, criminal elite have planned this long long ago and this Event will usher in much Evil! We are in the Final Season. God WILL Allow DESTRUCTION to come to America.

Question: Is God Dead, Or Is America Dead to God?

When we permit the following blasphemy on American soil, we are a nation under Judgment



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  1. TTS April 8, 2016 at 10:23 pm

    Awesome article. Thank you, Dave.

  2. End time servant April 9, 2016 at 2:25 am

    Great information but much is only his speculation with Obama he is antichrist he is a minion of lucufer and outstanding puppet

  3. seadragon April 9, 2016 at 5:44 am

    Dave, the “sell out” began eons ago. This is satans world, he is the father of lies, the ruler of the “AIR.” Remember the Waring Jesus gave his apostles BEFORE hid death, ‘many will come to you as wolves in sheep’s clothing.’ We do have a chance because God always gives us a way out before his wrath is upon us. NATIONAL REPENTANCE, followed by baptism. BUT, the key here is this national repentance MUST be true, must be heartfelt. However, I doubt this nation can be turned around, seems we can’t give up our greedy ways. God raises up kings and puts down kings. He gave us Obama.

  4. Joozy April 9, 2016 at 8:53 am

    “The Groom has left the building”! That’s what I have labeled a recent dream I had. A large room, void of people and furniture, dark with shades drawn even though sun was brightly shining outside, and into the room walks a beautifully decked out bride all in white save for a bright red bow on her wedding dress. No veil. She is confident, elegant, a bit self-possessing. She walks straight to the front of the room, steps up onto a platform, only to find no one is waiting there for her. No groom! She doesn’t seem the least bit concerned because “this day is all about her”!
    My interpretation: The “bride” is the Christless church. Her white dress should be indicative of her chaste and pure nature, but it isn’t because it has a scarlet bow on it which is strikingly brilliant! The scarlet bow is indicative of the sin that far overshadows (outshines) the purity of the bride. So brilliant is that bow that you can’t take your eyes off of it! (Sins as scarlet).
    The platform is indicative of the step up to a royal station; as one who is about to be joined in marriage to a king and crowned to be his queen. No king (groom) is present nor is there an “official” (Yaweh) to join them in the holy union of marriage.
    The sadness of this dream is the demeanor of the bride who doesn’t concern herself that no groom is present, but rather her concern is her beautiful dress, her trappings, herself! The fact that she wears no veil (symbolic of her humble and obedient spirit) is indicative of her haughty, irreverent and conceited nature. She has no need for a king for she considers herself to be queen already. She is beautiful, adorned in a queenly fashion, having spent great sums of money on her adornment, her finery, so the entire city can see how rich and elegant she is. No storefront or livingroom wedding for her! She needs to be seen!
    The last scene of this dream is the bride walking to a side door of the room, and when she opens it she is swallowed up (vaporized) by a light so bright that it is white hot and blinding. She is no more.
    Considering that I haven’t remembered a dream I’ve had in years, I remember this one vividly. I have been shaken by it because it represents what I know to be true of the way too many churches have gone today, and it saddens me to tears. I’m praying for a “great awakening”, but only Father knows if it is coming.

  5. SickandTired April 9, 2016 at 10:53 am

    America has been on the decline, and her actions have shown that she is deliberately choosing to act like God doesn’t matter, only what America wants matters.

    As a result, wickedness continues to increase, gross unthinkable wickedness. For example, just last June the Supreme court ruled that gay marriage is “legal.” Most Americans aren’t phased by this abomination, therefore expect many more abominations to take place in America.

    The heart of God is that all men would be saved through Jesus Christ; that’s why God’s forbearance is so great. However, there comes a point in time when God’s full judgment is released upon a nation whose sins have continued to grow greater and greater.

  6. Michael April 9, 2016 at 11:25 am

    They Temple of Baal involved HUMAN SACRIFICE, among other things Guess what putting these temples all over the world signifies?
    Georgia Guide stones tell us the population end result!(500 million) Get saved in Jesus Christ and Pray to ESCAPE the WRATH to come. Secret Societies have taken control of all the Regions of the World (10) and will remove themselves from the HELLSTORM coming to the oblivious masses worldwide. Christ is your only answer, not gold or silver or lead or prepper goods. This next war goes so far beyond armies and guns.

  7. NOWMON April 10, 2016 at 4:08 am

    This is a fallen planet.only fools and evil beings are running business.there are those empty souls pushing $hit on the world and there are those who have the grace of GOD,the Spirit in their soul.”That which mercy can not rehabilitate—Justice will eventually ANNIHILATE”The nastier they treat US the harder they will be delt with,Karma is the eternal law of GOD…And all the evil will be gone…

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