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Stealing Children for Profit

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Many societal interests are geared towards profiting from stealing children from their parents and ultimately directing these children into prison where they perform slave labor for many corporations in one of the most hideous practices in human history, the privatized, for profit, prison.

Schools and Their Contribution to Private Prison Profits

Zero-tolerance” policies criminalize minor infractions of school rules, while cops in school lead to students being criminalized for behavior that should be handled inside the school. Students of color are especially vulnerable to push-out trends and the discriminatory application of discipline in many of our public schools. Children should be educated, not incarcerated, but to the lobbyists for the privatized prison for profit system, they are writing legislation for your state in which the end goal is designed to put your child in prison for profit.

In part one, I pointed out how the privatized prison lobby is responsible for longer mandatory sentences and passing laws which maximize the amount of people in prison and now they are in the schools criminalizing what used to be called juvenile delinquency.

These unholy lobbyists have secured guarantees from most states which they are guaranteed that 100% of all prison beds are occupied. Since the advent of privatized prisons our collective prison population has risen from 300,000 to over 2 million prisoners and the current rates are skyrocketing.

School to Prison Pipeline: Go to School and End Up In Prison


The above graphic now applies to our children as our kids are increasingly becoming victim to what is called the School to Prison Pipeline.

Every good major league baseball team has a successful farm system of minor league teams in smaller towns and cities. This is where the majority of baseball talent develops their skills prior to coming to the parent club. The Prison Industrial Complex is run like a major league baseball team’s farm system in which young talent is developed to replace the aging veterans.

It used to be a given that unless one committed murder, juveniles under the age of 18 did not go to jail or prison. That is no longer the case. The incarceration of our youth is big business. There are almost 75,000 juveniles in prison and the rates are skyrocketing because of the school to prison pipeline in which schools are increasingly refusing to deal with even minor discipline issues and are placing juveniles in police custody.

Zero Tolerance Policies Are Responsible

As I have previously documented, the Chicago Police Department runs and maintains a FEMA camp facility in which due process is on permanent vacation. So, should it be surprising that Chicago is leading the way in pushing our children from school to prison? In Chicago, in 2010, there were 5,574 school-based arrests of juveniles in the Chicago Public School. The juvenile arrests accounted for about one of every five juvenile arrests in the entire city of Chicago for all of 2010. The incarceration rates for Chicago’s juveniles are above the national average, but they are generally in line with most other metropolitan areas in the country. There is also a general trend of disproportionate rates of minority contact within the juvenile justice system, Black youth accounted for 74% of school-based arrests, and 22.5% of youth arrested were Latino. The enrollment of Chicago schools in was 45% Black and 41% Latino. These high arrest rates for so many of our minority youth, create potential slave laborers for the Prison Industrial Complex. Once a child is adjudicated in the justice system, society usually witnesses a straight line right to prison. These precious children are having their futures robbed from them before they can even get started. What are they being arrested for? The number one reason is for fighting on school grounds.

As a child, I had fights on school grounds, but nobody tried to send me to prison. The number two reason why children end up in the justice system is for possessing small amounts of marijuana.

As a former mental health counselor, I am all too familiar with the devastation brought on by use of drugs. However, marijuana is not one of these drugs. If legalizing marijuana runs against everything you believe in, how about decriminalizing? In other words, we still make the drug illegal but nobody goes to prison for simple possession.

The federal authorities, controlled by the private corporations of the CCA and GEO, will never allow such a common sense, liberalized approach to drug enforcement. The feds even arrest medical marijuana dispensers and users. Why? Because Wall Street wants prisoners to fill its increasingly privatized and for-profit prison system. This is the major reason why America is home to 25% of the world’s prison population, despite only having 5% of the world’s population. Again, see part one for the corporations who participate and profit in the buisiness of prison slave labor which is increasingly being filled by children.

Our minority youth, in the inner cities, are being conditioned by the system that going to prison is part of the life experience. And with extremely high recidivism rates, prison slave labor will never have any shortage of participants.

The Prison Industrial Complex and their lobbyists are responsible for zero tolerance policies, mandatory sentencing and the three strikes life sentencing that is so prominent in many of our states and unless we identify these abuses and stop them, it is only going to get worse.

Remember that term, School to Prison Pipeline, because they are actively recruiting our children for the prison slave labor force.

In addition to the two primary ways (i.e. fighting and marijuana) that children end up getting trapped in this prison for profit system, there is another significant contributor to this problem, and it is brought to by your state’s version of Child Protective Services.

From Foster Care to Prison

It is often said that a nation should be judged by how it treats its must vulnerable members. From that perspective, America is a despicable nation. Please consider the following graphic which encapsulates the process on how our children are traded as commodities in order for Wall Street CEO, stockholders and friends are able to maximize their personal profits on the backs of our children. The following graphic is a story unto itself.

 Of all the sources of where inmates come from, the most telling statistic that 70% of inmates were former foster children.

The CPS Factor

On The Common Sense Show, I interviewed Kristi Wills, a former Virginia CPS agent. Wills detailed how the Virginia CPS would literally steal children, without any justification, from their parents, and then these children would struggle mightily with their foster parents. Some foster parents would simply disappear with several foster children and the authorities were unconcerned as to where these children were taken. The late Georgia State Senator, Nancy Schaefer, detailed that this was how many of these children would be sex trafficked from this pool of missing kids. And we see from the above graphic, many foster children end up in prison. Wills and others report that the FBI and/or local authorities are never called to look for foster children who just disappear.

CPS is paid and average of $6,000 per child, per month, by a combination of state and local authorities as well as the Department of Human Health Services for every child removed from the home. If the child is a minority and/or has a disability, the child is worthy even more money to CPS who uses these stolen children to supplement their department budgets. And now we have clear and convincing evidence that many of these children end up in prison.

CPS profits from abducting children, the privatized prison system is a recipient of this windfall when these children eventually go to prison. When we combine the CPS pipeline to prison with the school to prison to pipeline, it is easy to conclude that our entire society is moving in the direction of preying on its children for profit.

I asked Wills to estimate the percentage of children that actually should have been removed from the home when she was part of an investigative team and she responded, “Less than 10% should have been removed from the home for their protection”. Wills went on to describe about how the CPS agents, following the removal of a child from the home, would go out to a bar and celebrate the victory. In other words, the goal of CPS is not to protect your children, but to seize your children for the profit that the HHS offers. Ultimately, many of these children are sex trafficked and/or end up in prison. Wills was ultimately fired by the Virginia CPS because she refused to lie on documents about the so-called facts which led to the unjust removal of a child from their home.

The Hunger Games

Doesn’t this system remind one of the hunger games in which two children are chosen to fight to the death in Capitol City as part of the tribute that all must pay to the elite?

If by the grace of God your children grow up and are untouched by this corrupt system which has bought its way into every statehouse and federal welfare agency with campaign contributions, we are still left with one dilemma, our conscience.

Please allow me to ask a question to those of us who see this evil and do nothing, WHO ARE WE?

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  1. Mary March 3, 2015 at 7:51 am

    This is all very true and it’s about time our Leaders put a stop to the destruction of our communities by destroying our families. It’s not a solution to the problems in our country. CPS is not for the family.

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  3. messenger March 3, 2015 at 10:19 am

    Who are we, you ask? Well we are people trying to survive just as the children are! If a human was formed in the womb after ’73, the year abortion was legalized, and they were fortunate enough to escape being dismembered before birth, then they could be ‘jerked up’ instead of grow up, in a single parent home, with a revolving bedroom door for mom’s lovers, if not on the sofa in front of the kids. After slow, ardent mental and physical trauma breathing second hand cigarette smoke and viewing illegal drug use and illicit sex for five years in a domestic hell then they entered the public school system which disallowed corporal punishment, bible reading, and prayer or blessing before eating their government nutritional council’s processed cardboard lunch. If they survived the government mandated programs in the schools and weren’t taken away in handcuffs and jailed, then they graduated with a vegetated brain that couldn’t even identify their home state on a map, balance a check book, or fill out a job application, and nary a clue as to how to say sir, ma’am, please, or thank you. Those that weren’t in prison and went to college are now loaded with unpayable, astronomical student loan debt, while at the same time being taxed to support the cost of keeping their other classmates in prison. Those that didn’t go to college, far too often wound up in dead end jobs, or bleeding out in the sand on foreign soil as sacrifices in a war they had no ability whatsoever to win or understand. Now, for those that survived the butcher shops called abortion clinics, domestic life, public schools, and the illegal wars got to come home and be thrown back in the same cesspool they were called out of to ‘serve their country’. Those that didn’t go to war are still grinding away in the same lateral promotion dead end jobs that they will slave away at ’til FEMA comes knocking or they are ushered off to the cemetery. But, wouldn’t you know it, common core, vaccines, and Michelle-O-lunches are going to solve all of these problems and pave the way for a utopian future. How sir, can a generation of people win a war that was being waged against them before they were ever born? We lost the war for the soul of America in the 60s and early 70s, and as always the spoils, eg., our children, went to the victors, eg.,the government. In closing, there is no mathematical, moral, or economic equation ever devised by mankind that can calculate a positive result on the right side of the equal sign. This whole abysmal mess is beyond repair and no force at this level of existence will ever correct it. We are being threatened on three sides with nuclear destruction by countries that most assuredly have the ability and the eagerness to carry out those threats, while the President golfs and travels the world seemingly unattached, disillusioned, and ultimately detached from the very people he was elected to serve. Food shortages loom on every horizon, our infrastructure is crumbling beneath our Michelins, and inept Obama-laws will take care of the coup de gras. The only hope any of us have is to relentlessly plan, prep, and practice to be our own ark under the guidance of Jesus Christ thru fervent prayer and vigilance to survive against all odds and somehow come out on the other side with our souls intact to hear Him say, “Welcome home my good and faithful servant.” Breakfast and lunch are going to be bitter indeed, but their is a ‘Marriage Supper of the Lamb” that will make it worth the trip. Thanks sir and God bless.

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  5. American mom March 3, 2015 at 11:16 am

    Dave, we all see the manifold atrocities attacking us per UN Agenda 21 > destruction of the family through corrupt CPS/HHS, corrupt family courts, the gay and transgender propaganda, imperiling our food via EPA, closing family farms, GMOs, stealing wealth through property theft/civil forfeitures by the phony agencies, theft of true money via the unfederal Federal Reserve, defiling the courts and remedy by replacing our Common Law with UCC/Admiralty/Maritime Law, poisoning our water with Chemtrails runoff and fluoride, sickening us through vaccines and the big pharma illness complex – aside from educating others and prepping for SHTF, what else is there to do?

    There are too many nefarious, iniquitous items to hurt us. TPTB (Zionists, sociopathic minions and uber rich 1 percent) have too many tentacles. We need to cut off the head to halt these simultaneous attacks but no clue how???

    I disagree those of us who are aware should be able to stop the evil by ourselves. We need to enlighten sheeple to choose wisely when the uprising and civil war begins.

    Small steps. At one of Manhattan’s “best” schools, Friends Seminary, I refused to allow my second grader to read the Hunger Games. I think my child was the only one of 3 classes of 7/8 year olds forbidden to read such inappropriate content. You can’t storm CPS yet, but you can order and protect your own home.

  6. SoTotallyObvious March 3, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    Well. Though I did not have all this data, the gist of this is EXACTLY why I CLEARLY WARNED middle school students to NEVER call the NATIONAL BULLYING HOTLINE that “anonymously” reports a bully, but to notify parents, teachers, admin at school itself vs. depositing info into Washington D.C.’s database. (My day’s assignment included explaining to students how to use the hotline. I surely did NOT comply!). Not until now have the dots been so clearly connected and my worst fears for our students realized when I just read this article. Care to hear how quickly I was dismissed from my teacher’s aide job? When the little ppl like me speak out, who speaks out for us? Anyhow, Christ is my Fortress and all things happen for a reason. God bless you, Dave. Keep overcoming evil with good!!!

  7. messenger March 3, 2015 at 2:51 pm

    Hi sir, and good evening. Rather you print this comment or not is up to you, no friction with me either way. But I’ve been doing some soul searching lately and have had to admit you have brought some very serious, potentially life saving information to light that I would not have otherwise known. Moral of the story: I should and will be supporting you monthly from now on, which is my just and reasonable service to you. It isn’t that much amount wise, but it will be regular and hope it helps offset your expenses. Your first check of well deserved support will be in the mail tomorrow. I’m I Victoria, Texas, so knowing our mail service maybe you will have it by Labor Day. Just jok’n. In closing I would like to wish everyone that has been helped by your articles, rather we agree with all of them or not, to please send monthly support. Please be encouraged and Christ be with you until we meet at His feet.


  8. Almostastatistic March 3, 2015 at 3:15 pm

    My daughter was 5 when she stepped on a garden rake while playing in the backyard. After an anonymous caller to CPS reported my child had no vaccinations, police showed up at our door. There was the threat of removing my other children also if we didn’t get a tetanus shot. We were taken to court with no defense (because it was “life or death”), and, after the forced vaccine, we were on record for “extreme neglect” for 5 years before it was (hopefully) expunged from the records. I now consider that we came out ahead, after reading this article-but our experience happened 28 years ago. It’s devastating to read articles like this… What can we do?!

  9. ambience March 3, 2015 at 6:38 pm

    It is heartrending to read the comments to your incisive report.
    My children are grown and the grandchildren haven’t decided
    to make a family of their own. Battles with the system will
    follow, I’m sure.
    Meanwhile, I have to voice a concern for the thousands of children
    who are here from Central America and Mexico…and many who
    were put out on our streets or otherwise unaccounted for…are
    any of them now being sex trafficked to pedophiles and sadists?
    Where is the accountability from HHS or any government agency?
    This “invasion” was years in the planning, with Catholic charities
    involved…and what did they do to the American Indian children,
    who are still being taken from their parents to learn to be “white”,
    or rather, forced to forget who they were?
    How many of them have entered the “prison pipeline”?

  10. MyLamb March 4, 2015 at 10:37 am

    Thanks for this info Dave. Saw a link to http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2015/01/privatized-foster-care-mentor on Facebook. This is awful.

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  12. Wendy Beal March 5, 2015 at 12:31 pm

    My 11 year old son was tortured in a lock down psychiatric facility in Michigan. See our story at the link below. If anyone can help the kids still being held at Havenwyck Hospital, for God’s sake, please do.

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