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Striking Back at Police State Amerika

Every day a granny is goosed by TSA, a federal swat team raids the wrong house, a citizen acquitted of a crime still has their property confiscated by authorities, even the dumbed down public is aware that their every communication is monitored by the NSA and Obama has set his administration up to violate every constitutional right of every citizen in America under the NDAA and Executive Order 13603.

Anyone who possess an IQ above room temperature is aware that our federal government is totally out of control and is wreaking tyranny upon the American people. As a people, we have seemingly grown numb to the constitutional violations perpetrated by our government against the citizens of this country. However, the abuse of citizens does not begin and end with the federal government.

Trickle Down Tyranny

With ever increasing frequency, the alternative media reports countless numbers of stories of citizen abuse at the hands of their local police and city officials. The local police departments have been federalized by DHS. They are provided millions of federal dollars for equipment and the new breed of police view the people as their enemy as opposed to the old cops walking a beat who previously viewed the majority of the people as their ally against crime. Through the influence of DHS, your local police department is looking to pounce on your every mistake with excessive force and brutality and they do so frequently while ignoring and violating any number of constitutional protections.

When Is An Arrest Is Not Really An Arrest?

Portland police officer Dean Halley must have failed his American Government class in high school. A reasonable  person would also have to wonder if Portland Deputy City Attorney William Manlove got his law degree from Walmart. what am I referring to? Well, if the Scott Miller jaywalking case is any indication, the Portland legal system is one big fascist entity that is totally out of control.

Scott Miller was running late to work. In an effort to catch his bus, he diagonally jaywalked in the crosswalk to catch his rid.

Portland police officer Dean Halley was on patrol and was able to intervene just in the nick of time and arrest this menace to society. Halley approached Miller and told him to produce identification. Miller was subsequently fumbling around on his person looking for his ID when Halley immediately pounced on Miller, knocked him to the ground, informed Miller that he was under arrest and placed him in handcuffs. Halley subsequently confined Miller in the back of his police cruiser and then proceeded to drive the criminal jaywalker a block away. The total ordeal lasted 30 minutes, but while in the police cruiser, Miller experienced a panic attack and paramedics were dispatched to the scene to administer aid. Miller was subsequently convicted in court of failure to obey a traffic signal.

Miller has obtained an attorney, Leonard Berman, and Miller is attempting to sue the Portland Police Department for an illegal arrest because jaywalking is not an offense that one can be arrested for.

Halley, a 20 year police veteran, admits he told Miller that he was under arrest. However, Deputy City Attorney William Manlove is arguing that citizens cannot sue under these circumstances because such acts do not constitute an actual arrest. Manlove stated that the encounter between Halley and Miller amounted to no more than a “chat.” Manlove characterized the encounter as being something “between a chat and custody, but not an arrest for purposes of legal action.” Are you kidding me?

The Real Crime Committed by Officer Halley

Let’s take Manlove’s twisted version of the encounter between Halley and Miller, and blindly conclude that Halley did not arrest Miller, despite knocking him down, telling him he was under arrest, handcuffing him, placing him in the police car and drove him a block away. For the sake of argument let’s be in agreement with Manlove that this was just a friendly chat. Under these circumstances that both sides agree upon, was there a crime committed by Halley? You bet there was. The first crime committed by Halley is called aggravated assault. Halley was presumably armed and attacked Miller knocking him to the ground. When Halley handcuffed Miller, he committed the offense of unlawful imprisonment just the same when one abusing spouse will not let their partner leave the premises. And the biggest crime committed by Halley is that this officer is guilty of kidnapping which is what it is called when someone forcibly detains a person and removes them to another location. Please keep in mind that jaywalking is an offense for which a person cannot be arrested for committing. In the upside down world of the Portland legal system, Miller gets convicted in court and Halley is not in jail for aggravated assault, unlawful detention and kidnapping.

What Is Wrong With Portland Is a Microcosm of the US

Who among has never jaywalked? All of us are risk to be the next victim of this tyranny. Unfortunately, the behavior of officer Halley and City Attorney Manlove is typical of most police departments and their prosecutors. They get off on the rush of lording power over others. Prosecutors think that they will move ahead in their careers with high conviction rates and many of the police think the same by looking to arrest as many people as possible and going so far as to even inventing crimes for which to arrest the public for. This is why the United States contains 25% of the world’s prison population despite only having 5% of the world’s population.The US is number one in the world in people who are incarcerated.

Portland, like almost every other city is broke and has been under an austerity plan for the past couple of years. This encourages the cops to hide behind the bushes and catch as many speeders as possible. Cops, in short, are mandated to be mobile tax collectors and they are looking for any excuse to make arrests for the most minor of offenses. These behaviors are not compatible with a supposedly free society.

In preparation for this article, I have been watching some episodes from the TV show, Cops, in order to assess the quality of interactions with the public. In one episode I viewed, a cop pulls over a cyclist for coasting through a stop sign in a quiet residential neighborhood. Just like officer Halley, the Sacramento cop thinks this provides him with the right to violate the man’s Fourth Amendment rights. With no probable cause to search the man’s backpack and person, the cop does just that. The man had a marijuana pipe in his backpack and off to jail he goes in another stunning example of your tax dollars at work.Before you tell me that the man got his just desserts, please read the Fourth Amendment.

In another episode, the Tampa police were conducting undercover marijuana sales to motorists. As part of the bust, an unmarked cop car speeds out of a hiding place and rams the front end of the drug buyers car. When a couple of the arrested individuals protested the ramming of their cars, a Tampa cop repeatedly states that “this is no longer your car, we own it and you will have to buy it back from us.” 

I don’t use drugs and I have not smoked marijuana, but you have to be kidding me when we asked to believe that the cops have the right seize anyone’s car for a small amount of marijuana. What if the buyers had purchased their marijuana on foot, would their shoes or possibly their clothes been stolen by the Tampa Police Department? These thugs with a badge will also take your house for having small amounts of marijuana in their house. Whose interests are these cops serving?

The TV show that takes the case is Bait Car. As an aside, I have had my car stolen twice and I wanted the perpetrators arrested and prosecuted. I want gangster drug dealers busted and sent to prison. However, do we really want to send marijuana users to prison? When is it good law enforcement to bait people into committing a crime they might not otherwise commit? This is true of undercover drug sales of personal use quantities of drugs and it is definitely true when the cops bait people into stealing their bait car by making it inviting. Isn’t there enough crime that should occupy law enforcement without entrapping the public? However, one should remember that the prisons are being transitioned into for profit ventures and the cops and prosecutors are all too happy to cooperate with the Bush family et al in this venture. Who really thinks that this represents good law enforcement? Yet, the show Bait Car, is all about entrapping people who might not otherwise commit a crime.

The Small Town of Deer Trail, CO. Is Leading the Way In the Fight Against Tyranny

The town board Deer Trail, CO., is considering an ordinance  in which residents may soon be allowed to shoot down drones. The ordinance would permit people with hunting licenses to fire bullets at the hated drones. Also, the town would also pay these drone hunters $100 for each “mechanical hide” with federal markings. Is there anyone reading this that is not smiling from ear to ear?

I do not really think it is a good idea to be shooting bullets up in the air because they can return to earth with devastating consequences. But in this small town, someone is finally showing the intestinal fortitude that is needed in this country in order to fight back against federal and local tyranny. The proposed ordinance is certainly more symbolic than real. However, it is a start and you know that somewhere in the DOD, they just discovered where Deer Trail, CO. is located on a map. We need more Deer Trails.

What Can Be Done in Cities Like Portland

Although we don’t want to be shooting bullets in the air at drones, there are things we can do to fight against an out of control government and its increasing level of criminality.

Portland citizens should consider conducting a mass jaywalking night and do so in front of the police headquarters. Portland should also sponsor a “film the police” night. People armed with their cell phones should video tape every police action that they witness. If the cops know that they are under increased surveillance, then they might behave and the officer Halley’s of the law enforcement world will find their next job at Walmart conducting parking lot security as their transgressions are caught on tape and they rightfully lose their jobs.

Yes I know, that people have been arrested for filming the police. When that happens the people of that community need to recall their mayor for facilitating state sponsored terrorism against their citizens. This is what should already be happening in Portland. I say that if the police want to put the people under such undue surveillance, we the people need to return the favor. In places like Portland, businesses should not be serving law enforcement personnel and prosecutors. Prosecutors such as Portland Deputy City Attorney, Manlove and officer Halley, should not be able to find a place to do their laundry. Apartment owners should refuse to rent to these “types”.

Don’t let your children play with their children. After filming cops and their transgressions, show up at city council meetings with still photographs and present them at the public comment period. Start Youtube channels which features public officials and their wrongdoings. Take pictures of the weeds in their yards and send the photos and a request for action to their local HOA’s. Embarrass any government and law enforcement official with public exposure when they break the law and violate the civil liberties of their citizens.

All Politics Is Not Local

Local boycotts and protests are certainly easier to implement on a local level. However, the same principles need to be employed against federal officials. Treat them and their families like they have the plague. IRS and NSA officials should be treated like the colonists did the Stamp Tax collectors in pre-Revolutionary War period.

If you own a mid-size business, go to video conferencing strategies in order to conduct long distance activities. Send the airlines a letter telling them that you are not subjecting your employees to the tyranny of the TSA and your people will not be flying. If enough of us did that, the TSA would fade away instead of expanding to trains, bus depots and highways. The entire country needs to be sending such a letter to the airlines. For when US Airways, Southwest and the other virtual airline monopolies are financially hurting, they will be screaming at the federal government to change their corrupt system.

To strike back at the criminal IRS, shop at garage sales. Trade and barter as much as you can. Refuse to use one of the five megabanks as a lender to buy a house in response to the MERS robo-signer mortgage fraud. Use your local credit union for all loans. Follow the same advice for buying a car. In fact, you should not buy a car until you can pay cash for it. Take the debt advantage away from the banksters that have hijacked our government. Refuse to shop at a corporate chain store such as Kmart, Walmart or any other slavemart store and shop locally. Unlike the failed LA riots of 1992, we do not have to burn down our own neighborhoods to make a statement. We just need to withdraw our support and our money.

Educate Your Children Outside the System

American families need to ban together and educate their children outside the system as much as possible. Someone just brought to my attention that some fully accredited foreign universities are having discussions about offering online classes to American college students at a fraction of the cost in response to the tyrannical post-secondary education system that is running the show in the US. These foreign entrepreneurs are looking to profit from the predatory practices being exhibited our post-secondary institutions. The student loan debacle in this country is highly criminal and is extremely predatory and should be avoided at all costs.

Homeschooling will soon be outlawed in the US for the same reasons it was outlawed in Germany. The establishment wants people smart enough to do their job, but not so smart that they can question authority. This does not change the responsibility factor of parents who need to redouble their efforts to not let their children believe that the constitutional violations happening in our country are acceptable.

Parents need to focus on raising their children to respect the rule of law (i.e. the Constitution), not the thuggery that has replaced the rule of law. The globalists need to know that no generation of Americans will ever accept and fully submit to their tyranny and eventually the banksters day of justice will come.

Explore alternatives. Non-participation is the ultimate blow to any corrupt organization.

You must attend your Congressman’s next Town Hall Meeting. Show up and tell them that you will work to unelect them unless they subject themselves to the same substandard and dangerous Obamacare system that they have sentenced us to. Unelect all incumbents until they repeal this genocidal, death panel ridden form of health care. And the same standard of political retention needs to be applied to the repeal of the Stasi inspired NDAA.

I do not have the space to present all of my ideas on striking back at what I dub “Police State Amerika,” but I am sure my point is not lost on those who have a backbone and a pulse.

Did I mention to store and grow your own food, store water and hide your guns and ammo? Do these three things now in preparation for the possible time that you may need them when the Russian/NATO/UN troops come knocking at your door. Don’t make the mistake of believing that when the Russians show up at your door to seize your guns, that officer Halley will respond to save the day.

Nonviolence Does Not Imply Compliance

It is time people for the spirit of civil disobedience to rear its head. Short of not complying with any form of gun confiscation. The type of peaceful revolution that I am proposing can be effective without ever firing a shot. Those that know me, know that I am nonviolent. However, that does not mean that I will not become non compliant against this encroaching tyrannical police state.

If we are going down as a country, I am not submitting without a fight. Will you join me?The time to fight back is now! What is your idea on how to fight back against this tyranny? Please leave a comment with your suggestion.Writing your suggestions is the first step towards action. If you care about your country and your children’s future, let your voice be heard.

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  1. Peter July 20, 2013 at 7:38 am

    Excellent article but it is too late.
    It all began in 1963 with the assassination of JFK and later Robert Kennedy, MLK and Malcolm X. Vietnam(false Gulf of Tonkin), Waco, Ruby Ridge, 1993 WTC bombing (FBI led Egyptian officer), 1995 Oklahoma city bombing, Gulf war 2003, 911 (false flag with Mossad and CIA). Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Boston Bombing, on and on.
    I believe the above recommendation are too little too late. George Washington said this republic is for a MORAL and religious people and not for any other. As I mention in the show, the people are too dumb down, apathetic, lethargic, intellectually lazy and have NO idea of history, especially US history. It is like trying to teach mathematics to a pig!
    I have completely lost faith in the vast majority of US citizens. Many are illegals and have no idea or concern for the welfare of this once, great country. The majority of people are only interested in continuing the gravy train and getting their hand out from government, whether it is social security, welfare, food stamps, retirement, etc. Add a overwhelming medicated society and overstimulation of consumer Television shows like “Dancing with the Stars and American Idol”, we are heading the same road as the Roman citizens just before the invasion of the Barbarians at the 5th century.
    Time now is to plan for avenues of escape and saving one’s family. Fighting police with cell phones is irrelevant. Not when the big 5 banksters run the US government and Obama is running trillion plus deficits a year. Of course, I can go on and on.


  2. Thomas Burns July 20, 2013 at 7:42 am

    100% in agreement. My thoughts exactly. No compliance to illegal laws.Civil action. Making your voice heard in the community.

  3. Bill July 20, 2013 at 7:58 am

    I know I’m preaching to the choir when I say stop buying products from companies who align themselves with this new world order agenda. Stop watching; stop buying and stop renting movies that employ actors who clearly show contempt and seething hatred for our Constitution and Bill of Rights. I stopped watching TV back around 2003 and it wasn’t long after that I felt alive and alert. If anyone has started a web site listing all companies who are pro Constitution I would like to know. Better yet, if anyone has started a web site listing all companies who-–by their actions—identify themselves as enemies of the American people, that would be helpful as well. If you’re helping to destroy this country I love, you’re not getting one cent of my business.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Creating a website with a list of companies who are pro-constitution is a GREAT idea!!!

  4. craig schmalz July 20, 2013 at 8:04 am

    When we citizens witness police speeding on our roads at ridiculous speeds they should be followed by as many people as can keep up or block up lanes ahead of the officer with people going the speed limit in all three lanes. The police are not supposed to speed period…even with lights and sirens on. Lights and sirens only gives them the right to carefully run through stop signs, lights etc.
    Also here in Indiana I have witnessed police officers parked in the middle of an interstate out of their cars radar gun in hand telling people to pull over. If we could get everyone who sees this to stop on the interstate in front of this cop I’m sure this practice would end. It is very dangerous.

  5. Anonymous July 20, 2013 at 8:42 am

    Well stated, I agree completely. Peaceful non-compliance as advocated by Ghandi worked for India, it could also work for us. Interestingly, I read (I believe it was on the David Icke site last week) that a recent survey says that two thirds of the American public no longer believe the official version of most stories including 9/11. In fact the survey concludes that most “conspiracy theorists” are actually quite sane and open minded, and those who insist on the validity of the PTB are actually the ones who are unbalanced. There IS still hope for an end to this reign of terror. Keep the faith bro!


  6. wardoc July 20, 2013 at 9:23 am

    Having served my country as a physician in the armed forces, I am totally appalled at the encroaching tyranny. The founding fathers, now rolling in their graves, would not have tolerated even a small portion of what we americans now take for granted (e.g. molestation by TSA goons, harassment by local police goons with IQs of less than 99, etc). They would have taken up arms and attacked the oppressors, as they did in the 1770’s. They may have engaged in some talk (via newsletters) for the purpose of passing information, but their main actions were the use of force, NOT talk. Their view was that the agents of King George would scoff at verbal protests and silly “non-compliance” demonstrations and acts. The enemy only understands force. Too bad we’ve become so feminized and passive that we can no longer muster any reasonable force against oppression. So long amerika.

  7. davie J July 20, 2013 at 9:51 am

    This can be stopped immediately id Americans stick together and implement the following.

    The real issue is NO ONE will because they are too afraid of breaking the chains of their financial slavery.

    1. There is NO LAW REQUIRING EMPLOYERS TO WITHHOLD FEDERAL INCOME TAX. The IRS would like you to believe so and employers are deathly afraid of the IRS coming down on them, so they willingly are a collection agent for a private corporation.

    Eliminate your withholding and PAY YOUR TOTAL TAX BILL ON APRIL 15 WHEN IT BECOMES DUE.

    This will bring them to their knees in swift fashion.


    Go to http://www.whatliesinyourdebt.com to learn how to beat them at their corrupt banking system.


    We can shut down this corrupt financial system with peaceful NON-COMPLIANCE. Not a shot will be fired except maybe them on us.

    Does America have the balls to do this? Do the people want to be released from financial SLAVERY?

    Unless you are willing to take up arms and fight in our streets, there is no alternative.

  8. Aaron July 20, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    Great Article. FYI Deer Valley CO is only going to allow for shotguns using birdshot to shoot at drones. Once again great article as always Dave.

  9. sharonsj July 20, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    To Peter: Social Security is not a gravy train. If I pay into the program for decades, then I expect to collect in my old age (the age at which I get to retire is a number that is constantly being changed by politicians).

    A gravy train is a Congressional Senator who serves for one 6-year term and is then entitled to a full pension at age 62–whereas if I wanted to collect my SS at age 62, I would then be forced to give up 25% of what I earned. So me = 46 years of working and getting on the average $12,000 a year and a Senator = 6 years of working and getting $167,000.

    Stop listening to the banks and big businesses (and their conservative friends) robbing this country blind and distracting you with talk of us “leeches” sucking at the government teat. It’s the corporations paying approximately 11% in federal income tax–when they pay at all–who are really screwing you over.

  10. Eileen K. July 20, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    Most of this nation’s Founders at one time or another had warned the citizenry against complacency. George Washington warned against involvement in the conflicts in Europe and developing a passionate attachment to one nation and passionate hostility against another; Benjamin Franklin warned against surrendering liberties for safety, “Those who would give up Liberty for a modicum of Safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”, he noted. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, in which he enumerated the God-given rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. In this document, he also stated that government is established to guarantee these rights; and, if government violates them, that it is the duty of the people to alter or abolish it and institute government that will adhere to these God-given rights.

    Every student in Amerika must be given a booklet – one like the late Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia used to carry during his tenure in the US Senate – that contains the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and Patrick Henry’s famous Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death speech. These must be once again part and parcel of US History and Civics 101.

  11. Daddio July 20, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    http://www.constitution.org/uslaw/defunlaw.htm…. READ IT AND PASS IT ON!!!! I am so goddamn tired of educating the general sheep!!! FACT.. Man existed LONG antecedent to the CREATION of “government”. That which MAN created can NEVER have Jurisdiction OVER the Man!!!! get it!!! “When a person, being without fault, is in a place where he has a right to be, is violently assaulted, he may, without retreating, repel by force, and if, in the reasonable exercise of his right of self defense, his assailant is killed, he is justified.” Runyan v. State, 57 Ind. 80; Miller v. State, 74 Ind. 1.

  12. moriyah July 20, 2013 at 4:59 pm

    Kidnapping while armed is ‘aggravated kidnapping’ with much higher penalties.
    The entire article is superb. It can be done, trust me on that. It must be done, trust your true father, not the father/home land.

  13. Mordecai July 20, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    Get a group of 24 men together and declare it a Grand Jury. Invite citizens to submit complaints against public officials.

    Send the SSA a notice that you were tricked into requesting membership in Social Security and were not told that in asking for a contract with the government you were giving up your constitutional rights, and therefore you are rescinding your application for membership. Then stop using a SSN and stop paying federal taxes.

  14. Jim Nasium July 20, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    These atrocities occur because the courts allow them to occur.

    The key to unlock the cage we all find ourselves in at this time is the judiciary. This branch of government was created, in part, to protect the people from the ambitions and excesses of the other branches of government. Nearly all important issues are ultimately determined in a courtroom. Citizens no longer have direct access to grand juries and find that their complaints are first filtered through the political office of the district attorney. Litigants are routinely denied standing or due process in the courts to frustrate those who seek justice from the state.
    In Marbury v. Madison the supreme court ruled that an unconstitutional statute is void “ab initio” or from it’s inception. It reasonably follows that one of the first issues before any court should be the constitutionality of the law involved. Judges swear an oath to support and defend the constitution, within which is found your right to due process of law. Why is it that a denial of due process, the very definition of a void judgement, never renders any judgement void or results in prosecution of the judge for perjury of his oath?
    Judges are the gatekeepers of society. We depend upon them for redress and remedy. They have failed. In order to obtain remedy we must take back our courts by holding judges accountable.
    “Jail For Judges” is a concept which creates an external review board to hear complaints of judges actions and negligence and to sanction judges up to and including imprisonment. When judges must choose between according due process to litigants and going to jail for failure to do so, that is when people will receive due process and not a minute before. When “Jail For Judges” becomes law in any single jurisdiction, i.e. any state of the union, a person need only move to that state long enough to establish residency in order to qualify to petition the court for vacation of a facially void judgement, which is the court record of a case which demonstrates a denial of due process.
    People must qualify ballot initiatives to institute “Jail For Judges” and re-institute direct access for the public to grand juries to facilitate indictments against govt. actors who commit crimes. In this way the system may be used to purify itself and to return our country to a constitutionally restrained republic.

  15. Marks2Much July 20, 2013 at 7:20 pm

    The easiest way to combat all of this tyranny is to organize a national movement to refuse to pay any more federal taxes. Just imagine if millions of Americans agreed that this is the boycott to end all boycotts. Get enough people pissed off and wiling to say they’ve had enough and we’d have the government by the balls.

  16. Han Solo July 20, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    Prepare, prepare, prepare. It’s only going to get worse because they want it to get worse. Longstanding plans to control the entire planet have been in effect for a long time. The US was targeted for destruction by the global cabal because it was the one nation that could have effectively stood up to a world takeover. They stopped it by sucking all the money out, destroying the industrial base and ruining the moral and intellectual fiber of the nation while they kill us with silent weapons for silent wars.
    It is a grand and sick global takeover by maybe demons in the end, who knows. Pretty soon someone or someones are going to have enough, and put their foot down, and it will be game on to decide the future of the planet. Unfortunately, I’m not exaggerating.

  17. America, We Have A BIG Problem Starting July 20, 2013 at 8:39 pm

    We have a more serious problem with drones than people are aware of.
    Iran hacked a military drone and landed it safely.
    Yes, it was in the News that Iran accomplished this feat.

    So, if they can hack a military drone then, hackers anywhere can hack into drone guidance systems. If thousands of FAA-sanctioned drones are flying over our heads at any one time, then any one of them could be turned into a flying bomb by a hacker. How convenient that we PAY for these pieces of junk with our taxes, in order to be threatened by them at anytime.

    A hacked drone could be crashed into the power transformers of a nuclear plant and effectively killing the required outside power that does the cooling of the cores. IF the outside power is knocked out then, all hell would break loose. Or, passenger planes could be attacked by hacked drones. Are we to trust that the “approved pilots” of these drones will have their heads screwed on right? What would stop a rogue drone pilot from downing or attacking anything they saw fit to hit? Nothing would stop them.

    So, we have a much greater problem being installed into our daily environment that has the potential to wreak total havoc with millions of innocent American lives. Those 100+ nuke plants throughout America, are sitting ducks for armed or unarmed drones that are under the control of hackers…..let’s thank our Government for ensuring that American citizens are always put in harm’s way…..

  18. Peter July 20, 2013 at 10:28 pm

    Excellent article I recently found. What is killing America is two words: Apathy, Ignorance and Free stuff. It is a cancer in the soul of America.. Time to move out, while everyone still can. The debate is over.


  19. Robert Wheeler Todd July 21, 2013 at 4:09 am

    Nice to see so many waking up. I pay no taxes. I used to fly my own plane but eyes won’t let me in my old age now. I will not fly the airlines ever. I stay away from all crowds. I don’t say a lot that might be misunderstood.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: I would like to know more about how avoid paying taxes. This is a strategy that is gaining momentum because we are literally funding our own demise.

  20. yokel the local July 21, 2013 at 4:25 am

    Hey Sharon, get a clue: social security IS a gravy train. It has been doled out to those who are NOT paying into it, and never will. That includes the governments misuse of the fund for their own purposes. As for the rest of the information in this article, we could only hope people might do the things suggested. FAT CHANCE. A conquered bunch is what we’ve become, and well you know the rest.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: What about the bulk of the citizens who have paid 7.5% of their income into this SS system for 40-50 years? Is that gravy train for them? I disagree!

    Our illegal alien President wants to take some of these funds and give it to other illegal aliens. You might be right about the passive nature of the American people. It has occurred to me that I might be wasting my time. Five to 10% of us get it, 90-95% are so dumbed down it literally makes me nauseous. There are many countries where their citizens tell me that they laugh at Americans for being so stupid and politically ignorant. People in places like Brazil and Germany know more about the abuses of our government than we do!

  21. Arizona July 21, 2013 at 6:35 am

    America is in full blown FAILURE MODE,now what can you do to protect your self?..1.,get as close to the LORD as possible,..2,store up supplies,or face the future with out anything,(this is the choice most will make),3.start training your children ,TO KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT,how to operate a weapon,fix food,wash clothes,and sneak around in the woods,..4.IF you don’t have an old 4WD truck,get one and keep the tank full,MAKE SURE your supplies are by the door and ready to go at a moments notice,If you haven’t left already,ALL THIS is because you allowed LOW IQ people to vote,NOW your going to PAY for being politicily correct…….the streets will be filled with blood soon,YOU LOVED ,hate death and war,well get ready cause its coming to the street you live on…..the ANTI-CHRIST,obama and his RUSSIAN friends are HERE to take america DOWN,if your even near a major city ,LEAVE NOW,their going to NUKE 30 cities they consider a problem,TWO off the southern california coast for sure,leave now………

  22. Arizona July 21, 2013 at 6:50 am

    Whats this all about anyway?government gone wild,lack of over sight?police gangs running wild in the streets,kidnapping your children,murdering anyone they want,WHATS GOING ON,…ITS REALLY SIMPLE,you have been LIED TO about everything,THERES a star coming,a MINI solar system,underneath our planet,noticed anything wrong with 1the weather,volcanos,earthquakes,animals all dieing,crop failures,everyones sick,chemtrails being sprayed on everyone,poison vaccines,GMO’s in all the food,ALL for a reason you know,when this mini solar system gets a little closer you won’t believe the government lies anymore,YOU’LL KNOW something is wrong ,because they won’t be able to hide it any longer,nibiru-the planet of the crossing,good video,watch it,then you’ll understand……………………………..

  23. Peter July 21, 2013 at 7:17 am

    Excellent statement by the editor….America WAS the most blessed country in the history of the world, bar none. Even more than the ancient Israel.

    I wrote a reply today to Mr. Mike Adam on his newest article (see below) and he has given up on America and now emphasizes to PREPARE. I moved to Germany and the people are self-absorbed and selfish. In Bavaria, they do not like Foreigners. However, they have a first class education system, Free university, Great medical system, Great industrial base and plenty of jobs, Help new parents with plenty of money to raise a family, Give extra money (180 euro per child per month) and relatively free of crime.

    My letter to Mr. Adams (website above)
    Dear Mr. Adams,
    I read your article “racism Theater” and I fully agree with you.
    Back in 2006, I wrote to you in response to one of your articles you wrote about the coming economic collapse and you said it will happen in 20 years from then. I rebuttal you and said it will happen after the next election.
    Now I see the racism in this country is reversed. Young blacks people are committing flash mob thefts and beating on numerous white and Asian people and it is not reported by the major communist media. I was almost killed in Chicago way back in the early 1980’s by 5 black men, simply passing by a sidewalk in the south side of Chicago to visit a black family (whom I sold my dog to). In 1995, in the main Chicago post office, one black man (employee) came near me with a steel pipe to hit me over the head. Fortunately, nothing became of it, But no blacks came to support me. In fact, to prove discrimination is rampant in the black community, there were only a few white people and some Asian and Hispanic working in this large building and I bet over 99% of the employees were black!
    Anyways, I left America in the middle of 2011 and moved to Germany. I will NEVER return to my country again. The people have been dumbed down, profoundly ignorant and apathetic, mentally lazy and unaware of the great history and significance of America.
    Mr. Adam, I am a Persian Gulf War Veteran. Also, I am a student of history. Watch 2014/2015. Why? I will tell you why from my own observation and reading us history.
    Every 70 to 85 years a major crisis occurs in the USA. The first one was the Battle of Concord in 1775 and the commencement of the War of Independence. 85 years later, was the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 and the commencement of the Civil War. In the Civil War we had various issues occurring: Racism, state rights, civil unrest, cessation and Lincoln’ Martial Law (imprisoning thousands of journalist and dissenter who were against the civil war). Finally 70 years later was the Great Depression and great hunger in America in 1929/1930. Now we add 85 years later and we get the year 2014 or 2015.
    There is another reason why I believe Obama is the man to take down the country. Other than his Marxist background and deep, abiding hatred for the Constitution and the traditions of this great country, he is similar to Gorbachev. For the first time in history, mankind will witness the destruction of 2 great Empires within a generation: Soviet and American Empires. Gorbachev was a young, electrifying leader who came to alter and shake the stagnant Soviet bureaucracy and bring more power to the masses. He want to implement Detente with the West in order to strengthen the Communist system, revitalize and reform it with western aid and money. He was not really a democrat but a die hard Communist who realized the current system will collapse if the system was not reformed quickly (Communist system was the most ruthless and inefficient system ever devised by man). He wanted to reform the Party and bring more representative form (from the masses) in the Communist Party. He failed and his tenure ended in 8 years from 1984 to end of 1991. Now, Mr. Adams read closely. Obama came in as a young, democratic man who want to reform the stagnant system by curbing all the Bush fascist policies, wars in the Middle East, and destructive Financial corruption on Wall Street. He did the exact opposite. He continued the same policies as Bush, accelerated the Police state in the USA. He concentrated more power at the upper part of the government by creating Czars, who are only accountable to him. He has intensified the arming of DHS, and now will bring 15,000 troops from Russia (and many more from other countries) and this list goes on and on. His mission is to completely destroy the country by no later than 2016. Let us see – he came to power in Jan 2009 and his job will be complete by Jan 2017 and that is 8 years!
    I know longer feel sorry for Americans. We are the Modern Romans of old. Just like them, all we care is for circuses and bread (Food stamps, American Idol or Dancing with the Stars).I believe 50% of Americans get some form of government handout or another (social security, food stamps, welfare, retirement, etc). Ron Paul ran twice for Presidency, yet the vast majority of Americans were not interested in his message to restore the constitution and bring our troops home and end the tyranny and FED. They were more interested in continuing the government gravy train (handouts) and the hell with the country.
    George Washington once said” This Constitution is for a moral and religious people, and not for anyone else”. That says it all. The people have been corrupted beyond hope and medicated on drugs. Some people want to stay and fight and I reply – Fight for What? Now is the time to save your family and look for a better life. The coming police state will use laser, heat weapons and Predator drones (and other exotic technologies) to disarm and destroy the Militias and any insurgency that may happen. It is too late. The rebellion and civil disobedience should have happened 10 to 20 years ago.
    Waiting for your response,
    Peter K


  24. Peter July 21, 2013 at 7:18 am

    Forgot.to paste…please read Mr. Adams article.

  25. Peter July 21, 2013 at 7:25 am

    I know you paid into the social security system. It is still a hand out. All that money (extra surplus) is taken out every year to help finance the debt and make it appear the debt is less than it is. Another scam from our wonderful CONgressmen. The problem is usually people get allot more than they put in. Moreover, all those people with illness or illegals scamming the system. My point was to state more than 50% of the people are getting money from the system and the government is BROKE.
    My father is on SS.

  26. Peter July 21, 2013 at 7:37 am

    As for SS…I am 53 years old and soon to be 54 and I know by the time I become 65 or 67 I will never see the day of SS. The US government will be broke by then. If they hyperinflate, then the dollar will be worth less than toilet paper. I WAS paying into a system that I will never see any of that money back.

  27. UncleMeat July 21, 2013 at 9:20 am

    The liberals of Portland don’t have any problem with these thug police. They are all democrats in power now so all is well.

  28. Vlad rhe impaler July 21, 2013 at 9:21 am

    Nice article. I tried watching cops. I can’t stomach it when they start lecturing as if they had the ability! I can’t stand bait car either. I recommend never assenting to search by police and to only say “I have nothing to say”. Don’t talk to them at all without an attorney present. I also want to know about not paying taxes. What if I simply didn’t file a return?

  29. Jim Dandy July 21, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    Do not try to take on the IRS to free yourself … to try to free yourself… to even think of getting “free”… Do NOT follow any book by Pete Hendrickson or Irwin Schiff – or try the “Fair Debt Collections Act” – they’ve covered their bases pretty well, maybe too well… You’ll end up with a $5,000 civil penalty that, unless you’re a gypsy with lots of fake IDs, will follow you wherever you go.

  30. Jen July 21, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    I believe the only Non-Violent way to end all of this is to starve the Beast. All indicated above is done with our tax dollars, which are illegally coerced out of us by using terrorist threats. The occupants of what was our government are the terrorists, at home & abroad.

    Our tax dollars are used for:

    Terrorism, War Crimes, The Police State, Corruption, Theft, Genocide, Lawlessness, Treason, Corporatism, Slavery, The Poisoning of OUR Air, Food, Water & Soil. The DESTRUCTION OF THESE UNITED STATES.

    I didn’t file a return for 2012 & I have stopped paying all the taxes I can possibly avoid. I can’t & won’t continue to be an accomplice & financier to their Crimes Against Humanity. I know that the consequences may be great, but it has to start somewhere. There are way more of us then there are of them, they can’t come after all of us. If we just stood together on this & we all stopped paying, the system would crash in a short time.

    The media softens the acts of their CRIMES by calling them scandals, which to the average person engenders thoughts of a Soap Opera instead of what it truly is, a crime.

    We need to take back our country & put these treasonous BAS***** in prison.

  31. Mike July 21, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    The only way to Overcome this Government and it Tyranny. is when the American people say enough is enough and stop paying income taxes in force. see if that dont get a response from the pricks. until then its all talk.

  32. Kraig July 22, 2013 at 10:55 am

    Jen you are 100 percent correct. I have done the same thing for the past 3 years.

  33. Jurist July 22, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    Police, by their nature, are federal.

    All the states, styled as”State of Illinois,” rather than “Illinois, the state” are Buck-Act States, meaning that they are subsidiaries of the Federal Corporate State known as the United States (Incorporated) They are all corporations, and not government in the organic sense. Google search Buck Act. They are agents for a foreign sovereign. In other words, they are foreign enemy interlopers on our free land. Trace the foundation of jurisdiction for the private corporate courts of these states and you will find that they are organized through the British Monarchy, which in turn is controlled by the Vatican, which is controlled by unknown oligarchs. Bar attorneys (British Accreditation Registry) are also agents for the crown.

    The word, “Police” comes from the Latin, Polic, which means occupation force on a conquered land. It is little wonder that they treat us as if we were the enemy, because surely, they ARE!

  34. IraqVet July 22, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    Town hall meetings? That’s funny, we only hear bout our town halls after our elected reps have come and gone. Usually they are select audience members only and those that are willing to pony up some sizeable donations.

  35. Avi July 23, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    Hi Dave,

    Why the Powers That Be are so strong ? Because:
    1. They rely on our incapacity to stop being compliant,
    2. They sit on a tradition of millenaries of oppression,
    3. They use 1. & 2. to enact laws that protect their corrupted assets indefinitely.
    In one word, they bet on the past to provide a future that will protect their open stealing over the ‘sheeple’.

    To reverse the steam, we must not believe in the past as they do but entrust our future. We need to prove what we want by the fruits, not by the roots, without metaphor, we’ve got to teach our children and put them on the right track from now on and, God bless, forever.
    Truly yours !!


  36. peck2 July 27, 2013 at 9:28 am

    Since both the “education system” AND the police departments hire only the dumbest of the dumb, the only lasting solution is to exterminate all of the Liberal/Progressive/Marxist/Commie filth in this country and deny entrance to any more. We really are going to have to eliminate them permanently.

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