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Superman Renounces His U.S. Citizenship

In case you have not heard, Superman renounced his American citizenship. His action falls in line with a growing trend in the United States in which a record number of people are following the Man of Steel’s lead. In an Action Comic, featured in its record-breaking 900th issue, had Superman renouncing his U.S. citizenship following a clash with the federal government.

Following In Superman’s Footsteps

It just does not pay to be an American anymore and Americans are renouncing their U.S. citizenship at record rates. The citizenship renouncements have surged over 600% in the second quarter from the previous year.  This is largely due to the fact that the government is preparing to introduce tougher asset-disclosure rules with more strict penalties.

According to recently published Federal Register figures, 1,810 U.S. citizens have renounced their citizenship, in only the second quarter of this year, as compared with 235 former citizens in the whole of 2008.

With Laws Like These, No Wonder Americans Are Leaving

Already, the United States is the only country in the world which will not let its citizens order cheaper foreign prescriptions in order to preserve the pharmaceutical mafia monopoly. Along these same lines, the U.S is the only nation in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development that taxes its citizens wherever they reside in the world on income that is not earned in the United States.

The government says they are searching for tax cheats in offshore centers, including Switzerland, as the government is in a desperate search for more revenue as the try to curb the budget deficit. What they are finding are American citizens who are being fined tens of thousands of dollars for IRS laws that most didn’t know existed.

American once hid their foreign assets in Swiss and German banks. However, the IRS and their partner, the U.S. governmenthas coerced these foreign banks to report the assets of American citizens, under the much tougher asset-disclosure rules as legislated by  the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA). Thus, many more of the six million Americans, who are living overseas, are weighing the cost of holding a U.S. passport and retaining their citizenship.

Just the FACTA’s Ma’am

The FACTA law, the only law of its type in the world, was passed in 2010. The law requires both foreign and domestic banks to withhold 30% of transferred assets if the IRS determines that the American account holder MAY have not paid “enough” tax. FACTA is pretty much the law around the planet. However, there a few banks in Canada, Germany and other locations who are balking at the intrusive nature of the IRS foray into their “sovereign banks.” Regardless, FACTA will be 100% operational by July 1, 2014.

Before You Plan Your Escape From Police State America, You Should Be Aware of This

Let’s take the hypothetical case of an American family who have become gravely concerned about the emerging police state surveillance grid. The mom works, let’s say, for the Archdiocese of her local city. She is active in protesting Obama’s imposition of abortion insurance coverage under Obamacare. The dad is a nationally syndicated talk show host who decries Obama’s every move which violates the but the eventual outcome might prove very dangerous for the family. Therefore, the parents have cautiously determined that if there is ever a Stalin type of purge in the country that they could be at risk for imprisonment as a political dissident, or even worse.

Subsequently, in this hypothetical example, the parents have made repeated trips to various locations around the world to find a safe haven in which they could flee if the signs of persecution become more ominous. They decide on establishing Finland as a safe haven destination. The parents decide to set up a bank account in Finland and they decide to purchase a vacation rental to earn some income until the day comes that they might have to flee for their lives.

Under FACTA, 30% of the funds being transferred to the Finnish bank account would be stolen by the IRS. If the IRS discovered the rental revenue, this rogue organization which spies on and harasses political dissidents, would confiscate the estimated amount of the rental income plus late fees and penalties. In this example, this family could leave the country, but would do so without a significant amount of their assets.

In one more hypothetical example, let’s say that Bob and Cindy decide enough is enough and they relocate to Switzerland, where Cindy has relatives. They can leave, but they are subject to a 30% ‘exit tax’ for those who choose to leave the U.S.  Who Needs a Mafia when we have this?

During the last 25 years, a number of millionaires and billionaires have renounced their citizenship. Among these expatriates are Ted Arison, the late founder of Carnival Cruises, and Michael Dingman, a former Ford Motor Co. director.

 A second law, the Report of Foreign Bank and
Financial Accounts , which has been around since 1970 but now carries penalties for noncompliance. This law requires all Americans, including those living abroad, with at least $10,000 in overseas bank accounts, to file a supplementary form disclosing all of their foreign accounts. 

That includes any accounts in which the U.S. citizen has a financial interest. That could include a joint account with a spouse or child, accounts for corporations in which the American owns more than 50% of the value of shares of stock, or any trust or estate that benefits the U.S. citizen.

Rules for Thee but Not for Me

Bank of America didn’t pay a single penny in federal income taxes, exploiting the tax code so as to avoid paying its fair share.

Despite receiving billions of dollars from the federal government every single year in taxpayer subsidies from the U.S. government, Boeing didn’t “pay a dime of U.S. federal corporate income taxes” between 2008 and 2010.

 Warren Buffet has bragged that he pays no tax and his secretary pays more tax than he does. Maurice Strong, David Rockefeller and Bill Gates and his foundations pay no tax. The CEO of General Electric, Jeffrey Immelt pays no tax either.

These are classic cases of rules for thee, but not for me. How do they get away with this since FACTA supposedly is cracking down on offshore accounts? Typically, Immelt, Rockefeller, Buffet et al, invest their money in Cayman Island, tax exempt banks in which the IRS does not investigate. This is called selective enforcement and constitutes a 14th Amendment violation, but remember, we live in a country in which the justice system is designed to protect special interests and not defend the Constitution as it was designed to do.

You must be wondering why aren’t more Americans flocking to these Cayman Island accounts? Simple, most of these tax havens require a $30,000,000 minimum deposit. How many Americans have 30 million dollars to deposit?


What exacerbates this unfair tax situation which is driving record numbers of Americans to renounce their citizenship, is the fact that 50% of Americans pay no federal tax at all! With 101 million Americans on food stamps and countless of millions on other federal welfare programs, the Obama phone crowd pays no tax. If you are gainfully employed, you are paying their taxes for them. And with amnesty for 30 million illegal aliens on the horizon, you will be paying their taxes as well.

Right now, if you want to escape America with the clothes on your back, you can. However, even the days of unfettered emigration to other countries is almost over. There is also an Iron Curtain provision in the new immigration bill which will make it almost impossible to leave the U.S.

Superman might have the right idea in renouncing his citizenship. And when we couple these IRS abuses within the context of an emerging police state, we might soon be saying, “Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a drone!”



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  1. Squidward August 11, 2013 at 5:59 am

    If I could afford it, I’d be out of this h*llhole so fast the windows would crack from the sonic boom. This isn’t the country I grew up in—it’s just what the Socialist sc*mballs want it to be now, so if I could, I’d leave it.

    “God has turned His back upon this country, and we are leaving it.”
    ….Richard Harris as Oliver Cromwell

  2. Roger Sayles August 11, 2013 at 6:36 am

    ALL of the oppressive tax laws are written for “citizens of the United States (federal citizens w/’civil rights’ under the 14th Amendment) and not ‘U.S. nationals’ (the original American “C”itizen political status now literally ‘hidden’ under the label “U.S. national’). Which I have personally done now THREE times over the last 6 years as my original passport was stolen.

    It is a VERY simple process to submit a “declaration or Affidavit to the U.S. Department of State, with or WITHOUT a passport application, and correct your status “IF” you parents were ‘both’ American born.

    We cover this every weekday on our new daily radio talk show, 4-6 CDST, on http://www.themicroeffect.com. Roger Sayles “Radio Ranch.”

    If you fine this hard to believe read this Wall Street Journal article from last year:
    Wary Swiss Banks Shun Yanks

    Credit Suisse AG says it doesn’t comment on individual clients. In general, the Swiss bank “is willing to maintain relationships with clients who are U.S. nationals, provided that such clients are in compliance with their U.S. tax and reporting obligations,” said a spokesman. This includes offering mortgages to Swiss-based U.S. citizens, he adds.


    The truth is there but skillfully hidden…

    Roger Sayles

  3. Joe August 11, 2013 at 7:04 am

    Until the IRS/Federal Reserve are removed, abolished, destroyed
    NOthing is going to change.

  4. fred August 11, 2013 at 7:26 am

    Since we have the same owners as Stalin I think the “purge” is inevitable. Since Stalin murdered 74 million Christians in Russia and Ukraine out of a much smaller population it could potentially be much worse in NA.

  5. Guy August 11, 2013 at 7:42 am


    Why not post an article on who has really expatriated? Hope this may help…

    Subject: IOIA 1945 relinquished every public office of the US to the
    United Nations

    • December 9th 1945 International Organization Immunities Act
    relinquished every public office of the United States to the United Nations.

    • 22 CFR 92.12-92.31 FR Heading “Foreign Relationship” states that
    an oath is required to take office.

    • Title 8 USC 1481 stated once an oath of office is taken
    citizenship is relinquished, thus you become a foreign entity, agency, or
    state. That means every public office is a foreign state, including all
    political subdivisions. (i.e. every single court is considered a separate
    foreign entity)

    • Title 22 USC (Foreign Relations and Intercourse) Chapter 11
    identifies all public officials as foreign agents.

    • Title 28 USC 3002 Section 15A states that the United States is a
    Federal Corporation and not a Government, including the Judiciary
    Procedural Section.

    • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) 4j states that the Court
    jurisdiction and immunity fall under a foreign State.

    • The 11th Amendment states ”The Judicial power of the United
    States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity,
    commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of
    another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of an Foreign State.” (A foreign
    entity, agency, or state cannot bring any suit against a United States
    citizen without abiding the following procedure.)

    • Title 22 CFR 93.1-93.2 states that the Department of State has to
    be notified of any suit, and in turn has to notify the United States
    citizen of said suit.

    • Title 28 USC 1330 states that the United States District Court
    has to grant permission for the suit to be pursued once the court has been
    supplied sufficient proof that the United States citizen is actually a
    corporate entity.

    That the Pan American treaty of 12-26-1933 (49 STAT 3097) Treaty Series 881
    – (Convention on Rights and Duties of States) stated CONGRESS replaced
    STATUTES with international law, placing all states under international
    law. That the International Organization Immunities Act of 12-9-1945 – –
    Congress relinquished every public office over to the UN. Local governments
    up to the president fall under UN jurisdiction. Congress gave the UN the
    right to dictate what laws will be international & gave them the right to
    tax the States. That the International Reorganization Rescind Act- Congress
    put this into form but they never took action to rescind the act. Fairly
    recently an Ohio judge filed suit claiming that Congress did not have the
    right to relinquish government authority over to the UN (a corporation or
    foreign country) and that the Congressional act was a constitutional
    violation because they didn’t put it to the States or the people to agree
    on it. In 2005 the US Supreme court declined to hear the case therefore all
    public offices are under UN jurisdiction & they are not American Citizens.
    That the Oath of Office – Title 5 USC 331, 332, 333 backed up by Title 22
    CFR Foreign Relations 92.12 – 92.31 and Title 8 USC, section 1481 – the
    public official relinquishes his national citizenship and are thus foreign
    agents as stipulated under Title 22 USC, chapter 11, section 611, loss of
    national citizenship – Public officials are no longer US Citizens, but
    rather are foreign agents and must register as such. That Title 8 USC 1481
    stated once an oath of office is taken citizenship is relinquished, thus
    you become a foreign entity, agency, or state. That means every public
    office is a foreign state, including all political subdivisions. (i.e.
    every single court is considered a separate foreign entity) That Title 22
    USC (Foreign Relations and Intercourse) Chapter 11 identifies all public
    officials as foreign agents. Title 28 USC 3002 Section 15A states that the
    United States is a Federal Corporation and not a Government, including the
    Judiciary Procedural Section. That the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
    (FRCP) 4j states that the Court jurisdiction and immunity fall under a
    The Federal Debt Collection Procedure places all courts under equity and
    commerce and under the International Monetary Fund. That in 1950 81st
    Congress investigated the Lawyers Guild and determined that the B.A.R.
    Association is founded and run by communists under definition. Thus any
    elected official that is a member of the B.A.R. will only be loyal to the
    B.A.R. and not the people.

  6. Peter Elliot B August 11, 2013 at 10:02 am

    Many Swiss banks will not accept new deposits from Americans; worse yet is that if you have an account with some Swiss banks and become a green card holder– they will ask you to close out your account. This is fact. Every time a current account holder acquires or changes something in his/her account, the form is trotted out which asks in a dozen questions if there is any presumed liability to U.S. tax, if any answer is positive– your account will be closed. The reason is that these banks no longer want the USGov looking into their affairs and the easiest way to achieve this is to eliminate accounts held by US citizens and green card holders.

  7. Peter August 11, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    I left USSA 2 years ago to Germany.

  8. Nan August 11, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    I would leave this place if I was rich. In all fairness Dave, Why do you put down the poor? Many people are poor and have to rely on programs because there are no good paying jobs anymore. It seems like you think people who are in these situations are lazy. That is not fair. I like your articles but I think you should try to understand that people sometimes do not have the same opportunities as others. Our economy is bad. If you want to blame somebody, blame the government and the corporations who are taking all the jobs and sending them overseas for cheap foreign labor, blame the system not the people who are being oppressed by it. It is nice that you were able to be one of those that were privileged enough to become the middle class. It is not fun being poor and not being able to find a full time secure paying job. Most people, who are on welfare, do not like it. It should be like in the days when everyone’s skills were appreciated, there were small businesses that gave everyone a job who wanted one. There was more than low paying temp jobs and part time jobs. People were able to work their way up. At one time in this country, a high school diploma was enough but now there is nothing. You don’t really expect everyone to just eat out of dumpsters do you? It is the system’s fault not the people who are being oppressed. I really wish you would quit judging people. They are the people with those crappy low paying jobs or no way to find work who will be stuck in this country when it all comes down. Do you think they deserve it but I bet you, they will be the ones who fight it and change the country in the end because they are used to being oppressed by the system? Nobody knows better about surviving than people who always have to try so hard to do it.
    I do believe the system needs to be abolished. The Federal Reserve and the corrupt government but I do not think it will ever happen until people quit judging others and try to fix it together. If everyone flees than there will be less people to fight the system.

  9. JJ August 11, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    I’ve always said if they build a fence it will be to keep Americans in.

  10. Alien_Hunter August 11, 2013 at 9:25 pm

    Already leaving for the Philippines. I have family already there. And is easy to hide.

  11. Marks2Much August 11, 2013 at 9:59 pm

    Nan is right. Trying to find work as someone unemployed in their forties of fifties is difficult as hell if one hopes to make a new go of things. No one wants to hire older workers, in spite of their vast skills and experience, because they don’t want to pay living wages. It’s astounding how may job postings ask for a list of skills that take years of effort to develop and only want to pay $10 – $13 an hour. Plus all the companies looking for “interns” to do real work for nothing. As a result, unemployed people end up relying on unemployment benefits and other government programs (that we all pay into for these very reasons) to help make ends meet.

    The culprits in all this are greedy corporations, assisted by members of congress who do the bidding of their lobbyists. Don’t blame the unemployed.

  12. Randy August 12, 2013 at 3:13 am

    Great article Dave. I usually share this to fb, so others can see the horrors of this gooberment, but not anymore. People want their head in the sand. It’s like the Matrix, they’d rather sleep through everything. As a Letter Carrier for the postal service I can tell you for fact that the number of people going on and being accepted on disability is skyrocketing. What’s really disturbing is all the healthy people who ran out of unemployment benefits are applying and being ACCEPTED! These people simply don’t want to work for anything and worse than that, they’re being caught in a trap where they now have to rely on the gooberment for support, so when the system crashes these people will be at the mercy of evil. I have terminal cancer with kidney failure. I can easily go on disability, BUT then I’m subject to whatever the gooberment wants screw them! I’d rather be in pain and exhausted working with a little more freedom. Although I can’t stand my taxes going up to pay for all these deadbeats, I KNOW I have a better chance at taking care of my family MY WAY then theirs. Keep up the good work Dave. If my circumstance were different, I’d leave this he’ll in a heartbeat!

  13. Jay August 12, 2013 at 4:40 am

    Nan, leaving is not the answer.
    As for the laziness of the average American I would have to say that laziness has more than one way to manifest itself. For example, for many years if you told the average American about how dangerous all of the United Nations, IRS, NAFTA, GATT, moral decay, department of education scandals, evil politicians, foreign troops etc. were, they would simply tell you that they weren’t worried and had no use for conspiracy theories. Not caring about future dangers to your very life and family is hardcore laziness. And it is very costly. Most Americans are lazy as evidenced by the popularity of the lottery and their hopes of never having to work again.

  14. Nan August 12, 2013 at 8:35 am


    They will still be at the mercy of evil even if they have a low paying job and like Mark said, if you are in your 40’s and 50’s and looking for another job because you were laid off, it is really hard to find one. You are wrong to judge people when you have no idea why they are unemployed. It is a sign of ignorance.


    I agree.

  15. Nan August 12, 2013 at 8:56 am

    People in this country seem to be to busy arguing who is better than who instead of trying to fix the country. It is not about social status, who has a good job and who does not. It is the fact that the Big corporations have placed many in a situation where they do not any longer have the opportunity to be successful. I really feel for the young people in this country who may never be able to have the same kind of success as their grandparents. It is a shame that Clinton signed the NAFTA treaty. It is a shame that these top1% have so much money that they are hoarding it while taking all the jobs overseas for profit while replacing it with low paying crap jobs and then sending out the propaganda that is is the very people ( that they are doing this to) faults. When people have no hope, they give up trying and there is not a lot of hope now.

    People who will escape the evil collapse will only be either lucky people or well to do. Because it cost a lot of money to leave the country and you also have to get excepted and from what I understand, it is difficult to be excepted into another country. BTW, to Randy, You sound like you like the fact that these people will be trapped here when it comes down. You said to screw them. You seem to be a very angry person.

  16. Defiant August 12, 2013 at 10:38 am

    Sadly, the people we NEED to get rid of aren’t the ones leaving. However, once the patriots and the producers and builders are gone…there will be left a nation of morons who can’t provide for themselves. They’ll be wandering around wondering where the Welfare money went…why they can’t collect their “SSI” and why the food stamps have dried up. They’ll be awash in sewage, have no clean water, face empty store shelves. They’ll have no electricity, no gasoline, no medicine or doctors to prescribe it…What we need is for Obama to renounce his citizenship (and I DO type that with a sardonic smirk) and take all of his leaches, elitists, gangstas, Communists, Socialists, Marxists, liars, cheats (which of course includes the long list of criminals who compose his horde of henchmen), and his good-for-nothing fraud of a First “Lady” and go back to whatever hole he crawled out of. Good thing he doesn’t get another term…the entire country would look like Detroit.

  17. Pierre August 12, 2013 at 10:58 am

    Great article Roger Sayles, keep the good work!

  18. SM August 12, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    Many of us are all to aware of the coming storm, we want to leave but do not have the
    resources to do so. I am VERY WELL AWARE my US passport is a serious liability
    (…there’s an irony for you) but what are lacking is “exit strategies” to get rid of the

  19. Bonifide August 12, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    You only have yourself to blame. You elected liberalism and you say NAW…. Yes you did to the New American Way. You put in leftist judges and unfit politicians to lead you. You allowed socialist democraps to control education All based on liberalism. Too lazy too fat to care or examine even rudimentary how liberalism is just one big fat lie. A total hypocrisy.

    Now you want to just leave instead of fight back, challenge and REMOVE THEM, not YOU! You are electing the easy way out again. Like I said, you are just LAZY so you get the lifestyle and government you deserve!

  20. Nan August 12, 2013 at 9:35 pm


    If you are referring to me, I did not vote for Obama or any Democrat or Republican. I hate both parties. Also, I am very physical fit and work very hard. But what I am saying is that some people have no choice but to receive benefits. I do not believe it should be that way but what do you do when you get laid off and no one will hire you and you got a family to feed? I think it is disgusting reading some of the posts here and the way some of the ignorant insults are being thrown around. I am not sure if you people who write this stuff are trolls or just heartless. I suppose that some of you think that the elderly and handicapped people deserve to just die.

    I am very ashamed of the amount of division and shame in this country now. It appears that the elite are winning on another front – to divide and conquer. I do not think is is wrong to have compassion for others.

    I wish there was no need for these programs but as I stated before, the system is flawed because the jobs are being outsourced and replace by jobs that do not pay enough to support a person thus the people need to supplement it with a way to buy food. It is not that hard to figure out. Detroit is in this mess because all the manufacturing jobs have been sent to other countries. This is why I also blame the libs because it was a lib that signed the Nafta act. Both sides do this not just one side. Both are being run by the same elitist crooks.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Some people are victims of the corrupt system. However, when we see 5 and 6 generations of welfare recipients from the same family, something is terribly wrong. When we review some of the old footage of the reasons why people voted for Obama the lunatic, they said things like they were going to pay for their bill with Obama money, or he gave me an Obama phone. Obama appeals to people and organizations who get a disproportionate share of the people’s money (eg bailouts) and the something for nothing crowd (eg Obama phone recipients). Prior to the 60’s people in distress got help from the Church, the Salvation Army, not public money.

    I am sick of working my read end off so half the country does not have to. I am sick of paying massive taxes, the highest in the world, so Wall Street can realize more profits. And it is all part of the plan. If the government can control the resources of half the country, then they control half the country by default. Where is the pride in one’s own accomplishments? The satisfaction that come with building a life that has meaning rather than being a blood sucker that lives off of others. And Obama is winning in creating a passive America in which criminal regimes like his can thrive and I am sick of it. Half the country on some form of welfare? Really? You are seriously defending this lunacy?

    When somebody is paying your bills for weeks, then it turns into months, followed by years and then generations, that person/family is robbed of all their dignity. Just remember, when someone else is supporting you day after day and year after year, that someone owns you and your dignity. And spare me the nonsense that I am heartless towards the elderly and handicapped. That was never said by me as one liberal falsely claimed. Why should I fund an Obama phone, or someone able bodied person to sit on their butt? All the able-bodied people need to be required to do public work projects before getting a dime of my money. Then watch unemployment rates and welfare amounts go down. But to the Obama supporters, work is a 4 letter word

  21. Edward Borley August 13, 2013 at 4:42 am

    Just to clarify Kal El, aka Superman, aka Clark Kent is an illegal alien. He has no U.S. citizenship to renounce.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Kind of like Obama isn’t he?

  22. LocalHero August 13, 2013 at 8:08 pm

    Sorry, Jay, but leaving IS the answer. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has any requirement to remain in a fascist hell-hole because of an accident of birth. Get out while you still can.

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