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Tick..Tick..Tick..You Still Have Money In the Bank? No Gun? No Gold or Stored Food?

  Donald Trump predicted that the United States is on course for a "very massive recession," warning that a combination of high unemployment and an overvalued stock market had set the stage for another economic slump."I think we’re sitting on an economic bubble. A financial bubble," the billionaire Presidential candidate said in an interview with The [...]

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Forget ISIS and the Hammond Ranch, This Is the Number One Threat to Your Survival

The events in Syria are important as is the unfolding saga in Oregon. However, the main threat to your survival and sense of well-being is the impending economic collapse of the United States. Paul Craig Roberts recently wrote a very moving and disturbing article, entitled "The Rule of Law No Longer Exists".  In the article, [...]

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Famed Economist, Joseph Meyers, Tells Dave Hodges How to Survive the Tough Times Ahead

  Dave Hodges interviewed famed economist Joseph Meyer. The news is very grim. However, Joe did offer some ray of hope and provided very useful tips that people can follow which could result in people have a good chance of surviving what has already stated, namely, an economic collapse. Listen to Hour 3  

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The Collapse of the American Economy Has Begun

Susan Duclos  and Stefan Stanford recently interviewed "V" the Guerrilla Economist and the following information was revealed in this landmark interview: "The process of undermining the US dollar is well on schedule as well; more than 105 countries have decided that the dollar no longer works for them, joining Russia, China and other BRICS nations [...]

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