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From the Land of Idiocracy Comes Two More Bernie Campaign Promises

Bernie is trying to save a sinking ship that is called the Democratic Party. He is the face of a failed social and political movement. Tyranny is headed our way because Bernie might be able to convince enough people that his "free" policies will save them.   Here are two more fake utopian campaign promises [...]

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The Border Would Be Secure IF Some American Politicians Were Not Criminal Participants-NAMING NAMES!!!

Recently, I asked a question; Why would anyone in Congress object to border screening unless they were profiting from the criminal enterprises at the border? This article will shed light on the possible answers to this question. Daniel Horowitz from Conservative Review asks another pertinent and important question:  We are told by the legal profession [...]

California’s Corporate Pot Farmers Are Fronting for the Sinoloa Cartel-Every American Community Is At Risk! CSS-Marilyn Rupar (Pt 1)

  Recently, I interviewed Marilyn Rupar, former Humboldt, CA., county resident regarding the trend across America for organized crime to penetrate the fabric of an entire community (eg Humboldt County). However, America has never seen an organized crime network such as this. It makes the old Mafia look impotent by comparison. The Sinoloas are omnipresent. [...]

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The Globalist’s Doomsday Weapon Designed to Bring Down America

  There is an insidious plot to bring down America. Over the next several days, a series of articles and interviews are going to be released which will leave no doubt that there is a plot to bring down America and the main thrust of that plot is being financed in places like Humboldt County [...]

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